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Found 733 results

  1. So I'm starting grade 11 in January and I'm starting to have really bad anxiety. I've seen seniors in my school do IB, and the amount that they study really scares me. I don't know if I'm making it out to be worse than it actually is, but I'm really scared and don't know what to do. My subjects are: HL theatre HL Language and Literature HL Social and Cultural Anthropology SL Biology SL Math Studies SL Ab-initio Mandarin Does anyone have any advice/idea about these subjects and how hard/easy they are? Anything I can do to prepare in advance? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I currently take the IB diploma program and I am in my second year and planning to apply for Waseda EDESSA School of Political Sciences and Economics, and the Keio PEARL program. Waseda's avg. score is 37.2 / 42 but what is the minimum score to get into these two universities, or is there anyone who knows someone that got into this course?
  3. Hey, I need to collect data of many students for my Maths IA and would be really glad if some people could quickly fill it out. It's completely anonymous and only takes around 1 minute to complete:)
  4. Hello people, I have ongoing activities for all three categories of CAS (learning languages for creativity, going to the gym for activity, tutoring chemistry for service). Is it enough to only do (and reflect upon) those on-going activities, or do I also need some extra CAS outside those mentioned activities? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, I'm starting IB soon but lately I've heard rumours about the IB finals- where apparently the November papers are easier than the May papers. Is this true and why so? Thanks!
  6. Helloooo.. First of all, got to say that I adore this site haha. So far it’s been quite insightful with my IB exam prep. I have applied to Dr G W William’s IB program, and for the exam portion, do any of you remember the time you were given for each subject? I just want to prepare myself so I’m not dealing with any surprises. Also, any status on the confirmation of the IB World Program at Williams, or is it not discussed with the students? - M
  7. Hello. I am doing my extended essay in English (A1) Language and Literature HL, and chose to write an exploration of "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Handmaid's Tale". Nevertheless, I am worried about my research question, I think it is maybe too simple or not focused enough on the literary analysis that the IB wants? I would really appreciate help or any comments on my research question; "To what extent does the theme of oppression in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” allow for the development of autonomous and tenacious female protagonists?"
  8. Hello everyone, I have just finished my year 11 exam and I am not sure should I move from IB to VCE. I have done a seriously bad job on everything, Chinese A : 5/5 , English B : 3/5 , Math SL : 2 , Biology : 2 , Economics : 2 , Visual Art : 2 I know those results are ridiculously horrible, and my school is suggesting me to move from IB to VCE so I can at least get a certificate whereas if I fail IB I cannot get my diploma. I realize that my main problem is I am not putting enough effort into all my academic subjects, which I think even though I move to VCE if I am keeping such attitude, I will never improve, so I feel like I should work extra hard to catch up with everything during the summer holiday, hopefully I could get a better grade in my next exam. I just want to ask you guys for some advice, what will you do if you are in this situation ? Do you think it is possible to improve much in two months ? and if I really failed my IB, can I do my exams all over again 6 months later ? Thank you.
  9. Hello Everyone, So I will keep this short and hopefully, someone can answer my question. I am currently enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course and I'll admit I am not doing very well at all and am quite concerned about my progress. Also, the teacher we have is terrible. He is five weeks behind in grading, cancels lessons five minutes after they should have started, and all in all its just been a terrible experience. My question to you is this - Can I switch courses from French to Spanish? We are in week 11 of the program, however, I believe I should be able to catch up in the Spanish class as I had two years of beginner Spanish my Freshman and Sophmore years. If anyone has any answers or insights regarding my question please answer below. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Hey guys! My class recently did a few in-class Paper 1 samples, and I did absolutely horribly in them! I seem to always get the wrong main idea and impression of the poem that we get, and the teacher told me they were not convinced by the examples I used to back-up my main idea. So I was wondering! Does anyone have any tips for analyzing poems you have never seen before? I already am aware of the "Read the poem at least 3 times before analyzing" rule! What can I do to be as close as possible to the real main idea? Are there any works that you guys can recommend me to read to gain a better insight of poem analysis in English A Literature and Language? (I'm HL, btw!)
