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Found 17 results

  1. Hey future ib colleagues, I’m the next victim of IB! Its that time in my life where I actually have to think about what I want to be in life. I HAVE NO IDEA. Teachers are commanding (I’m over exaggerating a bit) subject choices for IB. I chose subjects that interested me other than actually dying and trying to figure out what career I want. Here it is: Higher level: Chemistry Arabic Psychology Standard level: Math English Physics can people who took these topics give me advice? Also what career can I get out of these choices??? Help!!!!
  2. What subject's are you guys doing and what are you planning to study at university?? personally, I'm doing HL: - Biology - Chemistry - Geography SL - Maths - English Arabic I'm planning to go into dentistry (starting IB in September, i might swap geo with english)
  3. Hey there, I just wanna to say that I finished IB and right now I'm preparing to join my dream college. However, throughout this entire IB adventure and college application process I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety. Fortunately I managed to overcome it and that is why I'd love to use my experience to help the others. Therefore I just wanna let you know that no matter who you are, if you're feeling like you can't handle IB, life, social expectations etc. you can always write to me. I am not a psychologist, but I know what it's like to feel totally helpless. I won't ask about your identity and I won't reveal mine, total anonymity. IB often turns out to be too hard to deal with it alone.
  4. Will I be in a disadvantage if i apply for the top universities and want to do business? My subjects are Bio HL, Eng SL, Norwegian B HL , Global politics HL, Math SL and Economics SL. Will I face any difficulties while applying for top universities for business studies ?
  5. Hello guys, This is my first year of IBDP (DP1) and the subjects I choose are English A SL Spanish B SL Mathematics Studies SL Biology HL Psychology HL Computer Science HL I would like to be a Psychologist in the future and my problem is that I'm worried that if I change my mind after I did the first year I will be very screwed since I can basically take ONLY Psychology or Management, but I have a real passion for being a Programer or a software/hardware engineer, and I can not study it at the university since math SL is the minimum requirement, I already spoke with our school's DP coordinator but he thinks that I will not manage Math Standart. My father is a math teacher at a university I asked him to send an email to our DP coordinator and tell him personally that he assures that he will work with me every day and teach me everything that he has to, but the coordinator still disagrees. I really don't know what to do at this point. Kind regards, Arad
  6. Hi! I know that I'm writing about something typical for IB: stress, but I really need to write about it, to tell about my problem. I'm an IB student and my biggest problem is the fact that I live in permanent anxiety about my education, test results and consequently, future. My biggest fear is getting poor IB and SAT scores, what will make studying abroad impossible. My family is able to cover only a small percentage of costs of studying abroad, which makes me highly motivated to get a merit-based scholarship. I do my best, but I increasingly freak out. For example, I'm waiting for my SAT Subjects results and sometimes I can't sleep because I start thinking about all the questions I answered wrong and I end up crying. Or I've just started my summer holiday, I gave myself a few weeks off until I start writing IAs but I can't relax. Or I cried after receiving results of one of my mocks or when I couldn't understand how to do a lab report. Or I slept for nearly 13 hours after both SAT I and SAT II, and I think it was caused by a good deal of stress. You may regard me as a hysteric, I am aware of it. But I never cry at school. I always do it alone. Usually, I'm a friendly, sociable person but there are moments when I can't help but thinking how many things are waiting for me; SAT second attempt, applying to unis, May session. Sometimes I feel that I won't make it to May, that I will not stand the next year of stress and fear and taking into consideration how terrible the final year seems to be, I fear the worst. I just don't want to disappoint my family, who invested a good deal of money in my education, who supports me and hopes for the best. I'm not giving up, I also hope for the best but I keep thinking that I've developed some kind of obsession and I've got no idea how to break free. Am I the only one who goes mad because of IB? Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  7. Guys, I am currently going for my 2nd Year in the IB. Since I would like to study abroad, more specifically in the UK, August/September are the months "destined" to start thinking on college and courses. I am going to be honest: my dream was to become a writer. I have a few forgotten sketches in my room, and I guess I do have an imaginative and sensitive flair for that. I imagine myself waking up every morning with a happy smile knowing that I would spend the rest of the day with the placidity that writing gives me, I mean the fact that I am dwelling in another world, a more unpredictable one designed with the immense figures of speech that I like to use as a means to make art. There is no course for writers, for the one which would be more adequate and that I would particularly enjoy is creative writing. The employability is scarce as if I wanna be a writer, I am not seeking for a (let's say) company to work at, for example. The only thing is working for a publishing or being a book revisor. These would be virtually the only jobs that could finance my books. Furthermore, I thought about doing Law. My "second-dream" is to be a defense attorney, go to the court and fight for the ones that do not have as many contacts or financial means to stand up for themselves. Despite the fact that you never know whether your client is innocent or not, everybody has the right to a fair, impartial trial, and that's what I would like to fight for. When frightened or winced with a reputable opponent, people may rush into something (led by fear or impotence); that is very common in negotiations. Hence, I would like to eradicate that, by offering them a firm and responsible hand that would contour the external factors to justice, such as reputation, lobby, fame, money, etc. I am also a very argumentative person, and I can easily find fallacies and means to refute an apparently valid and reasoned argument. So, I confess I am having doubts on this. I don't know if it is possible to take a certain course but simultaneously attend subjects from another course. For example, taking Law but attending some subjects of the course of creative writing. This would be good, but I don't know if this is doable. Some argue that most writers are good and cult and imaginative due to their careers in Law; some advise me to take a Literature Course, but at the same time if I go to London I will not be writing in my native language, which would certainly disadvantage me within native speakers. Law could give me a stable and financially good life, on the other hand... Can you help me out? Would it be better to simply choose one, the one that makes me happier or should I reconcile these two? Feel free to express yourselves. Cheers, Richard
  8. I am about to enroll the IB DP programme by the end of summer. I am a little concerned about my subject combination for being too rigorous. I am up for a challenge, yet a bearable one. In the future, I would like to study at uni in the US. However, I am not sure in what area I may want to study in. But I'm leaning towards Economics/Finance and/or environmental sciences. (Hence why I have both Econ and Bio at HL). Overall, I was wondering if you could share any thoughts on what you think about my subject combination. Is it reasonable considering my future plans? Also, as English is my second language, would you suggest me to do B or A2 at HL. Note that I will be having Swedish A2 SL as well. But please leave some thoughts based on experience regarding English B and A2 at HL. I am not that much into literature, to be honest I hardly ever read. But with the right mindset I could still be willing to learn the "literature" part, I just don't want to struggle too much with it since English (language-wise) has otherwise (so far) been a strong subject of mine. Could it in general make it easier to have 2 subjects in A2, since the structure may be similar, or is it easier to just have one A2 and the other one as B HL as the workload perhaps becomes less (?). Subject combination: English B / A2 HL Economics HL Biology HL Math SL Swedish A2 SL Physics SL Also, what topic did you write your EE on? Simply curious as I have no idea what EE's are all about. Oh and btw, is it possible to write your EE on a combination of two subjects? Thanks a lot!!
  9. Hi, I would love to help IB students around the world by making a website they really need. I would do this as part of my CAS project.
  10. I don't know how many of you would know about John Titor, but this guy claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 and appeared in 2000. These days I am watching steins gate (an anime) and through this I learned about Titor. Well, I would like to know anything interesting that anyone knows about him and how many of you actually believe that he is not faking it? [if you just came across this topic and do not know anything about Titor I suggest you read about him on the net, 'cause it is interesting!]
