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Found 6 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KKZMguXKnIiGoeYc5XJfzZ9285sJzC5HoG6NWV9ocyI/edit HI everyone! I'm currently working on my math studies IA and I would really appreciate it if you guys could answer a couple of questions for the data collection! Thank you!!! (it's in both english and french)
  2. Noticed many people have blogs like "how to apply to university X" or "how to apply to university in X (country)". Did not notice a "share helpful information here" thread. Thus, I decided to create a post so those whom might have helpful information to share (guide, blog, YouTube video etc.) can do so here. Edit: For instance; have you written a detailed guide on the ibsurvival website you'd like to share here (university guides for applying to a certain country, study guides, tips, etc.)? Maybe you have a blog which has good information on something IB / school-related (i.e a resources and guide website for IB subjects and the syllabus). Or perhaps you have a YouTube channel which might have informational videos you'd like to share here. Cheers.
  3. As a student of Biology, I know it can be troublesome to remember everything about the subject... it is the study of life! So, after replying to another user who needed one, I feel as though I should share this link to what I would call the best free study guide available. It has helped me out a few times. http://blog.prepscholar.com/the-best-ib-biology-study-guide-and-notes-for-sl-and-hl Dig in bio students. This thing is a beast.
  4. Hi, so I'm in the first year of my IB, and when I started out, I realized that there wasn't (or that I couldn't find) any helpful tips or advice for IB students all in one place, and thus, decided to create this thread. I think it could really come in handy for ALL the students on this forum. So go ahead, post any helpful advice or tips you've learnt- both academically and socially. Here are some of mine: - Even if you have a super-huge-worth-75%-of-your-grade assignment due tomorrow, it really helps if you have some sort of control over the situation. Do not freak out- deadlines have been met before (under the most stressful of situations) and you can do it too. Breathe, relax, prioritize and then deal with the situation. - CAS is a pain in the neck if you do not have it sorted out. My school's CAS program is alright, but the fact that NOTHING is ever correctly planned out makes it a thousand times more difficult to deal with. If you find yourself in the same situation, I would suggest that you go your own way and start accumulating the necessary hours. Try to do something weekly (swimming, violin-playing, shooting out of a canon- whatever) and try to make it a habit. You'll at least have a steady flow of SOME hours. - People are going to be difficult sometimes, especially you're classmates. You will feel like strangling them at some point, either for their obnoxious attitudes, overconfidence, or maybe you're just overcome with plain ol' jealously. Trust me when I tell you I've dealt with classmates from hell and the best way to deal with them (academically, at least) is to concentrate on your own work. You've got your future to worry about and (I'm assuming) that you want to be happy and successful later in your life. Believe me, the last thing I bet you want is for those idiotic (choice of strong insult here) to mess up those plans. Keep your head in your own business, ignore them, and just keep on going. BUT if the problem is jealously, do a little introspection here. You can solve this problem- if you're jealous of their grades/skills/habits, work harder and smarter to achieve the same. Don't sulk around and blame it on them.
  5. Hello! I noticed a lot of people had questions regarding EE points so I thought I'd share something my IB coordinator gave me to help with the extended essay. If you follow these simple rules, they guarantee you at least a 16 on the essay, which'll give you a C. Yay! Criterion A: Research Question (RQ)-- RQ must be clearly stated in introduction. RQ must be sharply focused. (+2 points) Criterion B: Introduction-- The RQ is put into context-- why is this question worthy of study and investigation? If your introduction doesn't answer this question you are throwing away points. (+2 points) Criterion G: Use of language appropriate to subject-- are you writing as a historian, psychologist, chemist, literary analyst, etc.? Are you using technical vocabulary appropriate to your subject? Avoid colloquial language. Read your paper out loud. Does it make sense when you hear it? (+4 points) Criterion H: Conclusion-- This should sound like the end of your paper. It should tie up loose ends and address unresolved questions. It should include your RQ and restate your conclusion. It is NOT just your introduction all over again. (+2 points) Criterion I: Formal presentation-- Do you follow a standard format for your paper? Do you have a title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative materials, quotations properly formatted, citations, works cited page? (+4 points) Criterion J: Abstract-- Cannot exceed 300 words (include word count at end of abstract). Examines the development of the arguments, states the same RQ found on title page and introduction. The RQ should be incorporated into your abstract, not separate at the top of the page. Put your RQ into context-- why did you choose this topic? What led you down this path to your EE? Explain how you conducted your investigation and the conclusion that you have drawn. Don't just say that you went to the library, but instead talk about the journey. State your main conclusions. You are, in essence, answering the RQ by stating what you have concluded from your research. Write in 3rd person, block style (no indenting), use all 300 words. (+2 points)
  6. Aniiizz

    Math IA

    Heey! Just wondering... what did you do in your stuies Math IA? Have no ideas what to do myself. Any advice?
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