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Found 4 results

  1. I've tried the May Paper 1 questions for HL econs and found them to be doable but quite tricky as compared to the previous years. Does anyone have any random predictions on what may be tested for the November paper? I'm thinking Economic Growth for one of the macro questions...
  2. I'm going into ib soon and I was wondering If if was recommended to take Hl maths Hl econ Hl physics I know these are all very math based subjects but I don't have enough hl subjects and I do not enjoy the other sciences
  3. Hello! I am a Pre IB student and am aiming to take HL Economics next year(I wanted to take Business and Management but our school doesn't offer it). Is it relevant for me to take HL Maths? I am interested in international business/relationship and communication. Considering my current Math grades I think I am competent enough for HL, hopefully. Please share your experience, what does universities look for even? I am confused...
  4. Hey guys! Recently I've become quite anxious with Economics because my teacher increased my grade. While I did work hard to achieve the better grade, I have practically no confidence that I will be able to get that grade for my final exams. And I don't want to disappoint my teacher. There's just so much to remember for economics and sometimes it's difficult to memorise the content because I find it hard to understand the concepts. Any of your tips, notes, opinions, your experience etc. on how you did well in HL Economics that you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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