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Found 304 results

  1. Hello, I am in the process of deciding a topic for my extended essay. The teacher that I want as a mentor has many students already and is only willing to be my mentor if I can come up with a History topic that is non-violent (not war related i guess). I've been thinking about an essay on an ancient/historical civilization but I don't think that it will be a good idea since there may not be much documentation or secondary sources on it. Any ideas for a history topic that is not related to a historical war?
  2. Hi everyone, My class is beginning to write the first section of our history IAs and my teacher said that it will be okay to revise our questions. I have to write this first section in 2 days, but I am having doubts whether or not my research question is appropriate or not. Here is my question: "Was it inevitable for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings to occur?" I feel like the question is not specific enough and based on my research, there are so many theories that my IA could end up all over the place. I was thinking about changing it but with a topic similar to my original one, like this: "To what extent did the Soviet Union's declaration of war against Japan during World War II affect their surrender in 1945?" Could I still use my first question or should I try to revise it? If so, what are some ideas for topics? Thank you so much!
  3. My topic is: To what extent was humanitarian intervention used to justify imperialist ambitions by the united states during the Spanish-American War? What part of it would I have to tweak? Is it too broad, or too narrow? I have a lot of research done on the Spanish-American War. I'm afriad that what I sit down and write it my question wil bring me issues or my research and sources will not help me at all. I'm just really nervous that there is still some tweaking to be done with my question, but I don't know what part of it to tweak. Any ideas?
  4. Hey guys, Could someone pls give me feedback on the courses I have chosen for the DP programme. I want to go into the med field. My school doesn't offer both sci at HL. Without further ado this is what I'm thinking of taking: Hl Chem, Sl Bio, Sl French(mandatory), Hl Lang & Lit (mandatory), Sl Math, Hl History
  5. Hey, i was wondering how you can include, in paper 1 and 2, the historiography and discussion of historians' points of views: write the arguments of the essay and then prior to the conclusion do a separate topic discussing the historiography, or should I include historiography for each argument I use (e.g Imperialism argument and thus include the view of an historian which thinks it was a fundamental cause for the outbreak of WWI - do this for every argument). So far, I have been doing the first, that is, writing all arguments and in the end do a separate discussion (more less 8/10 lines), so that I can then conclude the essay. What do you think it should be done/how do you do it?
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for something to read once I finish with Taylor's book(s). Specifically, I'm looking for historians who wrote about the Unification of Italy (since that's one of my prescribed topics, and I would like to have a historian's viewpoint for Italy as well as Germany), but if you have any other recommendations that would be great too. Also, do you guys know any good historians for Imperial Russia (the text topic we're going to cover)? Thanks in advance, and remember- Bismarck ALWAYS has a plan!
  7. Hey guys! I’m currently in grade 10 about to apply for IB. I aim to be a medical/law? student and these are the subjects I have chosen so far: English (A) - HL Mando (B) - HL Chem - HL Bio - SL (my school doesn’t allow 2 science HLs) Maths - HL Im unsure of what I should choose for my group 3 subject, my school only offers history in HL so I can’t take it. What would you recommend? Thanks
  8. Hey! Does someone have any notes on the history books IB called "Authoritarian States" and "Cold War" Thank you
  9. For my IA, I found a Website that I wanted to cite from Sony. I couldn't find an author so how should I cite it? Do I use the corporation's name as the author's name? Link:
  10. For my history IA, I initially thought of the question "What factors lead to the economic recovery of Japan after MacArthur's occupation?". My teacher said it was good so I found many sources but I found out that almost all the sources available about Japan after WWII doesn't touch the economy, but almost all of them talk about the technological advancements of Japan after WWII. Right now, I'm on my winter break and I can't contact my teacher. So I was wondering, will it be an okay topic if I change "economic recovery" to "technological advancements" in my topic question? Just a quick note: If my topic question doesn't sound right, that's because I'm writing my IA in french and I just merely translated my topic.
