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Found 25 results

  1. My chem IA is due soon and I have missed all my lab experiment days. I need help designing a lab that I can preform and gather data at home on my own. My teacher said my last topic was too complicated and I needed a new one. Please help me.
  2. Hello! I am a year 10 students who is in the process of choosing for my IBDP subjects. I have gotten interested in doing medicine and the only science subject I could get is biology HL. I couldn’t take chemistry because I didn’t take it in my IGCSE. So do I still have a chance to become a medical student with only bio HL and no chemistry in any Australian universities? Thank you for you answers
  3. My History IA is due on December but I have to make a proposal which is due on Monday next week. I've been so busy with other subjects that I wasn't able to finish my proposal. I've been stressing out over what topic I should use but now I've found one: Gender Equality in Cuba. I've always been interested in the progressive history of achieving gender equality. Now, my question is "To what extent is Fidel Castro’s involvement in women’s rights between 1959 and 1990 driven by his ideological interests?". Please help! Quick!
  4. 1) So, I realised that I've trapped myself in an endless cycle where I often have to frantically write or revise until two in the morning. How do I break out? Personal deadlines don't always work. No matter how hard I try, I can't keep personal deadlines because, number one, the tasks usually take wayyy longer than expected, and number two, if I plan to do something that is due in a few months on a certain day but I have a deadline or a test that same week, I will usually focus on the more urgent task and forget about my plan. But you can only do that so often until it's the week before the deadline of that oh-so-important assignment. 2) Is it worth the time to make notes? Or is it better to just use my time memorising and revising the content? 3) I just had my end-of-year exams for the first year of IB and I know I have plenty of things to do before the beginning of the holidays, yet I still can't manage to force myself to work. How can I stay motivated?
  5. Hello. I am currently about to complete my first year of my IB Diploma. However I have recently found out of the IB Certificate program which consist of taking whatever subjects you want at whatever level you want. All of the other mandatory components of the full IB Diploma are now compulsory, such as the Extended Essay and CAS. Also, unlike the full diploma I would be awarded a certificate for each subject I choose to take, and if I were to fail in aa subject, CAS, TOK, or extended essay this would not impact me obtaining my grades for my other subjects. Whereas in the full IB Diploma failing a component such as CAS would result in the failure of the whole Diploma. My goals for the future are to attend a college in the USA. I have been doing some research on college website and for IB they only refer to achieving a certain score in higher level subjects rather than asking for a total IB score. Should I switch to the IB Certificate Program for my final year of IB so that I can focus on my higher level subjects. I would still continue with CAS because it would look good on my application and may still do TOK, but would drop the Extended Essay. I was also wondering if all colleges would accept the IB Certificate Program or if it is only a select few. From what I've seen i know that NYU accepts 3 IB Higher Levels. If anybody knows any more schools that would be really helpful. Thank You
  6. Hello!! I need help. I am in 10th grade in Canada and I have submitted an application for the IB diploma program at my school. I have been doing IB since the 7th grade and I do not know if I want to proceed in this program. The majority of my friends dropped out in the 8th grade, right before the middle years program and the rest of them are dropping out before the diploma program. My parents are supporting what I end up deciding although my dad is really pushing me for this program. I have heard many pros an cons, and I do not know what to choose mainly because of my friends leaving, I am very social and extrovert, I do not think I would get through this alone, and I do not desire to take part in all these extra mandatory projects, on the other hand the benefits appeal to me very much, able to be considered as a second year student during my first year of university, as well as having a more advanced and in depth class. I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts and experiences with the program and would love some advice on this decision. Thank you!
  7. I have a question about Written Task 2, regarding the question "How and Why is a Social Group Represented in a Certain Way?". My teacher says we could talk about more than one social group and that this will show a larger scope of understanding, but would it really give a better grade (writing skills aside), or is it wiser to stick to one social group? Any other input regarding WT2 and the selected question would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi, Right now I'm taking three Languages, which are Lang and Lit HL Swedish SL Spanish an Initio SL My question is, do I have to have Spanish in order to get into a Swedish university? Or am I allowed to take Swedish SL as my second language meaning no Spanish AT ALL? PLEASE HELP!!
  9. Good morning everybody, today I got my results and sadly it says that my EE has an E grade, which means I will not receive my IB diploma, even so I would like to know if I will get my IB certificate with the grades of all my subjects. Thank you very much. I got a 28. Spanish A HL: 6 English HL Language and literature: 5 French HL: 6 Physics SL: 4 Economics SL: 4 Math SL: 3 Tok: B EE: E
  10. I still haven't submitted My Works In Translation paper and they've already been sent off to IB. Will IB accept late essays? Please reply soon! Thanks.
