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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a French-Canadian studying IB in Estonia; I need help to find some topics and ideas to make a great research question for my EE in biology. I thought I could do a simple experiment which would give me a sufficient amount of data; it must be simple because as you know, we have a lot more to do than just the EE haha . My field of interest includes food, bacteria, drugs, human and animal physiology, microbiology, medicine, hormones, immune system and enzymes. If you have any ideas for interesting topics, experiments or ideas to make a great research question, please let me know in the comment section below. Thank you very much and have a fantastic day.
  2. Hey Guys, For my Bio IA I wanted to to do it on plants or food, but I wanted to do my without physically bringing or buying any plants (cause they’re too expensize for the quantity I’m buying). So if you guys have any ideas for these topics or biology in general that would help so much! Or if you have any pointers to build on or telling me what topics to avoid will help as well. ALSO I WANTED TO USE A COLORIMETER IN MY IA, BUT I DONT HAVE ANY IDEAS ON ANY GOOD EXPERIMENTS TO USE THEM (the personal engagement is weak... so if you have any ideas for colorimeter will also help...) One’s I have so far include... -chromatography -yeast aerobic respiration -germination -transpiration -fermentation I’M SO STUCK, I DON’T WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO START! ALL THE IDEAS I GIVE ARE REJECTED (either too common or not interesting in terms of personal engagement). PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. Livanya

    First year of IBDP

    Hey people out there! I'm Livanya. I have recently joined IBDP and I have no idea what experiment I should do for Chemistry. If anyone has any idea how to start about, please help!
  4. Hi, does anybody know of any study/experiment that has been done to test how attribution and Placebo work together?
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a list (or a link to a list) of all the experiments required in the physics syllabus, like Young's double-slit experiment, Einstein's photon experiment, etc. Annoyingly enough I couldn't find such a list online.
  6. Ginger_and_Spice

    IA Ideas?

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to this site and it looks really helpful! I was wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm ideas for my 10 hour project? I'm doing SL Biology, and I'm in my second year of Bio. I'm really interested in genetics and DNA experiments, because I actually understand those concepts :). Thank you so much!
  7. Daksh

    IA Related

    Hey Guys The IB has strict rules for the EE about the topic not being picked up from off the internet. Do the same rules apply for IAs? I have a few topics in mind but when I google them, a lot of pdfs/links come up also are replicating hypoxic conditions for experiments (For aquatic organisms) against the IB guidelines?
  8. Cici Clawson

    SL Chem IA Help

    I'm an SL Chemistry student, and I'm pretty decent in chem so I don't mind doing a difficult experiment (the only reason I'm not doing HL is because I'm hoping to enter a more humanities based field.) The thing is, because I'm hoping to become a diplomat instead of a scientist, I'm really struggling to come up with a potential personal engagement, however, I found a plausible one. If I do a database IA focusing on drugs (perhaps illegal drugs like cocaine or opium), then I could connect it to my aspirations to work with people to solve global issues as a diplomat and drugs are a huge problem in modern society. I've found a database I can work off of (because I don't think the IB wants me taking crack to school for my IA), but I have no idea what to do as a potential experiment/research question. Sorry to prattle on, but does anyone have an idea for a drug centered database IA?
  9. Hey, Does anyone have or know where I can find a list of experiments that we need to know for the 2016 May exams? Thanks!
  10. I have to come up with a biology EE, but I am stuck with what topic research questions to choose from. I was going to do my topic on the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive skills and reaction time on humans over the interval of a day, but there are so many things to take into consideration including the activities that they have done or their diet. So if anyone has any ideas for a topic regarding plants, or even something about humans(it must be easy to control the variables), then it would be much appreciated.
  11. Do any of you guys know what are the experiments / case studies in psychology that can be used in two or three of the cores of level of analysis? (Biological, Cognitive, Sociocultural) As I know that this could help us to memorize fewer studies / experiments. Thank you and good luck to all of you who are going to be taking the exams next week!
  12. Kjetil Carelius Brustad