  11. Hey! I am confused about internal citations for the Extended Essay. I have internally cited primary and historiographical/secondary sources, but do I have to cite EVERYTHING? My EE is in history, and almost nothing is just "common knowledge." What do I do?
  12. Hi, I'm a HL student about to start second year. I am doing my IA on "To what extent was nationalism contribute to North Vietnamese Victory". Where would the best place to start be? Do you recommend going through texts and trying to find references to nationalism or what? Any feedback on IAs in general or my topic would be amazing
  13. I am a first year IB student and its coming close to the deadlines for our EE proposals to be handed in. I took geography HL over History, because I needed geography for the course I want to do in uni. However for my EE I'm really keen on doing it in History even though I didn't take it. I did it for my igcse and scored really well on my coursework which in a way is a shortened and much more dumbed down version of an EE. I know that I am allowed to write an EE on a subject that I don't do but I also know that it isn' recommended. I've looked through so many forums and for the most part people suggest steering clear from subjects you don't do. However, many of them havent done history before. I really am interested in looking at the Policy of apartheid in South Africa. Please help! I'm really stressed out about it.
  14. I am doing my History IA and I can't find any samples for the new format. I'm having trouble writing my IA because although I understand what the IB wants in terms of 'sections' (identification and evaluation of sources, Investigation and Reflection) I don't understand if I have to divide my IA in those specific sections or if it's something that my IA must have, even if it's not divided. If anyone has a good example of this new format I would really appreciate it!
  15. I am currently choosing a question for my history IA, but I'm not sure if I can use a "Compare and Contrast" question.. Can I use it as my research question for my IA? Thank you!
  16. Would it be okay to write my history EE on comic books? like, I want to compare the use of comic books as propaganda in different wars. how could I make a research question out of this?
  17. So I have started to think about what I would like to do for my Extended Essay, we have to give in our ideas in around a weeks time. Just need some help refining my ideas, any tips would be appreciated! How has the Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal impacted the brand image of Volkswagen (Related to Business Management) Comparing the speeches of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and how the language impacted the election results (English Language and Literature) How can war be justified (History) Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi guys, I'm in my 1st year of DP and our EE coordinator told us to start writing up a proposal for our EE. Now I have a slight dilemma with my subject choices: I really want to do either History or Visual Arts, however, there is an issue with both of them. History: I want to pursue a career in History and I was going to take it up as an IB subject but since we do not have a DP History teacher, I did not - would it be wise to do an EE in a subject that it is not a subject of mine and has a MYP supervisor? I would like to add, though, that I really do like History. Visual Arts: I'd like to look into art history but again we do not have a DP V.A teacher therefore it is not one of my IB subjects - would it be wise to do an EE for the same reason above? Furthermore, the MYP teacher that is available is not really adept in the English language and I feel that would affect my grade. As a backup, I have English literature, however, it's not really my favourite subject... All the same, I'd really appreciate some feedback! Thanks again
  19. Ok so I originally declared my subject as history because it definitely makes sense to me to declare it history, but now one of my teacher's is saying that my ee is on the border of history and cultural and social anthropology, and i really don't want to go through the whole expensive process of changing my subject for $200 USD when I would still have to rewrite my EE whether i change the topic or not. My RQ is: To what extent did European colonization impact the traditional roles of Indigenous women of Canada Basically I said that with European colonization, Indigenous society shifted from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal society which significantly degraded women. However, I agree with my teachers saying that my essay was too narrative without a strong thesis. My outline included: - pre-colonial customs -European perceptions -Implementation of Change: missionaries and political influence After some brainstorming, I changed my RQ to To what extent can the success of European colonization of Canada be attributed to the diminishing authority of Indigenous women? My outline would follow the same previous format but with a stronger focus on cause and effect, so like religious, political, social, and economic factors which contributed to European colonization. However, my timeframe is from 1632-1876; is this timeframe too broad? The bulk of my information is from 1850-76 for government legislation, but I thought it was really important to include missionaries which were prominent in the 1600s. Overall, is this change enough for my subject to be history? I still have to add historiography and more info.
