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Found 699 results

  1. Hello! I have to decide on a math exploration topic but I'm not sure what I should do. I'm very confident in the binomial theorem, arithmetic and geometric sequences so doing something concerning this would be great. I know the rules are very strict for what others are allowed to say, but do you have any suggestions on things that are possible to investigate in these topics? Also do you have general tips and tricks that could help me with the math exploration? Thank you so much!!!
  2. I have to decide a Math IA topic, but I do not know what I should write. I want to choose something that is related to chemistry since that what I engage. Are there any ideas or suggestions???? Thanks!
  3. hello everybody, in my extended essay I want to talk about a study that has to do with my topic and i wanted to know which would be the best way to insert it in. Like how should i structure the paragraph. e.g. should i write Aim: blaablabla Participants: blabla vbla or just talk a about it thanks
  4. hello everybody, in my extended essay I want to talk about a study that has to do with my topic and i wanted to know which would be the best way to insert it in. Like how should i structure the paragraph. e.g. should i write Aim: blaablabla Participants: blabla vbla or just talk a about it thanks
  5. Hi friends I need to redo my TOK as I didn't do so well on my previous one. Any ideas? Anything is fine other than the topic of ethics
  6. I am planning to write my ee on film, and my current topic was 'How are filmic/cinematic techniques utilized by Tykwer and his team, in order to portray a sense of smell in his film, 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' and how can their efficacy be measured?'. So I was going to analyze just 1 film 'perfume: the story of a murderer', but my supervisor says I need to select at least 2 films to compare. I looked at the Extended essay guidance for film, but it just mentions that 'For primary sources, there must be detailed references to at least one film (or major television work). Primary sources could consist of the film(s), the script, the screenplay, the score, personal contacts, or personal correspondence with individuals involved in making the film.' Do I need at least 2 movies to compare? Thanks
  7. I need some help looking for some Ib Biology SL IA topics... To be honest i don't know where to start from so I just wanted to ask you for some suggestions about how should i start or what should i start looking for. I just need some suggestions or ideas so I can start looking up some ideas and formulate my questions
  8. My friend and i are doing our IOP and we are finding it hard to make it creative, or how to intrigue the audience we are looking for more unique was rather than jokes, powerpoints/prezis, etc
  9. For my extended essay I originally wanted too choose Quantum mechanics but I was adviced agaisnt this. The topic I am now considering is the effect of the curve and the length of a curve on the time taken for a ball to get from one position to another. This has already been solved and is known as a Brachistochrone. is this still a valid topic for my extended essay? If not does anyone have any other better recomendations for me? Is this more related too maths? Thanks
  10. Want to share the title of your extended essay? Or perhaps need help choosing one? This is the place. Psychology - The Psychology of Road Rage: A discussion of psychological explanations of road rage and policy implications.
  11. Hi all, So, I'm preparing for a unit test tomorrow on exponents and logarithms, and I am noticing a trend myself. Especially for some complex log/ln equations, I have a great difficulty knowing where and how to go about solving a problem. When I take a look at the answer key, it all makes sense, even the process. It's just that when I attempt solving them on my own, I tend to get stuck at some point. I have a good knowledge on log laws as well as exponent ones however, they do not come to my mind whenever their use is required in a proble (if you know what I mean) I know it takes a ton of practice to feel natural (Which I am doing rn), but I'm looking for advice as to how to go about solving any equations involving log/ln. Here is an example I am stuck with: Solve for x: ln (x)= 4log(base)x(e) *Just on a side note, a quick advice on exponential equations/word problem questions would be wonderful! Thank you for reading and all your help. I really need them at this point!
  12. Hey! I am currently working on my world studies extended essay concerning economics and geography. My RQ is “To what extent are retirement homes accessible to seniors in British Columbia, but more specifically, Langley, BC?” I'm currently trying to find economic and geographical theories and concepts that I can use. Currently, I have economies of scale and fiscal policy (is this even an "Economic theory"?) Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated Also, I am looking for an online service that edits papers like this? anyone have any prior experience or suggestions on a service to use? Thanks in advance!