  11. Hi Guys As you probably know, being an IB student, taking hard IB subjects (like literature, Hl math, physics or sciences) means quote heavy sleep deprivation and sleeping really little on a daily basis, even on weekends. I've gone many long nights doing work and I would stay up all night doing work if I could and weren't so tired during the day. All the lack of sleep made me think: Should we eliminate sleep in the future? I mean about 1/3 of all our life is devoted to sleep (8 hours a day average), so if scientists focus on a way so that we don't have to sleep any longer and don't have any negative consequences, it would be the equivalent of living about 30 years longer. Imagine how much more things you could do. Or even just reducing the amount of time the body needs for sleep? Should we try to eliminate sleep? What are your ideas on this? Thank you for your responses! -ncarmont
  12. Hi, everyone I recently found out that i do like GEOGRAPHY a lot ! especially, human geography, global warming, international issues and sustainable thingy (not the mountains, maps &rivers...) I also like to learn geography in class, enjoying to find a bunch of information on internet just to write the essay response homework. (interesting stuffss ) But the problem is i dont know anything about the course that applies to it i went to some universities' websites, but i still got no clue ( So.. pls give me your advices about what is the right course i should take at the right university !! ps. i almost got a 7 in my geography hl mock. teehee Thank you so much in advance ))
  13. I'm interested in studying Computer Science, or something to do with computers. (Like coding sites or designing software etc...) The only problem is that I have Math Studies. When I was in my old school, I never really put effort into school because I went though a tough period in my life, and wasn't motivated to study at all. As a result, my grades dropped, and I didn't understand much of the maths at the end of last year. (I had the higher math of two levels). I never thought about what I was going to study in the future, and didn't look into any universities. When I moved to this country, and before I started school, I had to choose the subjects that I'm studying now. I didn't really think much about my future when I chose, and as a result just chose the subjects that I found most interesting without really thinking (and having close to no knowledge) about what universities needed me to study. I've started the new school and I'm in a better place in my life and I'm happier. I feel I put more effort into school and study hard. I've also started looking into universities and career paths seriously. It turns out that most universities that I'm interested in require Maths SL or HL for the courses that I checked. (I looked at computer science related courses.) I'm really worried that I'm not going to be accepted into an university because I don't exactly have the most fancy scientific and mathematical subjects. The classes that I have are: (I have 4 HL at the moment, but I'm going to switch one later, though I don't know which one yet) Computer Science HL English A HL Psychology HL Film HL Math Studies SL Norwegian Self Taught SL
  14. I'm in Grade 11, and have currently started my first year of the IB diploma. When I chose the classes that I'd study, I was not (and still am not) sure about what I want to study when I'm older. I chose the subjects that seemed most interesting to me, and the ones that I knew I would enjoy learning the most. My classes: (I have 4 higher levels because I'm going to switch the one I find most difficult to standard) Computer Science HL English A HL Film HL Psychology HL Math Studies Norwegian Self Taught I'm worried that I'm not going to get into a good college because of the classes I chose. As you can see I don't have any science subjects except for Computer Science, so it would be almost impossible for me to get into a medical school if i suddenly decided to become a doctor in two years. The reason I chose to do Math Studies is because I'm not exactly good at math, and I think I'd be able to get the best grades with that level. I also don't want people to think I'm an idiot because I didn't choose the Standard Level mathematics course. I'm really worried I won't get into a good school because of my chosen subjects, but at the same time I know I'll be able to get good grades with the classes that I have chosen. I'd appreciate it a ton if you gave me some advice, or told me how you think this could work out.. - Eli
  15. So I'm a IB junior. After serious and prolonged thinking, I have decided to do PPE (phil, econ, pol.sci) at undergrad (possibly along with an astrophysics minor) and then pursue a joint law and business degree. Is this doable and rewarding? I need help urgently! Thanks in Advance!
  16. Guest

    Will I Be Ok? :(

    Hi I'm about to take the IB Diploma Program and I'm so nervous! I don't know everything about the program, and I don't know exactly how to nail it. I just know that I'm hardworking and eager to learn, but I don't think that is enough. The last school I went to has Vietnamese as the majority of the school and I didn't even fit it despite the fact that I'm a Vietnamese myself! The new school I'm going to are full of foreigners from all over the world. Not only so, I just recovered from severe depression, OCD and psychosis from two years of battling against them. What if the IB stress is gonna pull me down again and take me back to square one? I don't know what to do... Will I make it through with success?
  17. As said in the Title i am starting the IB diploma next year, i am quite excited for beginning the IB DP but on the other hand I am quite scared .( More excited than scared though lol ) . For the past years I have been a average C-B grade student within every course expect italian which , for many years , I have had a D Grade. I have recently had a meeting with my IB co-ordinator and i have chosen my courses which are the ones listed below: Philosophy HL Economics HL English Language and Literature A HL Biology SL Italian A SL Mathematical studies I was kind of forced by my father to take italian A standard level since i am italian ect... I think i will aim for something like law or economy ..I don't know. Anyways i would like to ask you if you have any advices or tips for these individuals courses i have chosen, some tips on the IB in general, how hard are these courses i have decided to take ect ect. I am really keen to give my best in the IB DP and so i would like some advices from you guys. Thanks in advance please answer
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