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Found 10 results

  1. Hii everyone I need some help I'm thinking of applying to med schools in usa and canada next semester but my school only offers either ib chemistry or ib biology. I don't know why but there are two separate programs in our school and you can choose only one. One offers chemistry, physics, maths, literature, english and ess and the other offers maths, literature, english, french, biology and titc (turkey in the twentieth century) as ib classes. As I had to make a choice this year I chose the second one because I wasn't certain with med school but I had a keen interest on biology alone. Now I don't know what to do. If you know anything pleaaase help me? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi so im in grade 10 right now and I have to pick my courses for IB soon. I want to attend university somewhere in the UK (for medicine) and I was looking at the requirements and they require you to take HL bio and HL chem. (I'm taking grade 11 physics next semester) My school discourages taking 2 HL sciences because they said it would be too hard How hard is it? Is it manageable? Would it be possible to get a level 6 or 7 in the course? (I have a 90% in science right now) Do you regret taking it? Thanks!!!
  3. Hello, For my Biology IA, I'm going to be investigating the effect of CO2 on mold growth in the life of strawberries. Essentially, I'm going to inoculate a group of strawberry halves with Rhizopus Stolonifer, place them into an incubator, control it's CO2 level, and record the molds growth over a period of days using a time lapse camera. I'm then going to calculate the rate of mold growth on the strawberry using calculus and analyze the results. The most troubling part of this is the method of controlling the CO2 level within the incubator. Originally, I was simply going to place a solution of yeast, sugar, and water in a corner of the incubator, and increase the yeast / sugar concentration (increasing the CO2 generated). However, this would of led to a loose conclusion, as I could really only relate the mold growth change to a change in yeast / sugar concentration, and not CO2 directly. So, now, my method was to place a CO2 sensor within the incubator, and have a controllable source of CO2. Essentially, I'd set a setpoint for the CO2, and the source would release CO2 into the incubator until the setpoint was reached, and shut off. If the CO2 level diminished, the source would be reactivated until the setpoint was reaching again. Now comes the issue - what would the CO2 source be? After some research and visiting nearby hardware stores, purchasing an empty CO2 tank, filling it, purchasing the necessary gauges and solenoid valves, would cost upwards of $300, often more. On the other hand, purchasing a few bottles of pop for a party, drinking and emptying them, filling them with yeast, sugar, and water, attaching them to a couple of check valves and a solenoid valve, would cost less than $20. Here's my proposed setup: I've already purchased the CO2 Sensor (using the school's budget), and our school's robotics course teacher is a good friend of mine and I can borrow his arduino's. I've also found an $8 solenoid valve online, and our school has check valves. I've had the time lapse camera for a while, and the CO2 generators are a warehouse store's purchase away. The setup is essentially ready, although I feel like there's an issue somewhere, specifically the CO2 storage. Now, maybe I just can't think at all at this moment and am going crazy, but wouldn't the CO2, after being created in the generators, head to the storage, and overfill it because of the air already present in there, eventually causing a rupture? Or would this not happen? How can I fix this if it would? Thank you so much!
  4. Hi! I'm planning on submitting my proposals for my biology IA soon but I'm not sure my ideas will work! I wanted to do something with enzymes, but unfortunately couldn't come up with any good ideas that weren't already done in class. I was thinking about doing the effect of heat on Vitamin C concentration (however, this seems a little too much chem-ish?) or the concentration of Vitamin C on different stages of ripening fruit? I also thought about doing a database lab, but I'm not sure where to get data. I thought about doing the effect of birth control pills on estrogen levels, but again, I'm not sure where to get data, or if it's a good topic at all. Not sure if they work at all, so I'd appreciate any feedback!
  5. 44 downloads

    A summary / notes suitable for revision of the Genetics unit (covered in DP1, HL Biology with core elements that are covered in SL Biology too). The document was made with help of in-class notes, various websites and presentations from Bioknowledgy, but all information should have been rephrased at least slightly. The entire part of the syllabus (for the Exams in May 2017) that was covered in this unit is discussed; all statements have been explained, skills and applications are not mentioned however.
  6. Hope this is some good motivation for you guys
  7. Lab Report

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether the IB permits the use of pesticides or insecticides for an IA? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. F.C.
  8. Hi there I've just learned that our's school's IB policy only allows us to do up to 4 certificates. Otherwise, we're to do the full diploma. As of right now, I'm doing World Religions (2nd year), french (2nd year), English, and HL chem. Next semester, I'll be doing HL Bio, HL Chem (2nd year), SL math and University prep Canadian Law. I'm practically doing ALL courses as IB. I'm kind of REALLY stressed, because I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to handle this. My marks (mid-term) were higher than I had expected, but I've have to put in much more time and effort, and I've had to "sacrifice" many activities simply because I cannot find the time. I don't particularly love the IB courses, but my IB class family and some of my teachers are the BEST... so I've got both "sides of the spectrum." What were your experiences with IB? Is it possible to get all 6s and 7s? Is there an advantage given to IB students (ie. university-wise?) Is it too late to start documenting my CAS hours? Any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks! -Maggie
  9. Lab Report

    Hi, My class needs to start picking IA topics REALLY soon (like in a few days). I have an idea but I'm not sure if it would work. I wanted to see the effect of salinity on the germination of seeds. I need 10 trials with 5 increments, but I only have two weeks (10 days to collect data). Would this be sufficient time? Thank you!
  10. HEy there! I'm in a really big dilemma now.. i'm not sure what subjects to take.. i live in india and am going to do my IBDP here.. i'm anyways going to take Biology HL Chemistry HL Literature SL Spanish ab initio SL MAthematics SL its the third HL i'm worried abt.. i heard that univs in india require all three sciences... but takin all three sciences as HLs would be really hard.. i dont know hwat to do.. i have no academic experience in psychology but it seems interesting... so shuold i take Psychology HL> ? PHysics or psychology... i'm leaning more towards psych but people have said that i'll need al three sciencesbut wouldnt that be a burden.. pl help me!!! will taking psychology be easy even if i have no idea about the topic...?? i want to join med school... mostly us, uk or in india( for undergrad) pls help me at the latest