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Found 5 results

  1. Prabhjyot_S

    Grade 10 Science ~~ Biology Notes

    Grade 10 bio notes for beginners.
  2. Eren Koca

    Easiest to Hardest

    Hi, I am 10th grade student currently in American British Academy school Oman. I have somewhat picked my DP subjects already but I wanted to ask you guys which ones are the hardest and easiest. Also I don't have any experience and prior knowledge with Geo. Will prior knowledge be needed to take HL? Is it difficult without prior Knowledge? How will I mostly be assessed? ( Projects, Tests, Presentations, All?) HL Geo HL Econ or Buissness HL Physics SL Math SL Eng Lang Lit SL French TOK
  3. So up until today I had no idea what I really wanted to do for my project. Here are the ideas I've come up with so far : The effect of child abuse on our society Some form of stop motion animation Serial killers Famous historical landmarks (then and now) Medias influence on teens The different effects of different drugs A day in the life of a schizophrenic Contrast between the eastern and western worlds Teenage insecurity Psychology of color Different types of tears Inside the mind of a psychopath/socipath Create 3D objects (even though I suck at art, designing and technology) Social protest (How I Should Look < How I choose to look) -Roles of Women: impact and underestimation (do females have the ability to make a change on national level?) A model of an eco friendly house design or eco friendly interior design Using Google SketchUp to create a virtual model Effect of some inventions on society (maybe the invention of the heliocentric model) Current political/social issues (maybe the Syrian refugee crisis) Past political/social issues (probably something related to Nazis and World War 2) Different beauty standards around the world The effects of cancer (mentally, socially, physically, and emotionally) Feel free to give me constructive critism, which idea you think I should do, which ideas I should scrap, and any interesting ways I can showcase any of the ideas!! I'm mainly interested in projects that are related to psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, war, and social issues. IM OPEN TO ANY NEW IDEAS ASWELL! I'm just confused as how to showcase or make my final product interesting for most of these projects. I feel like the only thing I could do with most of them is write essays lol Anyways thank you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This is my Personal Project Final Report. I have not been told my grade yet. However, this may be an exemplar for those who need inspiration. P.S. I finished my Personal Project in 3 months. I began MYP in Year 10 and was told to achieve my goal in 3 months. I started in August 2012 and achieved my goal in October 2012. The Final Exhibition was in February 2013 and the Reports were due in January 2013.
  5. This is my first Electronic Developmental Yearbook for Visual Arts at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa. It has been moderated by the teachers in the school. I was graded a 7. The Investigation could have been more extensive in terms of research as I could have looked at a variety of cultures. That is what my Art teacher recommended.

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