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Found 17 results

  1. helenas

    IBHL Physics IA

    I know there are tons of posts on here like this but can anyone help me like expand my IA idea? I'm in HL physics and maannnn am I bad at it but I'm pretty good at music (violin) so I had planned to do some kind of exploration on standing waves on string/ in tubes using my violin and my large set of boomwhackers, but I'm not sure what exactly I could explore to get 10 reasonable pages out of that. I was going to explore like how the distance between adjacent notes on the fingerboard gets smaller the higher you go up the fingerboard, but that's probably not 10 pages worth of info, so can you think of like any ways I could talk about standing waves, something about waves on violin strings, waves through open-ended or open-closed tubes (the boomwhackers) that could all somehow fit under one research question and also contain enough info to write about 10 pages (including graphs and tables and diagrams and such) about?
  2. I'm a month into IB and my classes so far are: HL Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Arabic B; SL Economics and English LL. However, I've been rethinking what I want to do in the future and have been moving away from engineering/physics towards more Maths and computer science. If I decide to drop chemistry for comp sci, my schedule will be as follows: HL Maths, Physics, English LL; SL Comp Sci, Economics, Spanish AB. My school doesn't offer computer science Higher Level. I'm worried that this setup is not as strong as the first one with regards to me applying for mathematics at Oxford. Also, without CS HL, there is no way I can apply for CS at Oxford and be taken seriously. Thoughts?
  3. sofia.a

    HL Physics

    I am taking HL- English, History, and Physics and SL-Italian, Chemistry, and Math (IB Calculus). The Physics HL at my school is not an actual class and i have to do it independent study in the SL Physics class and was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on how i should go about taking this course and if i should look into a different HL elective (Im bad at Bio, Psych, and Business and want to pursue a science career in college)
  4. I'm really struggling to decide whether I want to do HL Maths (Statistics) or HL Physics for my final exams. I'm pushing the deadline on when I can decide my HLs. The advice I've received so far is do whichever subject I enjoy more but, the problem is, I love both subjects! I am set on doing HL Chemistry and Economics, and think doing 4 HLs would be a waste of energy. I've been doing extremely well in both subjects (I received the single Year 11 distinction in both). My grades have consistently been better in Physics, but my grades have really started picking up in Maths over the last semester. (I was going to choose based on my Year 11 exam results, but then I luckily did better than I expected in both!) So basically, I'm not sure that I can personally use marks as a decision making tool either. If people have done both HL Maths and HL Physics, do you have any advice about which you enjoyed more, the demand for both, etc to help me make my decision? Thanks!
  5. Currently it feels like I am at an impasse. I felt like I needed advice and some help, so sorry if I don't do something right considering this is my first post. Currently my classes are HL Physics and History, SL Spanish, Chem and Math. What I'm having trouble with is my HL Physics class. The teacher does not teach. He is simply more of a facilitator and has even said himself he is a facilitator. It is halfway through Semester 1 of my Junior year and we are only on Dynamics and Projectile Motion. Previous HL students have said they had to self teach the entirety of the HL topics. My class is also a mix of SL and HL students since there wasn't enough HL students to warrant a new class (only 5 of us). It seems that I am going to have to self study a large amount of topics and I don't know what to do. I want to do HL Physics, but at the same time I also want to get my IB Diplomma. Does anybody have a 2 year lesson plan of what HL Physics students should be covering every quarter or every semester or something? Any advice as to what I should do? Two of my classmates have considered dropping out of Physics all together because of the teacher. I want to resolve this issue before I am in my senior year and have only covered 3 topics. Are there any online self study guides or places I can have resources to teach myself? Are there any youtube channels I can benefit from? Anything. if anyone can give me advice in any way, please do. Thank you
  6. So I'm currently thinking of my ib options and wanted to take the following: SL English Language and Literature SL Chinese B SL environmental systems and societies HL Physics HL Math HL Chemistry and I just wanted to know if you can take ess with 2 other science subjects? It's either ess or history and I don't see myself doing history anytime in the future. ess seems more helpful but i'm just really confused on whether or not I can take 3 science subjects in total? also I wanted to know how hard I will have to work if I'm choosing those 3 HL subjects? From what I've heard, taking HL math and physics together is really stressful already, and I just want to be prepared with all that workload
  7. Hey guys! I'm working on my group four project and I'm a bit confused on how to determine the difference between raw data and processed data. My experiment involved testing heart rate in sprinting and in jumping jacks to determine which raised heart rate the most. Our data mainly consists of the different heart rates per activity for the different people involved. Can you tell me what the process data would be for this type of experiment?
  8. I'm going into ib soon and I was wondering If if was recommended to take Hl maths Hl econ Hl physics I know these are all very math based subjects but I don't have enough hl subjects and I do not enjoy the other sciences
  9. Hi Guys Right now i am about to graduate from 10th grade. Next year I am an IB student.I am taking HL PHYSICS HL MATH HL ENGLISH SL CHEM (these 4 are the ones that i need information) I can't find enough resource about what i might need so i wanted to ask you what are your essentials . And I don't know what kind of folder or binder organization i should have. Also i heard that they assign homework for summer .Did you guys had homework?
  10. Nha Khanh Ly


