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Found 80 results

  1. Aseya

    Changing Subjects

    Hi. I am just now entering my second year of IB. I am taking chemistry SL & psychology HL (online) and would like to change from both. Throughout last year I unfortunately didn’t take psychology that serious and am finding difficulty in it (my expected grade is probably going to be very low). And for chemistry, its hard and it’s going to require more effort than necessary. So I wanted to change from chemistry to arts (since my school finally has arts this year) and from psychology online to film online. Since I have a strong background in both, is it possible to do them both in the second year?
  2. murrynay

    Film EE

    so I've been thinking lots about what to do for my ee, and I was really interested in doing film, but they don't teach it at my school. I was wondering if there are any helpful textbooks for basic film studies or anything for the question i was planning to do, "How does the development of special effects, such as cgi and greenscreen, impact intergenerational appreciation for movies?" Even my question needs a little work, so if there's any other questions that can be made from a topic like this, that would be great.
  3. In my IB highschool, there is no subject such as Film. I know it is recommended not to do your EE on a subject that its not in your school. I have consciously decided to do it this way but I believe that I will get a better score if anyone could help e out. If your school has this subject and your ib teacher is willing to help me just for really little periods of time, just so I properly write the EE it will really help me out. I will be contacting him/her via gmail. If you guys have any advice I could really use it. Thanks, best regards to everybody.
  4. I am currently editing my Film EE, and my advisor (not very experienced in IB) suggested that i define mise-en-scene in my essay. Is this true?? Or is there no definition needed, as it is a film term??
  5. I'm thinking of switching chem to Film SL. I'll be taking the course through Pamoja though since my school doesn't offer it. Can anyone give me a brief overview of what the course would be like? Also where can I find the new syllabus and if you have any insight on Pamoja (are the teachers good and etc) that would be nice.
  6. So I am trying to get my math IA done this summer but am having a hard time choosing a topic that I like. I am really interested in film and cinematography and would like to incorporate it in my math IA but have found nothing on math ia topics that involved film from past math IA topics. I decided that I would come up with my own math IA exploration that has not been done before. My topic/question is "Does movies/films that use the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio make high profits compared to movies that don't?" Is this a good idea for a math IA topic? Could I make it better? Are there any other math IA topics that involve film or cinematography? Is there other ways I can involve film and cinematography in my IA like through geometry, conditional probability, etc.? What general topics make for a high marked IA? What makes for a good IA? Also these are my other topics for a math IA if film doesn't work out are: Modelling Infectious Diseases Medical Data Mining Finger Ratio Predicts Maths Ability? Modelling a Nuclear War Are these good topics that could get a high mark? Between 18/20 to 20/20? I am also interested in a topic in healthcare/medicine. Any topic ideas for that? All replies are appreciated, Thanks.
  7. So my supervisor and I have settled on a topic for my extended essay. I haven't quite formulated a knowledge question yet for this, but I have a rough idea as to where I might want to go. My topic is exploring the societal trend of diverse casting in the entertainment world (Novels, theater, film, etc.). I would be using written books, some scripts, articles, etc. as my evidences and sources for expanding into my topic. But my supervisor and I also want to include visual references, like recordings of plays and musicals or looking at films. My school's IB Coordinator was iffy on this when I asked her for the OK on looking at video, she says it feels too much like IB Film(which my school does not yet have), but she said that she and I should both do research to verify this. So basically I was denied use of video sources until we found something that said it was okay. I have read through the 2015 English essay reports and it said nothing of specific to my issue, then I looked through ibo.org and so far I have come up empty. Does anyone here know whether or not I can do this for my research? Or should I search for a new topic that doesn't involve film? OR if anyone knows a better source where I could find the answer? Thank you!
  8. Hello. Does anyone have examples of Production Portfolio for Film class, a (sl) cinematographer portfolio? Thank you
  9. I want to drop SL chemistry for film but that will take a lot of convincing to my teacher since IB has been going for 2 months already and it is too late for me to change. My school doesnt offer the subject but theres an online course: pamoja film and i didnt know about this until yesterday and im really really interested in film. does anyone have any experience with pamoja though? im just afraid of regretting the decision (if im allowed to change) because its an online course and stuff... hows the work load?
  10. Hey! I'm interested in film but my school only offers it in SL online. How does this online thing differ from regular SL studies? Is it even close?