  11. Hello All, I am a ib diploma candidate who wants to get the diploma in order to get UC 30 units of credit. However, I am somebody who gets paranoid after the tests and wanted to see if getting the IB diploma is possible along with some questions. Courses: IB Bio Sl, IB Math SL , IB Anthro SL, IB English HL, IB History HL , IB Spanish HL Test Scores; I Got a 7 on the IB Bio SL last year, and I got an A on my EE and TOK essay and presentation in class. STILL TO TAKE IB English HL: A on the IOP, A on the IOC, and 100% on the world lit paper, however I am afraid that my coordinator might have sent the wrong version of the essay and I will not know for sure. I am confident I did well on both papers. IB Math SL: I am predicted to get a 7,however I am afraid I might make little mistakes or not do as well. I got 20/20 on the IA which is 20% of the test. IB Spanish HL: My teacher did not prepare us for the paper 1 or 2. I am going into paper 2 without any preparation, but I did get an A on the IO IA and an A on the External writing assignment, which together constitutes 50% of the test. Does writing in the box but not on the line still get read by graders? IB Hisotry HL: This one is going to be hard. I got a low 7 on the IA which is 20%, but paper 1 maybe on a topic we did not cover so well, and paper 3 is material from last year, I am studying a lot for this one and hopefully will try to get a 4 or more, my teacher believes I will do well as I have been getting 6 and 7s on the practice paper 2s. IB Anthro SL: 7 on the IA and have been doing well on practice papers. My main concerns are little mistakes like forgetting to write my name or reversing the order of the booklets. Also, I am afraid something might not be read. Any advice? Any tips on the tests? Any ideas on how likely it is I can get the diploma. Thank you in advance. I just need a 30+ and already have a 7 from Bio. Thanks!
  12. Hello, I got accepted at Rotterdam School of Management thanks to the IB, however, I need to send a hard copy of the diploma before August 10th. Would this be possible? Do we receive the diploma before such date? Thank you!
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I really needed help in deciding in my final subjects for the programme. I'd like to study Law in University, preferably Corporate Law, and thus I wanted to know which subjects would be ideal for that. I love languages, and excel in them, thus that is no problem, but the other core subjects are making me confused. This is what I've been 'recommended' or put together so far. English A Literature HL French or Spanish Ab Initio SL Business & Management HL or Economics HL (this is a decision is bringing up a problem for me and i'm unsure of which to take as I really don't know which would benefit me more!) Psychology HL Environmental Systems and societies SL (Not a big fan of science at all!) Mathematics Studies (since I'm horrible at Math) If anyone could give me advice on what to take & which would be best it would mean a lot!
  14. Hi people! I saw no thread on the UWC here, and I thought I might as well create it... So far I'm not in the UWC, but I am an applicant for 2014 to 2016 and I'd like some advice on how to pass the "tests" before...? Post anything you'd like to share: experiences, tips, advice, where to hope for going, stories anything!!!
  15. I'm preparing to enroll for classes next year, and I've decided to complete the IB Diploma. I know what I want to take, but I'd like a few opinions as to whether or not it's too much. Junior Year: Mathematics SL Biology HL Chemistry HL English HL History of the Americas HL German IV Theory of Knowledge (offered before school) AP Physics B Senior Year: Same, but with IB German V instead of German IV and AP Physics C instead of B I definitely plan on majoring in at least one science in college (would consider double majoring), and I genuinely enjoy all of the subjects listed above. A little background; I'm in top 2% of my class and, despite taking all advanced courses for the first two years of high school, have not been genuinely challenged by any of my classes. I'm definitely willing to put forth the extra effort, but I need to know just how challenging this would be. I would appreciate feedback from anyone with IB experience!
  16. Why do the EE and and the TOK presenation together amount for so little points? Considering that you can't not do them--lest you decimate all chances of getting that diploma--are they considered..."priceless"? o_o
  17. Hello! I would much appreciate it if you'd take the time to answer my survey for the Math Studies Project. I'm considering writing about whether there's a correlation between gender and predicted grades in the IB Diploma. Thanks in advance! The survey: http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?sid=grpezl8unn6zil0325223 PS: The predicted grade is excluding the extra points!
