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Found 734 results

  1. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, I need help with writing a chemistry IA that is a simulation. How do I write up the lab report (errors, variables, etc) when it is just a simulation and I didn't actually do the experiment? Help needed urgently and if an example IA could be found (I couldn't find one) it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm doing an IA for math studies. I need to collect data. Please help and complete this preference survey with honesty: The survey is completely anonymous.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to write my English Literature Written Assignment, so any help at all will be very appreciated. My title is "How does Dorfman use the relationship between the gun and light to examine the theme of empowerment in "Death and the Maiden"?" I need help on structuring my essay like what should my three points be? Thank you so so much.
  5. Hello everyone, I have this biased business and management teacher that only gives good marks to internals whose owners are her favorite (her favorites are the students that don't take private lessons). This is quite problematic because its easy to figure out the ones that do take private lessons than the ones who don't. So problem is my internal is with her and I'm pretty sure it won't get the mark it deserves (Ex. this one kid once got a 3 from her, but chosen as a sample so got raised to a 7). She always tries to justify herself by saying she's the "ol' mean examiner" that is only "harsh to make students work on themselves more", which is why she got out of trouble w/the school, so telling anyone responsible isn't gonna help. I heard once that in a similar situation, one can send an email to the ib explaining briefly what's going on. That if the IB got an email, they'd request ALL of her internals, not just a couple of samples. Last year they took all of her internals, so question is does sending an email work? and if it does work how do i send one? (Address, what do I include, etc..) Thank you in advance !!
  6. Hey everyone, I am taking IB next year, and I'm very interested in video games in general. I've been watching a lot of speedruns recently and must say that I really got interested in getting into the speedrunning scene, thus comes my question: Can one speedrun games on CAS? Say f.ex. if my goal would be to LEARN and then SPEEDRUN a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Was very surprised that I couldn't find any existing topics about speedrunning games here or by using google. Thanks in advance, ~rspic
  7. I live in Canada and the University I want to apply to is also in Canada, same province. The average to get into the program is about 87–90%, I am not going international and the university said that IB students are not given “special treatment”/preference over applicants w/o the Diploma. My math mark is what is mainly concerning me, it’s a level 5, my lowest mark, but I know I would do way better as a regular academic kid. If the uni. has no preference, and I am not going international, is the IB really worth stressing about?
  8. Hey guys, So I have received feedback on my final IA grade, however my teacher says that they need to review it with other teachers... Is there a possibility it could go up? because I believe my teacher is a harsh marker and that it should be at least 1 point higher.. Thank you
  9. Hi everyone! I have to choose a topic for my extended essay, and I was kind of thinking about doing it on stereotypes and how they affect society. For me,this topic falls into the English B spectrum, so I'll be doing it in that subject. The only problem I have with this topic is that I don't think it is the right one. I really want to do it on stereotypes, but I have to narrow it down a bit more. Do you have any idea how I could do this? Please feel free to give your opinion on my topic and suggest new ones!
  10. is IB worth it if i want to go to art school? I'm not very good with time management and the stress level that i am experiencing due to the IB. I have been in an IB school for as long as I can remember but I'm realizing now that I don't have as much time to work on my own art anymore. my top choice is parsons in nyc and I don't know if the IB is hurting more than helping. Not all my subjects are that demanding but history has been taking up all my time and energy. Maybe it would be better to drop IB and do the IB art course and the IB lang-lit course AND THATS IT. I need opinions because i'm dying. I'm in my second semester of junior year . my subjects are: lang lit HL history HL art HL ESS MATH ST SPANISH B
  11. Do you think ib will let us use a glucose meter?
  12. Hello, I really need help with formulating a TOK k.q.. I watched this video and was very interested in the idea of concussions experience and our perception of reality. Do you have any suggestions for the knowledge question?
  13. I'm a junior in the IBDP. I was wondering if it is worth it to save my notes from this year until next year- when I take my HL exams. Most people would probably automatically say yes but is it really necessary? I'm not the best at organization (have NVLD, but that's another story) so its a nightmare for me to go through notes and find whats important and whats not. I do a great job at studying only when I am told what to study, or have some kind of study guide. So what do you guys think? Should I save all my notes for the HL exams? Is there any type of guide to study when HL exam time comes around? I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts.
  14. Hey guys, I am finishing IB this May and was wondering what are the initial procedures needed to apply though UAC, e.g my year 12 number etc? I've never heard of this and my uni counsellor is useless as she told me that I have to do it alone once I graduate from school as we are no longer their 'responsibility"... Please any help will be much appreciated.. Thank you !
  15. So I applied for the Pre-IB program and personally think it's a good program for me. The school that I'm applying to (Turner Fenton SS in Ontario) does not have an entrance exam.All you have to do is submit your Grade 7 final report card results, your Grade 8 progress report card, and answer 2 questions.1. Choose one IB learning profile characteristic that best describes you.Explain why. 2. How are you going to make the world a better place? (not exact question) I believe that my responses were one of the best paragraphs I wrote in my life, so I'm not worried about them. I mentioned that I recently came in second place in my provincial spelling bee, and hopefully, that'll help me out. I'm worried about my Grade 7 final report card ruining things for me.Last year, due to my horrible math/sci/homeroom teacher, I got a 74% average in math (I've been getting straight A's in math for my whole life) and a 71% in science (I have gotten better grades in science, but it's not one of my strongest subjects) the rest of my marks were all 84's and up (except for drama) and were especially good in Language, History/Geography and French. I calculated my "academic" average (Math, Science, History/Geo, Language, French) and got an 80% as my average. My homeroom/sci/math teacher also burdened me with G's (only 2 E's) in the learning skills category. (I've been getting E's my whole life) My Grade 8 progress report card is amazing though, (progressing VERY well in everything but drama) and so are my learning skills (all excellent). So do you think I at least have a fair chance of getting accepted? What do you think they will look more closely at? (my final Grade 7 report card, Grade 8 progress report card or application?) Any opinions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  17. Hi, I already have started my IA, and I'm almost done with writing my introduction, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to write for my hypothesis. My IA is on which face washes prevent bacterial growth best. I have participants use face wash, wash it off, and then I take a cotton swab and collect cells from their forehead which I then swipe onto petri dishes with nutrient agar in them. I'm using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, Clean & Clear's Morning Burst and Deep Action cleansers, Pond's Cold Cream, and no face wash for a comparison. I can find the ingredients for all, but I'm having trouble finding what amounts are in each and how their different ingredients compare to each other. Any ideas on how to set up a hypothesis that makes sense?