    Hi I have math, chemistry and physics as my HL. The problem is that I'm the only one doing physics in my IB school. So I did the HL physics options during my IB1 and the core during my IB2. The syllabus for the science has changed and there is new IB physics teacher. She's going through the core very slow and only teach the SL part now. I'm afraid I have to self study HL materials. The only thing is, I still can drop to SL PHYSICS and take HL English B. But then I will have to keep HL CHEMISTRY, which I really don't like. What should I do? Guys please help me. If you were me, what will you do?
  11. Hello! I'm writing my extended essay in Physics on holograms and holographic projection. I'm stuck on how to write my research question, and I was wondering does anyone have any ideas? Any ideas on what specific regions I should focus on? What I have so far is: What is the physics behind holographic projections and how can they be applied to the modern world? I need expermental data, so how could I incorporate that into my EE? Thanks.
  12. HEy there! I'm in a really big dilemma now.. i'm not sure what subjects to take.. i live in india and am going to do my IBDP here.. i'm anyways going to take Biology HL Chemistry HL Literature SL Spanish ab initio SL MAthematics SL its the third HL i'm worried abt.. i heard that univs in india require all three sciences... but takin all three sciences as HLs would be really hard.. i dont know hwat to do.. i have no academic experience in psychology but it seems interesting... so shuold i take Psychology HL> ? PHysics or psychology... i'm leaning more towards psych but people have said that i'll need al three sciencesbut wouldnt that be a burden.. pl help me!!! will taking psychology be easy even if i have no idea about the topic...?? i want to join med school... mostly us, uk or in india( for undergrad) pls help me at the latest
  13. clover

    HL Physics?

    Hi, I am considering to take HL physics, and SL Chemistry, for my science subjects. How is HL physics in terms of content, concepts, difficulty etc?
  14. Hi, I am considering to take HL physics, and SL Chemistry, for my science subjects. How is HL physics in terms of content, concepts, difficulty etc?
  15. Currently, I am taking Math HL, Physics HL, Business HL and French SL, English SL and Economics SL. I chose math and physics hl so that i would be able to go to the UK to study engineering in university. Im struggling in math hl and dont feel like its for me. My first question would be what combination i should change to, as i also heard that business was not a respected subject by universities. my possible combinations are as follows: HL: Physics, business, econ SL: math, english french or HL: Physics, Econ, english SL: Business, math, french my second questions is about universities. if i want to get into an engineering university in the united states, are those classes enough to get me accepted into a good engineering uni (for mechanical or civil or computer science, nothing including chemistry or biology), even though i dont have two sciences and only one science HL? Thank you EDIT: also , would it help if i took the SATs plus the SAT math and physics subject tests?
  16. Hi sorry I'm new to this, I want to know if HL Physics is compulsory for Architecture in Uni? I'm worried that my lack of HL in Math and Physics will stop me from studying Architecture. Also, is there any other courses I could take? I'm also quite interested in Psychology(except for the lac of jobs in Singapore) My combination is this: HL Literature in EnglishSL Language B: ChineseHL EconomicsSL PhysicsSL MathematicsHL Visual Arts
  17. Hello this is my first question when joining this site and I need some help. I decided to do IB but I joined very last minute. I want to go into engineering as my career and I know physics is really important for engineering. My question is, should I do HL Physics? Here is another thing that is give me second thoughts, I havnt done grade 11 functions yet, though it is not a prerequisite for doing HL physics. Should I do HL Physics? Yes, No?
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