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Found 7 results

  1. So I'm doing my bio ia on the effect of different concentrations of sulfuric acid on seed germination. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I only have data for the control test (spraying with distilled water), and very few seeds germinated for any of the other concentrations (0.2M, 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 5M). These few seeds that have germinated won't really have any effect when I do the means for the 5 trials of each. Is it ok if I have very little variation in my data? It would be like an average of 14 out of 20 seeds for the control test and then less than 1 for every other increment. Does this reflect badly on me in any of the criteria? Or should I try and 'manipulate' my results? I realistically don't have much longer to do the experiment as I'm running out of supplies and school is closed for the break, and my teacher wants the other half of this ia done as soon as possible. Is it worth faking my results or should I just be honest?
  2. I'm doing my EE in Biology. My Research Question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 10˚, 4˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". I'm growing seeds under different temperatures in growth chambers. I was wondering: what number of seeds to germinate for each temperature range would be significant for my data? Even though I have 35+ sources; none of them state the amount of seeds which they germinated (total or for each temperature range), rather, they simply conducted calculations with the mysterious total percentage of the seeds which germinated, which leads me to think that the total amount of seeds needed aren't significant and rather it's how many of those germinated, but then again, conducting a germination test with 2 seeds doesn't sound so good in practical terms. So what do you think? What number of seeds would be safe to use? My supervisor suggested I used 50. How overkill is that?
  3. hey everyone. I´m almost done with my bio IA. It´s about the effect of coffee on the germination rate of bean seeds. I feel that it was a pretty simple experiment. I had 5 different containers. 10 seeds in each one, with different concentrations of coffee (I watered them with it), with one control group. The dependant variable was the days it took the seeds to germinate. The problem tthat I have is that I don´t know which statistical test I should use for the analysis. I did the ANOVA test but the result seemed...off. I don´t know if that was because ANOVA is not the right tool to use for this experiment. But I don´t really know of any other test that I can use for a germination experiment so any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. i have a topic for my Bio IA which is, the effect of sugar on seed germination. I don't know what seeds i'll be using yet, but i will place them in a container surrounded by cotton buds and will add water every day, with plain water as the constant. I not entirely sure what concentration levels of sugar to use or how to calculate molars. I'm not sure what the results would be. How many seed have germinated? the growth of the seeds? and how it could become meaningful data, e.g. tables, graphs. if anyone has done an IA or prac similar to this or has some knowledge, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Chris Collins.
  5. I uploaded the table as Workbook3.xlsx. Feel free to go through it. My research question is how pH affects the time taken for the seeds to germinate. I assigned 3 petri dishes for each pH value, each petri dish consist of 10 seeds, which is 30 in total. So all the numbers listed above are the number of seeds germinated, out of 30. My teacher told us it's not possible to measure the length of the plumule, so i'm using days in reference to my data. According to the guideline, i have to process in "some way", e.g. Mean, %, Transforming time to rate, Standard Deviation, T-test, % error, %Difference between observed and expected results. But my table does not translate to any of them. I tried mean before, but i failed since not all seeds will germinate for instance for pH 2, only 8 Seeds germinated. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much. P.s. I screwed up my data + i have a very very bad table. Sorry in advance if i hurt your eyes in any way Workbook3.xlsx
  6. I have to do a IA on the germination of seeds. I have my independent variable which is salinity. I am looking at it effect on the time it takes for a seed to germinate. I have a few questions, What is a good range of concentrations? How much of the concentration should I add? What is the best way to get my concentration? Should I add the concentration to the soil and add the salinity of the soil on top, or change the salinity of the soil to a fixed point? E.g. add 1% to soil or make the soil have 1% salinity.All help would be great! Thanks!
  7. Hey I have a bit of a dilemma: My ee in Biology deals with the effects of electricity on the germination of seeds. I know ee should have a fair amount of research and info from different sources, but I dunno what research I could have to this since the main focus in my essay will be my own lab portion. All I've got so far is mentioning several similar experiments but these I found on google and i'm not sure of their validity. Any ideas on what other research I could do? Thanks in advance!

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