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Found 738 results

  1. Hello, I'm an international student currently living abroad doing the IB program. I'm in Grade 11 and I have a few concerns about university. I'm fluent in French but English is my first language. I have plans to study either international relations or psychology in university. I'm very worried that I won't even get admitted into any college or Uni... I messed up in MYP (grades 9 & 10) honestly I didn't think the first two years of high school would be that important. After grade 10 I moved schools, I started out the first semester pretty well I was trying harder but then all of a sudden my grades fell and I don't think I did too well on my end of year exams. I am doing the full IB diploma so I have started my IA's and my EE is going pretty well I haven't missed any deadlines.. I want to know if there is still hope for me to get into a decent university with my lowish grades.. this summer I plan to do nothing but work, I'm getting a tutor for my weaker subjects such as math and bio. Next year I know I can improve but I don't know if it will change anything considering I have already messed up grades 9-11..I'm usually a 4/5 grade student with the occasional 6 or 3. I know I can do so much better though and I'll try my hardest. On the other hand I have good extra curriculars, also this summer I plan on taking SAT classes I'm aiming for at least 1200! I have done MUN I'm on the tennis team Volleyball team Track team Yearbook Debate team I took part in a Global youth summit for international schools (in 2016 and in 2017) And I also have good Community service record due to CAS. I have also volunteered at an animal shelter and an orphanage several times My uni choices so far are: USA: UCLA NYU The New School (NY) Lynn University Loyola Marymount university Roosevelt University DePaul University Wake Forest University Elon University Florida International University Colgate University Northeastern University American University Canada: UBC Uni Manitoba Uni of Toronto Western University Uni of Waterloo York University Queens university Do you think that there is still a chance I can get into these schools if I do better next year? I know next year is senior year and that colleges usually look at junior year the most but please please please give me your inputs. Please note that I'm not applying to all of these schools.. I'm trying to narrow down my list. My Subjects are HL: Literature Biology History SL: Spanish Ab ESS Math studies
  2. So my current IB schedule looks like the following for next year. Psychology SL Mandarin SL (Ab initio) History HL Biology HL English HL *I've already taken the Math SL my junior year. The issue here is that after taking 1 year of Mandarin online (Pamoja) I realized that I don't want to do this route. Would it be possible for me to take Spanish Ab initio next year and take the test for it rather than taking the Mandarin test? Thanks! -Paul
  3. I'm starting this topic so as to help people asses their portfolios and what can be done in order to improve their chances of getting into colleges of their choice. I'm really open to solving any of your doubts and have a casual chat if u need one.
  4. If I have any relevant information that I paraphrased from a source, do I need to cite it iif I have used it in my abstract? What if it is info that I have included in my intro
  5. I need some help looking for some Ib Biology SL IA topics... To be honest i don't know where to start from so I just wanted to ask you for some suggestions about how should i start or what should i start looking for. I just need some suggestions or ideas so I can start looking up some ideas and formulate my questions
  6. Hi! I would like to ask you how did you find the may 2017 exams in physics. I think that were more difficult than may 2016. Also, in which case someone fails and need to go to november exams? Finally for which reason should we be examined in 2 exams in a day (for example Physics and psychology were examined the same day) ? Thank you
  7. Group 2 Hint: MATH, LANGUAGE -- How do numbers rule our thinking and our lives? This intriguing article highlights research on the language of numbers showing that one of our species’ key characteristics is tremendous linguistic and cognitive diversity. Can anyone help me form a good Knowledge question of the given information above, for my TOK presentation?
  8. Okay so basically all of my teachers have recently decided to stop helping us out as much (in the sense of giving advice, explaining things thoroughly, etc) and it concerns me that my class as a whole is not going to be prepared for the exams next year. I am highly considering dropping out and doing dual-enrollment because I know my grades and life would be much better if I did that. What are your thoughts on my dilemma?
  9. Hey guys, I would just like to know your thoughts on the Math SL exam.. TZ2.. I found paper 1 pretty alright.. kinda did some dumb mistakes but paper 2 I found it to be harder in my opinion... especially the last probability question was kinda tricky.. What do you guys think? Will they lower the grade boundaries?
  10. Alguien habla español? Alguien que haya tomado Español Literatura? Que libros están leyendo? Alguien haciendo su Extended Essay en español?
  11. Hey, Does anyone know how to revise for the french ab intio exam?
  12. Hi, I'm just wondering if people who take the French immersion program in Elementary School, can also go to an IB school in order to obtain their IB diploma, and Certificate of Bilingual Studies. Is this possible within York Region, or must the student choose from either IB or a French immersion dedicated school. Thanks, Xyphn
  13. Hi, I am currently a grade 8 student and I'm going into Pre-IB next year. I was wondering if I could volunteer this summer, however many of my friends are saying that people that they know that are currently doing IB have to do somewhere around 120 hours of volunteer hours, and it can ONLY be done in grade 11 and 12. I tried my best to search it up and see what the possible options are but I can't seem to find any information about when it can be done. I was wondering if anyone knew when the volunteer hours can be done, and specifically how many hours? Just for reference I live in Ontario, and our minimum is 40 hours. Thanks, Xyphn
  14. Hello, I'm doing my chemistry IA on paper chromatography of different colours of leaves. I really would appreciate a sample IA about chromatography that I can get the structure from. can you please share with me anything that might help? Thank you very much.
