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Found 10 results

  1. My School is so f**ked up that form half term of grade 11 it changed the board to IB from a really easy one, so the transaction wasn't smooth and I had to pick some rough subjects as HL: Maths, Computer science, B&M SL; English,Second language(Hindi),Physics So now I am worried for my PG and I don't think so that I will get more than 30 points so can anyone suggest some Canadian universities which accept less than 30 pointers. THANK YOU ADVANCE
  2. spidermanfan244244

    Math HL in Game Design

    Hey there, I have a question regarding Math HL. I want to do game design in college, but I find Math HL to be too tough. I'm considering switching to Math SL. Would this in any way put me to a disadvantage? I prefer getting a 6 or 7 in Math SL, to getting a 3 or 4 in Math HL. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Flow4421

    Rhyming Game

    Each poster can post 1 Sentence. The sentence must rhyme with the sentence of the poster above you. A new Rhyme must be made at each sentence! I'll start: IB exams are in May.
  4. Everybody knows the One-Word Story game, where each person says one word to make a story. But what if we tried doing it backwards, where we start at the end of the story and then go to the beginning? Let's see how it works out... this should be fun. The beginning (or end, if you will) word is: TREE
  5. Can fps (first person shooter) games be confirmed as CAS or not? Someone said that only your teacher decides what can count as CAS. If my teacher allows can I use games as CAS?
  6. Zaknafein

    Looking for a game designer

    Hello everyone! I have a project about developing a 3D game but I only can do programming part of it. So I need to work with a designer which can use a program like Maya to design objects and also Unreal Engine 4. Designer should be able to make explosions, objects, materials (F.I. wood), humans ( with different clothes and faces), damaged objects ( like a damaged building maybe) and also animations like walking, jumping, exploding objects, death and damage animations. Knowing basics about blueprint system in Unreal Engine 4 will also be beneficial, knowing game functions are not that important but designing functions of an object is important (like materials). When will we start? Probably like mid July-August. This project may take more than 3-4 months. Why do I want so much stuff? As I said we still have time to start working and thtas why I'm writing it now. You will have time to practice and learn more about what you dont know. If you are interested please contact me via message for details. I can tell much more about this project if you PM me. Thank you.
  7. Flow4421

    Lie to me

    Alright, let me explain how to play this game. The previous poster will post three things about him/her, and the next poster has to guess which one is the lie. ( only one of the three has to be a lie) Let me start -I'm a surfer -I think IB is a waste of time -I love reggae
  8. spidermanfan244

    Making a video game

    Hey guys, I was just pondering over what activity I could do for my cas, and I stumbled upon a thought (I hope this hasn't been discussed already ). Can I MAKE a video game for cas? At first I told myself there was no way, but when I thought about it, it actually occurred to me that it might just work. Creativity would be writing the script and making and designing characters, I cant think of an action example, and service could be donating some, if not all, of the proceedings to charity. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  9. Hello Guys, this is my first post here. It's a very nice community to have. I need help on my EE specific topic from the general topic of the side effects of gaming. My first research question, which was destined to be rejected the first moment I decided, was: To what extent are the researches about violence caused by gaming true? The teacher said that I can use "To what extent does gaming cause violence" To which I modified it to, "To what extent do violent video games cause violence" And then, again the teacher said: that I need to rephrase it to a better question. But then, she sent me links showing the "GOOD" side of gaming, about how it can save the world, and stuff, I don't know maybe it's because she was also a heavy gamer when she was in college. So here I am stuck thinking about how to make it happen. I'm thinking about: "Discuss the effects of gaming whether bad or good" Please help me out in the right direction
  10. Hi, I'm doing my Extended Essay in math, and I've been considering a lot of different possible topics. Right now, I'm thinking about showing different real life situations where the Prisoner's dilemma is present (politics, economics and such), what the dominant strategies are and where we find the Nash Equilibriums. I've been writing a bit, and so far I haven't really been doing math, just writing. Is this a problem? Is this topic not suitable for Math as it seems to also be very relevant to psychology, politics and econnomics?

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