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Found 79 results

  1. Hi everyone, Our teacher is asking us to finalize our IA topic and I decided to do something in tourism (in Singapore). So is this topic okay: "How does the number of tourists affect the number of local people in Orchard Road, Singapore?" Is this topic okay? Or too broad? I wanted to do something in tourism, so I was also thinking of a few other topics such as "How does public transport affect the number of tourists in X area"
  2. HL: Physics, Literature, Global Politics SL: Math, French Abinitio, (either Geo or History) idk whether i should do history or geo, i have no idea what i want to do in the future. Naturally i prefer History over Geo. If i take Geo im guaranteed a 6-7 in my school. but if i take History im guaranteed a 4-6. which should i take?
  3. My Global Politics Teacher is fairly new at teaching the subject, and he has a tendency to teach us about a lot of history, as well as geography (as that's what he's used to). I understand that it's important to connect the other social sciences to understand GP, but he literally spends half of our time in class holding lectures about e.g the Peace of Westphalia and enlightenment thinkers, as well as giving us Seterra quizzes on all the countries of the world. We rarely discuss the content in the IB textbook. Is this okay or should I try and bring it up with a teacher?
  4. I thought of the topic, "How easy is it for tourists to navigate through x city." Is this topic suitable? I wanted to do something related to public transport, but my teacher said that it is way too general. For the topic above, I could look at factors such as how many bus stops there are, train stations, taxi (and pricing), street signs, etc. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I'm considering taking geography SL or HL in the IB. However, when I was researching the subject I noticed that in the syllabus there's quite a lot of stuff on gender equality. I found a link to a book called "Planet Geography Second Edition Equity" from the page "Populations in Transition" (from that is one of the compulsory topics under the heading "textbook resources" that addressed the issue of gender and change. I looked a bit deeper into it and found that there was a lot of material on "feminist geography" especially on the pages 100-105. Since this was directly linked on I reckon this is something we will cover during the courses. Is geography in the IB looked through the lens of leftist values and social justice? I agree that women have less rights in many countries and we should cover that when talking about basic human rights but what I don't agree with is politically biased syllabuses. Does IB geography actually have a political agenda? I really hope I've misunderstood something.
  6. Hi guys! I would love to know what you think about my IB subject choices. I started the IB programme one month ago, so I still have same time to change my mind. Right now I am studying: English A, French B, Mathematics & Geography - HL Polish A, Biology - SL Could you please tell what you think about this set? What courses could I take at the university level? Personally I have thought about economics, finances, law or something connected with french language. I will be extremely grateful for your help Have a nice day! xxx
  7. Hello, Is it possible to switch HL subjects during the first semester of the second year (IB2)? Right now I'm currently doing Bio at HL and I want to drop it and do geography instead. I realized I don't need biology for the program I'm plan on doing at Uni and geography would aid me. I'm flunking Bio so bad, I don't understand it and no matter how hard I try I still get low marks. I know it would have been better for me to switch during the first semester of IB1 but I honestly thought I could make it in bio but it's not going well. I have a good background in geography, and I don't mind meeting the teacher outside of school hours to work. If I continue with bio I'm probably just going to fail the diploma. See the thing is I didn't understand the concepts of bio and I had no experience in it and my school let me do it at HL, I had no guidance on choosing my subjects. If i'm not allowed to switch I might just end up dropping the diploma then.
  8. Hey I live in the Netherlands started DP1 this week and I was wondering if any European students that were also doing the IB wanted to create a study group. It would be cool if we took similar subjects so that we could help each other out, and I think it doesn't matter really were in Europe as the time is either the same or 1 or 2 hours difference Anyway if anyone is interested hmu. My IB classes are the following: Chemistry HL Biology HL English A Lit HL Geography SL Spanish SL Math SL
  9. Heeeyy I just started my first week of DP 1, two days ago and I'm already doubting myself and I'm mentally stressed even though we haven't even done that much. Everything's just been a bit overwhelming. I have chosen the following HLs: Chem, Bio and English A Lit and SLs: Spanish, Math and Geography. I think what's giving me anxiety is Chemistry HL or just the idea of taking 2 sciences as HL. People are constantly telling me: "you're committing suicide" "You won't be able to get anything higher than a 5" "it's going to bring down your average". I think these comments are getting to my head, especially because my chemistry teacher is not the best teacher, so i'm also stressed that that will bring me down. I'm just hoping for a couple tips to help me get through the first term of DP1 Thank you
  10. Hi, so today i picked my IB subjecs. I chose English Language & Literature HL, French SL,Geo SL, Physics HL,Math HL, and Music SL. However i was relatively weary about this choice, since i have never really been great at English or liked it very much; i dont know how i managed to get an A in both language and literature at GCSE. On the other hand, Geography is a subject i love and find fascinating, however only got a B at GCSE (i was predicted an A* throughout the year). So my question is - should i move my English down to SL and Geo up to HL? How much more difficult is HL Lang Lit vs SL, and the same goes for Geography
  11. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering what geographic diagrams you would include in an essay question as I never really find the need draw any. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello all! I am currently in the summer between the first year of IB and the second. Over the first year I came up with the title of: How has the globalization of food in Thailand affected the health of the population in terms of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes? I am interested in studying medicine in university in the future and decided to do a medicine related EE in geography as there are no experiments required (unlike the group 4 sciences) and it provides a different aspect of medicine, and I decided to focus it in Thailand as I live here and know the culture. I am interested in nutrition and the health field and think that this subject suits me well. Over the holiday I did a survey of 100 people asking them about their diet and whether or not they have any non communicable diseases to find a correlation to strengthen the conclusion made from analyzing statistics found online. This was all well and good until my brother (who graduated IB) said that what I am doing is obvious in the sense that of course people eating worse in Thailand means their health is impacted and that he thinks it is not very original and will be difficult to find more information about. I already have the survey data and changing my topic completely as per the suggestion of my brother would mean starting over. I think the best option would be to refine my research question to something more original and that I am able to find statistics on and that is why I'm writing here. I would appreciate some feedback about how I can progress, if you have any ideas about how I can alter my approach or if I should change my topic completely to something else.
