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Found 35 results

  1. Hello my friends in misfortune who started or already doing or even finished IB. I'm a bit dead now as I've done almost 2 years and 2 months away from the finish. Got good offers from top UK unis, planning on doing film studies, it was all good. Just got a piece of information that the supervisor and coordinator are almost completely sure that my EE would fail. They had a formal meeting with me where they asked me tricky questions like "when was the interview", "how does your interviewee looked like" etc. and got a conclusion that there is a serious concern of academic dishonesty. Sorry, I didn't think I had to take photos of a guy I was interviewing with a ducking thumbs up and smiling but because there is no evidence - it is made up. So, moreover, they will send to the IB information that facts say that my data is nothing. Wtf I have to do? I offered them that I will just go and redo stuff asap but they said it's too late and they've already given me suggestions. All they said is "I am not in charge but I might think that you need more supporting data". And it was like that for a long time. Everyone was not in charge. But now they are in charge of failing my EE. Are there any chances to appeal their decision after getting IB answer? And why it can't be ducking simple? I know that 90% of my U6 didn't put photos and recordings but I was a target for some reason. Thanks for any help and advices.
  2. Hey guys! I just started IB1 and i’m having my mock exams soon. I’m finding IB hard (Because im not naturally intelligent) and I keep doubting myself. So many people in my school are redoing IB1 and I’m scared to see myself in that situation. The subjects i’m taking are quite difficult. HL Chem & SL maths AA especially my question is, suppose I dont get the requirements needed to be promoted to IB2, Will I be forced to redo IB1 or will i have the opportunity to resit some exams and do extra work during the summer?
  3. For our internal assessments (e.g. Biology), will you fail IB if you don't do in-text citations, but you did do the works cited at the end? I have a whole list of works cited on the last page but no in-text citations throughout it. It is difficult to go back and find each sentence to in-text citate it. In-text citations are a pain and it's giving me anxiety! Please help! Thank you very much!
  4. okay.. so I failed the ib because I was caught with plagiarism in my theatre arts portfolio and I also did not acheive minimum marks to pass.. I was accepted to a performing arts uni, and luckily i did not sign up for the ib to send my final results to my uni. I didnt care about getting my ib diploma, but now my school wants to withdraw my upper school (high school) diploma... so now I feel doomed.. and i kind of dont get why they want to withdraw my high school diploma, but i get it at the same time. what should i do? will my school notify (tell) my uni that i was accepted into? omg.. dying literally...
  5. Ok, I honestly doubt that anyone will even see this, but I’m really worried... Im in 7th grade IB, and I wasn’t in IB in Elementary, so I’m a complete newbie, and I don’t know the rules all that well. We’re about to finish up the first semester, and I’m failing two of my classes. First quarter it was just one class but now it’s two. I’m only failing because i haven’t turned in almost any of my assignments, and I’m barely realizing how bad that effected my grade now. I know a student that got kicked out of the program, so I know that it’s possible to get kicked out and not just a threat to get us to keep our grades up. However, I’m not sure what grades he had so it didn’t help. Honestly, I don’t care that much if I get kicked out, because I’m going to a school out of my city just because I got accepted into the program, and if I were kicked out, I would go to my local middle school with my BFF and other Elementary friends. I’m just worried about my parents. I just want to make them proud, but I don’t like this kind of pressure. All the stress is making it even harder to do my work and I’m barely keeping good grades in my other classes. i really don’t know what to do at this point.
  6. I am currently in my first semester of grade 11's and am getting 3's rather than straight 7's in all my subjects. Is it alright if I'm failing most of my subjects for my first semester? I have taken the subjects HL Maths, HL Physics, HL Comp Sci, SL Bus & Man, SL Eng Lang Lit, and SL Spanish B. Will I ever improve or am I also going to fail my IB exams in May of 2020?
  7. Guys yesterday we had to submit in our EE's and today I realized that I did the word count wrong (included the citations but not the titles) and also did my citations wrong (I didn't include the page numbers of the books)! what do I do??
  8. I submitted 1200 words TOK essay four days later (Aug 28, 2018) after the deadline. This deadline is not the ib deadline but its what the teacher set. The teacher was okay with me submitting four days late because the majority of the students did not submitted on the deadline. However, today Aug 30, 2018, I decide to submit reworked TOK Essay, specifically changing the introduction, evidence used and 200 more words, then I uploaded to the candidate ib website. The teacher was not okay with me reworking on the essay and told me to submit the previous one, so he rejected my essay I uploaded on the candidate website. For me this is an unfair situation because I reworked hard and there are still students that not yet submit the essay for the school deadline. I think if there are students that are given extra time to work on the essay, I should also have the right to rework on it. The teacher told me that he will not give me extra time, and said that this was supposed be submitted a week ago. He also said "It tooks a week to check my essay" which he did not want to recheck my essay again. My question is am I possible to submit the essay that I reworked after the deadline passed? Do I have the right? Should I ask my teacher for allowing me submit the reworked essay?
