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Found 623 results

  1. Hi! I am writing my EE in biology and I would really appreciate getting some advice from people who have done it in the past. What was hard for you in the process? How did you solve it? Is there anything that you think would have been helpfull to know earlier in the process? General advice and so on would be really helpfull for me both regarding the writing of the essay and the lab. Thank you
  2. Hello Everyone! I've heard that we can do 3 sciences in IB in some cases (which is not-regular diploma). But do anyone know if I can take the third science instead of the 3rd group (individual studies)?? Thanks
  3. Hi everybody, I was planning on doing my EE on Advertisements and more specifically... Celebrity endorsements on instagram. However, one of the celebrities that I was planning on writing about deleted his instagram and i am left here wondering if i should scrap my topic and do another one that is 'safer' (gender stereotypes in advertisements) or if i should change from Adidas to Calvin Klein. Your help is much appreciated, thank you
  4. Does anyone have an idea for a Mathematics SL IA that I could use? I've been brainstorming for a almost a week right now and my deadline for topic is tomorrow. Please give suggestions if possible. Thx!
  5. hello everyone. I am trying to choose which subjects to have in a HL. I know that I have to take HL physics, that one is sorted and decided. but i am wondering if I should have math HL. the career counselor of my school tells me that I am capable of doing it, but my credits would decrease as it is a really tough subject and that is the important stuff. but I also know that I might need to have the knowledge for what is thought in math HL. i really do not know whether is better to have a 6-7's on math SL or to take it HL and to have 4-5's but I would know more content. help please. i need togive them in 3 days. if it's helpful, these are the subjects I've chosen English SL French SL Economics HL Physics HL Math HL or SL? Chemistry HL (I was told to chose 4 HL to have a back up plan, one will be dropped afterwards) thank you
  6. hey so our coordinator just told us to start our tok presentation in ib1 now, and I have no clue what to choose as a topic. My personal passion is design and technology, would be glad if you help me. Also if you could tell me how I should write and present it.
  7. I am in MYP5 and I am undecided about my choices. I want to either study in Portugal or the UK. I want to either to study finance or computer science. The subjects I want to take are: Economics HL Math HL Spanish B HL Portuguese Lit. SL Eng. Lang and Lit. SL Physics SL I am forced to do Portuguese and English. One has to be Lang. and Lit. and the other has to be Lit.. My first language is portuguese, and I do much better in portuguese than in english. Which one is harder though? Lang. and Lit or just Lit.? Do universities prefer one over the other? Is there a problem with taking three languages, or should i change spanish to something like History SL, or another science? Please answer honestly: Do you think that these choices are good for someone pursuing a degree in either computer science or finance?
  8. Hey Guys, I'm quite stuck on how to write my introduction for the extended essay. The thing is that now, since we don't need the abstract, I'm wondering what words I can use to link or relate the methods and content that will be discussed in the essay with the research question. My art supervisor somehow cannot access the think IB web therefore I don't have access to any guide or sample EE. Does anyone know or have a link to a recent arts Extended essay? Thnx Kind Regards AZ
  9. I'll be entering IB DP next year, and I need some opinion on what to chose. I want to go and study theoretical physics, so I took maths and physics HL. The other subject I took were (SL; English A, Spanish AB inito , Chemistry). I am simply looking for subjects that are easy and has less workload so that I can dedicate more time to my physics and maths. For the 3rd HL, I was thinking of Business or Arts HL, having the ease I will be getting with the course. I hope anyone can help me resolve this issue of mine. NOTE: suggest subjects that are not geography or psychology, as my school do not provide these subjects
  10. Hi people! I am constantly getting a 12 on my Paper 2 practices, but am failing to reach that 7. I think the reason for this is my structure, and how it needs to be improved so I can write more coherently and tighter (if that makes sense). I was wondering how to structure my introduction and body paragraphs. For my introduction, I have been taught to primarily define the key concepts, give context, and then offer my thesis. The problem I have is that my definitions become to formulaic and choppy. I don't get a nice flow to it. I also don't know precisely what I need to define. If anyone have any pointers, I would to hear some on how I can tighten up my introduction. For my body paragraphs, I am very confused on how to organize my evidences and evaluations; and how many I should include. Should I state Evidence #1, and evaluate it? Then after that state Evidence #2, and evaluate it? And finally do the same for the third? The problem I have with this is to I fail to come up with a flow and being able to link all of these in a fluid format. This is my main problem; how to organize my evidences in my body paragraphs. Thank you for helping me or the time you took to read this. Kind Regards, a fellow IB Survivalist.
  11. Hello! I'm currently thinking about doing an EE on Joyner Lucas' "I'm Sorry" I'm thinking of the RQ being: How does Joyner Lucas use language to illustrate suicide in modern society from two different viewpoints in his song "I'm Sorry"? The question is still being heavily developed, and I'm still unsure about the topic choice. I don't want this to be a Music EE, since I'm only going to be focusing on the language. I was wondering if the general idea is in the right direction, sound okay, and if it fits EE guidelines. Thanks in advance, Marts
  12. I choose to do prescribed topic number 2 and I’ve finished my essay and I’m ready to turn it in, but I don’t know if if it’s good or not. Can some IB alums help me out please...I’m not looking for you to write it for me I just looking for constructive criticism.
