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Found 21 results

  1. I am moving next year to another country in which they do not have Arabic speakers, therefore not a lot of people would sign up for Arabic A. I want to take Arabic A, English B HL, Bio HL, Chem HL, Business, Math analysis SL. At the school I am going to, they offer SELF TAUGHT Arabic B and Arabic ab initio (SL). I could take Arabic B self taught, as I already had experience with Arabic A in MYP, and its my mother tongue, but taking Arabic A is easier to get a 7/7 than in English A. I need helppp from current IB Students or past IB studentssss. In addition, this school offers French A which is also my mother tongue but I would much rather taking Arabic than French. HEELLLLPPP ASAP. I have to choose soon lmfao.
  2. I can't decide which of the two to take. I am fluent in English so the difficulty of the subjects is not really at question. I prefer the topics of English A, the teacher, and the class size which is smaller and thus enables more discussion. But, I don't really like literature that much and dread the concept of reading (not an avid reader at all). I think English B would be a breeze, I wouldn't have to work nearly as much for a 7, and I would have more time to devote to my ECs and college requirements. What do you think I should do? What I want to study: Economics and Management/PPE at Oxford
  3. Hello everyone I am willing to apply for medicine in the UK. I am aware of the competitiveness of this course and thus, I would like to maximize my chances of getting in. I know that medical universities perceive more favourably candidates with an EE in biology as it proves their interest in the area. However, to what extent is it taken into account? My point is, writing an EE in science and getting and A is difficult and definitely more risky in comparison to other subjects. My dilemma is: Is it better to write an EE in biology and risk getting a worse grade but having a science topic as an advantage? OR Would it be more secure for me to do an EE in English B, while in all likelihood putting the same effort (as in bio EE) it would provide a sure A? All in all, which option is more reasonable to choose? Do universities value more following your area of interest or do they firstly consider points? What do you think? Thank you for all your opinions!
  4. Hi. I'm thinking of writing my EE based on Disney's Frozen since I enjoy movies so much and deep down in me I'm a big fan of Disney movies My RQ would be "How does the portrayal of gender stereotypes in Disney's Frozen effect the self esteem of children in the US?" 1. Is it narrow enough? Or should I narrow it down to female/male stereotypes? Is 'self esteem' specific enough? 2. This is under category 2b right? Please correct me if I'm wrong Thanks in advance for helping
  5. Hi, I've got a problem with the topic of my EE in English B. At first I wanted to write about how the role of Lisbeth Salander as a protagonist influences the actions in "girl with the dragon tattoo" by Stieg Larsson but I didn't know that I can't write about non-english literature (my teacher didn't check the author and so couldn't tell me). Do you know any books that would fit the previous topic about the protagonist's role or have any advice how to approach finding the new topic? Thank you for all your responses!
  6. Hey everyone! So I'm doing my Extended essay on the treatment of the theme of religion in things fall apart and The River Between(comparative analysis). The guide that the essays should advance an argument by consulting various sources apart from the book but since I'm mainly looking at the style in which various aspects of religion have been presented I don't know how to advance an argument. Any ideas? Ps: I'd love for someone to go through my extended essay and critique it. If interested please message me. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, So I'm starting to stress a little since I have to finish my EE proposal by tuesday and I'm yet unsure what topic/subject I should do it in. I know I'll be doing it in one of my HL subjects so therefore either English, Geography or Theatre however I haven't been able to decide which yet. Although we're often told to focus it on an area related to what we want to do in uni, I will be studying in spain where they don't take the topic of EE into consideration and therefore all that is valued is the points. Are there any subjects of those three that are perhaps easier to score higher in? Since I have recently been to an MUN conference abroad, I had to debate about topics of global importance and one of the issues in my comittee was "eradicating the practice of child marriage", I became highly intrigued by the issue of child marriage in different regions and thought that I could maybe orientate this towards geographical patterns and base my EE around this topic, however right now this is obviously extremely vague. Any suggestions on how I could link this topic more to geography in order to be able to use it for my extended essay? Thanks in advance, I'd be more than happy to take any advice or suggestions. Ellen xx
  8. Hi everyone! I have to choose a topic for my extended essay, and I was kind of thinking about doing it on stereotypes and how they affect society. For me,this topic falls into the English B spectrum, so I'll be doing it in that subject. The only problem I have with this topic is that I don't think it is the right one. I really want to do it on stereotypes, but I have to narrow it down a bit more. Do you have any idea how I could do this? Please feel free to give your opinion on my topic and suggest new ones!
