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Found 456 results

  1. Hello! I'm having certain problems with my EE! [not the real one, it is just a "trial", as my school always does one for students in year 1]. It is on biology, my research question is: "How do certain food groups affect human memory and learning?" [human physiology], although I've realized that it fits psychology more. Also, would IB consider testing on yourself as ethical? I know that they aren't lovers of testing on others. Thx!
  2. Hi everyone, I found a topic for my chemistry extended essay, but I'm not sure whether it is suitable. It is about conjugate structures in sunscreens and how effective they are from blocking UV-A and UV-B rays from the skin. Is this topic suitable? My teachers said that it is a pretty common topic. Does anyone have any other chemistry extended essay topic? Thank you for your help.
  3. hello, I'm facing a huge problem in deciding what to do for my physics EE. i thought of many topics but nothing seems to fit into the criteria of a good topic. the latest one i thought of was: "to what extent is it true that a body, which initially moves at a particular speed starts moving with a speed closer to that of light, makes the factors of time dilation and length contraction become evident?" I am really confused about what to my school doesn't have any proper apparatus for a good experimental topic.
  4. Hey everyone!! So I (perhaps stupidly?) am doing a Language B Extended Essay in Japanese. I'm SL and my level isn't amazing but i'm super motivated when it comes to Japanese. My EE is in Category 1 and looks at how Katakana works, and how Japanese people's English Learning is influenced by it. Does anyone have any advice? On how to approach it / structure it? I would really really appreciate any pointers in regards to resources so if anyone has any ideas, hit me up please!! Thanks!!
  5. So I am submitting my extended essay in Biology soon and I cannot find a clear answer as to exactly what counts in the word count. I know the general guidelines that things like tables,graphs, fotnotes and citations don't count in the word count but I don't know about things like headings such as Introduction, Hypothesis, Conclusion etc. as well as titles of tables such as "Table 1: Average Glucose Concentration" etc. count. Do those things count in the word count? Thanks
  6. For the extended essay, could anyone clarify the limitations of what books I could possibly use? I know a lot of it depends on how well I do with analyzing and stuff, but I feel like I have a lot of ideas for comparisons that wouldn't actually do well once I write them. Here are some of my possible topics, and they are all over the place because I feel like I can't get a good grasp of what direction I can go in, so I've considered just about every book I've ever read and tried to compare it. Could you tell me just if any of my topics are actually appropriate and something I can work with or if they are all stretching too far? The theme of female oppression/gender codes in The Story of an Hour (Kate Chopin) and Madame Bovary Magical Realism in A Wild Sheep Chase and James and the Giant Peach Themes of alienation and existentialism in Frankenstein and Notes From the Underground The meaning of being human in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Frankenstein Also, how hard would it be to write my ee on either one novel, or several novels by the same author? Is it much harder than a comparison?
  7. Hello, Recently I got my predicted score from my supervisor for my Extended Essay, and I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to get a good grade on one if its based on Design Technology? My topic was Ergonomics. I am satisfied with my predicted score (21), however I don't know how accurate it would be. This is the first year (well, we're the first IB seniors at my school) that my school has had IB, so all of my teachers (except Chemistry) are new to the grading process. They went to training and used a rubric, but I'm not sure how much I should rely on the predicted score.
  8. Does World studies with Physics and Economics usually score well? I can't find any examples on the internet :((( If it doesn't, I'm planning to take literature to "play safe" (although I know I never will be) Please help, I'm picking my ee topic now and going through hell :'(((
  10. Hi everyone! Ok so, my original Extended Essay research question was "How are the common themes of betrayal and love portrayed differently in the Shakespearean comedy “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” when compared to the tragedy “King Lear.” However, my adviser said that it was too narrow for an EE and I should compare two different playwrights instead. I'm not really interested in going outside of Shakespeare, so I have decided to completely change my topic. I'm still sticking to English Literature, but I think I'm leaning towards novels instead. This is where I need help. I really want to do something with "A Thousand Splendid Suns" since it's a beautiful book, relates to me personally, and I haven't seen it used in any Extended Essays so far. Besides that, I don't really know which direction I should go in. A little guidance or some suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated. Also, if my original topic could be somehow be salvaged, I'd be incredibly grateful for that. Thank you so much! Update: I did some research and I'm considering maybe comparing "A Thousand Splendid Suns" with "The Bastard of Istanbul." Lemme know what you think! Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, " To what extent were differences in cultures between X and Y the reason for the failure of their merger?" Do u think this can be a good idea for my extended essay? I can rephrase the question later though.
  12. Hi there, Recently I had a trouble with finding an OK topic to evaluate in my EE. I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be doing it in CS, hovewer, I found my previous topic inacceptable due to some financial matters. I was thinking about a topic in which I am well informed, and I found this interesting. I just don't know if it's viable. Any comments or help on directions of my evaluation would be good to see. Thanks to you all, me
  13. So to start this off, my school is new to IB and my class are the first group to go through this IB system. And as of now we are starting to work on the extended essay part of our diploma. I have chosen music as my topic but since my school is new to IB and so is my supervisor, I am not entirely sure what to write about and I am not sure if he does either. Actually I am sort of lying, I sort of do know but I am not sure if it is really up to IB's standards. Here is what my advisor suggested. "How was music portrayed in Shakespeare's plays during the renaissance era?" (I hope you understand what I am trying to say) I'm not sure if it is up to the standards of the music portion in the extended essay. Although I hope I can settle with this question, I just need some advice on it and if it is good enough to write about. All is appreciated, thank you.