  13. This is a sentence from my EE and I really don't know if it sounds good, especially the red part I highlighted. Would be really grateful if you could tell me please what you think! "Eight decades apart, the books have never been compared, although plenty of interesting connections can be made between them and the context of feminism. Thus the following research question arises [...]"
  14. hello!!! does anyone know if the bibliography page of the chemistry ia counts for the page number (which is maximum 12)?
  15. Hello! I'm having certain problems with my EE! [not the real one, it is just a "trial", as my school always does one for students in year 1]. It is on biology, my research question is: "How do certain food groups affect human memory and learning?" [human physiology], although I've realized that it fits psychology more. Also, would IB consider testing on yourself as ethical? I know that they aren't lovers of testing on others. Thx!
  16. Hi everyone, I'm in grade 10 right now, and I have to choose my subjects by next month. I want to study computer engineering at university. So I'm for sure taking Physics and Math HL Also, it's mandatory to take English A (LAL) in our school (so I'll do English A SL) My #1 problem: For my second language I'll do Arabic (but the thing for Arabic, I'm really good at it. And I guarantee a 7 in Arabic B SL. However, if I took Arabic A (But I may get a 6 or 5), I will have IB bilingual diploma. My #2 problem: I HATE group 3. So I want to choose the easiest subject for it. I'm thinking of Economics or B&M or ITGS, so what're your suggestions?? My #3 problem: I'm not gonna take arts, so I have to take one more subject. I've heard that some universities require chemistry for Engineering, so should I take chem SL or HL? Can you suggest any good subjects combination?
  17. Hi! I'm in year 11 right now and I need to submit my IB subjects options in a few weeks. I'm planning on studying economics, political science or something that joins data science with journalism and I'm wondering if these subjects are ok. HL: Economics, Langlit, Computer Science SL: Biology / ESS, Maths, Mandarin Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi, I am going into IB for the 2018-2019 school year. I have a general idea of what I want my course to be, HL Chem HL Bio HL Lang/Lit HL Geography SL Math SL Spanish My main concern is SL Math, currently I am in Honors PreCalculus and I hear that a good part of SL Math will be what I learned this year in HPC. I am on the fence for math, I want to do HL, but I also want to double on science and keep geography to raise my grade. For the future, I want to go to Medical School, so I think the double science is important. I wonder what you guys think about my current plan and your plan. Thanks!
  19. So my supervisor and I have settled on a topic for my extended essay. I haven't quite formulated a knowledge question yet for this, but I have a rough idea as to where I might want to go. My topic is exploring the societal trend of diverse casting in the entertainment world (Novels, theater, film, etc.). I would be using written books, some scripts, articles, etc. as my evidences and sources for expanding into my topic. But my supervisor and I also want to include visual references, like recordings of plays and musicals or looking at films. My school's IB Coordinator was iffy on this when I asked her for the OK on looking at video, she says it feels too much like IB Film(which my school does not yet have), but she said that she and I should both do research to verify this. So basically I was denied use of video sources until we found something that said it was okay. I have read through the 2015 English essay reports and it said nothing of specific to my issue, then I looked through and so far I have come up empty. Does anyone here know whether or not I can do this for my research? Or should I search for a new topic that doesn't involve film? OR if anyone knows a better source where I could find the answer? Thank you!
  20. I'm in BM HL. My teacher is very inexperienced and doesn't know how to teach. I need to self- study it completely. How do I approach the subject? I have the Paul Hoang textbook, which I think if I do thoroughly will clear all my concepts. However, still I don't know how to write the answers properly. Any resource that you will sugges so that I understand how to write the answers? I basically consider myself without a BM teacher. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi, I'm taking Latin SL and my we have a new teacher for our class. (he doesn't really know what's going on) I need to know how to format: How do you cite latin translations for the ia when you analyze it? Am I supposed to include the original text along with the translation in my dossier? how do I cite pictures? if you have any links to examples or whatever, that would be greatly appreciated
  22. Hello, Recently I got my predicted score from my supervisor for my Extended Essay, and I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to get a good grade on one if its based on Design Technology? My topic was Ergonomics. I am satisfied with my predicted score (21), however I don't know how accurate it would be. This is the first year (well, we're the first IB seniors at my school) that my school has had IB, so all of my teachers (except Chemistry) are new to the grading process. They went to training and used a rubric, but I'm not sure how much I should rely on the predicted score.
  23. Hello everyone! In one week I need to give my professor my EE topic, I will do it in History and I have a few ideas but I don't know how to properly formulate a question or even how to get primary sources from that topics. I really need some help. 1. Berlin Wall: How did the wall divide both sides culturally? 2. Which countries participating in the WW2 advanced more in medicine thanks to the human experiments? 3. To what extent did the witch haunt affect women nowadays? Thank you so much.
  24. iop

    I have completed my IOP a few days back and I have worked incredibly hard on it. Many of my classmates prior to my presentation highly praised my ideas and unique execution. I love presenting and especially have a passion for English. Unfortunately, I went over time by two minutes and I was wondering how many points that would take off of my score. I aim for a seven on my IOP, and I would like to know if I still have a shot at it.
  25. Hello everyone, i am a Math HL student and our teacher is askingus to creat topic proposals for our IAs. Since the level of mathematics used is very important, i want to apply calculus in my ia but i couldnt think of an interesting topic similar to that of modelling rainfall in the sample IAs. So id like to ask for your help and suggest some interesting topics that uses calculus. Thank you!