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Found 28 results

  1. nadi0987

    EE Topic Help

    Hi guys! I need help on my ee topic. My subject is human rights. I am thinking about gender inequality or patriarchy issues... somewhere between those lines. I am not sure how to create a questions that goes towards human rights. Hope you guys can help me.
  2. d123

    EE on Human Rights

    Hello everyone, I am doing my EE on Human Rights and I have tried to get samples from internet, but I haven't found one that scored an A. I talked to my school and they sent me one, but it didn't receive many marks. I really would like to read one that received an A as a grade. Thank you for your time and understanding, D.
  3. Hey, I need your help fellow IB students. Do you think a topic like: "To what extent is it possible to extend human rights to non-human animals?" is ok? I'm not taking human rights, so I'd like to know if such topic would be even possible. Thanks in advance!
  4. annabgdnk

    Human Rights EE Guidelines

    Hey guys, I am writing my extended essay in human rights (about violations of Article 25 in the treatment of internally displaced persons by Ukrainian government). And I noticed that the HR syllabus points out that Human Rights EEs will eventually become EEs in GloPo. My supervisor does not know anything about this - have you guys heard anything like that? If I am a part of the class of 2017, does it mean that my EE will have to be in GloPo? Thank you!
  5. My EE topic is human rights, with a question about the violations of capital punishment in the U.S. Because of the nature of my EE, I used sources written by inmates. In my abstract, do I need to address that most of them have no formal education? But the accounts are still valid because they live there (and they fact check with every other source). Thanks in advance!
  6. Fu_Shi

    EE Human Rights

    Examples of an EE in human rights. There are not many examples of this type of EE, so here are two with some notations.
  7. alisa_giulia

    Help with my EE topic!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I need help with my EE topic. My topic was: " The interpretation of the Quran regarding women rights in Saudi Arabia". I nearly finished it and then my teacher emailed me that my topic does not fulfil the requirements for English B. I need to focus on an English culture and can't focus on women's rights, which I really wanted to do. At the beginning I told them that I wanted to do something with human rights and women rights and they told me my topic was fine... but now its not. The problem is I don't know what to do and I really loved my topic. And I thought the important part of the EE is that you enjoy your topic. Could someone think of an alternative subject I could do my topic or a similar topic in or could you help me with the requirements for an English B EE. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. I really don't know what to do!!
  8. Hey guys, I am in dire need of help on my EE topic and research question as I have to hand in my proposal form tomorrow. I want to write about the equality gap between men and women regarding toplessness in public, and what causes breasts to be seen as "indecent exposure". So I thought "hey I'll write about this in World Studies (equality and inequality)", but the problem is what subjects I can write about this in. I thought perhaps English and History, but I think a research question like this requires me to write in Human Rights as well. The problem is however, that I don't have Human Rights as a subject. So is it too risky to write in a subject that I don't have? Please, any thoughts and comments on the topic entirely would be greatly appreciated
  9. avalinelegato

    English or Human Rights EE?

    Hey all, I've just started finding resources for my EE, and I'm down to two choices: Either an English EE or a Human Rights EE. I'm equally interested in both topics, but I have one concern: Human Rights is not offered in my school, and although my school permits us to write an EE on it, I'm worried that the supervisors might not be as knowledgeable about the criteria. On the other hand, if I were to do an English EE, the supervisor will be more likely to be more knowledgeable about the EE syllabus, criteria etc. I did some research online, and read somewhere that it is not advisable to do an EE on a subject that is not taught in your school, which is why I'm worried about doing a Human Rights EE. On the other hand, I've also read on a forum somewhere that writing an EE that is 'cliché' is not advisable either, and I'm worried that an English EE might fall into that category. I already have a rough idea for a Human Rights EE, while I'm still currently trying to think of a suitable research question for an English EE. Do you think I should take the risk and go for the Human Rights EE, or stick with an English EE? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated
  10. Hello! I'm doing my EE over the research question: To what extent can practice changes in the US Juvenile Justice System be made in order to curtail human rights violations?" This essay has been entered as a Human Rights EE. I've begun writing my paper, and feel pretty good about my research. I'm running into a few issues that I was hoping I might be able to get some help with! My school doesn't offer a Human Rights course. I go to a Catholic school, so I understand social justice, and basic human rights. But, I know IB has some "nit-picky" things about subjects that they really want to see. I've done some research, but I'm having a difficult time finding course material for Human Rights. Could anyone possibly give me some tips for books/websites/sources that have some human rights info that I could use to get started with IB terms and concepts, please?! Much love and appreciation for any and all suggestions! Thank you!
  11. I initially thought that my essay fell under the category of human rights, but now I'm thinking it might be History or World Studies (Human Rights and History). I'm half way through my essay but now I'm stuck as I'm not sure whether or not to include relevant theories (human rights) since I can't tell if they even have anything to do with my topic. My RQ is "To what extent did the collapse of the Soviet Union influence sex trafficking in Eastern Europe?" Any ideas?
  12. Aliyah Qualls