  13. Hey! I am currently working on my world studies extended essay concerning economics and geography. My RQ is “To what extent are retirement homes accessible to seniors in British Columbia, but more specifically, Langley, BC?” I'm currently trying to find economic and geographical theories and concepts that I can use. Currently, I have economies of scale and fiscal policy (is this even an "Economic theory"?) Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Also, I am looking for an online service that edits papers like this? anyone have any prior experience or suggestions on a service to use? Thanks in advance!
  14. I am planning for this to be a spread where people can post some links on the updates on the positive AND negative impacts of Trump's decision of pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. I believe that most of the information in this thread will eventually be really useful especially for economics, geography and ESS students so... You're welcome... We can also talk about the claims and counter-claims by Trump and whoever is against Trump... All-in-all I am going to keep on regulating this thread in case I find anything interesting. You guys can post whatever you guys think about it... right now... Thoughts... or maybe ideas on how to help us "stop" or "slow down" climate change.
  15. Hey, so I'm doing my EE in geo, and I have three questions, but I need some help. I'm not sure which one to do, or how to make them better. These are them: 1. To what extent does the water quality of the Ottawa River improve between a stretch of 10km? 2. What effect does ecotourism have on the economy of Costa Rice (My supervisor said it should be local, but I recently was there, so could that count? If not, I would turn this into my hometown) 3. To what extent have the local aboriginal tribes been affected by the tourism industry? Any comments would be appreciated!!
  16. Hi Everyone I just wanted to clarify whether the IB is fine with using the terms MEDC and LEDC, when referring to general trends or stating the patterns seen on a map, because I thought I read somewhere that they did not like people using them?? If so, what is their preferred term? Bit of a random question but just thought I'd check! Thanks in advance
  17. Hello everyone I am trying to start my revision for geography hl for may 2017 exam. But I don't know what notes to use. (I didn't really take notes during classes) I have the Geography Study guide by Garrett Nagel. So here's my question: 1- would learning the study guide by heart be enough for preparing the exam? 2- how should I study the case studies? Also does anyone have list of case studies for geo hl? BECAUSE I KNOW CASE STUDIES ARE SUPER IMPORTANT BUT I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONES TO USE FOR WHICH TOPICS T.T Any help would be really appreciated!!! Those who are preparing for the may exam or who have done the IB, PLEASE give me some tips!!!
  18. Hey guys, I am a geography HL student in my first year of IB, does anyone have tips in getting a 7 in paper 3? Thanks, NS
  19. Hi, I am picking my IB subjects in less than 2 weeks and I am at a dilemma. I want to pursue an engineering degree and I am set on taking physics and chem HL. The problem however is I don't know what my 3rd hl will be. I am stuck between geography and english. Which one is harder and which one would be more useful for an engineering degree?
  20. Hi guys, So I'm starting to stress a little since I have to finish my EE proposal by tuesday and I'm yet unsure what topic/subject I should do it in. I know I'll be doing it in one of my HL subjects so therefore either English, Geography or Theatre however I haven't been able to decide which yet. Although we're often told to focus it on an area related to what we want to do in uni, I will be studying in spain where they don't take the topic of EE into consideration and therefore all that is valued is the points. Are there any subjects of those three that are perhaps easier to score higher in? Since I have recently been to an MUN conference abroad, I had to debate about topics of global importance and one of the issues in my comittee was "eradicating the practice of child marriage", I became highly intrigued by the issue of child marriage in different regions and thought that I could maybe orientate this towards geographical patterns and base my EE around this topic, however right now this is obviously extremely vague. Any suggestions on how I could link this topic more to geography in order to be able to use it for my extended essay? Thanks in advance, I'd be more than happy to take any advice or suggestions. Ellen xx
  21. Hello, I'm not sure how many people will know this because I'm not sure how many school offer Geography as an IB subject but does anyone know if I take IB1 Geography in grade 10 and IB2 in grade 12 will I be able to do it as HL?? I know if I did it in grade 10 and 11 I would only be able to do it SL.. Thanks
  22. Hi, I am a current D1 student, and it is the middle of the year. I have defiantly decided to do law in the future. Do you think I should switch from Geography HL to History HL or it is too late? My subjects now are Geography HL Economics HL English B HL ESS SL (maybe i need to switch to Biology SL?) Maths SL
  23. T further we go north or south (increase in absolute latitude), the temperature drops right. They say this is because the sunlight falls at a greater slant as you go towards poles. So does that mean that the temperature is related to the latitude or the slope (derivative) of that latitude point?
  24. Do you think that I can get to Law with these subjects? I don't have History HL, it sucks. I won't change Geo to History because it is too late, but do you think I need to change ESS to Biology SL? Geography HL Economics HL English B HL ESS SL Maths SL Russian A SL