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Found 17 results

  1. hello, i need to start thinking about my IA question and wanted to make sure my question is solid.. i was thinking "To what extent was the introduction of Christan Dior a contribution to society's image of "the ideal woman" in the 1940s/ women's rights" or something similar... I'm really interested in fashion and feminism as my topic/ question so anything along those lines would be great!!
  2. Do you believe in gender equality? do you believe in feminism and what it stands for? If not, Why? This is purely out of curiosity and is not meant to attack anybody.
  3. ohkay


    Hello, I'm half way through my first year in the DP and I'm still struggling to find an interesting topic for EE on English. I wanted to take a look at The Great Gatsby, The Yellow Wallpaper or The Lord of the Flies but my sister recommended me not to do so because these texts are studied throughout the years of IB and the markers would expect an exceptional outcome towards the essay; essentially making it a little difficult for me to ace. I'm currently reading about Burmese Days by George Orwell, it talks a lot about gender, race, culture, imperialism and etc. but I'm not too sure if I'll be sticking to this one. My only option now is to take a look at other novels that perhaps incorporate politics or feminism (I feel like they'll be easier to deal with???). So, I was hoping if you guys could give me some advice on the EE and some novels I could take a look at
  4. So I need some help with my research question for my EE. I have string of ideas, but I do not know where to focus my essay. Just an quick non-spoiler overview of my EE ideas: Stephen King's The Shining (1977) Movie adaptation of The Shining by Stanley Kubrick (1980) Second-Wave feminist movement was from 1960s to 1980s, so both works were released during a huge feminist movement. Wendy Torrance is not a typical horror genre female victim. She fights for herself and survives in the end. Stephen King expressed his criticism towards the poor portrayal of Wendy in the movie, saying that she is the most "misogynistic" female character on screen. Also, said that he disliked the movie adaptation, since it seemed a little sexist. Any ideas for a research question? By the way, NO one can copy my EE!!!! I am warning you. By posting this I have receipts, that the idea of examining feminist theme portrayed in SK's The Shining was originated by ME.
  5. Hi! I'm considering taking geography SL or HL in the IB. However, when I was researching the subject I noticed that in the syllabus there's quite a lot of stuff on gender equality. I found a link to a book called "Planet Geography Second Edition Equity" from the page "Populations in Transition" (from ibo.org) that is one of the compulsory topics under the heading "textbook resources" that addressed the issue of gender and change. I looked a bit deeper into it and found that there was a lot of material on "feminist geography" especially on the pages 100-105. Since this was directly linked on ibo.org I reckon this is something we will cover during the courses. Is geography in the IB looked through the lens of leftist values and social justice? I agree that women have less rights in many countries and we should cover that when talking about basic human rights but what I don't agree with is politically biased syllabuses. Does IB geography actually have a political agenda? I really hope I've misunderstood something.
  6. I am writing an English EE on the Amazon Warriors, of Greek mythology, and the Valkyries, of Norse mythology, and the strength they exhibit through their battles and rule. My question addresses how they support female empowerment, and I do want that to be an involvement throughout my essay. What I need help with is creating an outline and finding less generalized topics to research. What are some aspects of an outline that I need to have and what needs to be contained in one? How can I narrow down my topics? What forms of literature should I be looking towards to gather information and research from?
  7. I am writing an English EE on the Amazon Warriors, of Greek mythology, and the Valkyries, of Norse mythology, and the strength they exhibit through their battles and rule. My question addresses how they support female empowerment, and I do want that to be an involvement throughout my essay. What I need help with is creating an outline and finding less generalized topics to research. What are some aspects of an outline that I need to have and what needs to be contained in one? How can I narrow down my topics? What forms of literature should I be looking towards to gather information and research from?
  8. Hello, We are working on a project for our LA class regarding The Handmaid's Tale. We are exploring the role of feminism in both the book and in today's society. Below are some questions regarding today's society and the theme of feminism and we would greatly appreciate any comment regarding any/all questions (please include the number you are responding to in your answer). Thank you!!! What is feminism? Difference between sexism and feminism? Why is feminism important? Who is a well known feminist? Can anyone be a feminist? What is the ideal Feminist Society? Equal gender representation or women bias? Who runs Society/ government? How would it be maintained? How would those who don't believe be treated? What is the path to this society from our current one? How is the Society run? Can this ideal Feminist Society ever be met? Realistic? Truly Feminist or just partial What are our current restrictions? What can we do today regarding the Feminist fight?
  9. I am doing my EE on english A and I am stuck in finding the perfect topic as well as research question for my essay. I will be using two books, "the robber bride" and "the lover". I was also wondering if I can do it on one book only?
  10. So this would be the plan outline the EE: RQ: How and why have the roles of female protagonists developed in the films “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsâ€, “The Little Mermaid†and “Tangled†by Walt Disney? Hypotheses: The female protagonists have changed from the submissive “maiden in distress†stereotype to the more dominant “independent woman†stereotype. The changes in the roles were influenced by the depiction and role of women in society during those time eras. Work process: 1. Research the role of women during the time eras of the films 2. Research Disney's female character policy 3. Watch the films and look for proof in the actions, behaviour, attitude and relations with other characters of the protagonist. 4. Compare the films and link them to the background material 5. Reach a conclusion It would try to fit under the 3rd category dealing with cultural context. The audience would be the modern, western, English-speaking society of today (of which I am part of as well), as in what can we see and deduct from those movies with provided hindsight and historical knowledge. My question is, would this be possible under the 3rd criteria? I feel that the language part could be lacking, althought there would be some quotes from characters within the films that address the protagonist and some literary features could be analyzed, but I feel it might perhaps be ltoo marginal, which would result in failing the EE as it does not fit under any criteria. Tthe films are lacking in viable language analysis anyway as they are mostly visual texts. And, hypothetically speaking, if this plan were to have already passed 2 forms and EE presentations and done up to point 4. and the essay WOULD NOT fall under any category, then: 1. To what category could on fit that EE? 2. What could one do to adjust it to the English A criterion 3? 3. How should one proceed? I will be contacting my teacher as well, but constructive opinions and help in the meantime is welcome. ( I hope it was precise enough)
  11. Hi there! I'm doing my EE in English B and I struggle with a suitable topic. I have a lot of ideas, but just dunno if I could write 4000 words on any. My original idea was naming in the Harry Potter series - you know, the symbolism behind it etc., but a lot of people here say that Harry Potter never gets good grades and is way too popular for a topic. I'm also very interested in feminism and thought about pairing it up with fairytales somehow, like how fairytales portray women or something. Or maybe a RQ like "How are women represented in magazine advertisements?" I love Disney films and I also thought about "How has Disney's portrayal of main female roles changed as women's rights have advanced?" I'm also considering the idea of the role/portrayal of women in the 1920 America as shown in F.S. Fitzgerald's works, or anything about the 1920s culture and Fitzgerald or the flapper girls, I just really love it, but no research question comes to my mind. The last idea is pretty random and I don't even know if I could analyse TV series for an EE, but... I was wondering if I could maybe analyse political incorrectness in the show Friends? They make a lot of sexist, borderline homophobic jokeks there, and I must admit, it seems tempting to choose it as a topic. Can you please help me with phrasing RQs out of that messy thoughts of mine?
  12. Hi! I was browsing through the forums and was inspired by @ouribjourney's post of creating a worldwide CAS project. I'm interested in doing something similar where I can make a website to hit the learner outcome of Engaging with issues of global importance to enhance gender equality. In the website, I'm aiming to incorporate news articles, statistics & photographs to show gender inequality & suggestions on overcoming it. To make it worldwide, I was hoping that people from different parts of the world can share their experiences regarding gender inequality and how they think it can be reduced where they live. I live in Tanzania (East Africa) where some girls are subjected to female circumcision and most women do not get the same educational and job opportunities as men do. Through the website, I hope we can reduce gender inequality (and you can get CAS hours for Service too! ) Please comment if you're interested in doing this and we can work on the website together!
  13. Hey guys, I have been working on my Extended Essay, and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some thorough advice on how I can make my paper great! Regards, Kenneth *Perhaps I should change my title to: "How is A Song of Ice and Fire a series that emasculates the masculine?" What do you guys think?
  14. MollyS