  9. Olix


    Hi I just got my IB grades and it is really ****ed up. I got 11 points on my HL's, which means I am not passing. The problem is the marks I am missing in my HL subjects to reach the next grade boundaries are a lot, 8 marks minimum. So, I am wondering what is the maximum marks someone has gone up by? Because 8 or 9 marks more sounds kind off unrealistic.
  10. I was discussing CAS with our supervisor today and she said that we can fail if we upload the activity on our Managebac after we have actually done it. This was very abrupt and today was literally the first time she has said this (I am in the second term of IB1) She just said this very casually so I am not sure how serious she was. Now I am very very worried because i tend to upload the reflections around two weeks after the activity so that I have the pictures and stuff to go along with it. This year is also the year our school is going to have examination from the IB so they can be even stricter. Is it true?
  11. Hi y'all! I have been in this IB course from late August 2017 till now (early November) and I'm failing most of my quiz and tests Here are my marks for each subject: Physics HL: Level 3 (35%) Geography HL: Level 4 (40%) English LL HL: (50%) Chinese LL SL: Level 2-3 (11/20 for my most recent test) Maths SL: Level 2-3 Business SL: (9/20 for most recent test) What should I do at this point I'm kinda worried and skeptical for the next 2 years of my IB course Should I switch to AP or A-Levels, or should I retake first year of IB
  12. For my Business Management EE, I have about 19 secondary sources and 1 primary source. However, many things my primary source said, weren't corroborated by any secondary sources. My secondary sources were mostly used to justify solutions and whatnot. My teachers told me that I should have a mix of primary and secondary sources that state the same thing, but I can't find any secondary sources talking about the issues I discussed about the company I chose. My EE supervisor told me this wasn't a problem, but here we are. Could this issue cause me to fail the EE?
  13. So I ended up getting a really bad mark on my chemistry design lab that brought my mark down by almost 20% (from an 84 to a 65). However, I feel like I didn't do as bad as my teacher graded it. I got a 7/24, but I had done the graphs and the research properly. I have all the components asked in the rubric. The question is, would my IA mark affect my overall IB mark? If so, can I have my lab being regraded by another teacher?
  14. I'm taking my third chance for re-take this May, throughout the school year some teachers thought that we were able to retake one subject up to three times, but they didn't say the actual retake amount. So, without knowing this I didn't take the one subject that I failed until now, my last chance. I'm certain I'm going to fail it because I have been working, not studying as much. I have already been in contact with a few good universities in the US, which said that they do not care about my IB diploma they only want the SAT results. That was before I knew I was going to fail, does anyone know if there is still a chance that even with the fail diploma, they will still not look at the results? Or does anyone know if there is any possibility at all to retake the exam again, like an exception?
  15. Well, things are getting confusing these days... I think that maybe I am too involved in my extracurriculars that I didn't really pay attention to IB. Or partly because of my ideology. I believe that passion, creativity and individuality are much more important than test scores. This semester I continued to do well on my Alchemy project: I now have 600+ followers, several good Alchemy project publications, and several good features. (Like I got one from Chinese Academy of Sciences and recently, C&EN (chemical and engineering news)). But my grades are dropping and I think maybe I even have the possibility to drop down honor roll (35/42). I don't know why. Many of our classmates are also having similar issues: grade dropped from 6s~7s to 5s~6s. And I am really scared when I saw that my chem grades are 6s and 7s, not 7s along the way. Every time I wrote my labs with high quality and checked the marking schemes, but I don't get those shiny marks like last semester. Maybe that I am just suitable for going to an pure art school but I am stupid enough to become an amateur chemist in G9 and try to pursue two degrees in the future. Maybe all the things that I do with my passion and my dream are worthless. Maybe I am just not suitable for a good university; they will not want me. Some subjects I get 5s, which I have actually have got used to (I gave myself lower standards maybe...). I have talked to teachers, but they all say that I don't need to worry. I honestly don't know what is happening. I also tried changing my attitude, but it also does not work. I want to get into the best science/visual art dual degree program but my grades are just not so well for that (for international students they ACTUALLY ONLY look at grades). I think they want me to keep my 38 from the last semester in this semester. I don't know if things will go well or not....Also, I may delete this thread before applying to schools since they will check students' social media accounts. I know they are insincere but I have to comply to them... What can I do...
