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Found 385 results

  1. Hi, I can't get out of this question please help! kx^2+(k-8)x+(1-k)=0, k does not equal 0. One root is 2 more than the other. Find k and two roots. Thanks!!
  2. Hey guys, I have been kinda exasperated and anxious with my History HL exam now in may: more than being a very demanding subject, it has a less padronised program and so can be considered to be harder to get top marks. Don't wanna seem kinda sponger but if you could give a few tips, talk about your situation with the subject, discuss the subject itself and, if you may, attach some notes or practicing answers to past papers (this was actually something not only I but also more people could benefit from, because for every subject you must have an effective writing, which enables you to get top marks). To get ambitious grades in this rigorous subject, we must intertwine knowledge with practice (until the exams, we can get both, so I would like to ask you, who has had good answers/methodology that would like to share with us). I have studied the following modules: WW1, Tsarist Russia, Weimar Republic, single party states such as Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia, WW2, League of Nations, Cold War with Vietnam, Korea, Cuba all of that (also including the impact of the UN in Cold War, the relation between China and the USA and Russia and China), the Spanish Civil War, Algerian War and Falkland War. Cheers, Richard
  3. So i just did the hl calculus test and it went pretty bad. So i am wondering if anybody Else thought the calculus 1 exam test was really hard?
  4. I had a topic about the rate of respiration on bakers yeast, but my biology teacher said that topic wasn't suitable. I need a new topic and I've been looking for one for around a month. I'm very behind, can someone please provide some suggestions to a topic?
  5. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Right now I still have 4 high level’s, as I only need 3, I need/want to drop one HL subject. My two options are economics HL, or English language and literature HL. ECONOMICS ENGLISH It is not subjective. I can work really hard and memorize the definitions and concepts and it will be a right or wrong answer It is subjective, teacher A might like my essay but teacher B might say that it is a bad essay. Have to do paper three. Calculations Have two read two more books than SL student It takes up a lot of time to understand the concepts. We can’t really study for English. Just need to understand the text in depth. The grade boundaries is really different The grade boundaries are not too different. I’m planning to take fashion business as a university major. So economics will really benefit my knowledge for this major. Language will defiantly help me write thesis in university. However, it has nothing to do with my major. I’m really confused on which one I should drop. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Guys, I was practicing the answer to the classical question of the causes that led to the outbreak of WW1 (examine the role of colonialism rivalry that led to the outbreak of WW1), and lacked some specific examples of historians from each current (revisionist, marxist, and those who blame the politicians and ministers for incompetence). The historiography only includes historians, right? We cannot include, for example, Lenin or Lloyd George? My teacher didn't really develop this and I am essentially for the first time looking at this to answer questions in History. Could you help me out in explaining how I can use historiography to achieve top marks in my essays, and give me specific details of historians who defend revisionism, marxism (communism), the blame to politicians and many other currents you find important to develop? Grateful, Richard
  8. Hi guys, I want to do my chem ia on vitamin c concentration in orange juice or vitamin c tablets but my chem teacher said it needs to involve a chemical reaction and Idk what independent variable to examine. If you guys have any ideas lemme know , even if it is a better topic
  9. Hey everybody, I am currently doing HL for English Language and Literature, and I unsure about a facet of the Critical Response. I am writing about Schindler's List, and why the movie shows that while most Nazis were morally lacking, some, like Schindler, were actually morally good. Would it be appreciated if I added a short excerpt from my text (the screenplay of Schindler's List) in front of my CT? The official IB site says that it is allowed here, and it is also done in the sample given on that webpage. However, when I handed in an early version to my teacher for checking, she said that adding an excerpt isn't appreciated anymore, and that I am not supposed to do it. I am still not entirely sure, though, so if someone could tell me what to do, that would be great.
