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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I'm starting IB after the summer break and I am really interested in computer science, and it is a subject I will take. I understand the implications of taking it for when it comes to uni and that it will have little impact on any uni courses. I will also be taking econ, I'm just a bit afraid because from what I hear cs at HL sounds crazy hard. I am fairly competent in computer databases, systems and whatnot but I still fear that Cs HL would be too hard would changing Cs HL to sl and econ from sl to HL make sense, especially considering I have never taken any courses in economics? Thanks for any responses.
  2. What IB subject(s) do you find most difficult and easy? For me I find English Literature the hardest. I'm more of a maths/science person so I commonly struggle to interpret literature. My easiest subject is probably Economics, being the subject I spend the least time on, because the concepts are quite simple and require minimal studying
  3. Hi guys. I really need help in my Biology IA. This is my first time doing an IA. I'm taking Bio HL. I'm doing egg osmosis. I know there are many experiments on that. I was thinking how does solute concentration affect the rate of osmosis in eggs. Is this a good IA topic? Should I think of other factors that can affect osmosis? Also can you guys tell me what do you think about Bio HL if you are taking it? I am struggling in that class. I don't have the greatest teacher. I wish I could get out of that class. Hope you guys have a great day!
  4. Eeeeewwwww i really hate physics it is so hard for me, boring, and i didn't understand any thing from the teacher cuz he didn't teach well he just a stuped maaaaaaaaan !!! Tell me how many haters ??
  5. Hi. I am a in 10th grade, about to finish this school year. I would like to know how hard IB is. I am an A straight student, I study and I think IB would help me a lot in the future. But there is a problem, I don´t know if stay at my school and follow the IB program or change schools. My school has a bunch of problems, the good students are going away, the good teachers too. The principals are going crazy firing good teachers and hiring horrible ones. I would like to know if it´s possible getting the diploma without having good teachers and classmates. Do you think tutors might help me? If I take the diploma i would take. HL English HL Spanish HL Economics AB Initio French SL Biology SL Math Btw. I want to say that the students who are staying at my school are really noisy, careless, stupid, etc.
  6. I need your opinion on whether I should learn Mandarin or French. I want to learn Mandarin more than I want to learn French, because it is way more useful, but French is way easier. The problem with Mandarin is the difficulty, especially the letters/script/characters, when I look at Chinese letters it just looks ridiculously hard, memorizing them is basically like looking into the night sky and trying to memorize specific patterns of stars, and freaking hundreds of them!?!?!? So what do you guys think? Take an easier language, and probably get a better grade, but waste two years that I could have spent learning a more useful language? Or take a harder language, probably get a worse grade, but learn something useful? And another question; do any of you have any idea if people who take chinese/japanese/hindi/korean etc. (hard languages, because of the script, among other reasons) will learn less - cover less material - than people who take easier languages? That would make sense right..? Thanks for any amswers
  7. Okay hi guys! I'm 14 yrs old and I'm in grade 10 pre bac in Canada and will be going into Year 1 of IB next year. I was just wondering if IB is actually worth it? I've heard that IB is only beneficial if you get high grades, and universities don't really care too much. Can someone clarify things? Please and thank you!
  8. Hey there, IB survivors! Well I am currently in DP2 physics SL and I know it's probably not the right time to start but is it already too late for me? I have been continuously scoring 2s in physics and I really need to improve my physics grade to at least a 4 because it's bringing down my entire IB grade. If I take my predictive grade now, the teacher is obviously going to give me a 2, but I desperately require a 4. Hence, I am going to be taking my predicted grade after my January mocks. Whenever I try to study physics, I end up spending a lot of time on something that I don't need to know which lowers my overall grade. I do enjoy learning physics and its methods, but I never manage to score well in the mocks, which affects my predicted grade. What I need help and advice in is... 1. What exactly should I learn? 2. Where can I learn it from? 3. Do you think it is possible for me to score a 4 if I give it my best? I request IB survivors to please give me some advice (My predicted grades from other subjects are such: HL - Economics 6, business and management 5, English 5 SL - French Ab Initio 6, mathematics 5, physics 2 TOK and EE - 2 Total: 31/45)
  9. Hi, I've just finished my first year of IB and i'm finding most of the subjects i'm taking okay, but maths SL is a real struggle for me. I understand the concepts when they are taught in class, but find the leap from the questions we do in class to the questions in the exams HUGE. I've talked to my teacher but she doesn't seem to think she can do anything else for me other then teach me what she has. Has anyone else found that there is a huge leap between the questions in the exercise books and the ones in the exam? Also mainly does anyone have any suggestions on books that I can get that have more involved questions that can perhaps prepare me better for the exams? Thanks for your help in advance
  10. Hi, my name is Eden (as from my user name ) i'm currently in the 10th grade and going to IB the coming year. My classes I chose so far is English A LIt - HL Math - HL Chem - HL ITGS - HL Mandarin - SL Biology - SL A little background about me, I'm what you usually call an average student. "A" averages in classes that matter (example, Math, Sciences, etc.) and like trolling in classes that doesn't usually matter (aka. electives) ... public school . My academic classes this year would be English 10 Chem 11 Biology 11 Physics 11 Psychology 12 Mandarin 10 Social Studies 10 and a lot of electives. *Before IB starts, i'll finish Math 12 in summer school. My average on these classes would be around 90. Would my next year IB courses be too difficult compared to the fact that some of my current courses are only 1-2 years ahead? I am a very hardworking individual, basically meaning i'm willing (and currently doing) to study all day if it means i'll get my work done and done well. I am interested in pursuing a science, mainly chemistry or biology, major. I love to learn, so a lot of work wouldn't harm me too much "hopefully". Bottom line is, should I go with 4 HL's, challenge myself and learn more OR go with 3 HL's and possibly get a better mark? Thank You guys so much for reading and responding ! :D Btw, Im like really tired and sleepy atm so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I made. Thanks!!!
  11. I'm in Grade 11 IB (aka Year 1) in an Ontario public school and my question is, if I'm getting 70s on my report card, is university going to give me higher marks? I know that the general perception is that your marks decrease by 5-15% as you transition from high school to uni but that I think only applies to the Academic (ie regular high school) program. IB is significantly harder than Academic in my school atleast. My coordinator says that IB is harder than anything you will ever do in your future, but he's probably biased. I've heard that IB is just as hard as first year but then university gets harder. I've hard from separate sources that first-year uni is the hardest of all 4 years (ie it gets easier). I even know IB graduates who end up doing mediocre in university. There's just so much conflicting information out there. I'd love to know your opinion on the issue.