  16. Hi guys, I’m writing to you to ask for some help/ advice. 

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been struggling with a serious thought of not taking the exams. I’m supposed to take the May 2017 session in Biol HL, Chem HL, Eng B HL, Maths SL, Hist SL and Polish SL and I really want to study medicine in the future. However, I have some serious problems:
 - I didn’t apply to England as I thought that the Netherlands would be a better idea. Then, they changed their admission procedures and I decided also not to apply and try next year with this year’s results. At this moment I can only try to get to the uni in my home-country (Poland) which doesn't satisfy me at all. - But the biggest problem for now is that there is less than 100 days left and I realised that my chances for good grades are close to zero. That makes me horribly hopeless. I’ really down in the dumps (I even think that it can be a litte depression) and because of it I cannot concentrate on studying. Tons of work are waiting and I have some serious backlogs from the last year. It’s the worst with chemistry and maths as I make mistakes in the simplest tasks (which did not happen before). 

The situation is getting worse everyday and I get more and more ”paralised”. This makes me think about not taking the exams in May. But I don’t know if it is possible because I have already registered and payed for the exams (however, many is not a big deal in this case). 

Does anyone of you know what happens when one doesn’t sit the IB examinations? Would I fail the IB exams and the next year’s would be treated as a retake? Or maybe they would in some way ”cancel” this year’s registration? Thanks for your help!
  17. I recently did my IOC and I failed terribly. I'm not even expecting higher than a 9/30 and I am traumatized for life. I am not a literature student but I am hoping to at least boost my total IB score, however this is already a downer for me and I don't think I'm gonna get even a 5 in Language A. Is there any way that I can save myself or counter this disastrous result from getting me lower than a 5 in Language A?
  18. I was just called in by the principal to talk about my grades. My semester 1 reports shows that I achieved total points of 31 excluding bonus points, and semester 2 it dropped to 26 points. He recommended that I consider dropping my IB and just get into college with a regular diploma. Im thinking of going to school in Canada. What do you guys think? My teachers think that I can regain my points in the beginning of 12th grade and I think so too and I would hate to be the only one not taking IB while all my friends are.
  19. Guys, I feel terrible before the exams- all previous year I was preparing to the important boxing championship, so I didn't studied anything in Biology, and our Economics teacher is just terrible- on our mock exams no one had more than 4! But the biggest problem is Biology, I don't remember and actually understand anything. I wonder if anyone has some useful links for preparation to Biology?
  20. Or at least....I am so goddamn scared I'm going to. My Math IA was due tonight and I turned it in but it's so bad. I am so terrified that I will not graduate (or more realistically, I will graduate but without my IB diploma.) I know people who usually say this are people who realistically, are doing much better than they think but that's not me. Seriously, I used to be a good student but I've become this horrible procrastinator to the point where I put off real LEGITIMATE IB-DIPLOMA necessary **** like TOK essay to the day before. Like ****, my CSS profile I am submitting tomorrow and it was due TWO DAYS AGO. And my dad won't send me to a college that doesn't offer me Financial Aid. I can't sleep at night because my brain keeps showing me a future where all my friends are at college and my parents are so ****ing disappointed because they've poured THOUSANDS of dollars into my education (I go to a very VERY good international school). I want to cry all the time (and I mean all the time) the smallest things set me off and I just burst into tears. I am so scared. I am so terrified. The words don't do justice to the fear I genuinely feel is constantly choking me. And I feel like I can't really talk about it with anyone because they'll just go, "Oh Cat...." and be disappointed in me. Since the start of Senior Year, that's all I've done. Disappoint, disappoint, disappoint. I know it sounds whiny. Like, I have everything I could want and I'm just throwing it away. But I don't know how to deal with any of this. I don't want to fail the IB and I don't want to keep disappointing everyone but I also don't know if I can even do any of this. I feel so alone. My best friend already got accepted into Yale and my other one is like the most responsible person on the universe and ****ing smart as ****. And then there's me: a dumb, lazy person who's ****ing up everything. What do I do? Does anyone else feel this way? I'm so scared. I am so scared because I feel like I'm the only person who's feeling this in my grade.
  21. First of all, congratulations to those of you who have been awarded the IB diploma! And to those who were not, remember that you did a great job regardless! Anyways, I was lucky enough to become a diploma recipient with a score of 28. Naturally, I became curious about everyone else, so I asked my fellow classmates and even surfed through social media to see how the other candidates did. I rarely saw scores under 30. Many were mid 30s, others 40s and I even saw quite a few 45s. Everyone seems to be relieved and overcome with satisfaction now that their "two years of hard work finally paid off." Initially I felt a sense of ease seeing the words, "Diploma awarded" on my monitor screen. But now, I feel rather angry with myself and perhaps even dissatisfied to the point where I may want to redo the IB again? While doing the program, I just wanted to quickly finish everything and hopefully earn the diploma. Right before exam month, I started to realize that there was a major distinction between blindly checking off a list and wholeheartedly building yourself as a well-rounded individual according to the IB Learner Profile. But I guess I was too late. I took the IB for granted. Does anyone feel the same way?