  11. My school does not offer film (I don't take the course), but I am not interested in any other subject other than film. I asked my Extended Essay teacher if I could do my EE on a subject I am not taking, but she said most likely not because: 1) I won't have prior knowledge on it (which is true, but during my free time I plan on studying as much as I can about this) and 2) there might not be a supervisor fit for me. However, there is an English teacher who has a degree in film. So what I am wondering is is it possible for him to be my supervisor? Even though he teaches English and not film?
  12. I am planning to write my Extended Essay on stranger things. I was planning to analyse the formalist elements like symbolism in lighting, however, most extended essay examples for film relate to comparison or auteurist elements. I am not too sure if analysing the lighting and other elements is a good topic anymore?
  13. I have idea for my EE in film and i need the advice is it a good idea, plus help me specify the topic and research question if so. I thought to write how the movies depannd and how the story is lead when there is no major change in the location, or simple when there is only one location where the action take place. I thought to write this essay based on three movies of Sidney Lumet: "12 Angry Man" (1957), "Murder on the Orient Express" (1974), and Dog Day Afternoon" (1975). Tell me what do you think about that.
  14. I am in summer holidays approaching Year 13 now and I really want to grab the time to prepare for next year. I am at a 37 now and I really want to get a 40 or above. Does any one have tips on how to get a 7 in the following subjects that I take? Especially Film and Global Politics! I literally have no idea how in the world I am supposed to revise or get good grades in those!! - Chinese Language and Literature HL - English Literature SL - Maths SL - Design Technology SL - Global Politics HL - Film Studies HL Thanks a million!
  15. I am planning to write my ee on film, and my current topic was 'How are filmic/cinematic techniques utilized by Tykwer and his team, in order to portray a sense of smell in his film, 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' and how can their efficacy be measured?'. So I was going to analyze just 1 film 'perfume: the story of a murderer', but my supervisor says I need to select at least 2 films to compare. I looked at the Extended essay guidance for film, but it just mentions that 'For primary sources, there must be detailed references to at least one film (or major television work). Primary sources could consist of the film(s), the script, the screenplay, the score, personal contacts, or personal correspondence with individuals involved in making the film.' Do I need at least 2 movies to compare? Thanks
  16. So far I've come up with three different approaches to what I want to work on for my EE; which is western animation. The movies that I have seen potential in for analysis are the ones mentioned in the questions. I need some feedback on which of these is more acceptable for an English Extended Essay (if any) and some suggestions on the wording/scope of them. The first was suggested to me by my adviser. Topic Question South American Settings How are South American settings explored in Postcolonial American Animated Films “The Road To El Dorado” and “Emperor’s New Groove”? Postcolonial Theory To what extent are Ancient World Cultures portrayed accurately in Postcolonial Animated Films “Moana” and “Kubo and The Two Strings”? Character Dynamics To what extent do the main characters in “The Road to El Dorado” and “The Emperor’s New Groove” interact through similar dynamics? Thank you!
  17. I'm making a film about the theme of identity in the novel The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. My video is centered around the concept that the materials we possess and use everyday make up a large part of human identity. It will feature an individual going through their daily life, and with each material they use, a new color or symbol is painted on their face to represent how it becomes part of their identity. It's not until all of the materials are taken away that the individual will have no paint left on their face. Because this film is primarily silent, I was planning on writing a poem to voiceover on top of it. I was hoping to have other IB students contribute an original line or verse about how materials make up identity to add within the poem. Please respond with a line that I can include within the poem to make this project more global. Thank you!:)
  18. So hey guys, I have been struggling with my Extended Essay on Film. I have researched a lot on the director and on the movies I am going to talk about. My previous RQ was: How did the Director develop his use of filmic techniques to portray the detrimental effects of war on the individual and society as a whole within each film? The thing was I realized I had not have an exact thesis to guide my work like I was basically wandering and throwing a few cool terms to the work. Also, the war impact on people and society is kinda puny. So, as my supervisor advised me, my work, more than focusing on the cinematography, it had to explore one thing that I knew of and felt comfortable, the director. So I thought of something more focused on the director Francis Ford Coppola who is a hell of a case study am I right and decided to link his eccentric "way of building scenarios" with his films. So something like: to what extent did the director's style influence each film... Do you think this would work? I wanted to focus on the director and link his extravagant and boldness with some visual aspects (of course I ll have to talk about the cinematography and not only author bs). Do you have any other suggestions of topic/RQ wording? If you like this could you like give me some ideas on what to develop on the work, I have thought of a few things I am going to explore, but if you have any experience on the most "efficient" way to prove the director did have an influence on some prominent aspects of the films, please tell me. Thanks, Richard
  19. Hi, I was wondering if this would be a good research focus for my EE. I plan on doing an EE on English B, category 2B which if i'm right its about cultural artifacts. I read the guides and understood that the goal of that type of EE is to value the cultural impact of a certain artifact, however when I came up to my teacher with my Intro for the impact of some Disney movies from the 21st century she said it'd be better to do it the other way around. As if I should focus on how society has impacted in the shaping of these films instead of the impact of films themselves, which is how I understood the guide. I don't think it's a bad idea to do it her way, I actually like it but I'm worried it won't be suitable for the nature of the category. What do you think?
