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Found 11 results

  1. So, I am planning on doing my EE in Art and I was thinking of doing the topic "How are American and Japanese art influenced by one another and how are they different?", or something along those lines. Is this too vague? Should I specify a specific area of art? Can I even use this topic? Any feedback and suggestions would be awesome. Also, my 2,000 words checkpoint is next week and I haven't started yet, so please help ASAP!
  2. For my Art EE, I was thinking of using the question "How are American and Japanese art influenced by one another and how are they different?". Is this topic too vague? Should I specify a specific area of art? Is the topic even usable at all? Any feedback and suggestions on this topic would be great. My 2,000 word checkpoint is next week and I haven't even started so I need help ASAP!! Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm a MYP5 student and is going to be soon DP1 this September. This week I justed handed in the subjects that I would like to study next year and one of the subject that I have chosen is ART HL. Now, I have never thought that I will choose this subject. I never have thought I'm going to be doing art in HL. The reason I have chose visual art HL is because I want to study GRAPHIC DESIGNING in uni. Personally I do not think I have perfect drawing, I'm more like a photography person however I'm in the level where I get "7" every year in the years of MYP till now. Next year I heard that in art HL, I have to complete 4 sketch books and 16-18 projects. The main question is HOW HARD IS ART HL? The only thing I'm worried about is failing the subject. If you have any experience or any advice PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND!!!
  4. Hi guys, I got my component results for the May 2015 exams today, I think I may get Visual Arts (SL Option A) remarked. I got a 6 but I'm very close to 7, please please help me out. Im naturally talented in art and I worked so hard especially in IB2, I thought I did very well. All of my teachers were stunned by my exhibition, I was confident I'd get 7 as I was keen to meet all the descriptors throughout my works and showed clear development and technical skill over the years. My IA is 19/20 so that's safe- but my studio got 14/20 which was extremely uncalled for because all of my submitted works were predicted 18-19's. I know its normal to be graded down as art is subjective; a lot of the students in our school dont get 7 in art, I just didnt expect it this heavily. However I did the math and it turns out I only need 1 more mark from studio in order to get a 7, which is very likely in my opinion since my teachers and I believed I truly did well. TLDR: I got 14/20 from VA studio work though I was predicted around 18/20. I need 1 mark for my grade to increase, Id need to lose 4 marks for it to decrease. The risk is quite low if you ask me, but I've never met anyone who remarked art, do you think this is a good idea? Do grades change at all? Thank you so much in advance
  5. I'm an incoming junior and I'm having second thoughts about the classes I've chosen…Please help! I'm taking HL Bio, HL History (APUSH), HL English, SL Spanish, SL Math, and SL Art. My main dilemma is whether or not I should switch from IB Art SL to IB Psych SL. I've hear that the workload at my school is a lot more with Psych but I also have a huge interest in psychology. I chose art because I thought it might be fun and rather relaxing compared to the rest of my classes. I'm not an amazing artist but I don't think I'm horrible. Does anyone have any opinions/thoughts about what I should do? Thanks so much!
  6. Guest

    IB Visual Arts HL or SL?

    Should I do IB VizArt in HL or SL? I'm already entering my second year of IB Art and I originally chose HL but now that I fully know what to do I'm not sure about HL. My first year I sort of knew what to do with my IWB but I've realized that my stuff isn't sufficent enough and I'm going to do it the right way this year but is it even possible to do HL in one year? I'm kind of scared. I feel as if I could do it but i'm scared that I wont score high enough considering how the people who HL at my school in the past did not score high enough (and they were great artists too). My art teacher isn't really much help so I'm on my own here. Any suggestions? C:
  7. Okay, just started my junior year of the IB program. I am supposed to turn in the first 10 pages by tomorrow and I only have the first 5 done(autobiography). I've been so preoccupied with other homework, I completely forgot about art. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do for the Idea research, cultural research, artist of influence and critical analysis. Mostly the idea research. Am I supposed to be focusing on an idea for my piece or like an idea of art form that I will be doing my piece in(cubism, surrealism)??? If I have the idea research down, I feel like the rest will come easier. And how long does it usually take you guys to do all of this? Please help!
  8. For a part of my project I need to draw or photograph a formal colour organic piece. One thing - I don't know what this means. I understand that organic basically means found in nature, so I need your help in confirming: Does this mean I would photograph or draw something that has natural colour? -so I wouldn't edit it in B&W? I wouldn't use charcoal, per say, to draw it? And I need you help in understanding Shaded/line negative space.. I just really have no clue for that one. It's my Christmas break right now and I can't ask my teacher. I don't need immediate replies but it's due in half a month so if ou have information that will help me I will take it!! Thank you so much!
  9. Hey everyone! Let me just start by saying that Im doing an EE on a Visual Arts topic and I just had a meeting with my EE advisor today. He told me some things about my paper and what he thinks I should do, but I only have a week (he didn't get a chance to talk to me prior to today) to do my revisions. Basically, my EE question is: "To what extent does Pablo Picasso’s artwork from 1901 to 1940 degrade women through the usage of art elements and culture?" Even though he originally told me the question was good, he told me today that he thinks it's too broad. Instead, he suggested that I go more in depth and look at a smaller scope of Picasso's work (1901-1920). He then said that I could focus extremely in depth at art between this time period and focus on the culture of modernism in Picasso's work at that time. I have 9 paintings total that I would be referencing if I trimmed my essay's scope. I would also lose about 4 sources I have since they only pertain to the parts I would be cutting out. I'd be down to about 1400 words total, and it seems overwhelming to write 1600 words in that time. I do have two new sources I could use, but I would also have to do a lot of rewriting at the last minute. I'm really confused as to what I should do. Should I keep moving forward with my original question and do tiny bits of editing, or should I rework my essay and use a smaller time period of Picasso's work? Also, yes, I know it's bad that I waited until a week before my deadline to get help, but I'm a special circumstance in my IB class because im the only one doing an art ee and no one really knows how to handle it since it's so uncommon. (The coordinator, my advisor, etc) Anyways, thanks to anyone who can help me with this!
  10. Hey guys! I'm about to start Ib art next school year and in required to do 40 pgs in my iwb. I know What I do is suppose to be based on my theme but my teacher had not given us any detail on theme ideas. I was thinking about doing Mental illnesses and the effects they have on people. Do you think this would be a suitable theme? Thanks!
  11. mayankdusane

    IB art

    I am an Ib art sl b student that is 40% studio work and 60% research. Can you guys please tell me how to go about the iwb because I have a friends who is in IB art hl a but my instructors says that there is a difference btween both. Can you guys please tell me what format should it be or how should it be and post your iwb pics. Thankyou
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