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Found 17 results

  1. I attend Marietta HS, and my parent told me Ive got to get my wisdom teeth removed this Friday. I've got a IB HOTA IA to turn in this friday, but I can have it turned in Thursday. What will happen to me if my surgery has not healed by Monday, or if I come to the French SL oral exam and am unable to speak properly?
  2. I am moving and switching schools for my junior and senior year and my new school offers IB. I am pretty interested in getting an IB diploma but I'm not sure which course option to take. Both options have English HL, History HL, Calculus SL, and Environmental Systems and Society SL as core classes. My choice is to either take Visual Arts HL and French SL, or take French HL and either Visual Arts SL or Biology SL. The thing is, I really am not interested in French or Art, but I have taken 3 years of french and averaged over 95% in the class. I took a Basic Art Forms class last year and I found I have not even a slight interest in the subject. As I'm typing this out it seems obvious I should take French HL, but I am still looking for advice because maybe the style of the IB program would make Visual Arts more interesting to me? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  3. I need help with IB subject selections. I have just finished my second year of Pre-IB, and will be starting my first year of IB in the fall (Grade 11). However, I am worried about my subject selection for a couple of different reasons. HL: Biology, English Language & Literature, History SL: Math, French B, Chemistry Note that my school does not have many options for IB, and I will attach a picture of the courses available at my school. I am studying at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am most concerned about my language B couse and math. Math: I am taking SL, but I am considering taking the Studies course. I received a 70 in Functions 11 this year, which I was very disappointed with. However, I want to study Biology in university, and most universities require Advanced Functions and/or Calculus & Vectors to be considered. My teacher said she could guarantee me a high 6 or low 7 with the studies course, however with SL she could promise maybe a high 4. Should I switch to Studies for the better grade, or stay is SL to keep my options open for Biology programs? Language B: I am taking French, however I am not very good at the subject. I received a high 70 in Grade 10 Pre-IB french, and I struggled at the subject a lot. My grammar is the worst, along with other basic subjects. Would it be wise to switch into Ab Initio Spanish? I also heard I would then have 5 IB exams in May 2019, which isn't something I would look forward to.
  4. Do examiners really count every single word in Paper 2? And do they really take away marks if you're over word count? (I'm in SL so this would be 400 words). Even if I was just 5 words over the word count, would I still lose the same amount of marks as if I was 100 words over?
  5. I was planning to do my EE in History, but I am REALLY struggling with finding an interesting topic that fits the guidelines so I'm considering switching to French. I am taking French B SL (the only option at my school), but I am fluent in the language because I was in French Immersion until I started IB. I would probably do the literature option and just pick one or two books to analyze/compare, but I don't have any in mind right now. If anyone could suggest some authors or books to look into, that would be appreciated. Does this seem like a good plan, and do language B essays usually do well? Also, I'm not too worried about grammar because of my experience with French, but will examiners focus on the grammar or mostly the topic? If you have any experience with Language B EEs, please help me out
  6. Hey! I'm just about to start IB in two weeks. My career inclination is related towards economics and/or business management/administration (probably somewhere related to Investment banking or Finanace). I chose: *UPDATE* Math SL French SL English Language/Literature SL Economics HL Chemistry HL Geo HL Are these subjects ideal? Is this subject combination difficult? I know for econ some universities require HL maths but everybody tells me HL math is too hard. However, I'm good at maths and have been getting 7's throughout the years except for my igcse final where I got a 6 (89-A) but since Hl math is apparently the most difficult subject, I feel like I won't perform well in it (knowing me, I can probably get a 6-7 in HL math if I try hard but while doing this, I'll most likely fail the rest of my subjects because I'll be concentrating too much on math). I would have done Business Hl but my school doesn't provide it as they believe universities have zero/little consideration for that subject.
  7. Hey guys, So for my Lang. B Written Assignment I made kind of a minor writing error in French, i.e. forgot an indefinite article (folle, not une folle), so curious as to how badly this would affect me and whether it's possible to go back and change it or something if IB hasn't marked it yet. I realize Written Assignments are done with the help of dictionaries and such so how badly would this hurt my mark in the Language portion of the rubric? Thanks
  8. I am currently in my first year of IB and just wanted to know how the IAs are sent for french sl in the IB. Does the teacher send all the work you've done in a small class or are a select few essays sent? I'm seriously worried about some stuff thats not very good.
  9. Okay so I am planning on doing IB French B SL next year, 2016. I am very passionate about french as a language and I have been studying for Roughly 3-4 years. I wouldn't say I am bad at it, but i also wouldn't say i am fluent, not even the slightest. What are some requirements you should have to do French SL? How could I prepare for this? Thanks
  10. Anyone have French Ab Initio Paper 1 Markscheme? I can't seem to find it anywhere no matter where I look. Cheers, thanks.
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy French graphic novels at a good price? I'm immersing myself in the culture and bought the first Harry Potter book already, but I would like some comic books. The stuff I found online is either too expensive or it doesn't interest me. I'm looking for fantasy/ humorous stuff. Any help is appreciated.
  12. hey guys, for the paper 2 exam tomorrow, first, are these the text formats that we are supposed to know how to write in? -un journal intime/blog -un article -une lettre officielle (une lettre de reclamation (letter of complaint)/candidature/a un auteur) -une lettre a un ami-un discours (a speech) -le guide de recommandations, la brochure -le recit d'imagination- le compte -rendu -une declaration a la police -une critique d'un film/livre -une anecdote-une page internet .. i wanna know EXACTLY which and only ones we need to know, if i missed or added anything that isn't mentioned please let me know. Also.. Q2: does anyone have a source which states exactly the format of those texts to get a level 5/5 on format accuracy? (as they are easy marks).. thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, The SL French exam is in a couple of days, however my French vocabulary is very poor. Are there any tips that you could give me on how to score a decent grade on paper 2 even for someone like me. Furthermore, if I come across a word that I want to use, but can't think of the French word for it (and I don't know any French words for its synonyms either), what should I do? Thanks a lot!
  14. Guest

