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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone, I was planning on going to Uni in Germany, and in order to do that, IB students have to go to a "Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle" to get their Diploma accepted. My own diploma is not getting accepted because I took an online course (economics SL), and my sister's diploma is not getting accepted because she is taking self-taught German A, as they don't offer German A at our school. This is frustrating, and T just want to make everyone aware that you cannot study in Germany if you take a self-taught course or an online course
  2. Hi there! I'm doing now IB certificate in Vienna, Austria. I went to Vienna University to ask about the application by the IB Certificate but they rejected me saying that an IB certificate is not considered as school leaving certificate, and therefore I have no idea what to do next. Do anyone of you have information about universities that accept IB certificate around Austria and Germany? Thank you all.
  3. 4 downloads

    Grade 6: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  4. Why was Germany Unified under Prussian leadership rather than Austrian Grade: 6 View File Grade 6: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Submitter echokilocharlie95 Submitted 06/24/2016 Category Sample essays  
  5. 0 downloads

  6. analyzeHM.docx View File analyzeHM.docx Submitter Amina Huseynli Submitted 04/17/2016 Category World Wars
  7. I am just wondering If anyone knows whether german universities accept an IB diploma with ITGS as a subject. I meet all the requirements described by the kmk,except for the one regarding the humanities as it does not include ITGS anywhere. Will this be a problem? Requirements:
  8. My research question (until now) is: What are the reasons why traditional churches loose their young members in the last X years, while independent churches gain those in Germany? (The "X" will be substituted with a specific figure as soon as the ordered book containing statistics has been delivered to my place - our post is on the strike right now ) Can you help me with: - Is the question good for an EE? I'm a bit afraid, it contains two (completely) different topics.. Or may it be interesting to analyse the relationship between those and if there even is any? - I already did a survey with around 40 teenagers who are regularly visiting services of independent churches. The main question was: "What are the differences between traditional and independent churches for you and why do you prefer the second one?" How can I now include the results of this survey and do you think it's a good idea in general? (That's especially a question to someone who has World Religions as a subject, because I don't ) - How can I make it not too subjective? It might be a difficult research topic.. Most important: - After I've explained all the reasons why independent churches are more attractive, I'd like to disprove my hypothesis saying that there are also many advantages at traditional churches which young people appreciate (I'd have short interviews for that). But I don't know if I can do that, because the question is not actually asking this.. Can I still somehow incorporate it or how can I change my research question in this direction? I'm really stuck on this Thanks for all help!
  9. According to my research Germany is a good destination for studying engineering and physics. I am interested in studying physics, therefore I would like to ask people about all the language requirements and application procedure.
  10. Hi all, I tried to look for info and I even asked the university myself but they said that I cannot join their courses because I have Business in my IB subjects list which isn't considered as a human science. What they needed was either History or Economics. Is there anyone who got into Germany University without having 1 or 2 of their requirements relating to the subjects requirement in Germany? E.g. Maths study? If so I need some help and assistance. Plus I dont want to waste 1 year learning pre-uni in Germany! what to do?
  11. Hey! I'm supposed to be starting my extended essay soon (I'm in my first year of the IB diploma), and I want to somehow compare Stalin and Hitler. I want to see (maybe) how their abusive fathers impacted their ruling styles? But I'm struggling to come up with a good essay title! If you have a suggestion for an EE question, please let me know!!! Also if you have any other suggestions about this topic, (german/russian history)- it doesn't have to be about their abusive fathers, please let me know down below!! Thank you
  12. Hi! I'm writing my extended essay in History and I'm kind of struggling to find good sources, so I was hoping that someone here knows some tips... My research question is “To what extent was sports and athletes an essential part of the DDR propaganda machinery against the West?†so basically my question is; Does anyone know any good historians writing about the East German foreign policy? Thank you in advance /Cara
  13. This topic shall be an area for discussion, HI help, and propaganda discussion. Feel free to leave any questions and answers. We are okay with anyone posting anything in here, pertaining to WWI that is... -The Lusitania
  14. 17 downloads

    Notes on the Ruhr Crisis.
  15. 6 downloads

    HItlers Rise To Power
  16. 5 downloads

    Germany 1918-1939
  17. 25 downloads

    So this a document for History students who studies history, this is about Hitler's Nazi germany, so please enjoy this file and hope it can help you all in achieving a good grade in history:)
  18. 58 downloads

    This is my notes for the topic 'Rise of Single-party states' (Hitler's Nazi Germany, & Mao's China), taken during my IB years. Hope it is useful for people who take history!
  19. 63 downloads

    There are my notes from our Modern Word History class on Hitler as a single party state leader and on Germany under him.
  20. 22 downloads

    Weimar and Nazi Germany Notes Goes up to 1939
  21. 7 downloads

    file is in german. updated 2009.
  22. 37 downloads

    This file is a creative writing essay. Quoting my teacher, this was an excellent example of narrative writing (in fact they'll include it in their textbooks 0.o). The topic was to explore and describe cultural stereotypes and the setting was the streets of London. Because of that, there are certain stereotypes in the story one might consider as offensive. However, it is all done in good humor and I have no intention of insulting anyone. I don't even consider those stereotypes as true, I only wanted to have fun with them. The topic itself required the use of a stereotype as it'd be 'easier' to present cultural differences.
  23. 25 downloads

    A collection of Details, Dates, Quotes and Historiography on the rule of Hitler (1933-1945). Inclusion of these in your essays is vital for getting a 6 or 7.
  24. 46 downloads

    A collection of Details, Quotes, Historiography and Dates on the Rise of Hitler. This sort of evidence is vital for a 7 in a history essay.