  22. So I just got my results in earlier today, and it is absolutely heart wrenching. I always had trouble doing tests in exam conditions. I am a massive procrastinator and just can't concentrate. I always get distracted by the simplest of things. I do Film HL, Human Factors Design HL, Philosophy HL, Chinese B SL, Maths SL, and Eng Lang SL. I got a 4 on every subject in SL and in two of my HL subjects... But I got a 3 in Philosophy. So I got a 23 + 1 from the TOK/EE. So I have a 24 in IB. But because my HL subjects add up to 11 and not 12. I failed my IB Diploma, and will not receive it. The university I applied to only needs 24 marks minimum, and a 4 in 2 HL subjects to enter. I have been given an offer to their university. But i'm wondering if they will accept me into their school since I have passed their requirements, but failed the IB Diploma. I am going to contact them tomorrow and explain my situation and see what they say. What should I do? Should I remark some of my HL subjects? My Philosophy grade is 4 marks off the next grade, My Design grade is also 4 marks off the next grade. My Film grade is 2 marks off the next grade. I think the best bet is me to get my film grade remarked. But since Film is a 100% coursework course, i'm concerned that it wont chance anything. Should I redo my HL paper's this November? Should I just give up? The fact that I failed the IB is already devastating, but the fact that I failed by 1 point.... Now thats just soul-crushing.
  23. HI, I am creating this topic because of the amount of contradicting information on the subject. I have completed the May 2014 exam session and passed. I chose to retake two subjects in May 2015 session. Bottom line is that exams start very soon and I am not prepared (various causes, don't want to go into detail). I have had a passing grade for both of these subjects. I am afraid I might not do so well this time around. Will the higher grade out of the two examinations be the one which is my final score? Will me failing the upcoming examination have any impact? What would happen if I did not show up for the examination? Will my diploma (assuming it carries all the grades over from 2014) have a date of 2015? I would be extremely grateful if any of you could shine some light onto the situation as I had some trouble finding the information on the IBO website. Thanks.
  24. So my teacher screwed me over by not giving me proper corrections and my math exploration ended up being too simple and quite bad. I am pretty certain that I am going to fail it, and at worse I will get an 7 on it (at best around 12). Could I still get a 5 in my final grade? My grades have been a consistent 5/4-5/6 in practice exams.
  25. Hello everyone. So, I'm kinda embarassed by what I did but I do need help, even though it's not the end of the world. But before that a little backstory. I'm a 9th grade student, doing my IGCSEs. Even though I joined the school about a year ago, I quickly adjusted to the new environment and the education system. I'm the kind of guy that gets good grades, in the high 90s and even 100s. When I was new, it didn't bother anyone and no one really cared about it, until this year. This year I became more talkative and social, made more friends and enjoyed my school time. However, I was still getting those high results from my hard work and engagement, therefore making me a "nerd". Now, I know that I shouldn't care what other people think because I'm going to be the one that later is going to "win", but I think I started to crack a bit. And on my last exam, I cracked under pressure. What I did was something not a sane person would do. During my science exam (it was biology to be exact), I changed my answers to completley wrong. Not all of them, just some, because a) I didn't want to fail, and b) I just wanted to stop being made fun of. And I got what I wanted - instead of a high 90, I got a low 70. Now, I know it's not that bad , but the thing is, my teacher knows I know more and that I should get a higher result, because the day before the exam I was the only one in class that knew the answers from the past papers, and almost the exact questions came on the test. I checked my grade online, so I didn't meet my teacher yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll suspect something. He already asked me few times if I'm okay because I don't participate as often as used to, but I usually just said I was tired or something. I was happy to tell my classmates that I got a 70, but still was called a nerd, as the classes average was 55%… I want to tell my teacher what I did, because I'm afraid I am going to do this again, which I don't want to happen. I'm just concerned he is going to call my parents and make me talk to the head teacher, which is something I would like to avoid, as I'm a very awkward person.. I hope someone can help me, because I don't want to get pulled down by the others.. Ps. When it comes to grades, I never brag about them, or try to make myself better because of my results. It's usually them asking me, and later making fun of me. Note that I cannot lie because they usually want to see my exam/ have it for their correctins, so that's not really an option.. mac117
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