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Found 715 results

  1. the pictures show the question and then the second picture shows my working. I know the answer is A, but I don't know how it arrived to that equation. would appreciate any help!
  2. Will I be in a disadvantage if i apply for the top universities and want to do business? My subjects are Bio HL, Eng SL, Norwegian B HL , Global politics HL, Math SL and Economics SL. Will I face any difficulties while applying for top universities for business studies ?
  3. Hi, I'm doing my Biology extended essay on how the environment alters expression of gens when it comes to their expression in the phenotype using drosophila melanogaster, and I was wondering if someone could help me with the following issue. I need to know how much do I need to explain about the drosophila, and how it should be structured, since it is not the central focus of my EE, just a means to an end. Thank you very much!
  4. So i just did the hl calculus test and it went pretty bad. So i am wondering if anybody Else thought the calculus 1 exam test was really hard?
  5. I'm taking English A literature as one of my IB subjects and I was wondering whether the following research question for my EE would be relevant to my subject: How and why does the English language influence our way of thinking and hence, behaving in comparison to other languages?
  6. Basically, what is a stereotype that should apply to a certain role you play in your life, and how do you prove it wrong? An example would be a guy who doesn't like video games (based on the assumption that all guys like video games).
  7. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello! if my TOK presentation's RQ is to what extent can we understand love, and my AOK is religion, how can I better do it? For example, I want to take Buddhism and Christianity, can I just compare their views on love? Would it be enough? It's just I don't really get the concept of making the presentation when you need to answer your RQ by AOK. How can I answer my RQ just by comparing to religion views?
  9. I am currently struggling to find a real life connection to this IA topic. in order to do this topic, my teacher requests I connect it to a real life application. I don't really know of what to conenct it to. If anyone has any ideas for what to connect it to, all help would be greatly appreaciated. However, if this whole topic in general is not applicable, does anyone have some easy IA ideas for physics, i'm not very good at physics and I just want something simple to do. Here is my original posted topic. For sliding friction on an incline, the coefficient of friction µ = tan θ for constant speed; but for rolling friction it may not be. You could let a car roll down a ramp on to the horizontal floor and see how long a distance it takes to stop. How does this vary with the angle or height; coefficient of friction of floor material; effect of weight of car and so on. What are the practical implication for this? Does twice the mass (eg a truck) mean twice the stopping distance? taken from:
  10. Hi! I am planning to do my Bio IA on how do different light intensities affect rate of photosynthesis (of a pondweed, idk specifically what species yet) IV- light intensity. I aim to place the plant away from the lamp in various distances (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm) DV- CO2 uptake by plant (measuring pH of water) OR counting bubbles of oxygen produced in/per one minute OR measuring oxygen produced by using a gas stringe 1. Is it necessary to have a lux-meter to measure the lux of the light intensities? Or will just stating the distance of the plant from the lamp be enough? 2. To measure my DV - which way is the best? A. i am not sure how I will set up my experiment properly if I were to measure the CO2 uptake by the plant. B. Otherwise, will counting bubbles of oxygen be a reliable way of measuring the rate of photosynthesis? C. I might use a gas syringe to measure rate of photosynthesis after 1 min (or should it be every 10 seconds?) Sorry if this was slightly unorganized, I appreciate any feedback/suggestions, thank you for your time!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to write my English Literature Written Assignment, so any help at all will be very appreciated. My title is "How does Dorfman use the relationship between the gun and light to examine the theme of empowerment in "Death and the Maiden"?" I need help on structuring my essay like what should my three points be? Thank you so so much.
  12. Hi! I plan to replicate Loftus' 1987 study on the Weapon Focus Effect (WFE) for my psychology (HL) ia, however I am aware that Loftus used a corneal reflection device in order to see how much time was spent looking at the cheque/gun (in order to provide evidence for the WFE) in addition to a questionnaire and asking p's to identify who the man in the video was. Is it okay to do my IA on this experiment if I were to exclude the element of measuring how much time is spent looking at the cheque/gun because its a bit complicated to do?
