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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everybody! I need to chat with someone from the United States and someone from the UK for Language B assignment. We would talk about the culture of our own countries. I promise to be entertaining
  2. I'm having a little trouble doing this question. Any thoughts on how to solve it? QUESTION:The first term of a geometric series is 6 and the sum of the first 15 terms is 29. Find the common ratio.
  3. Please respond in one sentence or less with how materials shape human identity. Thank you!
  4. I want to go into the ib program for gr 9 next year and I have a lot of questions. Do you just have to take an entry exam to be accepted into the ib program, or do you have to get recommended by your elementary teacher(s). And what concepts are on the exam in math? Also, if I got in, how much homework would I have per night?
  5. Do you also have this type of teachers, which clearly do not care if you can handle the work they give? Sometimes, they give homework as if we did not have other classes, and it is becoming overwhelming, even though I'm only in my first year of IB, but with IAs all coming at once in all the subjects... It is really becoming stressful. Do you,or have you felt the same way as me?
  6. I have a week till I start school, and I feel like I've been doing homework all summer, but I still have so much left. I keep sitting down to work on it, but I can never get much done. Any one else have a similar problem, or any suggestions on how to remedy it?
  7. I was doing really well in the beginning of the year. But in second semester (my school is a linear Canadian school year) my grades went terrible to the point that my parents and teachers were surprised. Basically I went from nearly 80-90s to like 50-60s for a couple of my subjects. This is my last semester in my first year. Can I still improve? Is there anything anyone suggests that can help me improve? Is this a horrible thing and should I drop out?
  8. Hi guys, if anyone could help me out to part iii if this problem, I would really appreciate it! Milk in a cup is heated to boiling point by passing steam through it. Whilst cooling subsequently, some milk evaporates. The cup contains.3 kg of milk at an initial temperature of 18 C. ii) Estimate the minimum mass of steam at 100 C that is required to heat the milk to 80 C (I did this and got .84 kg) iii) State two reasons, other than evaporation, why the answer to b ii is likely to be different from the actual mass of condensed steam.
  9. I've recently started the IB and I've been told consistently that those who do well are the ones who plan well and who work steadily. So far I have been doing next to no work out of class and I need to know how much time I should be spending studying and doing homework. Does anyone have any advice?
  10. I need help writing a rationale for Box Man by Ascher. I do not understand at all what a rationale is. I do not even understand how I am suppose to write one. I do not understand what my teacher means by saying "linked to the course". I need help any would be obliged thank you. P.S. This is my first year in an IB class.
  11. Guest

    IB1 vs IB2

    Hi! I will start IB1 the 18th (have gone PDP this year) and I was wondering if IB1 is harder than IB2 or does it depend on if you do all your homeworks/assignments or not?? The difference between the homeworks, assignments, tests, CAS and everything else you can think of! Is it true that if you do everything properly the first year, the second year will be easier?? If you have any tips, write them!! (Can help me and my class alot - we get very tired of school early!)
  12. Hello, I will be starting IB next week and was wondering how people manage to do IB and have a job.. I would be working a 6 hour shift per week, usually on the saturday. I was wondering if any of you know from experience if it's possible to combine a job like mine with the IB. I want to get good grades but I also know I cannot stop working -- I need the money for college.
  13. I'm doing a Internet- related project for French and it would be really awesome if you guys could help me out by answering the questions below! 1) What is your gender? 2) How many times a week are you online? 3) What is the duration of time you're usually online? 4) Have you ever bought anything online? 5) Do you visit gaming sites? 6) Do you visit celebrity-dedicated websites (e.g. official websites, tumblrs related to a celebrity, etc)? 7) Do you visit social-networking sites?
  14. Please and thank you. 1. Explain how the collecting ducts can alter the volume of urine produced by the kidney. [5] 2. Blood plasma, glomerular filtrate, and urine have different concentrations of solutes, such as glucose, protein and urea. Explain the processes occurring in the kidney that cause the differences in the concentrations of these solutes between blood plasma, glomerular filtrate and urine. [8]
  15. Hi, so I'm really worried, because I've taken English HL, and we NEVER do anything in class. The teacher just comes in and just stares at us. Her lessons (if you could even call them that) are so confusing, because we just seem to be "discussing" random topics that change every class. All of the students in my class are really worried, so we've decided to be proactive about it. What do you guys do in your IB English HL classes? What type of practice/homework do you usually get? It would be really awesome if you could help out!
  16. Nikita K

    Day in your life?

