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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings my fellow IB DPs, I am inexperienced at Chemistry and have a 4 in general Chemistry SL, as well as being new to this website I would love some seasoned knowledge from y'all IBees. I need help to find research on how to calculate the exact nitrogen levels in soil. If you may post any pdf documents you know or any personal insights and knowledge I will be very lucky and extremely grateful to you.
  2. Hello there, I just wanted to ask if my IA idea is ok and if I'm good to do the experiment. My teacher doesn't know the approval process and doesnt know what to approve and what to decline. My topic is: Measuring the Amount of Acid in Vinegar by Titration with an Indicator Solution. And any other information you think would be helpful is also appreciated Thank you in advance
  3. I am an IB student that has 3 sciences, chemistry, biology and physics. My concern is regarding the format of the individual investigation. Can i use the same format for all 3 sciences or is it necessary to have a different format for each????? Also can i use some sentences from my other individual investigation????
  4. I want to pursue Economics at college, so my full concentration would be on mathematics hl and economics hl. But I have to choose a subject at sl level in experimental sciences and Im looking for a subject which requires a very less time and is easy to score. I am thinking of choosing bio sl , ess sl or computer science sl. I really love suggestions on other subjects as well. Thank you.
  5. Hey Guys !!! I have a bit strange question. In Biology SL am I required to learn AHL material? And how many optional topics do I have to study??? Thanks for your response !!!
  6. Hey all, we were assigned our group 4 project at my school, and I'm kind of confused... Rather than allowing us to select our own topic (which seems to be the norm for most other IB schools), we were assigned a topic; Phillippi Creek, the body of water that runs behind our school. What I'm stuck on is what type of topics should be drawn from this, for Biology and Chemistry. My teacher was going on about 'sub-topics' and I couldn't really figure it out...how convenient that she's been gone for the past two days since we learned about the project. If someone could break down what exactly I'm meant to do for this, it'd be greatly appreciated! We have two weeks to do the project, and so far my group has zilch.
  7. Could I do an IA on what sex is better at remembering random sequences of numbers? My controlled variable would be the same sequences. My Independent variable would be the different sexes. Could I do this as a Biology IA? Would this work?
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