  11. I am in year 11 and I am doing AQA GSCE Psychology, which I really am not enjoying. I get A's and a few A*'s. I started doing Economics GSCE but changes to Psychology within the first two weeks because our teacher was extremely bad, meaning I have no prior economics knowledge. I'm extremely oriented towards humanities and my math isn't that good. I want to study Politics or Law in university. Right now, I really don't want to do Psychology for IB (we need to choose our subjects by next week) and I have a read a bit of Economics and it seems really interesting. My strong point is my memory. SO 1)How hard is it to get a 7 in HL econ? 2)Should I do it? (taking into consideration all of the above) 3)Will the fact that I have a strong memory help me ? 4)Will I get a disadvantage because of my really average math skills? 5)Anything other you want to advise me
  12. Hi So we received our mid-terms on Friday, my first report card I ever received in the MYP program. Everyone who entered the program knew that their grades were going to drop either subtly or significantly. I knew mine were going to drop too, and they did when compared to last year's final Grade 8 marks. I went from a 94% average (as of last year) to an 87% average (as of this year). The reason why I am not satisfied with this is because the only course I actually got a high 90% in was my selected arts course (music). My other 3 academic course marks were all in the mid-high 80's. Some Grade 10's told me that Grade 9 math is the worst, and that it gets way better in Grade 10 math (next semester). A lot of teachers and students in the IB program told the new MYP's that marks don't matter in Grade 9 and that the Grade 9 teachers will generally give you a little lower than what you actually deserve in order to 1) show improvement throughout the semester and 2) because "there's always room for improvement". The problem is that my parents think that if I don't start with a 90 and above in every course, then the MYP/IB program is not right for me. They believe that if I start with 90's, I will be able to eventually improve (by the end of the semester) and receive marks in the mid to upper 90's. If I start with 80's, I will not be able to improve so quickly and end up finishing the semester with low 90's, which is obviously not where they want me to be by the end of the semester. I know this sounds pretty mainstream and kind of cheesy but there really are no limits to how much you can improve and get better at something, so I don't believe my parents are right thinking like that. My questions are, do you really think the whole "if you don't start with 90's then IB isn't right for you" thing is true? Have any of you experienced this and managed to overcome it? I really don't want to think about dropping out because I really enjoy the school I'm enrolled in and the people in the program too. Any advice, personal experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated
  13. Does anyone know the ib avg. or the requirements to get accepted into the PEARL Programme at Keio University in Tokyo? I've contacted the admissions office but they only replied saying that they don't have any "cut-off" scores, and I was wondering if anyone knew a friend or student who got accepted to Keio PEARL.
  14. Hello procrastinators, Are IB paper questions ever repeated? Now by repeated, I don't mean word-to-word––is it possible that papers can have the same question, but with a different wording? When I was in IGCSE, all my teachers said that questions will never be repeated. But after doing many past-year papers, I realized that questions were repeated, usually not word-to-word. I'm not talking about those small definition questions. Are other questions repeated? Thanks!
  15. So I just started the IB in September, and I'm wondering; what is a good score to aim for once I graduate? I want to apply to NUS or NTU for Business Admin or Accountancy, but I'm still not sure about what exact scores are good enough to be accepted with. I'm also an international student, if that helps. Thanks in advance
  16. Hey Guys, Has anyone received an offer from King's and what predicted grades do you have? I have a 7 in HL French B, 6 HL politics, 6 Hl economics, but 555 in SL maths, english and physics. How likely do you think my chances are of getting an offer from Kings? I am predicted 34 plus 2 bonus points (B,B) so 36. Thankss,
  17. I need your advice on this one guys, here's the somewhat summarized story: So I went to this IB school abroad for a year and came back home for the summer, turns out my parents ran out of money and now I've been out of school for 3 months and I'm still back home. IA's started about a month and a half ago and I was working on my history IA from home, Biology IA started and after talking to the teacher he told me the coordinator told him that I'm not allowed to work on them from home because of the "academic honesty" policy, they then asked my parents to give them another date; they did, and it's in 20 days, the school said that's the final delay date I can have and that if I don't get there by then I'm out and have to take 2nd year next year. I highly doubt my parents can can renew my visa, do what I need to do and get on a plane within that period of time, so I feel like the end is just inevitable. The thing is, now I feel like I've completely lost a chance at anything. I'm done, it's over...what's the point now? I recently got a message saying that even if I go over there on the final date I'm still not allowed to take the exams and I'll just be a "normal" student and will have to start my 2nd year next year anyways...what do I do? Go there anyway and waste my time? The teachers don't teach anything useful for the exams except for maybe 2-3, and even then they can't cover as much as independent studying could because of how big the class is. Aren't I better off spending hundreds of dollars and ordering the books myself and paying for the ridiculous shipping fee's and paying someone to let me print out all the past papers and just studying by myself at home? Then comes the issue of how stressful life is back home, it's nearly impossible to keep focus without something happening, or get distracted by all the different things to do, or procrastinate and cry myself to sleep because of how messed up everything is.
