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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I'm currently collecting data for my investigation, and I want to use a couple of different maps to showcase the information (such as dot-mapping, showing the area with color gradients, etc.). I'm working with traffic flow as a consequence of public works. so I wan't to portray graphically my data in at least two different types of maps. However, I have found online free map making resources to be limited or too simplistic. I used Google's "My Maps" to point down in rectangles and specific locations, but the inscriptions (such as bars, gyms and irrelevant places) are somewhat distracting. Do you know of any accesible tools to make maps (without inscriptions, that is) that can prove useful for the IA?
  2. Hi, I'll have to decide on our ia topics by tomorrow! I came up with 2 potential ia topics but can't decide which one to do: Does my city fit the multi-nuclei model? What factors affect the sphere of influence of the local supermarket/store? With the 1st one I'll need to find certain features in the, say 5-6, potential commercial centers in my city, and use the definitions to prove that they are indeed CBDs, and then piece them together. There're a few classmates with similar topics and we're supposed to go in groups, but still it might be pretty tough fieldwork? With the latter I'll first measure the sphere of influence, and then come up with affecting factors, like the types of goods they sell. Problem is, the effect of sth on sth is usually pretty relative, means there has to be a range of variables? Like I need to go from the grocery to the supermarket and to a department store? That would be too much for 2500 words. Has anyone done similar topics before? Any tips on that? Which one should I do??? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi, My fieldwork report (IA) is due to be finished till the end of summer tbh my class has done a fieldwork investigation already in an urban park area in a bigger city, but the whole data collection was messed up and now i'm thinking about doing a research on my own :( I live in Hungary and the only place where they grow rice is around the little town where i happen to live...they have bio rice, wild rice and all kinds of stuff, anyways It sort of a HUGE deal, the paddy fields take up an area of 1000 ha land, they water it from a special canal and supposedly it satisfies 30% of the European wild rice market demands... I've been thinking about doing an IA related to this, but i'm not sure which topic would be optimal for this and what things could i really measure... Maybe it could be about something related to soil degradation or impact on the local environment in general, and the question could be like "How has agricultural activity at Location Y affected X?", but i can't really examine the impact over time...so I don't know :/ Any idea/suggestion/tip is deeply appreciated and desperately needed :3
  4. Hey guys We're just starting to plan out our IAs and I literally have no clue what I could possibly do in my town/local area. It's a relatively boring town and all we have covered course wise are 3 options: leisure, urban environments, and hazards. My town/city isn't exactly a hotspot for any disasters, we have transit system, and the people here are generally affluent :/ the water's clean/inaccessible for collection, and soil is almost never truly "native". I guess I could always go to the nearby Met area, but any thoughts/suggestions/general ideas? Thaankss
  5. Hey, I have a quick question about the geo fieldwork. When is the fieldwork deadline for May '16 examination (as by when does the school have send it to IB).
  6. Hey guys, So I'm currently trying to write my fieldwork report, but I'm so stuck with the research question that I can't move forward. Our teacher was not very helpful during the data collection nor explanation what was the purpose of our investigation. The general topic is : ,,Comparison of the recreational provision in two contrasting areas of the city" I just cannot think of any kind of research question nor the geographic model I can apply it to. Does anyone have any ideas? Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello everyone, I have some problems with my geography IA. The research question of my fieldwork report is: Does the quality of public transport matter on the amount of traffic jams in the downtown of Szczecin? I colected the data by preparing a questionnaire, in which, first of all, I asked people about their sex, age group, place of living, number of people at home. Then I went into frequency of usage of public transportation, their most frequently used mean of transport (private car, bus, tram), assessment of public transport, its pros and cons, proposals of changes (all questions are closed questions with prepared answers). Then I asked about 3 most often travelled lines, Starting and Ending point of the journey, and level of crowding during that journey (descriptive scale from 0 to 9). Last questions were type of ticket possessed and usage of car. My question is: How can I apply various statistical tools for the Written Analysis, Quality and treatment of the collected data? Which statistical tools would be correct? How can I recognize the trends? Firstly I thought about calculation of the mean, for both sexes and for each age group, how the assessment is changing with frequency of usage, how does the level of crowding matter on evaluation or which pros and cons particularly mattered on the mark given. Also I am planning to show which lines are most frequently chosen, and on which lines the level of crowding is the highest. But isn't it too less? Relying only on the mean is too weak for me, however I cannot find anything better. I thought about calculation of standard deviation for the set of marks obtained, but nether do I know how to interpret the outcome, nor how to use in the report. Moreover, the normal distribution function looks quite strange. I thought about probability, e.g. conditional probability or Bayes' Theorem, do you like such an idea? And of course, I am going to evluate the amount of cars in the city by counting them at a particular place in the rush hours.
  8. Hello everybody I'm doing my geography IA in urban environments - the topic is "What is the impact of Warsaw agglomeration on [my town] in terms of availability and structure of goods and services?". As my methods, I have a land use survey and a questionnaire survey, and I have a few doubts . About land use survey - I' m going to take into account only commercial uses of land (no public offices/residential areas etc.). The town is small, and my plan is to just go along all streets and record on a sheet of paper what I see I have 16 types of shops/services, and I'm wondering what kind of map should I use. Print screen Google Maps map and print it, and then mark what I recorded on a digital one? Or maybe better do my own computer-derived map based on a ready one? (possibly using layers, and drawing only curves with street names and classified points). And in general - what techniques would you suggest to use for display and analysis in this case? I was thinking about diversity index for land use (=>availability from research question), and as I'm going to look for correlation between visiting Warsaw for some education/job purposes and shopping there, perhaps Spearman's rank correlation? What else would be useful? Any mapping, graphing, statistical tips? Sorry if it obvious for you, but I'm struggling to do my IA with no feedback available at the moment, and it's a bit messy for me And forgive a long post!
  9. Hi everyone, I am thinking about a topic for my Extended Essay in geography and at the same time working on my fieldwork (being also at the stage of specifying topic and methods). I feel a bit confused about the differences between IA and EE. Obviously, they differ in length and character; fieldwork is told to be just "fieldwork report" while EE is suposed to be more discursive. But... What does that mean in practice? They're both analytical, based on research and primary data. I'd really appreciate some explanation
  10. Hello everybody I am doing Geography at HL and I have to start planning my fieldwork (and finish it quite soon). As I have been absent from school since 3 months because of health problems, I'm forced to think it up and collect data on my own I really love geography and would like to do something of value, but I'm struggling to find an appropriate topic I'd prefer to avoid anything connected with big cities (that doesn't feel like my cup of tea). I live near a river - but I believe it would be extremely difficult to collect data by myself, with no special equipment (I suppose my school doesn't have it). The same with soil degradation (there's plenty of farmland nearby). We also have some minorities (mainly Gypsies people, some Asians and Armenians), a quite popular touristic castle... I don't know, just normal kind of stuff in a small town. Do you have any ideas what topics of syllabus I could cover? Perhaps globalization...? I'd really appreciate some advice
  11. Hi, so I´m starting to work on my Geo fieldwork and I´m looking at the Sphere of Influence of two large universities. My question is, could anyone advice me on how many people I should survey? And also, should I ask more questions apart from where they commute from? I´m a bit at loss as to what to do and my teacher won´t help me until I give her a plan. Thanks!
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