  13. Our TOK teacher told us that we need to explore at-least 2 KQs in an essay. So how do you get multiple KQs so that you do not deviate from the prescribed topic. I was thinking of having a central KQ ,and then also having a supporting KQ about personal and shared knowledge. However, how can I include personal and shared KQ for any topic? And if not, how can I have another KQ?
  14. Hey everyone ?? So, my teacher is relatively bad; he hasn't given us any notes. I have my IB1 end of years in 2 weeks and I would be grateful if anyone would mind sharing their notes with me. Any notes concerning the syllabus are welcome, but especially on imperial russia, Treaty of Versailles, the World Wars and the authoritalian states. Thanks already!
  15. So I am currently taking psychology SL. I don't like the subject, our teacher doesn't know ib psychology very well and the classes are just a mess. I also feel like I don't understand anything and everything just sucks. I was thinking of switching to visual arts instead if I'm allowed. Is that a terrible idea? Could I possibly catch up on their work? I know they haven't done a lot yet, and I'm also prepared to do a lot of work seeing as this is something I really want. Thanks in advance.
  16. subjects

    I'm playing on doing law in college, and the subjects I plan on taking are English HL History HL Economics HL French B SL (anticipated) Math Studies Biology SL Are these subject good? Some people told me that it's better to do math SL. I suck at math but I don't want to loose an entry just because I took math studies. Please help me out.
  17. Hi, does anybody know of any study/experiment that has been done to test how attribution and Placebo work together?
  18. Hi, I decide to do my EE in psychology (real bad choice) and I came up with the question 'to what extent do attributional factors affect placebo effect?'. Does anybody know a question similar to this that still deals with Placebo but is easier to answer? Im stressing out because i literally only have 500 words and my 1st draft is due in 2 weeks pleasepleasepleasepleaseeee help me
  19. Hey everyone, so I'm doing my Maths IA but struggling to find data. I'm using exponential models to model the growth of breast cancer cells in relation to Stage or Grade and size. Any idea where I could find this?
  20. Hello my name is Veronica, I'm currently doing the IB and I really need help with my EE. The subject I'm doing it on is Psychology and I chose as a topic the Placebo Effect. The question I came up with is How do attributional factors affect Placebo effect? I started writing it but it's pretty bad and messy. The problem I have is that I have no idea how to structure this essay; subtitles, structure and idk my teacher is pretty crap at EE stuff so I really need you help me, especially since I have no idea how many words each section should be. I really need this so if anybody wants to help I'll be eternally greatful Thanks in advance for your time and help
  21. I have Spanish AB exams in one month ( year 1 end of year). What is the best way I can prepare? My teacher didn't give me much to work with, she didn't actually do anything the whole year. I have picked up some grammar and vocab on my own but I know it's not enough. Any tips would be welcomed.
  22. Hey guys, I decided to chose history for my EE and I'm talking about the extent to which german military attacks on civilians of Poland were deliberate (in 1939) Could i have some feedback on the question and also, how should i structure it? Im not sure if i should begin with cases of deliberate attacks against civilians and then analyse them or something else pls
  23. Hey, for my Extended Essay for History I want to write a comparative essay on Lenin and Stalin and the extent to which they followed Marxist ideology. Is this considered "trivial nature"? Also, how would I frame my question. I also want to utilise case studies from Hitler/Mussolini's reign to demonstrate that a lot of their policies were similar or even the same as Stalin/Lenin's. Some ideas I had were. How successful were both Lenin and Stalin in following Marxist Ideology? To what extent were both Lenin and Stalin implement Marxist ideology after the fall of Tsarist Russia in 1917?
  24. hey everyone, does anyone have tips ad tricks on how to get a 7 in Spanish B sl? it would mean a lot if you answer, Thanks c:
  25. I have been throwing around different ideas for my extended essay on bees for a while. At first I wanted to see if they had a significant impact on ecosystems where they were introduced, but realized no one on Earth has kept data on that, so I decided to see what sort of data there is on bees and other pollinators so I can determine which are important. However, there's only articles on that and I can't find any quantitative data. I'm having a hard time figuring out what possible idea I could follow that has data collected already, which I can also conduct a small experiment for. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate them.