  18. Hey there, does anyone know the work count/page limit for the Maths Studies IA this year? I've been reading up about it and it keeps changing every year so now I'm super confused. My teacher told me it was 12 pages, but teachers from the other sets have said that there is no limit... can anyone help with this??? please
  19. Hello People, I am currently in grade 12 & am an IB certificate student, Would I get accepted at a culinary arts college if I have 4Sl's & 2 HL's
  20. hey!! i am going to be applying to the uwc in maastricht in the netherlands, which has an ib system(MYP4). i have no idea how the entrance exams work, i was told it will be a logical exam. what does that mean??? and a maths exam, will i need just basic knowledge of maths of very good knowledge? wamshat will i need to know and what type of questions will be in both of the exams?? thank you very much to all of you in advance!
  21. Hi y'all! I have been in this IB course from late August 2017 till now (early November) and I'm failing most of my quiz and tests Here are my marks for each subject: Physics HL: Level 3 (35%) Geography HL: Level 4 (40%) English LL HL: (50%) Chinese LL SL: Level 2-3 (11/20 for my most recent test) Maths SL: Level 2-3 Business SL: (9/20 for most recent test) What should I do at this point I'm kinda worried and skeptical for the next 2 years of my IB course Should I switch to AP or A-Levels, or should I retake first year of IB
  22. Hello all, Long story short I dropped the full IB diploma a few days ago and I am now currently doing the IB certificate. I am doing 6 subjects, 4 SL's and 2 Hl's. I dropped Biology HL to SL, it was just too much content for me to handle. Anyways, my question is will I be able to get admitted into a good school? I'm focusing more on Canada than America in terms of schools. I am in my second year of IB and my current score is 26 but I'm trying to push it up. My counselor and I emailed most of my American schools and they mostly said they don't care about whether it's the full diploma or certificate but 1. I don't have very high grades and 2. My SAT score is not that competitive. Right now I seriously feel like I'm not going to get accepted anywhere and my parents will kill me. I'm so disappointed in myself but I'm trying to push through. Please tell me if you think I'll have a shot at getting accepted. Also please feel free to add any schools you would think I have a shot at. For Canada I'm looking at University of Calgary, UBC, Queens, Thompson Rivers, Western University , Brock, York and University of Ottawa. I was also thinking of University of Sydney in Australia but I'm not sure...
  23. Long story short, I did a bio extended essay, messed up the experiment, instead of isolated colonies I got a single weird blob. No data collected. Failed the experiment. Am I allowed to use external data to support my arguments?
  24. I am a senior currently taking the IB diploma and thinking of applying to either Keio GIGA, PEARL or Waseda SPSE. For waseda, although their IB average acceptance score is 37/42, would a score below that average still be enough to make it into Waseda SPSE? Also, although Keio does not have any IB admission related statistics, if anyone knows, what is the average IB score for people who get accepted to Keio PEARL and GIGA? Do they also look at your math level or if you have a bilingual diploma?
  25. Hello IB-community! I am currently in high school and need to choose my IB subjects very soon. As the title suggests, I would be very thankful if some of you would be interested in answering my question. I am currently in a rough spot mental health wise, in the way that I am unable to tolerate any excessive focus on emotionally draining subjects, due to the fact that I was diagnosed as a highly sensitive person and struggle with depressive episodes. Therefore I am hesitant as to wether choose IB, history SL or ITGS SL. Because last year I did not enjoy history at all, it was very war focused and left me "emotionally triggered" many times. I struggle because its not the history that gets me, I actually liked it for most of my life, its just all the extra in depth-detail about wars etc. that I can't handle, Then I am torn between ITGS, because I don't know what to anticipate. I am not into technology or computers very much, but it seems like a relatively relaxed subject that wouldn't get me into trouble emotionally straight away, as I really enjoy sociology too. Many thanks for your suggestions Kind regards, Saoirse