    Human Rights EE - Child Marriage

    So, I want to write my extended essay about the problems with child marriage in India most likely, or some other lesser developed country that still has issues with that. But I also came across another topic that still is on the topic of human rights, where young women in Mozambique are sometimes forced to marry their rapists, and the rapists are cleared of their charges once they've tied the knot. I'm open to doing either one but I'm having a hard time choosing which would be more unique. I also am debating whether I want to take a "justification" angle on the essay or if anything else that hasn't even crossed my mind would be a good take on the essay. All help is appreciated!
  13. I have decided to do my extended essay on the subject of Human Rights. I originally was going to write about the effects of forced child marriages in India, but I began to feel like that was a predictable and overused topic, so I decided to switch to something more recent: Rape victims in Mozambique are forced to marry their rapists. My one problem is that I don't know exactly how to formulate a question. I want to kind of talk about how they are justifying this fact, but I feel like that is also a commonly used approach. Any tips?
  14. Elisabed Gedevanishvili

    Human Rights essay Q

    I have decided to do my Extended Essay on Human rights- women's rights- prostitutes' rights in Georgia (where I live) Although my supervisor was supposed to advise me, she hasn't really made it clear what kind of a research question should one have in general, so what do you think about this : To what extent can the limited rights of prostitutes in Georgia be justified? Is the question giving too much information on the topic, if I have decided to say that mstly it cannot be justified should I restate my question? Thanks:))
  15. Hi there, So I've just begun thinking about my EE and I've decided that I'm interested in the naturalisation of misogyny in pop culture or something along those lines. My questions on this are: - Would this fit into the subject of Human rights or world studies best? (or another subject you can think of, maybe English idk) - I know my initial idea is really broad, so any ideas on how I can narrow it down? - Is it a plausible topic? I've done some research and I haven't really found any EEs that are similar Thanks for the help
  16. The article is here. What it says is that the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has decided that sentencing offenders to life in jail will breach their human rights if they don't have at least a possibility of being released (review). No matter how heinous the crime committed, there has to be some chance for the prisoner to be released. Sound off below. EDIT: Just to be clear, they aren't being granted the right to review on the basis of new evidence or some such. No these people have confessed that they have committed these crimes, or it has been proven beyond all doubt that they have and they're not appealing this decision. The review is being given to release them on grounds of, for example, very good behaviour and if the prison psychologists believe that they can be reentered into society, or if they're terminally ill, etc. There's no question of their innocence being proven here.
  17. Brienna

    Help me!

    I've been thinking of changing my EE topic from "To what extent did the U.S. occupation of Iraq affect the treatment of women in Iraq?" to something more along the lines of "To what extent did the process of deBa'athification implemented by the United States after it's invasion of Iraq affect the reconstruction process, and were the effects positive or negative regarding the rights of women?". My EE category is human rights with a focus on women's rights. I feel that my previous topic was too broad, but now I'm worried it will be too narrow. Even though there is definitely a lot to cover, it seems like less of a paper about women's rights and more about history. Is this a good idea? Any input greatly appreciated I'm at a loss
  18. nikovdm