  10. So I am starting the process of choosing an IA question and I am having some difficulties. Initially I wanted to write something about the holocaust but upon further research it seems to be an overdone topic. I decided to look into other possible WWII/post WWII topics but I am having trouble finding a topic. I am thinking maybe something on Camp X (Canadian spy camp) or post war Berlin ie. differences in east and west Berlin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. Hi! I'm in 1 IB now but I made this mistake and took Maths HL. At the beginning of the year I had 3 HLs: Physics HL, Maths HL and French B HL. My school doesn't allow any changes 2 weeks after choosing subjects, but I managed to change also Arts SL to HL as I want to go for Architecture Design. I can't change the levels of Maths but I still got 4 HLs. I'm afraid I will have a bad grade from Maths on exams. So can I write the November session exams (retake) but with Maths SL? I will still have 3 HLs (Physics, Arts and French B). Because if not, I will be looking for A-levels. To have 2 certificates, because I will really fail the Maths exams and I'm heading for UCL.
  12. So let's say that (theoretically, of course, as no one would ever be left without a teacher) I didn't have an IB psychology teacher and the few of us in the class had to resort to teaching ourselves. Can anyone give any tips or keys to study so that I can actually pass the tests in May? Also, I know the class is relatively simple so I've thought about doing it as a fourth HL.. Thoughts?
  13. Hey is there a site or some kind of resource for real life examples for every chapter?
  14. I'm currently in PreIB and we are just about to turn in our applications for which subjects we want to take. so far this is what I've decided on: Swedish A HL English B HL Psych/History HL Math SL ESS SL Psych/History SL so my only kind of struggle right now is if i should take history or psychology at higher level. Both courses are challenging and people keep giving different reviews and i don't know what to choose. The psych teacher at my school says that if he was a student he wouldn't choose HL psych and in history is so many dates to keep track of. I do want to do both courses I just don't know which one i should take at HL. Which course is harder and which one is less challenging? How do the final exams in each subject differ? I'm desperate for help.
  15. Hey guys, So for my HL Math IA, I stumbled upon vector functions after looking at one that suggested cycloids, which led to brachistrone curve, I'm not 100 sure as I didnt read much up on brachistrone curve itself. So I liked looking into vector functions, and looking into the calculus with vector functions. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could investigate more specifically using vector functions and calculus of vector functions
  16. Hey guys So Im in IB Yr 1 and we finished micro. We had a test on theory of firms (P1 and P3 format) and in that a got a 3. So my teacher said took a retest today, and that went bad too. I dont have the results yet but dont expect more than a 4. So what should I do? Should I take Math HL (My teacher says I'm capable, but then it'll be a lot of catching up) and Eco SL or Psych HL and drop eco entirely? (again a lot of catching up) But I feel more inclined towards Psych Pls give inputs thanks I hate IB
  17. Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the CS IA. For quite some time I could not decide on what I should do, since I'm not a particularly good programmer. I watched some videos on Youtube and saw that some people had made games with an editor known as Fusion 2.5. Inspired by a movie I opted to make a playable version of Peg Solitaire in said editor. I already designed the playing board and both the mouse pointer and the playing marble sprites, as well as got the mouse to fnction. However I doubt that I would be able to finish this project of mine, due to a lack of knowledge with the editor. This is the point at which I should point out the big issue, said being my teacher. He is not a quallfied IB teacher, he isn't very good at English and I doubt that he knows anything about the IB or CS in general. So far he was unable to provide me with any concrete details on the rules of what I need to use to make my product. To this day I do not know whether or not my project is appropriate, and as the deadline aproaches, I have less and less faith in it. This got me thinking as to whther or not I should change my topic, and after some time I remembered how I made game modifications for The Elder Scrolls 3 in it's respective editor. Naturally this mod would include custom coding for a quest that could have value both in terms of entertainment and education, for example: explaining chemisty through interaction with in-game characters. The issue with this is that I would need to use already existing character models and assets for the mod to function. I'm intersted as to whether someone has made something similar in the past as well as whether or not my ideas for the IA (both the marble game and the mod) are a good idea. I'd prefer to make the mod one, since I'm more experienced withe the editor. Thanks in advance guys! Ozren
  18. Hi all. I really want to switch to computer science HL (i take SL) and drop my physics hl because I am afraid it is too hard for me. I am in my first year of IB, my subjects are English A SL, Arabic B HL, ITGS HL, Physics HL, Computer science SL, Math studies SL. The problem is my school does not teach computer science HL (only sl) so I have to teach myself and I am kind of struggling with it. I scored an A- for computer science and a C+ for physics in my first term exams. How can I plan out lessons? Where can I study from? Are there online courses I can take or something? Any extra tips?