  20. i take: HL global politics HL film HL chinese language & literature SL english literature SL maths SL design technology i have both HL & SL papers for some of them. i am contemplating whether to keep SL papers when I do HL; & if I should keep my HL papers when I do SL... i know for some subjects the assessments are very similar or even same in HL & SL. sooo plz provide me your valuable opinions! thx
  21. I've searched it, but nothing comes up. Is there an IB exam for Film?
  22. Hey guys, whats up? I am doing my Extended Essay on Film. I have redacted 6 pages, more less, though I kinda needed help with the visual aspects of the films, since I did not take Film as a subject. I am doing a good job I think, I grasped the "philosophy" of the guide, but tbh the help of a connoisseur of the criteria of the subject for an EE and with technical knowledge on the subject would give me confidence: even though I think I am doing well and read a lot on the theme, I have no aid at school (it doesn't have a film teacher) and the mood there is that I am suicidal by having chosen this, hence feeling like I know what I am king from now on would be very good, just a short guidance, you know? What I ask you is do you know of any IB school who has a certified Film teacher and EE supervisor? Preferably, if he has experience, though as it is so rare to find a Film teacher, if he is indeed willing to aid me online for a price, then thats all it matters really. If necessary, I can also pay the teacher for some extra film classes within the subject if it is valuable for the work and necessary knowledge I didn't totally acquire. Please either respond here with the school or the professor's name or leave me a personal message. Thanks in advance, Richard
  23. Fellows, I am doing my Extended Essay on Film and decided to go for a comparison between Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979) and Gardens of Stone (1987). I am really striving for the A. I just have one doubt. My RQ is still getting adjusted: how (successfully?) did the Director developed filmic techniques to portray the detrimental effects of war (on the individual and society as a whole)? By the way do you think I should just say "detrimental effects of war" or the whole individual and society as a whole thing? But thats not the point. I got in a dilemma on the "thesis" that would steer my whole job from the RQ to the conclusions? Well, I am kinda undecided, for I thought of another one, that might be better. So, these include: 1- John Milius's (the screenwriter of apocalypse now) influence and jingoistic american spirit at the time, with John Wayne's patriotic speeches in movies and with the american spirit of use of the force. This was, like I said, my initial one. I would particularly enjoy doing about this one, as I really liked reading about Milius' and some of the crew 's adventures within college. I would like put up a speculation that Coppola's liberal and humanitarian style was ambiguous and not evident because of the screenwriter's patriotic and right wing idealism and the US's jingoistic spirit at the time after the korean war. 2- Coppola's exacerbated commitment on creating real sets, which would give an insight view of the state of mind of the people, and as a consequence it would transpose the audience's body and soul to a real set, built with shrieking elements which looked as naturally conspicuous as a vietnamese jungle, carved with immense, grand stories. He avidly seeked for this artistic forging of the elements he would put on the scenes: he would the ability for them to speak up for themselves and recount narrations they contained to the audience (empathy with the audience). This would lead and explain many things: his over carried budget, accidents occurred (marty's heart attack, tiger assault, firings, etc). The critics say Apocalypse Now was ambiguous and not evident on its message conveyed: it isn't evident if it is an anti war liberalistic film or if it is an apologist of the use of the force and colonialism. From these critiques I would have to choose one of the above "thesis" or matrix of EE to guide my work to an answer. The second seems better as it would focus more on Coppola's directing and not on the influences he may have suffered, but on the other hand it seems to me I would write way better the Milius' stories and occurrences that could have mingled with the film as well as the hollywood jingoistic spirit. Or I could talk about both, but then there would be two thesis... that wouldn't be narrowing my work, I would have like a list of factors that could have influenced and be a reply to the RQ: how could he portray the war's detrimental effects? Did he do it artistically well? Also, that ambiguity the critiques complained about: that would be my head start. Then probably counter argue with Coppola's avid search for the enhancement of the message to the audience; but then John Milius' influence would refute this... this would be very confusing... should I just use on thesis, link and utilize both? Wouldn't that be messing up my work? What do you think?
