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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, i was wondering how you can include, in paper 1 and 2, the historiography and discussion of historians' points of views: write the arguments of the essay and then prior to the conclusion do a separate topic discussing the historiography, or should I include historiography for each argument I use (e.g Imperialism argument and thus include the view of an historian which thinks it was a fundamental cause for the outbreak of WWI - do this for every argument). So far, I have been doing the first, that is, writing all arguments and in the end do a separate discussion (more less 8/10 lines), so that I can then conclude the essay. What do you think it should be done/how do you do it?
  2. Guys, I was practicing the answer to the classical question of the causes that led to the outbreak of WW1 (examine the role of colonialism rivalry that led to the outbreak of WW1), and lacked some specific examples of historians from each current (revisionist, marxist, and those who blame the politicians and ministers for incompetence). The historiography only includes historians, right? We cannot include, for example, Lenin or Lloyd George? My teacher didn't really develop this and I am essentially for the first time looking at this to answer questions in History. Could you help me out in explaining how I can use historiography to achieve top marks in my essays, and give me specific details of historians who defend revisionism, marxism (communism), the blame to politicians and many other currents you find important to develop? Grateful, Richard
  3. Hi guys, I was informed that due to the syllabus changes, it is no longer required to include historiography (quotes by notable historians) in Paper 2 in order to achieve top marks! May I know if this is true?
  4. For my investigation I was going to look at the Loray Mill Strike in NC, and I wanted to know if my question was too broad. My question was: To What Extent Was Communist Influence During the Loray Mill Strike to Blame for Poor Unionization in North Carolina? Is that too long? Or would it be better to say "To What Extent Are Communists to blame for the Poor Unionization of NC? Thanks for any help
  5. So I have realized one of the negative aspects of my essays for History was the lack of historiography, though is it necessary to like make specific references to historians for a certain matter, for example: "Robert Service is one of the historians who believes..."? Or can I just say that IB-beloved sentence "there is much debate among historians on this..." and then pass on and say the spectrum of opinions, without making specific ref? My Hist teacher told me we could just do this, but Idk
  6. 33 downloads

    stalin historiography
  7. So basically in my IB History of the Americas class, my teacher never gave us any journal articles to read and never taught us any historiography. I am super solid on all of the factual information and used a crapload of historians on Papers 1 and 2. How bad would it be if I don't mention any historians on the paper 3 exam tomorrow? (Believe me, I'm trying to cram right now)
  8. 69 downloads

    56 Pages of bullet points and diagrams encompassing everything you need to know about WW2 Includes historiography as well
  9. Hi everyone! Before sitting down to do some revision today I decided to have a look through the forums to look for any revision tips, and I came across quite a lot of people saying historiography is quite important for the good grades. Now, I've never heard of this before, but it does sound like a very good idea! So I was wondering if anyone could recommend any further reading/good examples of historians that I could have a look at for the topics: Origin & Development of Single Party StatesThe Cold War 1945-1990Peacemaking, Peacekeeping & International Relations 1918-1935I don't really know where to start so some suggestions would be much appreciated!
  10. I'm a junior in IB History HL and for the past school year, I've been doing okay on my History Paper Three's (13-15). But, I want to know what keeps me from getting somewhat higher marks. My history teacher has told my class about the opposing historians, but does that mean specific, real historians or hypothetical historians? And what is historiography? I know I should probably know what it means by now, but looking it up on the internet doesn't seem to help? And how often should I offer my critical commentary? Any tips? Sorry for asking so much, but I simply want to know how to improve. Thank you guys so much!
  11. 101 downloads

    These notes are incredibly helpful - organised into sections, complete with historiography, factual information, interesting essay arguments, example questions from the different sections, etc. Everything you need for an essay on Weimar or Cold War. Especially helpful in paper 2 - the topic on multi-party states always has a question relevant to Weimar, and the last top 'Cold War' always has a question on the origins. As you only need to answer two paper 2 questions, this covers the whole thing!
  12. Version 1


    This essay is about the causes of world war one. It is a good example if you are looking how to correctly use historiography, as well as coming up with arguments for essays that are not orthodox. My feeling with these history exams is that if you interest the examiner, they will respond better to your essay. This essay received full marks.
  13. 59 downloads

    A collection of dates, evidence, quotes and historiography on the causes of the Cold War. This kind of stuff is vital to any essay in order to get a 6/7.
  14. 34 downloads

    A collection of Details, Dates, Quotes and Historiography on the rule of Hitler (1933-1945). Inclusion of these in your essays is vital for getting a 6 or 7.
  15. to what extent did Hitler use the youth to consolidate his power? feedback please?
  16. How did black contributions to the union army turn the tides of the civil war? To what extent was black support the reason the union won the civil war? I need help deciding my historiography research question, hoping for feed back on these two?
  17. Okay, so some background, I'm currently in IB History I, halfway through, and my teacher has decided it is time for us to start using historiography in our essays. I understand the basics of historiography (the perspectives of notable historians, right? I think) but I'm not quite sure how to implement it Let's say I'm writing an essay on some war and its causes. Should I present the causes and support and then say how that connects to a historian's view? "Thus, War X was caused by Factor A, Factor B, and Factor C. This is supported by the argument of historian Y, who..." and etc. Or should I base my initial argument around the conflicting view of historians? "Though Historian Y argues that War X was caused by Factor A, Factor B, and Factor C, the argument of Historian Z can be said to be more accurate, as..." and etc. Or is it something else? If anyone who has experience in writing essays with historiography could share some advice, that would be really great, My teacher is a very "learn from your own mistakes" kind of person which I'm sure is a great way to teach information but unfortunately can be terrible for my grades. I think a lot of it is that I don't really understand why we need historiography, how can what someone else said back up an argument, if these papers are meant to be an analysis rather than a persuasive essay. Oh well, I'm sure I have it all confused, but thanks for reading and I am eager to learn how to implement historiography and hopefully get a 7 on the test way down the road.
  18. I'm in IB History Year 1 right now, and we just did WWI. I have an in-class essay tomorrow. The topic was already given: assess the importance of the following causes for WWI: alliances, nationalism, and economy. I am NOT asking for help about how to write the essay here. I just have a question about historiography. Our teacher kept on saying how we should use historiography in the essay, like, for example, allude to Fritz Fischer's essay and counter that with Gerhard Ritter's essay. She said "no one wants YOUR opinion, we want to see how you analyse THEIR opinion. It's all about regurgitation." But I'm just wondering here: isn't the thesis itself a personal opinion? Then does that mean we cannot formulate our own thesis? And also, wouldn't the entire essay just be a collective analysis of other people's ideas? Is this really the proper way to do historiography? No...actually, WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY TO DO HISTORIOGRAPHY? Cuz it's my first year in IB history and I have COMPLETELY no idea... THANKSSSSS GUYSSSS!!!!!
  19. Can anyone recommended some good historians/schools of thought for the following topics: Cuban Revolution Russian Revolution/Stalinism League of Nations WW1/WW2 Spanish Civil War Nazi Germany I figured that this would be useful for others to have as well, so that we have a wealth of secondary sources to draw from for revision purposes
  20. 72 downloads

    A collection of Details (evidence!) and Quotes (Historiography!) on the causes of World War One
  21. Would examiners notice if we just make up random names and random views in the exam as the historiography ?
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