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Found 143 results

  1. Want to share the title of your extended essay? Or perhaps need help choosing one? This is the place. Psychology - The Psychology of Road Rage: A discussion of psychological explanations of road rage and policy implications.
  2. I have a few more days until I have to decide on my Extended essay topic. I am torn between choosing Business (HL) or English (SL), but I'm not sure if I can do my extended essay for an SL class. I most likely want to study Business or marketing in university; however, I just thought about a really interesting idea for an extended essay that only applies to my English Lang&Lit subject. I know it'll be better for me to pick Business as that is the direction I want to go towards to in the future, but I feel like I will be way more interested in writing my extended essay in English.
  3. I am am work on my mathematics extended essay, and I want to do it on: 1. Coming up with a general formula for the volume of the five Platonic Solids (I need to know from other mathematics higher level students if this is two simple). 2. The proof(s) for Euler's polyhedron formula. 3. The Travelling Salesman Problem (not sure how much math is involved as opposed to computer science). I am most interested in the first but willing to drop it if it is too simple. I am also open to suggestions of other interesting topics in geometry (the subject I have the most interest in). I want to get some work done before the summer break ends in about 4 weeks, so I could really use some advice (especially considering my adviser has gone incognito).
  4. I'm currently having my summer break, but still couldn't find a good Physics EE topic to discuss. I've had a few but not consistent meetings with my supervisor, but she said that my previous topics that I've made are too general. My previous EE topic that I've came up with was about the relationship between a change in rate of displacement with the Doppler Effect. I've done my EE draft and submitted, but was not really satisfied with my supervisor's comment (too general and not EE worth [though good for IA]). Then I've decided to leave my previous draft and trying to come up with another one. Now I'm currently having ideas with the application of electromagnetic induction (Faraday's Law) on electric guitars (and other music-related), but I just can't seem to find a suitable research question/purpose behind the topic. Can anyone help?
  5. Hey guys, hope all of you are well! So I recently submitted by extended essay options (both of them being history related questions). I really want to refine my questions and get an insight on them, in regards to the questions being doable or not. Thanks in advance! Question 1: To what extent did Henry Ford and the Model T impact American society throughout the 1920s? Question 2: To what extent has advancements in technology led to developments within the automotive industry post World War Two?
  7. Stefani


    Hey! Everyone who does their ee this year.. In the guide it's mentioned the the RPPF should be 500 words. But I don't understand if all the 3 reflections together should be 500 words or each reflection should be 500 words. Does anyone know? thankiess
  8. Hey! I am confused about internal citations for the Extended Essay. I have internally cited primary and historiographical/secondary sources, but do I have to cite EVERYTHING? My EE is in history, and almost nothing is just "common knowledge." What do I do?
  9. Im doing my EE on the symbolism in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and I've only used the novel as a source. Do I have to refer to other sources too? There isnt much research done on symbolism in NLMG so I dont know how I would get more than just one source!! Please help!!
  10. So I have started to think about what I would like to do for my Extended Essay, we have to give in our ideas in around a weeks time. Just need some help refining my ideas, any tips would be appreciated! How has the Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal impacted the brand image of Volkswagen (Related to Business Management) Comparing the speeches of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and how the language impacted the election results (English Language and Literature) How can war be justified (History) Thanks in advance!
  11. I am planning to write an extended essay in French, which will have to be submitted in 2019. I know that the topic I want to associate it with is French literature, but I need to narrow it down. How can I narrow it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Also, if I'm writing it in French language subject, does it have to be written in French?
  12. Hello, I've just joined IBSurvival today and I was hoping to get some help. Not sure exactly what I'm allowed to ask, but I hope I'll be able to find some answers either way I was wondering if someone had any tips on organising and structuring an extended essay. My topic is comparing and contrasting social housing development strategies and policies in 2 different cities. However, I feel like I don't know what to write - as in how much of for example, the history of the city, policies, etc...- and where to write it under (as in sub topics I guess). If anyone has any tips or can recommend anything at all, they will be gladly taken
  13. Hi guys, I want to read Law in university and would like to do a law-related EE. This is the research question I have been thinking about: To what extent did the 1975 china constitution help Mao to consolidate his power? What do you guys think? Thank you
  14. Hey Guys, So I am at that time in my junior year where I have to propose three extended essay research questions but I have no idea what to do. I wanna do it in English, Visual Arts or Art History and about something related to women deprivation/representation, segregation or something similar to that. Do you guys have any ideas for my research question? I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I am a first year IB student and I have started to consider my EE topic. I want to study Biomedical/Biological Engineering in future; my courses are Chemistry, Physics, Math, Turkish A, English B and ITGS. Keeping my goal in mind, I thought that an extended essay on Physics or Chemistry would look good for the college applications. However writing an extended essay on those is a tough job and I am not genuinely sure if I can hit A with an EE on Physics. On the other hand, Language A is a course that I really enjoy and I believe that a research on Turkish literature would be both easy and fun. My concern is that an extended essay on Language A could be a weak spot for an engineering applicant. Do you think that would affect my application? Should I switch to Physics or Chemistry even if there is a possibility that my grade will not be high? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hey Guys, I chose to do my extended essay on history, and am currently really stuck on choosing a topic. I really need an A on my extended essay, because my TOK presentation did not go as expected. Would appreciate all and any inputs regarding any suggestions/ ideas for history ee topics. Also, I heard that only 3% of the people in the world get an A in History EE. Is that true?
