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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a Math IA due on Sunday December 15, which is about 9 days from now. I want to do my topic on the golden ratio because firstly, I'm genuinely interested in it, and secondly, it's extremely risky to change topics at such a late stage. I know some of you will scold me for procrastinating on it but believe me I've legitimately been working on it. However, I'm having trouble finding an original idea based on the golden ratio. I did an introduction where I introduced it and such but I'm having trouble with how to proceed. I know it's supposed to be an exploration on a real-life thing because I looked at past IAs; even my teacher said that my topic is good but I have to find a way to make it unique since it's pretty redundant. Once I knew that, I tried looking online for IAs based on the golden ratio but to no avail. So now I'm appealing to anybody for ideas because I want to involve quite a bit of maths based on the syllabus AND I'm trying to make mine stand out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I am trying to get my math IA done this summer but am having a hard time choosing a topic that I like. I am really interested in film and cinematography and would like to incorporate it in my math IA but have found nothing on math ia topics that involved film from past math IA topics. I decided that I would come up with my own math IA exploration that has not been done before. My topic/question is "Does movies/films that use the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio make high profits compared to movies that don't?" Is this a good idea for a math IA topic? Could I make it better? Are there any other math IA topics that involve film or cinematography? Is there other ways I can involve film and cinematography in my IA like through geometry, conditional probability, etc.? What general topics make for a high marked IA? What makes for a good IA? Also these are my other topics for a math IA if film doesn't work out are: Modelling Infectious Diseases Medical Data Mining Finger Ratio Predicts Maths Ability? Modelling a Nuclear War Are these good topics that could get a high mark? Between 18/20 to 20/20? I am also interested in a topic in healthcare/medicine. Any topic ideas for that? All replies are appreciated, Thanks.
  3. Hey! Would an Exploration on the golden ratio, specifically "Exploring the Golden Ratio - Discovery, Calculations and Applications", be too general/vague? id be planning to discuss/show its discovery and the calculations involved, then display its applications in art and nature, proving or disproving that the ratio applies to several objects. also, would the maths used be too basic for SL maths? thank you!
  4. Hello! This is my first post here. So I am planning on doing an extended essay in mathematics. I was originally planning on researching the Fibonacci sequence, but I've gotten a bit less interested in that and more interested in the golden ratio(phi) which can be derived from that sequence. I believe this would fit under the idea of "the beauty of mathematics" as written in the IB extended essay handbook for math. I'm just having a little bit of trouble deciding exactly what I should focus on in my extended essay (and what would be to broad or too narrow). Right now my idea is to write it on how the golden ratio appears in geometry. The smaller points I have under this topic that that interest me are 1. Phi appearing and being calculated using simple geometric problems/situations with 2D or 3D shapes 2. Phi's inherent link to the number five and its appearances in pentagons, penrose tilings, quasicrystals, and other things related to five-fold symmetry 3. How the shapes and patterns associated with phi are beautiful in nature, like the ancient arabic five-fold tilings and the golden rectangle in ancient (greek) architecture I haven't done a TON of research yet, but this is what has stuck out to me so far. Is this too narrow or too broad of a topic? And does it fall under the guidelines for a math EE?
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