    Since we have such a mixture of countries, cultures and personalities on IB Survival, I was really interested in knowing how your day usually goes! Here's how my day went today (it doesn't have to be right to the minute- I'm just procrastinating here): 7:00- Alarm rings 7:10- Convince myself I have ten more minutes 7:30- Wake up shocked at the time. Ponder about Einstein and Relativity. 7:30 - 8:00 - Get ready for school 8:00- 8:15- Grab an assortment of things lying around my room (socks, headphones, eyeliner) 8:17- Check time on my phone. Mentally curse at myself for taking so long to get ready. 8:17 - 8:30- Pray to every celestial being I know to avoid being late. 8:35- Arrive at school just as National Anthem is going on (They play the National Anthem every morning in the assembly). Try to concoct a plan to slip by unnoticed as I stand in silence. 8:40 - Try to slip past the teachers who are noting down late-comers. My efforts are in vain as they sense a disturbance in the Force, and immediately notice me. Since this the first time I'm late this month, so they let me go with a warning. 8:45 - Reach classroom. Hang out with friends. 8:50 - Go to my first class of the day- Chemistry. Brain shuts down and refuses to learn chemistry so early on a Friday morning. 8:50 - 9:30 - Survive first class, and manage to successfully revise Energetics. 9. 35- 10:10- Business and Management. Sit through a 40 minute painstakingly slow lecture about Mediums of Communication. 10:10- 10:50- Chem IAs. It's just processing the data which I did beforehand, so all I need to do is copy it from the notebook onto Word. Piece of cake. 10:50- FIRST BREAK! Munch on grapes as friends share new-found songs. Listen to Bastille. Feel 30% better about the day so far. 11- Unpleasantly surprised by Math teacher who says it is now time for math. Tell him it is actually our Chem IA session. IB coordinator is called to sort out mess. Apparently, it is now Math. 11:05- 12:20: Double lecture of Math. By the mercy of God, we are starting a new chapter- Transformations of Graphs. Understand everything and cheer internally. 12:20 -12:50: IA session. Teacher nowhere to be seen. As I'm done with the work, I 9gag without feeling too guilty. 12.50- 1.20: LUNCH. Start working on French, as I simultaneously eat. Another friend starts designing our official IB CAS logo, and asks for feedback. Work on improving logo. It's finally finalized. Stare at prettiness. 1:20 - 2:30 - Urgent teacher meeting. Biology and English are now free lectures. Happy that I'm done and up to date with Bio notes. Ignore big scary HL analysis for English. 2:30- 3:30- Business and Management teacher turns up. Prepare self for a horribly boring lecture, but instead find myself in an extremely engaging and interesting lecture on Advertising. 3:30- School ends. Weekend plans (non-existent) crushed with the reminder that we have a full day of school tomorrow. Miserably ponder about all the exciting things I done (get a tattoo. skydive. SLEEP) 3:45 - On the way home. 4- Reach home. 4:15- Eat. Allow myself to watch one episode of Supernatural. 5:15- I'll totally start my homework after one more episode. I swear. 6- Start on homework. 7- Finish with 10 French exercises. Find myself worthy of a break 7: 15- Suddenly come up with idea for new post as I'm browsing IB Survival. 7:49- Finally end post as I come to realize that they're is a slight chance that this post will go ignored. Great.
  17. Hey, I figured I would start a post for everyone that has trouble staying focused on school/homework, which I'm sure is practically everyone. One thing that I find helpful when I have a HUGE amount of schoolwork (especially when I have something better to do, which is most of the time) is giving myself incentives to study/do homework. For instance, I'll work for 20-30 minutes straight on homework and then take a 5-10 minute break to clear my mind, whether it's watching tv or checking facebook. Doing something physical helps too. Maybe some push-ups or a short jog. Just something to give you a refresher. Another thing I learned from my ToK teacher last year is meditation. Once you get good at it, ten minutes of meditation is just as good as a 45 minute power nap.
  18. hello fellow survival-ers, below is a German exercise that my teacher asked us to write. it is about the film "merry christmas" by Christian Carion. Anyway, in the review i focused on the camera perspectives, music and the setting. Any constructive crticism is welcome. Merry Christmas – Ein Film über Krieg? Die Fetzen fliegen. Bomben explodieren. Das ist Krieg. Wir schreiben 1914, der erste Weltkrieg ist in voller Kraft aun kein Ende in Sicht. Mittendrin sitzt die ganze Welt, die sich langsam aber sicher selbst zerstört. Merry Christmas (original: Joyeux noël )ein Speilfilm von Christian Carion, erzählt die erwarmende Geschichte des Waffenstillstands am 24.12.1914, wo die Schottischen, Deutschen und Französichen Soldaten aus ihrer Gruben gekrochen sind, um miteindander Weihnachten zu geniessen. Der Film wird aus verschiedenen Kameraperspektiven gedreht, die den Film sowohl Spannung als auch mitgefühl verleiht: Als manche Soldaten aus ihren gruben hinüber in das Feuergebiet schauen, verfolgt ihnen die Kamera auf augenhöhe. Der Zuschauer wird somit dirket in die Front gesetzt. Wieterhin als ein Sturmangriff der Deutschen auf die Schotten folgt, wird die Kamera wacklig und zeigt drastich ändernde Szenen. Dies verleiht nicht nur Spannung, sondern vermittelt das gefühl des chaos die in der Mitte des Schlachtes besteht. Auf musik wird im Film grossen Wert gelegt: Am weihnachtsabend spielen die Schotten Dudelsack, die Franzosen Mundharmonika und die Deutschen singen. Als aber bemerkt wird, das die Deutschen und die Schotten in klang sind, werden die drei verschiedenen Instrument zu einem Trio. Langsam steigt der deutsche Tenor aus seinem Graben, die Musik das einzige was den drei Fronten verbindet. Später steigen die Schottischen Dudelsackspieler aus ihren graben, und stehen den Tenor bei. Während dieser Szene wird nichts ausser die Musik gehört, dies verleiht die Szene Spannung, aber auch Brüderlichkeit, als schließlich die letzten Soldaten aus ihren Gruben kommen. Die Musik hat die Masse zusammengebracht. Obwohl der Film absolut zu empfehlen ist, müssen aber auch auf die kleinen Details geachtet werden. Sie Front scheint zu friedlich und zu blutleer. Der Film mit ein paar ausnahmen zu beginn, zeigt fast gar keinen Schrecken den der Krieg mit sich bringt. Normale Gruben wären mit leichen gefüllt, Käfer und Läuse würden überall sein, Ratten, dreckiges Wasser un Blut, scheint im Film etwas zurückegeblieben. Merry Christmas, ein Film über Liebe, Krieg, Hass, Musik und Brüderlichkeit.
  19. Guest