    Biology/ESS Experiments

    Hi, I have run into somewhat of a problem. We are supposed to hand in all ESS reports and fill out a form called PSOW where we list all experiments conducted and list the hours spent on each experiment. This has to add up to 42 hours it seems like. Me, being somewhat of a procrastinator, and having an ESS teacher that's not very aware of how everything in the IB works, I need help from someone here. I have not done all of these reports, and I will not be able to finish them within the deadline set by the teacher to hand in the form. What does this mean? Will I fail the course? I am getting 5's in ESS mocks, if that is relevant at all. Also, I am pretty behind in the biology reports as well and it's the same story. We haven't been told of any "PSOW" form in biology, so I am wondering if there is one, and then the same question. Will my lack of reports result in me failing the courses of Biology and ESS? I am a first year IB student, meaning that my final exams are not to be done until next year around May. So my next question is: Given that my lack of reports will result in me failing the IB courses, is it possible for me to make up for it in the next year? Can I for instance hand in the missing reports in the next PSOW handin, if there is one? I am sorry, I know there are a lot of questions, but I am really freaking out right now as I had no idea this was going to happen. Please reply asap.
  13. Hey guys! I'm in my first year of IB, started it a month ago and I thought it would be a smart idea to start thinking about/working on my extended essay. For one of my extracurriculars I'm participating in something called SEASFiRE (something very interesting, learn more about it and what we're doing here). With SEASFiRE we go on diving trips of a a week twice a year and basically plant artificial coral reefs etc to help improve marine life, something not everybody gets to do. So for my EE I thought that it would be really interesting to do something with this, experiment under water to get data. I thought chemistry would be the best subject for this as I'm interested by it and it's the most logical subject for conducting actual experiments 18 meters deep under water (I guess physics or biology would also work but I'm not very good at either). The only problem is that I have no idea as to what would be a good experiment to conduct, so I was wondering if any of you could have an idea. I'm going to talk about it with my chemistry teacher ASAP, but I have IB retreat tomorrow so I won't be seeing him for at least until tuesday. Any suggestions are really welcome! Thanks in advance, Lyke
  14. Ayo

    Biology EE Topic

    Hello there, I am struggling to come up possible EE topics for Biology. I really want to refrain from using plants because everyone is using them. (Unless it is something really creative and original). Simple words of advice or even a potential topic/experiment will be helpful. Also, perhaps a link, or book that will help me out would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to get an A on this essay; want to get the first biology A in the school. Thanks a bunch!

    Biology SL IA Ideas URGENT

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me by giving me some ideas on some experiments I could do. I have to do an IA on an environmental factor that will affect a physiological process. Ex: Caffeine on heart rate If you guys could please give me some ideas, and ones that don't ask for too many expensive materials. Thanks
  16. sprout_1147

    Bio IA- design lab

    Hello:) any help would be very much appreciated. I am working on my biology IA, design lab, on the innate behaviour in invertebrates (taxis or kinesis) (Topic E3). I decided to investigate the chemotaxis of ants to NaCl. I explained why ants in general need NaCl (salt) to maintain life.After handing in my draft, my teacher told me that I have to look up on the internet the NaCl concentration favored by the particular species of ants that I chose, rather than ants in general.Is your Bio teacher as picky as him?
  17. modern.rocky

    how to phrase the hypothesis?

    can anyone please tell me how to phrase the hypothesis if the experiment is about : finding out a particular value like finding out the internal resistance of a cellfinding out a characteristic like finding out if a compound pendulum follows simple harmonic motionplease someone help!
  18. LyricallyCynical

    IA Topics

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place because I've only been here a handful of times. (What is a handful anyway? lol) I have to have IA Topics by Monday for my class. I'm willing to do anything that isn't expensive to do because my family is struggling financially so I don't have money to do a project that requires 20 plants or whatever. I'm in Biology SL and will take it again next year because I'm not testing out this year. I don't mind because Science is really difficult for me and I tend to stumble a lot and have to study harder with that subject to get anything in unlike Math or Economics. I have a few topics but I don't know if they are good enough? One is using Spinach leaves and seeing if different color light bulbs will affect the CO2 production? Does that make sense? My Pre-IB Biology teacher from 9th grade told me Spinach leaves are cheap and I know light bulbs aren't much either. (I may sound cheap but I really am poor so I don't want to be a burden to my parents_ The other had to do with Plant Chromatography but I don't think my teacher has any supplies that I'd need for that experiment. Anyway, I'm not asking for anyone to do my IA for me. I'm just asking for Topics that are great but wouldn't cost me too much to do. Thanks for reading.

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