  18. Hey guys, I'm Jaela. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and last year I made the spontaneous decision to apply for IB Diploma, and actually got chosen over people who I've always felt were way smarter than I am. But anyway, I've always been an average student. In elementary school I was an average student. I was more interested in having friends than like studying but I was always able to pull-off straight A's because I was in the gifted program and our work was always pretty easy. In middle school, it was pretty much the same until my depression kicked in. Then I was failing everything and honestly didn't care. My freshman year of high school I was struggling with my anxiety and depression and ended up being in a hospital for a while because I couldn't cope. My 10th grade year was absolutely amazing. I made the honor roll with straight A's in every class, and decided to apply for IB because I needed a challenge. The only issue was my attendance record. I was missing school at least once or twice a week because I was tired or depressed. Some how, I still managed to get into IB Diploma which was really exciting. When I started school this year I was so incredibly excited, until I actually entered my first period which is IB Physics HL. My teacher gets very distracted and doesn't exactly answer question thoroughly, so we don't really learn much. I have an A in that class because I seem to do really well on labs and test, even though I don't know much about the material. I'm really worried that I'm going to fail this exam because of this, but hopefully I wont. I plan on studying really hard. The only class that I'm honestly struggling in is the class that was supposed to be my favorite class. IB Lang HL. I'm pretty sure my teacher hates me. He doesn't assess my work the way he does everyone else's and he's very harsh and critical when talking to me. For example, I asked him to look over a thesis statement for my oral. He responded with "It's too wordy" then proceeded to go talk to another student. One of my classmates asked about hers and he told her exactly what the issues were and how she could fix that. Language Arts has always been one of my favorite classes, especially since I'm planning on studying Journalism in the future. It's generally my strongest subject. I'm a fantastic writer and very well-spoken. My grades are honestly not reflecting that though. Without the 10 points, I have a 73 in IB Lang and I've just spent the last hour crying over it. My GPA must be dropping so low. I finished last year with a 3.9. :/ I don't really know what I can do to get my grade up before the semester ends. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really need to get my grade back up to a high A if I'm even going to have a chance at getting into one of my top 3 colleges (Yale, NYU, Colombia). Please, and thank you!
  19. Hi guys so this is my first post I don't exactly know how to use this thing but I hope I'll get the answer I'm looking for. So first off, I'd like to know what the easiest group 6 subject would be. Last year I took art for my IGCSE's and I was really struggling with the amount of projects that I had and I was finding it difficult to spend so much time on art and in the end I just gave up and went with the flow, not giving a flying **** about my grade (I don't think I even got a mark). Well this year I'm in the same position as two years ago and I don't want to make the same huge mistake of taking a subject that I don't need and wasting more time on it than is actually beneficial for me. I'm planning on becoming an astrophysicist or doing something related to mechatronics or anything that involves maths and physics really, so for me the group 6 subjects are really useless and I don't want to do biology or psychology (although I'm attending psychology classes for now) because I really suck at memorizing terminology and huge ass chunks of text. Initially I had decided to do Film but apparently there was no more space so I had to do something else and my only options are; Visual Arts, Theatre (they're going to open up a classroom because we requested it), ChemHL/BioHL, Psychology, Business and finally Economics (I take this as a group 3 subject in HL though so boo). So my question is, out of all of these, which one would be the easiest to achieve a 7 in at SL. The universities I want dgaf about my other subjects, only maths, physics and my overall IB points, so I just want an easy 7 with minimum work. I know this sounds lazy but I'm taking 4 HLs two of which are physics and maths so I just want to take it easy for at least group 6. Thanks !
  20. I'm unsure if my topic is too broad. I know that if I do use this, I will have plenty of information to utilize. My topic is: To what extent did American influence in the disputed region between Israel and Palestine cause Palestinian guerilla warfare during the First Intifada?
  21. Hello, what do you think is the enough number books in the library a school should have for its IB diploma students in terms of numbers of shelves? Thanks!
  22. Hi guys!!! I am currently a sophmore and course registration for my junior year is coming up soon. I really want to take chemistry and biology since i want to be a Pharmacist, however, i don't know if i can handle it.... The only other option would be to take Philosophy. Philosophy does seem easier, however, i am so afraid that once i graduate i will regret not getting the exposure to two sciences that i could have. Also, chemistry is a little bit challenging for me. I have been making B's this entire year in that class which concerns me but i am hoping to make an A this last quater. The thing is- I like it, it's just that the tests are challenging. However, I am willing to work on chemistry and study it form a Zumdahl AP Chem book all summer as well as study Bio to prepare. My only concern is that i may not be able to handle double sciencing, extracurriculars, and maintaining a good GPA. So here are my options: Chem HL English HL History HL Chinese SL Math SL Bio SL *I think that Math SL and Chinese SL will be easy for me to score high on ~~~~~or~~~~ Chem HL English HL History HL Chinese SL Math SL Philosophy SL I guess i am wondering if studying really hard over the summer will be enough to help me to do well in school. Also any tips on how to do well with two sciences would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much for all the help!!!
  23. Hi! I'm in the IB diploma in India. I'm doing the full diploma (Math SL, English SL, Spanish Ab Initio, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Physics HL). Do you think taking the AP tests in either Biology, Calc AB or Calc BC would increase my chances of getting into a good college? I'm ready to put in the hard work, but do you think it's worth it? Thanks in advance!
  24. What EXACTLY does the IB want for CAS? Do they expect a reflection only? But you can add stuff like pictures and signatures to support your activity so it doesn't look fake? Or are pictures a definite requirement? Please expand on anything or give me more detail. Thanks.
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