  18. I am in an IB middle school, but im trying to calculate my grades during the quarter. I just do not remember each number for the 8 point scale. 8=100 I think, 5 might be 54 or 56. Help
  19. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  20. I have chosen these IB subjects, and now I am thinking that some of them, such as Geography HL and ESS SL are too weak....IDK. I wanted to change them on Biology SL and History HL, but it was too late. Do you think that my subjects are fine to apply to prestigious universities if I get very good grades on them? English B HL Geography HL Economics HL Maths SL ESS SL Russian A SL
  21. Hi guys! I am currently in the second semester of DP. I have good extracurricular activities. I did graphic design and science writing for a couple of international magazines (one in Spain and one in Lahore) and I will soon get my Periodic Graphics featured on University of Waterloo's magazine Chem 13 News. As soon as I return to school from the Spring Festival break, I will start a STEAM (STEM+Art) program with BUCT-RSC Chemistry Outreach Centre to create materials for institutions, Chinese science media and science/chemistry workshops mainly for teenagers. I will also illustrate (and probably edit) an astrophysics book which I heard will be reviewed by an Oxford professor and published. However, as I have lots of extracurriculars, I don't bother getting really high percentages for IB tests. For subjects like chemistry, design, Spanish, something that could be transformed to a 7 would be OK. And I don't really bother a 40/42. I can get a 39, but I am really not that good at math and I don't want to squeeze lot of my EC time to study math really hard. People are really emphasising on GPA here (like they say GPA is the most important thing; univs are going to admit the students with the best scores, not better extracurriculars; better ECs could not secure you a better place). I don't quite agree with them; I want to follow my unconventional passion in promoting STEAM education and be really outstanding at it. But I don't know if what they said are true. And I also don't want my teacher to get disappointed with me as I get lower percentages because of the ECs. What do you guys think?
  22. Hi It's my second semester in the DP and I have already started wondering what subject to choose for my EE. (I want to make preparations as early as possible to avoid procrastination). The problem is like this: I have lots of different academic interests and I don't want to focus on single interests. I initially thought about doing a history EE about French revolution (focus on Marie Antoinette) or fashion in the victorian times because I like European classical culture (like history, classical music and art) a lot. I watch BBC history documentaries, costume dramas, and I subscribe to accounts introducing classical culture. I had a talk with my teacher and he is very supportive of my topic choice. However, my history writing skills isn't so good and I don't want to get a bad grade on my EE which could potentially lower my IB score. I am also not sure whether I should avoid writing about my higher level subjects for the EE to keep me balanced. I have chem, design and math as my highers, and I am going for dual degree in chem and graphic design in university. The reason I don't want to write chemistry is that I spend lots of time doing EC's about chemistry. I write a blog, work with chemists internationally on science writing projects, and now, collaborate with Beijing University of Chemical Technology (probably once a week) and Tsinghua Univ. to run STEAM (STEM+art), science illustration and chem outreach programs. I also subscribe to various chem magazines and shows. (Similar reason with design tech.) I have always loved being multidisciplinary and learning about different topics. I don't want to restrict myself. Another reason is that I want to write a really good paper if I choose to do chem EE (which is probably, to use the labs in BUCT and get formal instructions). However, my teacher told me that he needs to supervise me when I am doing my EE, and he once had a student who worked on the EE in a good lab and got a B. I don't want to do it at school--the school has much less facilities and good chemicals. It will make my EE a 'crappy' school lab paper. So guys, what can I do?
  23. Hi! I mentioned this problem in this post: But I want it to be a separate topic. I'm doing IB but I'm afraid my grades won't satisfy my universities. I thought about passing also A-levels. Can I do it: - without any course? (I will prepare myself unofficially) -without handing any essays? -choosing just 3 subjects? (the main ones that I need AAB)
  24. So next year I will be going for my IB Honors diploma and need help on deciding what to do and how to do it. I have two problems: Action and creativity hours. For action, I am generally nonathletic and am shy and do not know what to do. I am thinking about joining the swim team because of many friends. Also I am thinking about taking parkour classes but fear I would be alone and awkward. If anyone has any better or easier options that would be appreciated. For creativity I want to know if I can count the art I do at home someway. Since I know I need a supervisor but cant use my family, I dont know what to do and want to know if the art I do at home can count somehow. Also I am learning to code, will that work? Any help is needed
  25. Hi! SO my EE is due in a couple of hours (English EE) and it's a well written essay, but because I had to make some adjustments to my original draft which was horrible, I'm at 2000 words... I don't have enough time or resources to even bump this up to 2700 ish... so will I get a bad EE grade? Can anyone reassure me that they were able to get Cs and Ds on the EE even if they wrote less than 3000 words in the humanities? I have enough examples, and sources, and it's well written... It's super easy to get a D because I followed the rubric, but I'm just worried that they'll be harsh at grading just because of the lack of words.