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Found 21 results

  1. Hello! This is my first post on the forum. Basically, my friend and I organized a TEDx Conference at our school, and spent roughly 3 months organizing it, from getting speakers, setting stages and getting materials. Anyways, when we went to our CAS Supervisor he only gave us 18 hours for the event - 8 Creativity and 10 Service - for the event, saying that we made the posters and promotional material in about 2 days so 8 hours of creativity for that, and we spent about 10 hours of running around, 8 on the event day, and 2 before that so 10 hours of activity total and 0 service hours. Is he correct? It was 3 months of organization! and doesnt the CAS Guide count advocacy as service? Our Event raised some awareness regarding disabilities and sexism. Anyways, let me know if you guys think theres room to argue regarding organisation, like phone call time spent, discussion time, things like that.
  2. I know that we have to complete 150 hours (overall) or 50 hours per activity (creativity, action, service) but I have some questions about counting hours... Does the extended project count as part of the other CAS activities that i do? Does the number of hours I do for my Extended Project count as part of the overall CAS hours? I am asking this because currently I have around 120 hours... and I need other 30 hours, which i guess I could fill in with the hours I did for my extended project. The second question is... I am doing several activities where I combine 2 CAS letters (mostly creativity and service). When i count hours do i count them separately? let's say I made some art classes for children in my community. The preparation of the classes count as creativity and the classes count as service and it took 10 hours. when counting the total amount of hours do I count those 10 hours two times? or how does it work?
  3. Hi everyone! Need CAS hours, but not sure where to start? Passionate about writing and society? Stop looking. The Modern Filament wants YOU. We are looking for new writers for our digital student-run newspaper focusing on critiquing contemporary societal issues. Whether you’re an economic enthusiast or a social justice warrior, this is a great way to get creativity/service hours and give yourself a voice in our dynamic world. There is no limit on what you can write about, but your articles must be analytical in nature. Ready? Let’s get started. Shoot us an email at [email protected] if you're interested. We hope to hear from you soon. themodernfilament.com
  4. I was wondering if practicing at a gun range would count as CAS since it's something I frequently do?
  5. How much would I approximately need to study to get high marks with the following subject combination? English Lang & Lit HL Physics HL Economics HL Bio SL Math SL Swedish Lang & Lit SL Also, kindly give your thoughts on these subjects.
  6. Hi, So I know that IB requires you to have a balanced minimum of 50 creativity, 50 service, and 50 action hours as a minimum. I ended up having 162 creativity, 26 service, and 663 action hours. My IB coordinator said that I should be fine considering that I have way more than enough action and creativity. Am I going to be okay?
  7. Hi, so I was wondering if there was nay way to incorporate working a job into my CAS profile? I know that anything paid does not count toward hours, however I feel like my profile looks unfairly weak. My family does not have a lot of money, and in order to offset the cost of IB I needed to work. Not having a job has not been an option since the second I turned 16 and could legally work. Working 20 hours a week during school, however, made it very difficult to be involved in the variety of extracurriculars that CAS looks for. On college application, I was able to explain my circumstances and received all acceptances. Is there a way to integrate my work experience into my CAS profile to demonstrate that I'm not just sitting around instead of doing extracurriculars? Thank you!
  8. Hey, I´m going into IB and no one is telling us how many hours we should do. Does anyone know the recommended amount of hours to do?
  9. Hi guys, is there a minimum number of activities we need to have in order to complete the CAS program? Or is it so long as we pass the 50 hour mark for each section and partake in each objective at least once? Thanks in advance
  10. Just wondering, would this count as a relevant CAS activity/Is it relevant for CAS hours?
  11. Hi. I was wondering if it as strict requirement to do 50 hours of every CAS component. I live in a small city and there aren't many sport classes offered. I'm worried that I won't be able to fulfill the requirement of doing 50 hours of Action and I will miss the deadline set by my school (April 2015) for CAS reflections. However, I have joined two foundations so I will probably have much more than 50 hours of Service by April 2015. So will I fail CAS if I have for example only 30 hours of Action but, say, 70 hours of Service (it gives altogether 100)? Or maybe it isn't that important? Maybe it depends solely on school's policy? I guess I will somehow manage to do these 50 hours but I would rather be sure if there is a reason to worry. Thanks in advance.
  12. Im going into my junior year of Ib and ive been on the verge of panic attacks thinking of the upcoming year. I recently got a job and i barely have any community service hours(maybe 30). How do you guys balance hw and EEs and IAs and CAS hours and work and normal community service hours with exams and everything. It seems too much for me.Do you have any tips to survive the next two years?
  13. Hi everyone, I want to use programming as my CAS project with the end goal to be a fully functioning mobile app or website. The problem that I have with this is that I'm unsure of how exactly I can prove the amount of time that I will be spending on the activity as I won't have someone to supervise me when I'm doing the work. In all the submission forms it says that a supervisor is required, is there any way to get around this, like show them another form of evidence of my work? Also please let me know if there are other ways to show you've done CAS hours without a supervisor, for example if I go on a 10k run and I want to use it as my CAS hours. Any help is appreciated, Cheers
  14. Hello! I've been starting to plan CAS, but I'm not sure how I should plan it for each week - should I do e.g. 2 hours of creativity the first week and the second week 2 hours of service and have approx 1 hours action/week and repeat it the whole year? Do you have any advice on how I should plan it and how did you manage to do all of your CAS hours AND homework?? (I imagine that it takes a lot of time!)
  15. So, i've been reading on the CAS requirements lately, and it says that it changed on 2010 from 150 hours, to 2 projects on each area and other things. My school still does it with the 150 hour requirement, regardless of the amount of projects. I know this is internally assessed, but could the IB cancel the diploma at my school for not "following" the IB requirements?
  16. Hey, I am having trouble coming up with some ideas for the creativity and action part of CAS. I was wondering if you guys would have any ideas of some things that I could do over the summer? Would for example, learning to draw different types of things by myself count as creativity? Or learning how to cook?
  17. So...I dont know how to read music, but I do enjoy learning how to play music on the piano by memorizing what keys to press. For example, i use the program Synthesia all the time. It makes it very easy to learn to play entire songs. Is there anyway this could be counted as creative hours? If there is a chance, how would i present this to my coordinator? Who would sign for this? maybe i could show proof of my hours buy recording me actually playing songs? If this could work, this would be so magnificent! as i already do it in my free time!
  18. Hi, I really needed some help with my action hours. I have read some of the forums in here and most of them indicate of doing a sport and accumulating them. However, I don't get how you can write up a proposal, make logs and reflective statement on being in the team. I am in my schools varsity soccer team and I really want to use it as my action part of CAS. Please give me some info, all help would be much appreciated!!!!
  19. I'm thinking of doing a blog where I will be doing English tutorials for Korean speaker as I speak both fluently. I don't know if that will count as CAS . It's not really a "service" although it's free...it's not really creative or something that would be considered active... P.s. I also have a goal of doing 100 croquis (something like real-life sketches involving figures) during this summer. Do you think that can count as creative part of CAS? P.p.s. Do you think learning how to drive can be considered action? I mean it's learning something new!
  20. Somebody help me!!!!!! I need to gain all 25 hours of Action before April 30th and I need to do it within my range. I currently live in Calgary and need some place to get action hours near Huntington! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. hey there, i was wondering if you guys could give me any ideas for action hours that maybe perhaps dont involve sports? or do you know of a summer camp which i could go for where i can learn to hike or something like that?? cause as of now i have 0 hours for action
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