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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, Anyone starting IB 1 in September 2019, what are your choices? I'm taking: HL Music HL English Literature HL History SL Maths SL Italian SL Physics
  2. So i finished last year the IB with 30 points (29 + 1 for TOK but i lost one point because there was a fraud problem in history HL which was one of my courses so they just put an average on everyone) and i also got the bilingual diploma for english and spanish. With that i wonder which unis or in which countries can i study a humanities degree with this. I am currently taking a german course (currentlu b1) but i doubt i will take the DAF before i must apply to unis if i want to start in april. In any case any help or infor you can give me is appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone. So yeah, the question is already stated above. However, I am concerned that not too many universities will take me with 30 IB points, in Europe, that is. I was hoping for like 34... that didn't happen. Also, I don't know if this will have any effect, I completed my IB Diploma in May and am taking a gap year until mid 2017. Preferably I want to apply to Sweden, where there don't seem to be any specific entry requirements... Back to the question... do you think I can make it into some decent Swedish uni or not-so-decent... for an Economics/Humanities/Modern Languages, this sort of stuff, undergraduate degree? I heard they have two attempts. If you don't think I can get into a Swedish uni, please tell me directly, and, if you have, it'd be nice to hear an alternative. Still I am a little unsure, and considering to resit a few subjects next May Session... could possibly push up my grades by one or two points (if that even matters) Thanks in advance for your answer. Cheers.
  4. Which is a better subject to do in IB? I am already doing Chem and Bio, so I have a lot of science on my plate but I don't mind doing another (even though its technically not one). I've heard that Psych has A LOT of essays but I've never done business management before in my life. I know its subjective but are they both enjoyable subjects? Is one easier? (not a big factor bit nice to know). If you did/do both and could only do one which one would u choose? thank you very much for any information you can share
  5. Hi, I am in IB1 this year, and am stuck in between dropping Geography to SL or not. Before I start, does anyone have an effective way of studying Geography? I've not done Geo before and so I am stuck without knowing what to memorise & study. My friends told me to memorise the case studies, but what about case studies? Is it like the location and statistics? I am currently doing 4 HLs (Chemistry, Physics, Math & Geography), and Geo is my back-up subject as from what I know, Math-Chem-Physics HL is a suicidal course. However, I've found that the other 3 HLs are much more manageable than Geography. I'm also predicted a 7 at the sciences and Math but a 6 in Geo. I'm also less interested in geo than the other 3 HLs.. Will dropping geo to SL give me a better chance to get a 7? Or should I stick with 4 HLs (so that I can drop one of the sciences/math), because I simply do not know the right technique of studying geo? I appreciate it very much if anyone is willing to share tips on studying geography Thank you.
  6. So basically my question is which social science/humanities career is the most recognized and respected and has most career scope in US/Europe?
  7. I'm going to take the IBDP course next school year (Y12/Junior Year) but I'm still having some trouble deciding what subjects I should be taking. I want to go towards the Psychology/Neuroscience/Pharmacology direction as major in university. I heard that apparently you need Math HL and/or Biology HL if you want to major Psychology in university? Anyways, below are the choice of subjects I'm considering: Group 1 - English A Literature SL Group 2 - Chinese A Language and Literature SL Group 3 - Psychology HL or Economics/Business&Management SL Group 4 - Biology HL Group 5 - Maths HL Group 6 - Chemistry SL/HL I'm definitely sure about my Group 1 & 2 subjects but I'm having problems deciding on the rest. Would it be better if I have the subjects that are completely relevant to what I want to major in college? Or should I do something different to keep my options open (Econ/Business&Mang SL) The thing is I want to do 3 HL and 3 SL subjects, so if I take Psych HL I wouldn't want to do Chem HL, and if I choose Econ/Bus SL, I have to do Chem HL (there's nothing else I want to take). I've also asked some juniors in my school who are currently in IB and I heard Chem HL is quite challenging, and that the Psychology teachers in my school aren't really good at teaching the subject. Wow sorry for that long passage right there, I just wanted some suggestions of your opinion on my Group 3, 4 and 6 subjects, and what you think I should take ._. Some extra information on what you do in these subjects would definitely be helpful as well! I'd really appreciate it if people can reply, I need to submit my options next Friday!
  8. I am just about to start my first year of the IB diploma programme and am still unsure on what subjects would best benefit me, I am planning on study psychology (BA) in university, though not sure in which country yet. My largest decision is in the humanities, I am unsure whether to take history or ITGS? I did history at IGCSE and got a B however did not enjoy the subject much throughout the year and am wondering if ITGS would be more helpful in the future? I have also been told that in some universities different art subjects gain different credit points, could anyone clear this issue up please? Thank you for taking the time to answer
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