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Found 8 results

  1. I am thinking of doing my bio IA with something that involved enzyme activity (for example, testing how different factors affect its activity). However, I don't know what I would put as my personal engagement to this.
  2. asdfghjkl1234567890


    Ok so my bio ia topic is about how temperature affects whether or not a enzyme denatures and causes my jello to become solid.... what do i do for my processed data........ and my calculations and stuff... plz help idk what to do and this ia is due like tmr so plzzzz help thank u!!!!
  3. yasbabe

    IB Biology IA

    Hi. I am doing my first IA but I am having lots of difficulties..... My research question is How do different levels of pH (level 2 and 9) affect the activity of amylase?. However, my school is not providing amylase so what is the easiest way to get amylase for the experiment? and how do I have to write variables and personal engagement?
  4. Hi guys. If one of you (some Biology expert) could have a look at my lab report assessed for DCAP and C&E, and wrote a feedback I would be soooo grateful : ) It's actually my first lab report, so I'm still learning ; ) Substrate concentration (rate) lab report.pdf
  5. How am I supposed to include a 5X5 experimental design (5 forms of independent variable with 5 repeats of the experiment) for this particular lab?? It seems fairly simple, so I'm not quite sure how I would obtain the 5 forms of independent variables... so far I only have two independent variables... Research question: How will different temperatures affect chemical reactoin of the enzyme catalayse in hydrogen peroxide? What I have so far: Independent variable= temp of potato; hydrogen peroxide. Dependent variable= reaction time in test tube through measuring time taken for paper to float to top of test tube. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  6. Hello, my name is Jasmine Gomez, and I live in Alabama and go to an IB high school, obviously... Anyway, I want to become a vet and because of this, I chose HL Bio and SL Chem., instead of the other way around. In addition, I want to do a Bio. EE, which I know is a touch more difficult than, say, a history or english EE. Now, I am a vegan, and am interested by the fact that animal proteins supply a thriving environment for cancer and other diseases to flourish in the body, versus plant proteins. Therefore, I would like to do something concerning (vaguely/in general) this subject matter; however, I realize some would consider this more college level research. This is why I am posting this question... : if you feel you are able to help me simplify something having to do with this subject matter specifically, that isn't so advanced, I would greatly appreciate it. Here I'm going to list a few general ideas myself and a couple friends have chatted about, in addition to the foreseen problems with the said topics: - The effects of animal protein vs. plant proteins on the body; investigating the proteins, effects, and differences between the two (Problem: how would I test this really?) - Difference in chicken and fish proteins/casein levels/carcinogen levels, as most people consider fish and white meats to be better for you than red (cow) meat, and multiple studies prove the risks involved with red meat---this would cover the risks in white and fish meats (Problem: again, how would I test this? Could I just test local places or stores meats? I live in a small town in the south on the gulf coast, so the fish area shouldn't be too difficult, and there are many farms here; however, going out of my way to take a life would go against my morals, so would the store be better?) - Blood analysis test on an array of popularly consumed animals, both organic and non-organicly raised; the difference in their hormone levels, as well as casein/carcinogen levels, if that can even be tested through blood, in addition to anything else related to dietary effects that I could test in the blood (Problem: how would I obtain said blood, since Im not allowed to harm animals according to IBO? Does drawing blood count as harm?) I appreciate any time anyone puts in to replying to this, and I would love some feedback and help! -Thanks, Jasmine
  7. Lilbailey

    Catalase Lab

    Hey guys, I'm doing a lab to test the effect of one factor on catalase reaction rate. We class is trying to decide whether we should dilute the hydrogen peroxide from 3% to 1.5%. What do you think? Thanks! =)

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