    Summer Assignment WT1

    I have a WT1 due in three days and I haven't started. I had to read the book Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim. (This unusual and much lauded novel tells the story of the life of an Egyptian woman the eponymous Zaat during the regimes of three Egyptian presidents: Abdel Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak. Imbued with an Egyptian sense of humor and deeply rooted in the culture and politics of the modern period, the novel takes a humorous but often black look at the changes that have occurred in Egypt over the past few decades. Zaat's life experiences and relationships are set against economic and social upheavals in a style that is both sophisticated and bawdy, highly ironic and often extremely poignant. Zaat's story is interspersed and illustrated with extracts from newspapers of the day headlines, articles, captions, death notices, advertisements reflecting events and incidents contemporary with her life. Beautifully put together with bitter and cutting irony, they tell of corruption, financial scandals, torture, foreign debt, and social problems. The heroine epitomizes the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of simple folk tossed about on the stormy sea of modernization, consumerism, and the ever-present mirage of new wealth. Zaat is a brilliant social commentary that provides keen insights into how Egypt has come to be the way it is today). While some of its ideas were amusing it was overall, confusing and not anywhere close to the culture that I understand. I have two options that I can write about: 1. Choose an episode from Zaat and place it in another setting. This setting can be in any city! Consider the idea that the literature unites us as human beings; although we are seperated by borders and geographical distances, are we really that different from one another? Common human experiences connect us to each other. 2. Imaginee that Zaat is working as a journalist for a feminist organization. What would she say and what type of writer would she be? Consider who her audience would be and what her message or intent might be. Write an essay that would be published in a newspaper. You decide what newspaper, what audience and what the content of her essay would be. Thus far I have decided on the second option but I am still skeptical and not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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