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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, So Uni applications are due soon and I'm a bit confused over the IB scores. Mac's Health Sci program (very popular) needs an anticipated IB score of 36 points and average above 90%. Would I still be eligible for admission if I was able to keep my average well over the 90s, but not reach the anticipated score (getting 35 or 34 instead)? If the IB is going to hinder my chances of getting in, is it mandatory to include anticipated IB scores? Just a bit flustered with the system. Thanks.
  2. Hello all! I am currently in the summer between the first year of IB and the second. Over the first year I came up with the title of: How has the globalization of food in Thailand affected the health of the population in terms of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and diabetes? I am interested in studying medicine in university in the future and decided to do a medicine related EE in geography as there are no experiments required (unlike the group 4 sciences) and it provides a different aspect of medicine, and I decided to focus it in Thailand as I live here and know the culture. I am interested in nutrition and the health field and think that this subject suits me well. Over the holiday I did a survey of 100 people asking them about their diet and whether or not they have any non communicable diseases to find a correlation to strengthen the conclusion made from analyzing statistics found online. This was all well and good until my brother (who graduated IB) said that what I am doing is obvious in the sense that of course people eating worse in Thailand means their health is impacted and that he thinks it is not very original and will be difficult to find more information about. I already have the survey data and changing my topic completely as per the suggestion of my brother would mean starting over. I think the best option would be to refine my research question to something more original and that I am able to find statistics on and that is why I'm writing here. I would appreciate some feedback about how I can progress, if you have any ideas about how I can alter my approach or if I should change my topic completely to something else.
  3. What defines "adverse" circumstances needed to fill out a D2 form? Do they have to be life-threatening or does prolonged fatigue from glandular fever and menorrhagia from period cramps count as well?
  4. Im planning to do a SEHS EE next month, so i need some ideas. im very interested in topics related to track and field, but im not really good at choosing topics, so plzzzzzz i need some ideas Quote
  5. I'm doing my Extended Essay in Geography, possibly on medical tourism in Bangkok. With a focus on Bumrungrad Hospital (major one for this topic) My question is possibly: "What changes has Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital made since its establishment to accommodate (medical tourists/ foreign patients) ?" Firstly, is it fit for geography or would it end up being a Business Management EE as it is about developments and changes? Do you think the question shouldn't be a 'what' question? Is a hypothesis required for a geography EE? Is my question too focused - as I have found few resources online? (maybe I didn't research deeply yet ) Please respond ASAP!!
  6. Hi all. I have been told to come up with a subject and a rough research question for my EE. I spent the whole day reading and having classes about the EE, and I have decided that I am going to be writing it on Biology. I already know that this subject is quite hard to get a good grade on, however it is the only topic in which I am passionate about enough to write my EE. (I am not willing to change subject or topic). So far I have a few rough ideas on what I want to do: Specific diets and their impact upon heart problems Something on hormones Why certain vitamins are needed by the human body How weight, exercise, smoking and stress contribute to heart diseases. Energy needed by the body I have a lot of interest in these subjects, however I have found it hard to come up with research experiments that are needed for me to be able to write a good EE. Do you have any ideas? I know that I cannot really experiment much on the human body, so this is why I have found it hard to come up with ideas. People have suggested the idea of exercising and eating different amounts of calories etc and seeing the effect on blood and heart rate etc. over a period of weeks, however I feel this might not be original enough for an EE? Any advice on this?
  7. Here's a friend of mine, a current first year Oxford student, explaining about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for succeeding in the IB. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/lifestyle Hope you guys find it useful, Let us know if you ever have any questions
  8. Hey guys! I have a question that has been bouncing around on my mind for quite a while now. You guys may have guessed what it is by reading the Topic Title of this post, but if you missed it, what, in your opinion, is the MOST unhealthhiest food of ALL TIME? My friend told me that lasagna is the most unhealthy. Is this true? Also, are Vegi-Chips healthy as they are made out of vegetables? Happy discussions! Peace fofo.
  9. Hello I am currently studying Chemistry HL and i was planning on doing a rocket fuel experiment for my IA. the fuel that i plan to test is rocket candy, a potassium nitrate and sugar mixture, of course in small quantities. But my teacher says that it seems too dangerous. Is it? Would IB have a problem with it even if i take sufficient safety precautions. If you need my outline of IA, please do ask! THANKS
  10. Okey, so for those of you who take HL Psychology and have the health option for paper 2. What factors do you have as for cognitive factors, and what empirical studies did you learn? Having hard time to find ones that are actually more than 3 sentences long...
  11. Hello guys I'm having problems coming up with a topic on Math IA. I wanted to go with health/medicine related topics exclusively and I came across the topics of BodyMassIndex change over time, as well as a spread of Infectious disease model (I'm attaching both as well as a specimen paper - Example 11 - I found was awesome and super concise albeit quite simple and I would like my study to be somehow similar!). The BMI study essentially portrayed the distribution of percentiles for each country (in page 5) as well as the change in BMI from 199something-200something (in page 7). If someone could take a quick look and/or suggest anything I could do with relation to BMI it would be of great help Now, the spread of infectious disease is a study where some researchers used computers and search queries to find messages on twitter which indicated the writer of the tweet was sick. Much more fun and interesting study! The main thing I can base my IA on is the couple of graphs 3 pages before the end. They have to do with conditional probability but I can't really grasp what how I could use conditional probability to determine probability of catching a disease. The two conditions they have set in their study is (a) Time Window during which n friends on twitter are in physical contact as well as (b) number n of twitter friends which come in contact. Please help guys I have absolutely no idea how to apply the conditional probability formula on this and what possibly could I use for a personal example! Sorry if this is a bit overwhelming but I think this Math IA is the hardest thing I've been required to do this summer! Even though I'm SL Anyways some help would be appreciated, thanks! 11B. IBO Ex 11 (anotated).pdf BMI.pdf Spread of Disease.pdf
  12. Hello everybody, The subject Sports, Exercise and Health Science was introduced in 2012 and my class was the first class to be taught. Is there someone who also has this subject. What do you think of it? Do you like the SEHS book? I am just curious -Viska
  13. 21 downloads

    Hi everybody, My SEHS teacer had made the checklist for IA from the SEHS book, just in a modified and clearer version. I hope you find it useful.
  14. Hey guys what kind of questions did you get yesterday for spanish b sl paper 2? What was the health option? Thanks in advance!
  15. Finally took the time to get around to this... So a key thing that must be on a lot of students' minds must be their fitness. Want to lose weight, or bulk up? Want to talk about what exercises you can do, dietary tips, proudly discuss your successes, or even draw some motivation? I'm thinking that if there was a subforum for this, it would be useful and popular, as everybody is interested in at least some aspect of it, whether it is weightlifting, cardio, competitive sport, eating better... etc. So, if you agree, we could start a protest or something, I don't know... comment, like, create posters, write letters in, emotional videos... I joke... Anyway, so what are your guys' goals and/or tactics? I for one used to visit the gym very regularly but entrance into IB2 / Year 13 put that to an end and I've been struggling to find the time to get back into it, so my personal ambition is to lean up a bit through any dietary improvements and cardio, and find the time/money to head back to the gym that hasn't seen me in months! ^^ What keeps you motivated? Does playing a sport/ doing exercise help you to keep focused on your studies?
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