  19. Hey I am stuggling with my history paper. Can you tell me if question do you: How and to what extend Russian minority enriched and influenced cultural development of city of Lodz during 19th and beginning of 20th century? or To what Russian minority in Lodz contributed to the development of the city in 19th and 20th century? are they good topic for IA because I am not sure,.
  20. How do you typically answer a "to what extent.." research question in order to form a thesis in history? My research question is "To what extend did the Suez Crisis impact British influence in Egypt". Thanks!
  21. Hi, I just transferred into IB this year (grade 11) and am still adjusting to the school. I have heard rumors from grade 12s about how crammed their first semester is, and I am worried that I won't be able to manage my time wisely when I get into grade 12. I was going to take IB Japanese, but I had to move it to my grade 12 year because my Japanese is currently not good enough yet. For next year's first semester, I will have History, IB Japanese 11, Math HL, Physics HL, Chemistry SL, and English HL/TOK. I currently volunteer at a salmon hatchery and work part time at McDonald's. I am also on the cross-country team and track and field. In February, I will also start volunteering at a local hospital. So far, I have managed to balance my school life and my extracurricular activities, but I'm not sure if I can survive grade 12 without dropping any of them. Do you guys think I should drop an HL course, my volunteering, my job, or something else?? Also, please give some advice on time management
  22. Hey I am stuggling with my history paper. Can you tell me if question do you: How and to what extend Russian minority enriched and influenced cultural development of city of Lodz during 19th and beginning of 20th century? or To what Russian minority in Lodz contributed to the development of the city in 19th and 20th century? are they good topic for IA because I am not sure ?
  23. So, I haven't actually started the IB yet, (I'm in PRE-IB, starting IB next year), and will be taking HL Maths. My maths teacher gave the the following question: "A CD has 10 different songs on it.The CD is put on shuffle and repeat, so no matter which song plays, any one of the 10 songs could be up next. What is the probability that at least one of the songs will be played at least 3 times before all of the songs have been played at least once." I NEED help with this question, or it will drive me crazy. So, i thought working out the probability of this NOT happening would be easier, and then just subtract that from one. So, for this not to happen, once all the songs have been played at least once, all the songs need to have played either once or twice right? (No more, no less) So, let the number of songs that play twice be x. We know that x ∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}. So, i just need to calculate the probability for x to be any of these values. P(x=0) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)...(1/10)1) * (10!/(0!*(10-0)!) P(x=1) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)2) * (11!/(2!*(11-2)!) P(x=2) = ((10/10)(9/10)(8/10)....(1/10)4) * (12!/(4!*(12-4)!) etc. Then I can calculate P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}), and 1 - P(x=∈ {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}) should be my answer, correct? What i want to know is if this way of solving the problem is correct. If not, what's wrong? Additionally, this will take a long time to calculate, is there (i assume there must be, but as I sad, I'm not in the IB yet, so i haven't learned any of the fancy techniques) an easier way to solve this? Sincerely, A future IB student who is about to lose his sanity.
  24. i have a topic for my Bio IA which is, the effect of sugar on seed germination. I don't know what seeds i'll be using yet, but i will place them in a container surrounded by cotton buds and will add water every day, with plain water as the constant. I not entirely sure what concentration levels of sugar to use or how to calculate molars. I'm not sure what the results would be. How many seed have germinated? the growth of the seeds? and how it could become meaningful data, e.g. tables, graphs. if anyone has done an IA or prac similar to this or has some knowledge, any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Chris Collins.