  20. I've discussed this in a past post, and it has led me here. Rundown of GCR: influx of refugees from Haitian Revolution --> Territory of Louisiana --> GCR (many disputable events because of historians; worries Claiborne that Territory of Louisiana will not become a state of US, so he undermines the GCR to make sure US will accept Territory as a state) --> Louisiana becomes a state For my extended essay I will be analyzing the historiography of the German Coast Rebellion from the following historians in order to understand why the GCR is often overlooked: Charles Gayarre Adam Rothman Francois Xavier Martin Alcee Fortier John S. Kendall Daniel Rasmuthen I will also discuss the a factor of Claiborne wanting Louisiana to become a state. I do have a general idea of my research question, but I am not sure what the final one would be? So far I have, "To what extent has historians Gayarre, Rothman, Martin, Fortier, and Kendall shaped/downplayed the events of the 1811 German Coast Rebellion?"
  21. I am including an appendix of a map of the area I am discussing in my historical investigation. Additionally, I am considering putting in a table of data here. The problem is that I'm not quite sure how to cite these properly. My plan was to put them after the bibliography and then in the paper, when I have in-text citations in footnotes, I put next to them, "(See Appendix A/B)". Is this the proper way? Or should I put the footnote directly next to the appendices even though the appendix comes after the bibliography? Thank you!
  22. Hi guys! I'm trying to write my EE in history and my research question is due next week. I know I want to write my EE about the Italian Mafia, but I don't know how to word a research question. A research question I was thinking about was: "How did the Italian Mafia influence West Virginia Primary in May 1960, effectively winning JFK the Democratic Primary?" I'm not sure if it's good enough though. How can I improve this RQ? Thanks!
  23. Hello IB-community! I am currently in high school and need to choose my IB subjects very soon. As the title suggests, I would be very thankful if some of you would be interested in answering my question. I am currently in a rough spot mental health wise, in the way that I am unable to tolerate any excessive focus on emotionally draining subjects, due to the fact that I was diagnosed as a highly sensitive person and struggle with depressive episodes. Therefore I am hesitant as to wether choose IB, history SL or ITGS SL. Because last year I did not enjoy history at all, it was very war focused and left me "emotionally triggered" many times. I struggle because its not the history that gets me, I actually liked it for most of my life, its just all the extra in depth-detail about wars etc. that I can't handle, Then I am torn between ITGS, because I don't know what to anticipate. I am not into technology or computers very much, but it seems like a relatively relaxed subject that wouldn't get me into trouble emotionally straight away, as I really enjoy sociology too. Many thanks for your suggestions Kind regards, Saoirse
  24. I'm in history HL in a very small class with a very under-qualified teacher, and if I'm honest, I don't trust his judgement on my IA topic. The topic I proposed was: "To what extent did the Battle of Stalingrad force Hitler out of Russia?". I've also been considering similar topics such as "How impactful was the outcome of the Battle of Stalingrad on Germany?" I am really interested in this topic (and the Wehrmacht's time in the USSR in general) but I don't know if this is too specific, not specific enough, overdone, or even viable as an IA topic. He sort of just said "yeah okay" without giving any criticism or really any comments with substance. Would really like some feedback ASAP, thanks!
  25. So I have been in the IB Program since kindergarten and now I am in 9th grade at the IB High School and they kick people out but I have seen the seniors class of 2018 most of them have and hair grades below an 80 in Mississippi you must maintain in 80 or above in IB. I have a 71 average in Spanish and a 57 average in geometry but I haven't 80 in above and all of my six classes. Im not sure if i will pass this semester. They have to give probation letters before they kick you out. They always said 2nd term they give letter amd they kick you out come Christmas. But once a again their are seniors thah have failed more than 1 IB class since their High school IB career. But ny school does kick people out. Can anyone explain is it selective?