    History IA

    Hi, So IAs are coming up, and I really need to choose a topic. I've come up with a few already, like I'm really interested in feminism, and I was thinking perhaps something to do with Barbies. I've spoken with my supervisor already, but he says that I should give him a more focused topic idea. I was thinking about how Barbies have evolved from back then to now, and how Barbie represents her own woman who has taken up these fantastic roles and jobs that woman today still haven't been able to do. (President) But it's not exactly a question, and I'm not really connecting the dots here. If this isn't a solid enough idea, I think I'd do something along the lines of "How has WWII affected women's fashion?" But I'm open to opinions, (please) and if you could just maybe toss a few ideas in, that'd be great. Thanks!
  15. So I've been trying to narrow down my IA topic for a while now, and I've changed my question approximately five times. I've done a lot of research, and I feel like the best option is in American second wave feminism. I want to analyse The Feminine Mystique and its effects on the feminist movement (obviously it will become more specific), but I don't know whether looking at the impacts of a book is acceptable to write for an IB paper. My school's history department is no help, especially with this topic, so does anyone know whether the topic is feasable or not?
  16. For my ToK presentation, I have come up with a fairly good issue relating to feminism and whether it is or ever has been important. But I'm still having problems coming up with a really good Knowledge Issue. Here are some ideas: To what extent to knowledge sources (such as the media) shape our appreciation and understanding of feminism? How is our understanding of feminism shaped by history? How does our understanding of history shape our perception of modern-day feminism? Please give any improvements or suggestions for new ones!! Any comments welcome
  17. I wanted to do my history extended essay on something related to feminism. I was thinking of comparing feminist movements between two different countries such as the U.S. and Iran or something like that. Any suggestions?
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