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Found 5 results

  1. im doing my EE on English Lang and Lit. I decided to go with category 3, which is Language, considering i hate literature. i'm not into history so much. I do like psychology and sociology if i'm able to integrate that into my EE. ANYY help would be appreciated i'm open to any ideas. (my outline deadline is in a few days, you understand). Thanks.
  2. Version Oral Presentation


    The script for my oral presentation on the deaths in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (had a powerpoint as well, which i won't upload because it doesn't make sense without the script... everything is in the script) English A1 HL Class mark: 28/30 (my teacher was an IB examiner)
  3. Version Final


    Final World Literature 1: Exploration of Marriage in Ibsen's "A Doll's House" and Moliere's "School For Wives". Grade 6
  4. Version Final


    My final extended essay on the theme "Tragedy and the Common Man" by Arthur Miller, exploring his three plays: "Death of a Salesman", "All My Sons" and "The Crucible". I got an A for this Extended Essay, i hope it guides you well
  5. Hi. I am doing IB in Poland with Polish A1 HL and have exams in May 2015 (so I'm still in the first grade). Recently our teacher told us to write an "interpretation commentary" based on one text. I don't really know how it would be called in English. I've read the subject outline but it didn't help. I found only information about an essay, literary commentary (this must be it but I'm still not sure), guided literary analysis and written assigment. And this is already for exams, not a homework. Does anybody know what "interpretation commentary" stands for? We talked like about what happens in the text, where it is and how the author uses language, what is the narration type and his approach to characters (or to the situation in the text, I'm not sure). Thanks for help
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