  24. Hi there, I know this is stupid. I am aware of that. I am going for my 2nd year (senior year, whatever) and I am doing my EE in Film. I did not take it as a subject as my school does not offer it. However, I am really enjoying it, in spite of some hurdles on the topic choice. I feel like I have a knack for it, I mean I am a creative person and I guess that the fact that I have the ability to look at film knowledge in a more imaginative way. I know it is because I am confident, and writing about Film, like in the EE, is easier than actually creative and giving birth to an artistic oeuvre like a film: to comprehend techniques, how they are used and how to use them is easier than actually doing it in such a witty way that it will be artistically correspondent and linked with the storyline. The close up cams, the narrator voice, the character design all of that.. simply awesome. I would be lying if I would tell you that I want to have nothing to do with Film. Actually I hope my aspirations actually come true and make Filming more than just an occupation of a desolated artist who s never achieved what he wanted. This being said, I was thinking to start attending online classes of IB Film. I am going for my Second Year and it is too late I know, but if I would be attending Film (online) I could get rid of Economics, which is a pain in the ass for me. Just thinking that I will ditch Economics, a smile beckons within my lips. Honestly. If I could choose now a subject from the Arts group I could get rid of Economics, and hence have 1 subject from each group (btw I only chose Economics because my school is poor in subjects and it was that or two of the sciences group, so...). Do you, Film students, think it is too risky? Or impossible to do Film in one year? I know that there is a presentation and an Individual Project I must do and a short movie I guess, tho with the EE and the books I bought from Filming and Film Studies I guess I could swiftly get the knowledge that is "missing". If you agree or think I should go on with this, which would be very beneficial for me as Economics is the only subject I simply hate, can you recommend me an IB Film teacher who s willing to lecture online classes? Or do you know personally some of your schools? Feel free to comment on my insane delusions, Richard
  25. Hey guys I am having a hard time on my EE on film. Not because it is hard, but because I am undecided between two topics. Firstly, I thought about talking making a comparison between The Apocalypse Now and The Lord of the Flies, by talking about the inherent look for idealism by man and the subsequent fall for self-destructiveness. My RQ would be (To what extent is each film effectively able to illustrate man's inherent idealism and self-destructiveness?). Virtually, I would talk about the tendency to seek for the perfect, edenic world and then, when they find out that even that perfect, paradisiac "place" has flaws, the probs start to rise (self destructiveness) like we clearly see in The lord of the flies. Disadvantages on doing this: I would have to read and discuss on the EE Rousseau's thesis. He was the major philosopher who defended that man is purely evil and somehow we live in a pernicious, dark world with no perfection ever achievable. It would be good as it would on the one hand show knowledge and that I defined on the background what I meant by this thing with the idealism and self-destructiveness, so I wouldn't leave the examiners with confusion and question marks; tho it could be misunderstood and devaluated because it seems like an EE for IB Philosophy. It my disperse my work from the "real deal". The topic might be kinda vague idk. It didn't seem when I started working on it, since I had a matrix to compare both films through their artistic features. This is what most A graded Film EE show, a matrix for comparison. Nonetheless, it now seems a lil broad... Tho this seemed like a very nice topic and original too, I guess. I thought about another topic: talking about the role of the Synaesthesia (mix of different senses) on The Apocalypse Now. I haven't worded my RQ, but how does Synaesthesia work for a better conveyance of the grotesqueness and inertness (does this word work?) in the Apocalypse Now? It has lots of advantages: originality and extravagance (a lot really), it can be related with the soundtrack of the music (there was even an article talking about it, but very vaguely, which is perfect for an EE to rise from it), not too broad and a more artistic topic. Disadvantages: Can be too specific and not be enough for an EE of 30 pages... if I would go for the other topic, the synaesthesia would only encompass a sub topic in the index (cinematography), and thats what I fear the most... I mean what if it is just a subtopic and not an EE..? And this is a crucial aspect to bear in mind. Wouldn't follow the A graded steps of the matrix between the movies and then justify it with artistic features of the movies, in fact it would be an artistic feature... in other words, instead of doing the above, I would be taking a particular artistic feature of the movie... even though I could relate it with other aspects but still... So, which path should I choose? Which topic is better? Your advice would be very helpful... I am really undecided and I have to start working on a topic soon. Thanks in advance, Richard
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