  13. Hey guys, So I have received feedback on my final IA grade, however my teacher says that they need to review it with other teachers... Is there a possibility it could go up? because I believe my teacher is a harsh marker and that it should be at least 1 point higher.. Thank you
  14. Hello! I'm a tenth-grade student planning on doing the IBDP for my junior and senior year. As we are beginning our second semester soon, we are required to pick out our subjects for IB. I had a couple of concerns as when I told people about the subjects I'm intending to take, they said I would face a hard time. I'm hoping to study engineering at university, hopefully, either chemical and biomolecular engineering. I'm also hoping to get into a top university as it would help me so much! The subjects I'm planning on doing are; -Physics HL -Math HL -Chemistry HL -Economics HL -English A Lit SL -Arabic B SL As you can see I really don't want to spend time on languages and I clearly want to focus on sciences and maths. If you have any concerns or advice I could use, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  15. Hello, I'm in MYP 4 and I'm wandering about the selection of the classes I will choose in individuals and societies for the DP programme. Could one of you c tell me what is studied in that course and how could I use it? Thank you very much, E.Ricci
  16. Hey guys, I have a quick 30-second survey: Only answer if you car/bus/use another vehicular transport. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, So, I'm preparing for a unit test tomorrow on exponents and logarithms, and I am noticing a trend myself. Especially for some complex log/ln equations, I have a great difficulty knowing where and how to go about solving a problem. When I take a look at the answer key, it all makes sense, even the process. It's just that when I attempt solving them on my own, I tend to get stuck at some point. I have a good knowledge on log laws as well as exponent ones however, they do not come to my mind whenever their use is required in a proble (if you know what I mean) I know it takes a ton of practice to feel natural (Which I am doing rn), but I'm looking for advice as to how to go about solving any equations involving log/ln. Here is an example I am stuck with: Solve for x: ln (x)= 4log(base)x(e) *Just on a side note, a quick advice on exponential equations/word problem questions would be wonderful! Thank you for reading and all your help. I really need them at this point!
  18. hey! if you have a few minutes, please fill out the following survey for my math studies ia: it should only take about 5 minutes. there are around 10 questions - all of which allow you to select where you fall on a scale of 1-10. no short answers here! i am examining the statistical relationship between someone's favorite music genre and their personality. thank you in advance!
  19. Hi guys, Please help me, I need help with my history IA topic: I cannot decide which question to do. However, I am leaning towards the origin topic question, but it is not "IB worded," and I cannot think of a way to make it IB. I think these questions are sufficient, but I really do not know. Any feedback at all would be awesome...I am panicking because section one of my paper is due next week and I do not know what I am writing about yet! Thank you very much!!!!! To what extent did the Spanish Flu impact Spain’s population and religion? How did the Spanish Flu travel from its origin point to Spain? Where did it come from?
  20. Hello, I have decided to do a poem for my IOP since it seems like the easiest option, but I really don't know which one I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good poems? I would also appreciate suggestions regarding presentation ideas for Wide Sargasso Sea or Zoo Story!
  21. Hey all, I've recently made an Android app that can balance chemical equations (useful if you are struggling). If you can check it out, it would be of great help! App Name: ChemBalancer Link:
  22. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  24. So I'm currently working on my EE on economics. My RQ is: 'to what extent does the price discrimination used by Singapore Airlines affect the demand for Singapore Airlines plane tickets?' The thing is, to answer the RQ, I need data regarding SIA's PED but I can't access it. So I have to tweak my RQ, so I can answer it using the data that is accessible. But I don't have any ideas what to change the RQ into.......somebody pls help... the data that I currently hv include: SIA's monthly & yearly revenue, load factor, available seats, passenger yield, sales in advance of carriage, passenger revenue by route region etc.
  25. I am in an IB middle school, but im trying to calculate my grades during the quarter. I just do not remember each number for the 8 point scale. 8=100 I think, 5 might be 54 or 56. Help