  14. I'm aiming for relatively high ranked schools (in the 10s for rankings) for engineering in the US or UK but have come to the dreaded time where we have to pick our EE topics. My HLs are Physics, Maths, and Chemistry, but I'm fully aware of how difficult those are, so I'm considering doing English Literature (which I'm more confident about than phy and chem at EE level grades-wise). But will whether or not my topic is relevant to engineering be the tipping factor for universities to accept me, or should I just do Lit and get an A?
  15. Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars. how could I make a research question out of this?
  16. hello whoever is reading this ~ i’m in bit of a situation regarding my ee :(( for my ee i’m doing literature, and originally my topic was on dystopian novels. I was going to compare/contrast modern dystopian novels (like the hunger games, divergent, and maze runner) with old/classic dystopian works (like 1984). But as i was looking into it more i saw that 1984 (and the hunger games too for that matter) was overdone and cliche. And plus i tried reading 1984 over the summer and i didn’t finish it (im srry if im offending anyone! I just wasn’t feelin it). Anyways i decided to change my topic... last year i read One Hundred Years of Solitude and was introduced to magical realism. And two years ago (i think?) i read this YA novel called The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Basically there’s a debate (if you can call it that? The book is still pretty new) over whether or not it fits into the magical realism category, so i thought i could analyze the elements of magical realism (idk if that makes any sense?). im not sure if it works as a topic or essay i can write about… i mean i have quotes/passages from the novel that point towards the lines of magical realism but there are also scenarios in the book/plot that don’t fit under the qualities of magical realism. (So those contrasts could be discussable maybe) Idk if i should follow through with this topic… wdyt any advice? feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this lengthy stress-filled plea for help haha rip
  17. Hey all, I've been stressing about what to do for my EE, as I would really like to get it done in good time, start in the spring and write the first draft during summer holiday etc.. I know that I want to do it in physics, but I haven't been so sure about what topic, exactly. I think I've found a topic of interest, and that is electromagnetism, and I'm particularly interested in building a Tesla coil and developing some research question based on it. However, I don't know if it's a very realistic or appropriate subject? I'm aware of the health and safety risks it can have, but if it is an appropriate subject I'd definitely make sure to keep the experiment within safe proportions. I don't know too much about Tesla coils yet - so I'm not yet sure what exactly would be my variables and what I would measure or what kind of research question I could formulate, especially as we haven't gone through Topic 5: electromagnetism yet - but that's what I want to learn more about, if this idea is worth pursuing. What do y'all think? Please let me know, thanks xx
  18. Hi! I am just beginning my research on my Extended Essay, but need help coming up with my question. I am interested in writing about mccarthyism and the second red scare but am having trouble narrowing down my question. I was thinking about the following: To what extent did McCarthyism alter the political climate of the United States How did the fear of communism lead the methods of McCarthyism into an area of lawlessness? OR How was the lawlessness of McCarthyism influenced by the fear of communism in the public? How did fear of communism in the Second Red Scare lead to injustices during McCarthyism? I'm having trouble combining these to form good question. Any guidance will help. Thank You
  19. Hi everyone, I am in my first year of IB and my class is getting started on our EE's earlier to save time in the future. Our teacher wants us to choose our topic and formulate our research question as soon as possible but I am confused on what question, let alone the topic I want to research in. With topics in mind, our teacher suggested that we choose based on something we are passionate or interested in, but I don't really find myself passionate towards any of the IB classes I am taking. I am really interested in psychology but haven't taken the class, and I understand that it is not recommended to choose a topic in which you haven't taken the class. Given how long time has passed and the fact I have not yet found a topic, I feel doubtful whether or not I should continue this route. Is there any wisdom/advice on how to approach this? Thank you so much!
  20. Heey guys, I have am kinda stuck with my extended essay, I mean I kinda figured out a title: "Determining the acidity level of (insert fruit) and determining which is safer for (insert illness) patients?
  21. Hi guys, I did an experimental ee based on a research done by previous scientists, and I explained important parts of the research that are related to my research question in the introduction. So, will the examiners still check again that research? Or they'll just depend on my explanation in the introduction? Curious about this, thanks!!
  22. I am planning to examine the effectiveness of sunscreen in aquatic biota but I am stuck on how to do the experiment and make it quantifiable. I know that using spectrometer will help this experiment, but I do not know how to test the effectiveness of sunscreen in water condition. If you have some idea, please let me know! Thanks.
  23. Hi! I have been searching many hours to come up with a chemistry topic for my extended essay but I find it extremly hard to find a topic and a research question. Now I am starting to run out of time as I ideally should have decided my topic by tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on were to find inspiration or ideas for sutiable investigations (I am doing an experimental based essay). If anyone who has written their extended essay in chemistry could tell me how they came up with their topic and the thought process behind it, it would be extremly helpfull!!
  24. Hi! I have been searching many hours to come up with a chemistry topic for my extended essay but I find it extremly hard to find a topic and a research question. Now I am starting to run out of time as I ideally should have decided my topic by tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on were to find inspiration or ideas for sutiable investigations (I am doing an experimental based essay). If anyone who has written their extended essay in chemistry could tell me how they came up with their topic and the thought process behind it, it would be extremly helpfull!!
  25. Hello, I am in the process of deciding a topic for my extended essay. The teacher that I want as a mentor has many students already and is only willing to be my mentor if I can come up with a History topic that is non-violent (not war related i guess). I've been thinking about an essay on an ancient/historical civilization but I don't think that it will be a good idea since there may not be much documentation or secondary sources on it. Any ideas for a history topic that is not related to a historical war?