    IB Planning

    Hi there, Next year, I'm planning to take IB at my school, and I just wanted to sort some things out before I begin it so come exam time and/or beginning of next year, I'm not an utter mess when it comes to this. I want to study Medicine in a UK University, so they're kind of tilted according to the preference of the universities there (which are similar to my preferences anyway). Subjects The subjects I'm planning on taking are: Higher Level: History Chemistry Biology Standard Level: English Literature French B Math Do you think they'll be too difficult to manage? I'm more of a 'understand and learn' person rather than plain memorising, and I understand that's kind of a problem with Biology, but I think that I should be fine. I've seen a lot of resources for it, like BioNinja and Stephanie Castle's Youtube page, but I'm still not quite sure. That would be a problem for History, but historical facts just click with me - and I really love history, so that helps. I also love Chemistry, so I find it pretty easy to remember things in it and I'm in Further Science for NCEA and we're doing two chemistry topics that are also in IB (though not to the same extent). My only real concern is French because I'm not particularly good at it. I've been doing it for two years (this is my third year) and I'm not that great at speaking it. Is that going to be a problem? Extended Essay I'm also planning my topic for Extended Essay earlier because of the same reason - when I do get to the moment of what I do, I will freeze up and not be able to think of a thing. The topic I was planning on doing was 'What was the influence of World War I and II on the advancement of medical treatment?" Is that too broad? Would it better if I just concentrated on one World War or a few aspects of medical treatments? Also, does the source of the information impact your grade (i.e. Would you get marked less for using more websites than books?) Standard Level/Higher Level A quick question: is it normal for schools to do standard level in the first year and then higher level in the second depending on your grades? Just wondering. Sorry for the number of questions! Thanks in advance!
  15. Guest

    Ib French Notes

    Version 1


    Notes on grammer tenses
  16. As you all know, French B exams are creeping up (22nd), so I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to get a level 7. I know that in order to do well in paper 1, past exams are a must. Another useful tip for paper 1 is to know the linking words and some common vocabulary that comes up over and over on exams (again see past exams) For paper 2, I guess the main thing is knowing the formats. Does anyone have a list of the formats and what they involve? Here are a few: Formal Letter Informal Letter Brochure Tract (flyer) Newspaper article Discours Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really want that level 7 but have not been given very much guidance as to how to attain it.
  17. How did you find the paper? Which topic did you choose? They were something along these lines: 1. Imaginative story - the prompt was a conversation 2. Article - the one with the picture of the 'car of the future' 3. Letter to the editor - after reading an article affirming that young people lacked initiative 4. Review of a video game
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