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Found 734 results

  1. Hello, I'm in 12th grade and currently doing the international Abitur as well as the IB with Bio HL, German HL, and English HL. In my school, you HAVE to do the Abitur whereas the IB is optional. My time management isn't the best but decent, and I've been struggling lately with studying for individual subjects and keeping track of my EE and IAs, etc. It has gotten to a point where I seriously consider dropping the IB because of all the stress in my daily life and even struggling to sleep at times and only doing the International Abitur. My goal is to study in Canada, preferably the UOBC (Vancouver) and grade wise I am fine, but I feel like if I continue to do the IB, I'll not be able to do both to my maximum ability. The only thing I am scared about is however that the IB is apparently essential in Canada and I'm afraid of what that could potentially lead to me not attending my dream uni. What do you guys think I should do? Regards, OneTimeWonder
  2. I have around 3 weeks until I need to turn in my final draft of my extended essay, and I am just now starting. I know I shouldn't have procrastinated, but I did and now I have to deal with the consequences. Anyways, I know my topic will be on Dirty Realism (a style of writing that depicts the more mundane aspects of ordinary life), and I know that I will include writers like Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff in my essay. Now what I don't know is my research question. I have two in mind: 1. How does Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff use Dirty Realism in their works? 2. What is the role of Dirty Realism in Richard Wright and Tobias Wolff's works? Are either of these any good? And if not, what changes should I make to these questions?
  3. Hello everybody, I want to ask you for advice. I am currently doing the IB DP, and my subjects are Czech A (SL), English B (HL), Economics (SL), Physics (HL), Chemistry (HL) and Math (SL). I was thinking if I should do the IB certificate instead of the diploma. I want to work as a chemical engineer, and so the languages and economy are useless for me. I've heard that in the IB certificate you can choose a number of subjects you want to do, so I would choose high levels physics, chemistry, and math. Our school does not teach HL math, which is why I have just SL. I've also heard that you do not need to do ToK, EE, and CAS. My question is, should I do the IB Diploma or the IB Certificate? Thanks for any advice
  4. I'm currently in grade 8 and the pre-ib admissions test is on November 25th, I don't know what material will be on the test, and I don't know the proper way to study for a test. If you can help me that would be a huge help!
  5. Hey there! So I am planning to apply to the UK as an international student. In high school I am doing the IB diploma and my predicted will be around 40-41 with HL biology (7) HL chemistry (6) HL Psychology (6) SL Eng (6) SL Mandarin (6) SL Math (6-7), my UKCAT score was average 650 with a band 3 SJT. I really wanted to apply to imperial, UCL, King's, Brighton Sussex and possibly anything for another school. According to my grades and UKCAT, what do you guys think would be my best option? and do you guys think King's would consider me as they highly value UKCAT score? Any advice would be amazing!
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently in 12th grade and doing the IB as well as the international Abitur. I've completed my Biology and Math IA and almost completed CAS. However, I am scared of all things that will come in the future like FOAs and all the exams, etc. Doing the IB isn't doing double the work though because my school combines a lot of stuff. That is why you can't choose which HL and SL topics you want, these are decided for you. Things like the EE are still something I am working on. However, I'm not entirely done yet. I want to study in Canada, Manitoba. Will they accept me with the International Abitur only? What should I do? Regards!
  7. Hi, So basically, we were given different History IA topics and I chose "The Great Depression and the Arts: Photography, the movie industry, the radio, literary currents". I need to have a research question and 2 pages of (Handwritten) research notes in 2 days. Unfortunately, I have no idea on what research question to format. If someone could guide me through writing the research question or give me some examples, it would be really beneficial. Thank you!
  8. Hi! I'm considering taking geography SL or HL in the IB. However, when I was researching the subject I noticed that in the syllabus there's quite a lot of stuff on gender equality. I found a link to a book called "Planet Geography Second Edition Equity" from the page "Populations in Transition" (from that is one of the compulsory topics under the heading "textbook resources" that addressed the issue of gender and change. I looked a bit deeper into it and found that there was a lot of material on "feminist geography" especially on the pages 100-105. Since this was directly linked on I reckon this is something we will cover during the courses. Is geography in the IB looked through the lens of leftist values and social justice? I agree that women have less rights in many countries and we should cover that when talking about basic human rights but what I don't agree with is politically biased syllabuses. Does IB geography actually have a political agenda? I really hope I've misunderstood something.
  9. Hi! I'm considering taking econ SL or HL. I think I would like the subject but I'm not good t maths and I'm wondering if this would hinder to success in the subject. I found SL maths in preIB quite difficult and I'm going to take studies in the IB. How big of a role does maths play in econ and is there a difference in the amount of maths between SL and HL? Thanks already in advance!
  11. Can you guys please take this survey? I need 50 responses to do it in my Math IA and it would really help me out. It is very quick just 4 questions long. It only asks about how many IB classes that you take/took and how many hours of sleep you get/got every night. Please help me out guys.