  9. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for the English B Individual Oral. I am not good at languages and telling truth, I am HORRIBLE. My intonation, structure and the pace -- I struggle with all. Not mentioning the grammar mistakes with the repetition. Can you please give me advice on that? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello there! I'm aiming for the national university of Singapore and taking IB DP this year. I'm korean and I'm planning to take HL englishB chem econ SL korean math bio Do you think taking english B will give me any disadvantages of entering the uni?
  11. I am about to enter the IB DP programme by the end of this summer. Having to choose subjects, I am pondering wether to study English B or English A2 (language and literature). Swedish is my first language and I will study Swedish A2. English is my second language but I am fairly good at it and it has always been one of my stronger subjects. However, I am concerned with the "literature" part in A2. Reading isn't of my greater interests, so having exams related to literature could stand in the way for me to get a 7. However, as the course also includes "language" it might not be as hard? But I obviously don't know much about the subject as I haven't started the IB, therefor, I would appreciate it if you could share some thoughts based on experience. Btw, my other HL subjects are Economics and Biology. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi! I am writing my Extended Essay on the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac and want to focus on the Beat Generation. My RQ is 'How is the identity of the Beat generation reflected in Jack Kerouac's novel 'On the Road'? '. Do you think it's appropriate for the EE and is narrow enough?
  13. Hello everyone. My subject area is English B and I'm writing my EE on Orwell's '1984'. I need your advice on my research question; my first option is 'How effective is the use of dystopian features in G.Orwell's 1984?' And the second is: 'To what extent is the employment of technologies effective in creating a believable dystopia in George Orwell's "1984"?' I'm wondering which one is better and whether they're narrow enough. Also, if there are people who wrote their EE on "1984", please share your experience. Thank you beforehand.
  14. Hi guys! I'm currently getting 6s and 7s in English B HL but I want to make sure that I will get a 7 on exam and I know this can be achieved by simply improving my vocabulary since I don't have any problems with speaking or writing in English. It's just that there are some words that I don't understand so I sometimes lose points on practice papers. So my questions is: do you know some good methods of improving one's vocabulary in English at a fast pace (since I don't have much time left )? Do you think that reading in English is enough? If yes, what should I read? There are many native English speaker here so perhaps someone will be able to help me. Thanks in advance!
  15. Good day! I am currently thinking about my extended essay topic, I would like to write it in English B. Though, I am wondering if I can write about literature in the B course? I would love to write about how George R.R Martin depicts feminism vs. anti-feminism in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but I am not sure if I will be able to. Can I choose to write about literature in the English B course? (I have HL) In case I can, will I be able to choose to only have one novel, or will I need another novel to compare with? Very grateful for any answer. Jonna
  16. I just want to know does remarking English B HL papers will have a bigger chance to changes your grades up? I'm just 3 marks off to the next boundary....so should I do a remark?
  17. So, hi! I need to turn in my EE topic for English B this week, and i have been researching a lot the past month and i'm more than lost in this! i can´t find a suitable topic! one of my friends is doing "the influence of superheroes comics on young children" and i thought i could do the influence of the tv show Glee in teenagers but i don´t think thats right... another thing i thought about was the influence of popular music on the language in the US or something like that im really lost and need help on this! i would really appreciate it
  18. Hi there fellow IB students! I am IB student in Sweden and we have chosen which subject we will write our EE in (in my case, English B HL). But I am not really sure what I should write about. I know that the most common thing to do in language courses is to read two literary works and compare them, and I also know that this method has been used for over millions of times all around the world, so I will not do that. So far I thought about that maybe I can compare something between two of my favourite console games (PS3), Skyrim (fantasy, viking era, war, etc.) and Red Dead Redemption (wild west, cowboy, outlaw, etc.). Maybe I can compare how racism is portrayed in the games, or language usage (style of the language they use, words, etc.) or something like that. I thought about this topic since then I would be very interested and work hard on it, but I have not fully decided and I am thinking about other topics as well, but as there are too vast range of topics, I wanted to hear your opinions about my current topic and other possible topics, topics you would recommend, tips, etc. Thank you!
  19. Hello! we`ve studied 1894 by Orwell and The Wave by Morton Rhue, now I need to write written assignment, but I don`t know what to write, could someone help me please with that?
  20. Hi guys! I've decided to write my English EE focusing on the moral decay of characters from victorian novels (British only). I think Dorian Gray ("The picture of...") and Dr Jekyll ("The strange case....") would be great to show that process. But you know... I openly admit that these characters are quite obvious. I need to find just one book more. Of course, with themes related to morality. I've been spending a few hours (!) searching for this kind of novel. Unfortunately, without any success I realy count on your help!
  21. I am doing my EE, and I decided to choose English B as my subject, and i want to do something that relates to cultures. Can anyone help me to decide my topic that i should be focusing on? Thank you so much. cheers.
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