    Human Rights EE

    Is this a good research question for an essay in the human rights category? To what extent can the limited access of governmental institutions such as marriage for LGBT in Colorado be justified? or To what extent can the limited civil rights of LGBT in Colorado be justified?
  19. Brienna

    EE question

    Okay, so my EE is on Human Rights and my topic is To what extent did the U.S. occupation of Iraq affect the treatment of women in Iraq? and I have 5 book sources along with a documentary and a barrage of articles from the web. Here's my book list.. Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate by Leila Ahmed What Kind of Liberation?: Women and the Occupation of Iraq by Nadje Al-Ali Mayada, Daughter of Iraq: One Woman's Survival Under Saddam Hussein by Jean Sasson ...and some others that I'm not going to bother listing right now. Anyways, these are the big three. My question here is: How many times should I cite each source? Is this too many sources and will I be spread too thin, or should I cite one book many times if need be? How many citations should I have, on average? I know its going to be a lot but will it be a LOT? I need room for analysis... Also, is my topic alright, or is it too general and unfit for a discussion over Human Rights? (Sorry this post is a bit all over the place. I'm a bit lost here .)
  20. Lately in the news a hot topic has been the potential idea of Boycotting Sochi, Russian Vodka or in the least showing some solidarity for the LGBT community in Russia with rainbow flags embroidered into their uniforms. Although Russia's law is harsh and worthy of some form of protest many ask why is all of this attention paid to Russia's Olympics and It's repressive, meanwhile other atrocities, violations of human rights and repressive governments remain untouched. In the realm of international sports China's Beijing Olympics in 2008 could have been boycotted for its human rights violations. In Qatar it is not only illegal to be publicly homosexual as it is in Russia, but its illegal all together. Yet no one is crying for a boycott for either the 2015 boxing championship being held there, or the fact that Qatar is poised to host the 2022 Soccer World Cup. So why pick on Russia and not the Other countries? Is it the War in Syria or honestly about Human right? If it is why not boycott Saudi Oil? Each time you fill up your gas tank you support an even more repressive regime, more so than taking a shot of Stolichnaya Vodka. Which brings me to my next point which is the Stolichnaya isn;t even fully Russian owned and this Vodka boycott actually hurts friendly Latvia. So all in all... (see below) TL;DR Is this really about human rights? or is it a convenient bandwagon formed by current global conflicts and economics necessities?
  21. My topic for my EE is human rights, focusing on women's rights, so would "How does the treatment of women in (place country of choice here) conflict the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and how is it prolonged by internal oppression?" I'm tentatively considering Iraq, and am currently looking for articles and books on the subject. Input would be much appreciated! It may be too broad...I'm not sure. If you find any good research materials for me to consider that would be great too! I'm having trouble finding sources regarding the "self-oppression" part (meaning that the discrimination of a group is prolonged by the members of the group itself).
  22. I'll make my human rights EE about the child slavery in Somalia... my teacher approved my research question... now I have a problem of starting and arranging my EE although I have lots of information and examples in my mind. Help please?
  23. Sahar Sheble

    Human rights EE topic

    I'll make my EE in Human rights : The research question: To what extent can the international law control the child slavery/labor in Somalia? I'll discuss it through two points: 1) Culture relativism vs. the universality of HR 2) How can the UN enforce the HR laws Is it a good topic???
  24. Hello, everyone! My tentative ee RQ is To what extent is the monitoring of electronic devices by the government an infringement of basic human rights? I just wanted opinions on it, specificallywhat topic group it would fit into (human rights or politics? maybe even history?)can it be argued and analyzed?is it even good???thanks! ~insaaf, IB1
  25. alisonfaith297

    Choosing a Topic for Human Rights EE

    these are the 4 topics i have right now: it would be very much appreciated if you could help me choose one. TOPICS: 1. To what extent does the western bias affect the universal declaration of human rights in terms of cultural minorities? 2. To what extent is democracy the first step towards human rights? 3. To what extent does the Universal Declaration of human rights advocate for the cultural minorities? 4. To what extent is the censorship of Internet a violation of human rights?

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