  13. Hi guys! I would love to know what you think about my IB subject choices. I started the IB programme one month ago, so I still have same time to change my mind. Right now I am studying: English A, French B, Mathematics & Geography - HL Polish A, Biology - SL Could you please tell what you think about this set? What courses could I take at the university level? Personally I have thought about economics, finances, law or something connected with french language. I will be extremely grateful for your help Have a nice day! xxx
  14. Hello IB-community! I am currently in high school and need to choose my IB subjects very soon. As the title suggests, I would be very thankful if some of you would be interested in answering my question. I am currently in a rough spot mental health wise, in the way that I am unable to tolerate any excessive focus on emotionally draining subjects, due to the fact that I was diagnosed as a highly sensitive person and struggle with depressive episodes. Therefore I am hesitant as to wether choose IB, history SL or ITGS SL. Because last year I did not enjoy history at all, it was very war focused and left me "emotionally triggered" many times. I struggle because its not the history that gets me, I actually liked it for most of my life, its just all the extra in depth-detail about wars etc. that I can't handle, Then I am torn between ITGS, because I don't know what to anticipate. I am not into technology or computers very much, but it seems like a relatively relaxed subject that wouldn't get me into trouble emotionally straight away, as I really enjoy sociology too. Many thanks for your suggestions Kind regards, Saoirse
  15. Will someone who lets say gets 24 points be eligible to go to university?
  16. Help me, please! Background: Asian Country: Japan School type: Japanese IB school IB predicted grades English B HL- 7 Japanese A HL- 6 Economics HL- 7 Math SL- 7 Biology SL- 6 Theater SL - 6 TOK/EE - 2 Total: 41/45 SAT I: Math 710 Reading/writing 610 Total: 1320 (Taking it again and it will probably be around 1400 or so) TOEFL: 103 Extracurriculars - Market research on local donut market in Japan - Started economics club at school (Also posting videos on YouTube) - Doing an interpreter at business conferences - National business competition (20/650) - Scholarship program (10/1750 applicants) - Brown pre-college program - Swimming for 13 years (10th place in Japan) - Volunteer work in Fiji - Student government (vice president) - band Major: Economics Choices Ivy league Stanford NYU All UC schools University of Michigan University of Virginia Northwestern University Boston College Yale-NUS Any advice and tips??
  17. Hey everyone Would u mind to share ur sleeping hours ? As IB students are completely full with tons of assignments. Mine only 4 hours. 2 hours before will probably be my time for socializing on internet Btw how much time would u spend to socialize ?
  18. Hello, Is it possible to switch HL subjects during the first semester of the second year (IB2)? Right now I'm currently doing Bio at HL and I want to drop it and do geography instead. I realized I don't need biology for the program I'm plan on doing at Uni and geography would aid me. I'm flunking Bio so bad, I don't understand it and no matter how hard I try I still get low marks. I know it would have been better for me to switch during the first semester of IB1 but I honestly thought I could make it in bio but it's not going well. I have a good background in geography, and I don't mind meeting the teacher outside of school hours to work. If I continue with bio I'm probably just going to fail the diploma. See the thing is I didn't understand the concepts of bio and I had no experience in it and my school let me do it at HL, I had no guidance on choosing my subjects. If i'm not allowed to switch I might just end up dropping the diploma then.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm currently doing my psychology EE and I am investigating to what extend personality influences academic success. A counter argument that i am writing about is intelligence influencing academic success. Is it considered not answering the question? If anyone would like to give me advices on what i should include i would be glad. Thank u
  20. Hey I live in the Netherlands started DP1 this week and I was wondering if any European students that were also doing the IB wanted to create a study group. It would be cool if we took similar subjects so that we could help each other out, and I think it doesn't matter really were in Europe as the time is either the same or 1 or 2 hours difference Anyway if anyone is interested hmu. My IB classes are the following: Chemistry HL Biology HL English A Lit HL Geography SL Spanish SL Math SL
  21. Hi, I have my mock exams soon, and I heard they're important if you want to directly apply for university, however in my case I am forced to take a gap year due to personal reasons. Would the predicted grades from my mocks still even matter or can I just apply to university with my final grades? If they don't matter, it doesn't matter, I studied for them anyways, but I just want to know whether they are necessary. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi, so in September I will be starting the IB programme and entering ib1. For few days I have been wondering about how to get organised in a school year. I wanted to ask you, IB students, in your opinion which organisation system is better bullet journal or a planner? Bearing in mind the demands and specifics of the ib programme. To this day I have been using bujo but i don't know if it will work in ib or is it better to invest in a planner. I know that this is a personal matter, and I should choose what suits me best but I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and opinions on the topic.
  23. So I'm an Egyptian IB student and I want to study software engineering/computer science after finishing my diploma. To study computer science I have to take Maths HL but I don't need physics HL but I took it so I can get into mechanical engineering or something if I changed my mind, this choice made me take this courses : Maths HL Physics HL English B HL French A L&L SL Arabic Lit SL Economics SL But after the first week i can see that French A L&L is very difficult so I was thinking of changing it to French B HL and demoting physics into SL but that will give me no other qualification if i changed my mind about computer science but it will make it easier for me to get a 36-37; so do I do it or not ???
  24. Hi everyone, Because we are writing our mock exams in about two weeks I've been wondering whether they are essential for applying to university in Canada or not. I have been studying for approx. two weeks now and I am simply scared because I don't feel like I am ready for it and I'm scared my life depends on it. Any explanations on that matter would help me a lot! Kind regards, Amekara PS: Of course I'm talking about the predicted grades while referring to the mock exam.
  25. Heyy!! I really need help finding an Econ IA article for Macroeconomics on unemployment or interest rates!! Please help. Thanks