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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I already have started my IA, and I'm almost done with writing my introduction, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to write for my hypothesis. My IA is on which face washes prevent bacterial growth best. I have participants use face wash, wash it off, and then I take a cotton swab and collect cells from their forehead which I then swipe onto petri dishes with nutrient agar in them. I'm using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, Clean & Clear's Morning Burst and Deep Action cleansers, Pond's Cold Cream, and no face wash for a comparison. I can find the ingredients for all, but I'm having trouble finding what amounts are in each and how their different ingredients compare to each other. Any ideas on how to set up a hypothesis that makes sense?
  2. Hello all, my research question is "To what extent does the depreciation in RMB in 2015 improve the exports of Chinese electrical components?" My supervisor just met me and said that my hypothesis is making no sense as i hypothesized that the extent would be 'great' (I know it is ridiculous but i have no idea how can i hypothesize it) Also in this essay, i only stated the theory of the law of demand. I feel like the economic knowledge is too poor. However, i have no idea what other theories i can add. Maybe elasticity? I am reallly confused and the due date is coming! My supervisor just told me these problems omg...
  3. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has a fool-proof formula for writing a lab report hypothesis? I have seen different opinions from everywhere, but I am trying to create a detailed and proper hypothesis, that follows whatever the correct format is. thanks!
  4. Just some questions about hypothesis in my Physics EE. Do I even need a hypothesis? If i do have one, should i explain the hypothesis, like using equations and stuff to prove it? I don't think I've seen Phyics EE do this, most of them just state it very briefly. Do i need a null hypothesis? or doesn't it really matter? Can i have more than 1 hypothesis? Thanks bru's! - God
  5. can anyone please tell me how to phrase the hypothesis if the experiment is about : finding out a particular value like finding out the internal resistance of a cellfinding out a characteristic like finding out if a compound pendulum follows simple harmonic motionplease someone help!
  6. Recently, my teacher gave back our IA outline sheets that had basically everything our project was going to be on. I got mine back with a big, fat, REDO on the top of it. Naturally, I went to go talk to my teacher, who said my hypothesis wasn't "appropriate" enough. My topic is seeing if there is a correlation between colour preference & gender. My hypothesis was quite simple: "Males will prefer the darker colours as opposed to females." My teacher, however, wasn't thrilled. She said, "Well, there are people in Paris who wear black just because everyone wears black. & what about the people who are gothic? They wear black because they want to & it's part of their movement." I wasn't going to choose another topic, because I had already collected my data & my hypothesis was proven, so I asked her what I could do. She said I could attempt to re-word it to seem more appropriate on a worldwide basis. So, I understand where my teacher is coming from, but now I'm left with a dilemma: how am I gonna re-word this? I was thinking something along the lines of specifying what kinds of people I'm surveying, like saying "Among American high school sophomores, males will prefer darker colours to females," but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
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