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Found 13 results

  1. So for my group 4 project I need to do it on curling and more specifically the physics of curling. Does anyone have an EASY idea for me? Please?
  2. Hey guys, we are doing group four project and we need to collect some data so if you have some time please take this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BPYWB7X
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to use my experiment from the Group 4 project for my Biology IA? I'm not sure if the IB would like that though :/ Does anyone know if this is possible?
  4. Hi, I was browsing the syllabus for bio 2016, and saw "A reflective statement written by each student on their involvement in the group 4 project must be included on the coversheet for each internal assessment investigation. " So, what exactly is group 4 project? What we need to do for it? Do we need to hand any report about it to the IB? thanks for replying.
  5. Hey! My group 4 project is coming up in a week's time and my group and I cant think of anything for the science of kitchens. I thought about doing something about how the enzyme amylase breaks down food but i cant think of anything for the chemistry/physics aspects of the Group 4 Project. We also have the option of having our project be about the science of garbage/waste so if you can think about any ideas for this it would be appreciated too!
  6. I got the topic "role of science in soaps/detergents". What could be the physics aspect of it?
  7. Hello! I'm a newbie here and anyway, my IB school gave us the deadline to define our Group 4 Project topic by June 13th, 2014. In early September we will be going to Višnjan in Croatia to conduct our Group 4 Project experiments. Since there's red soil in Višnjan area, my Chemistry class decided to determine the percentage of Iron (Oxide) in the soil. The problem is, if we decide on this topic, the Biology kids will have a problem since they can't investigate chlorosis (it was a topic 2 years ago) and they'll be left without a topic. We don't really know what to choose as our Topic since Višnjan is a small place which is not that close to any water bodies. I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me Thanks in advance!
  8. My classmates and I are planning to write an official complaint to the IBO about our school after final exams. Thigs like not completing the full curriculum, doing works in Language A that are in the wrong category, not providing teachers with IB qualifications, and so on. But, one group didn't do the Group 4 Project, the teacher just gave them marks based on how much he likes the students. This is a huge thing and the teacher would definitely face consequences if the IBO found out, but what about the students? Would their diplomas be revoked or something? We really want this ****ty, ****ty school to face serious consequences, but we wouldn't want tp harm ourselves along the way.
  9. Hi guys...so today somebody told me we're doing the G4 project tomorrow .-. And my group totally changed their subject from the effect of illegal drugs to laser and other types of hair removal... I have a few questions: 1. How exactly is a Group 4 project done? (like a lab report?) 2. Are there any samples or examples Group 4 projects out there? (Can you post a link or a doc?) 3. Where is the physics in this? I supposed I could research on the laser something like wavelengths? I Googled and only found these two sites that somewhat explains the physics of laser hair removal but since i have no idea how to do the group 4 project (no one has ever explained to me how to actual do it at school) I'm completely lost in this! I'd appreciate your help (:
  10. How is the group 4 project graded? what percentage of your mark is it?
  11. So my group 4 project will be in about a month from now. My school has arranged it to be done at a campsite in the mountains. I've been assigned to a group of 3, 1 physics, 1 bio, 1 chem. I'm the physics student. My group has chosen to work the project around a type of flower called hydrangeas. If you want to know more about them, here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrangea So... Truthfully... Admidtedly... Actually... I'm confused of what to do. Hydrangeas grow wildly all over the campsite. Their colors are determined by the soil pH which will eventually change their pigmentation. So they're not that much affected by physical conditions. So i need to come out with a physics project that can be done in maximum of 2 days at the campsite which relates to the hydrangeas. I can't think of anything more than measuring the temperature and humidity of the surroundings. So could anyone give some suggestions... Thx b4
  12. So i'm a physics student. My school's IB department has organized a group 4 project site to be at a camping ground somewhere in the mountains. I've been assigned to a group, 1 Physics, 1 Biology and 1 Chemistry student. So this is kinda easy for the biology or the chemistry students, they could pick a type of plant and study the contents, chemically and biologically. While me, the physics student, i have no idea... So i'm looking for help here, could anyone please help with ideas. The campsite has nearby plantation facilities with varieties of plants such as strawberries, hydrangeas, etc. So it's now up to me (and other physics students) to decide a topic, and then the other members will follow whatever we decide. I've thought of measuring the temperatures the plants were raised at, but i'm afraid that was too simple(or not?), so could anyone help me with some ideas? Thank you very much if you could
  13. Okay this is something really stupid to talk about here, but yesterday was my group 4 project and i did something really awful which I regret. Well in the beginning,all my group 4 teachers thought that i was the only person in my group who cared and it was true but then yesterday my group started co operating and we were done with our work pretty early, and the teachers asked us to take pictures and i used my phone but someone kept texting me and i just told them to shut up but my teacher thought that i was texting and i got some points off long story short if i do the presentation and the report write-up well, will i be able to make up for the points i lost?
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