  17. Hi everyone! I have to choose a topic for my extended essay, and I was kind of thinking about doing it on stereotypes and how they affect society. For me,this topic falls into the English B spectrum, so I'll be doing it in that subject. The only problem I have with this topic is that I don't think it is the right one. I really want to do it on stereotypes, but I have to narrow it down a bit more. Do you have any idea how I could do this? Please feel free to give your opinion on my topic and suggest new ones!
  18. I'm writing a physics extended essay that uses a lot of equations My question is would I need to explain the equation in detail and give examples of using them? I will definitely give a short description of the equation however I am unsure whether or not it will be useful to explain every small detail of the equation and give a full example of using the equation. Will i get marked down if I don't do this? I feel like it will take up a lot of space and words. thanks
  19. Hey guys! So I'm planning on doing an EE on English: however not in literature but rather Category 3 (C3) which is language. I'm not too familiar with how to write it, as there are no C3 essays that I could find as examples. However, my initial idea is to focus on smoking adverts in the 1950s-1960s. Probably also compared with it's health risks that are known today + adverts nowadays condemning smoking. Please help me! I'm really lost and I can't ask my English teacher since it's a holiday.
  20. Hello Guys, I need help. I'm doing my EE in economics. I have decided to do something related to textile industry, as my father works there. It will also be easy to get primary data. However I don't know which parts of economics should I explore. Can someone give me few ideas? Thank You.
  21. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  22. I'm planning to do my EE in Biology on the topic "Various factors affecting the pain tolerance and pain threshold" This experiment would involve candidates immersing their hand in ice-cold water, while I measure how long can they keep it in the container till their hand goes numb and they can't keep it in there anymore. A little like the ice-bucket challenge, really. However, my supervisor says that such experiments are usually discouraged and graded low marks by the IBO. So, is that true? Have any of you done an experiment of a similar kind which might have gotten you a good score?
  23. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay (EE) on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  24. I'm thinking about doing the IB Extended Essay on the History of Science, what do you think ??? Specific issues that might be a good idea? Thank you in advance.
  25. Fellows, I am doing my Extended Essay on Film and decided to go for a comparison between Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979) and Gardens of Stone (1987). I am really striving for the A. I just have one doubt. My RQ is still getting adjusted: how (successfully?) did the Director developed filmic techniques to portray the detrimental effects of war (on the individual and society as a whole)? By the way do you think I should just say "detrimental effects of war" or the whole individual and society as a whole thing? But thats not the point. I got in a dilemma on the "thesis" that would steer my whole job from the RQ to the conclusions? Well, I am kinda undecided, for I thought of another one, that might be better. So, these include: 1- John Milius's (the screenwriter of apocalypse now) influence and jingoistic american spirit at the time, with John Wayne's patriotic speeches in movies and with the american spirit of use of the force. This was, like I said, my initial one. I would particularly enjoy doing about this one, as I really liked reading about Milius' and some of the crew 's adventures within college. I would like put up a speculation that Coppola's liberal and humanitarian style was ambiguous and not evident because of the screenwriter's patriotic and right wing idealism and the US's jingoistic spirit at the time after the korean war. 2- Coppola's exacerbated commitment on creating real sets, which would give an insight view of the state of mind of the people, and as a consequence it would transpose the audience's body and soul to a real set, built with shrieking elements which looked as naturally conspicuous as a vietnamese jungle, carved with immense, grand stories. He avidly seeked for this artistic forging of the elements he would put on the scenes: he would the ability for them to speak up for themselves and recount narrations they contained to the audience (empathy with the audience). This would lead and explain many things: his over carried budget, accidents occurred (marty's heart attack, tiger assault, firings, etc). The critics say Apocalypse Now was ambiguous and not evident on its message conveyed: it isn't evident if it is an anti war liberalistic film or if it is an apologist of the use of the force and colonialism. From these critiques I would have to choose one of the above "thesis" or matrix of EE to guide my work to an answer. The second seems better as it would focus more on Coppola's directing and not on the influences he may have suffered, but on the other hand it seems to me I would write way better the Milius' stories and occurrences that could have mingled with the film as well as the hollywood jingoistic spirit. Or I could talk about both, but then there would be two thesis... that wouldn't be narrowing my work, I would have like a list of factors that could have influenced and be a reply to the RQ: how could he portray the war's detrimental effects? Did he do it artistically well? Also, that ambiguity the critiques complained about: that would be my head start. Then probably counter argue with Coppola's avid search for the enhancement of the message to the audience; but then John Milius' influence would refute this... this would be very confusing... should I just use on thesis, link and utilize both? Wouldn't that be messing up my work? What do you think?
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