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Found 13 results

  1. NervyBore

    EE Grade Boundaries

    Hey. Now that the ib Extended Essay marking has changed from previously being out of 36 to now out of 34, what's the passing mark for the EE? And what are the grade boundaries for it?
  2. A.W.

    Math Conversions

    Hi! Okay so I know that each year IB releases the conversions for last year and for SL math (and most papers I think) and for the 2017 conversions they had conversions for paper 1, paper 2 and final. What conversions do they actual use to mark your paper? Do they determine your level using the Paper 1 and Paper 2 conversions or the final conversions?
  3. Ditteee

    History HL and SL difference

    Heyo So I'm taking my exams starting Monday. I talked to a friend today about History, and we were rather confused. I'm a HL student, she's a SL student. However, apart from HL studying more topics and having more lessons and the extra paper 3, we couldn't really find any differences in the levels when it comes to the criteria and grade breakdowns. Is this true? Because to me, it seems a bit odd that there is no difference in the assessment between the levels, as there is in all by other subjects.
  4. Hi, I understand that as of recent, the TOK essay and presentation are both out of a total of 10. If I get a 10 for my presentation, what mark would I need to achieve in the essay to be able to score an A for TOK? I tried looking around for the grade boundaries and was unable to find them for the new TOK marking criteria. All that I found was that the presentation was worth 33% of the total mark and the essay the remaining 67%, not what percentage was required to score an A. Thanks.
  5. chechito

    Biology IA grade boundaries

    Hey everyone! I just got back my Biology IA's, but I cant wrap my head around the grade boundaries (the points) and to what grade (level) they would equal to. Im in bio SL, and they're out of 18 points. Can someone please help? Lots of love!
  6. IBkid101

    Should I request a remark?

    Hi everyone, I am currently 2% away from getting a 6 in Biology SL. What are the chances I will be able to get a 6 if I request a remark? Is it worth it? Thanks
  7. I have looked at all the other subject grade boundaries and i have found that all language B subjects have higher grade boundaries then other groups and i was wondering why this is? Because i do German and it is the subject i perform worst in but if my mark was in any other subject then i would be getting a 6 but i German I'm getting a 5. for example IB May 2013 exams the german grade boundaries for SL is; 1: 0 - 13% 2: 14 - 27% 3: 28 - 42% 4: 43 - 56% 5: 57 - 70% 6: 71 - 85% 7: 86%+ whilst the grade boundaries for something like chemistry SL is 1: 0 - 13% 2: 14 - 25% 3: 26 - 37% 4: 38 - 49% 5: 50 - 61% 6: 62 - 73% 7: 74%+ Source http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2405454
  8. Hey Guys, I'm doing Hindi B at SL and have my internal assessment about to happen in the next few weeks... I wanted to know what the grade boundaries are, if anyone knows (so preferably from 4-7) because I have absolutely no clue about it at all!! Plus, our teacher won't tell us. Thanks heaps!
  9. Hey Guys, out of interest, what were the grade boundaries for last years exam (May or Nov 2012)... It seems the subject report or grade boundaries were not published. Trying to get a feeling for what they might be this year. Thanks and good luck
  10. IB>mindf**k

    Grade boundaries May 2012

    Hello IB survivers I was wondering if anyone of you guys managed to get some overall grade boundaries from their coordinators, I managed to to get History SL route 2 peacemaking ones, so whoever has some grade boundaries for may 2012 examinations, please place them here for the general benefit and future reference (for IB students practicing past papers etc) History SL Route 2-Peacemaking Overall grade boundaries 1:0-10 2:11-23 3:24-32 4:33-43 5:44-54 6:55-65 7:66-100 Hope we manage to get the grade boundaries for all IB subjects ( or the most popular at least)
  11. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Maybe because French Ab is not "common"? Does anyone know or have the grade boundaries? Even if it's just a rough idea. Thanks
  12. utiii :D

    Maths SL Final Grade Expectations

    I've been reading around here for the past few days and the general opinion tends to be that this years Paper 1 was much easier compared to previous years whilst the Paper 2 was ridiculously difficult. A lot of people seem to be stressed/worried regarding their grade for this course, and i'm no different. With the amount of studying I did I was aiming for a 7. However, after completing Paper 2, I am now concerned regarding my chances of achieving a 6. I was wondering what people think the grade boundaries will be for this session? In my opinion, they should be lower than previous years considering the difficulty of the second paper. After estimating my marks, I expect to get 75/90 in paper 1, 52/90 in paper 2 (completely blanked out on this unfortunately, my confidence was drained around half way through the paper as I was struggling quite badly) along with a 25/40 in my IA's. Do you think this is enough to receive a 6? I don't tend to dwell on marks to much but considering I was getting 7's in tests throughout the course I am quite worried regarding my final mark for this particular subject
  13. Hi, I've been looking everywhere and I can't find the grade boundaries for Business and Management Standard Level, particularly the exam grade boundaries. I found the Higher Level ones but thought it was a bit weird that there were none for Standard Level business. If there's a reason for this then that would be helpful but I was wondering if anyone had any clue what they are? If not, does anyone know what a 32/50 is for B&M SL Paper 1? Thanks

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