  15. So I'm doing my EE in Biology and my research question is "To what extent does constant cold acclimation at the temperatures 18˚, 5˚, and 0˚ degrees centigrade affect the seed germination rate and subsequent total biomass yield produced in Phleum pratense L. (Timothy grass)?". The experiment was supposed to investigate the effects of seeds germinated under cold temperatures and the effect on the biomass produced in seeds after germination among different temperatures. I even had some data with around an 80% germination rate for the seeds at 10˚C. But 10 days in, and 100% of the seeds at 18˚ (my control group!) germinated and 0% of the seeds germinated in both the 5˚ & 0˚ groups. I have no ideas for any other topics in Biology. What do I do? Continue writing the EE with my failed experiment and try to come up with reasons why it failed, and even attempt to state that this could be beneficial to the scientific community? Try to switch research questions within Biology? Or do I all out switch subjects to English and just "type away"? I need answers quick, because I have 9 weeks left until I have to present an EE without a conclusion. Future message to those who reply: Thank you for taking your time to read and answer!
  16. I'm going into IB right now and I have to choose my courses, so I chose this combination : Arabic Language and Literature SL English Language Acquisition HL French Language Acquisition HL Math SL Economics HL Chemistry SL I still don't know what I want to study in college (It's either economics and political science or engineering) but my parents and all my teachers are telling me to take French Language and Literature SL and Math HL. Should I do this or not ? I'm really good at math but I still don't know what I want to major in in college so I can't choose between math SL and HL.
  17. I'm going into Pre-IB right now and I have to choose my courses, so I chose this combination : Arabic Language and Literature SL English Language Acquisition HL French Language Acquisition HL Math SL Economics HL Chemistry SL I still don't know what I want to study in college but my parents and all my teachers are telling me to take French Language and Literature and Math HL. Should I do this or not ? I'm really good at math but I still don't know what I want to major in in college so I can't choose between math SL and HL.
  18. How good is the topic of mobile payment for itgs extended essay? what primary data can be used and how can social and ethical issues be evaluated. Thank You
  19. Hey guys, Just like to know your thoughts on ESS paper 1.. Ess is that type of subject where you don't know what you wrote is correct or not, its kind of hard explaining.. Anyway how do you guys think you did?
  21. Hello people, I am new and kind of desperate...yesterday I got my achieved grades for March and I am kind of close to failing the IB right now. My problem is that changing a subject now after being almost done with the first year of IB is very difficult (not to say impossible). Another problem: 3 of my subjects I cannot change under any circumstances as it is a legal requirement for the school that I take them My grades were: German A (SL): 4 French A (SL): 4 Math SL: 2 Geography(HL): 4 Biology (HL): 5 Theater (HL): 5 Out of those, I HAVE to take German A, Math SL and Biology, there is no chance for changing anything. Theater I have a 5 because our teacher doesn't give good grades in the first year in general (because we would become lazy) and Biology I had a 6 the previous term, but I missed a lot of classes that's why it is a 5 now. As for Geography, I just joined the class mid-February (I had Anthropology before but changed) so I am confident that I could have a 6 by the end of the year. My main problem are my languages: German is my native language, and I am not too bad at it, but my teacher just hates me-my classmates also say that, basically my teacher has her favorites who always get good grades...that is so annoying because I can't do anything against it French is not my native language, and the only reason why I took it was that it was the only other language fitting into my timetable. And honestly, it is not the French that is too hard, I do understand everything, but I am horrible at analyzing (and if a language is not your native language it is very hard to simply bullsh*t about something). I am now thinking of changing to English A, even though that might mean having to change my other classes as well...because I think that I can't pass my IOC next month in French, it just seems impossible. I mean, my Director of Studies would probably rip my head off for that, but as I am close to failing the class he might consider the possibility for me to change. On the other hand, I have no clue how "hard" English A language and literature is...I would need to catch up on almost a year's work Any advice? Should I change to English A or stay in French A? - A very desperate and kind of helpless IB student-
  22. Hello, I was curious about how strictly they grade the Self-taught exams paper 1 and paper 2? Do they grade it as strictly as English A, or do they take into consideration that we do not have teachers and we havent spoken the language for two years?
  23. I am wondering how the IA's will affect the final IB grade. Let's say I have an accumulated 4 on my Econ IA. However, I get a 5 on my External Assessments (all 3)! What will be my Final grade? Will it be a 5 or a 4? I know the IA is 20% and the external Assesment is 80%. I was told that whatever I get on my External Assesment, will be final grade. The IA helps if the candidate is at the very end of a boundary. I have been getting different pieces of information. I am not sure how the IA works. Everyone keeps saying its "Only 20%", and the External Assessments are far more important. Can someone please help me!!!!
  24. Hi! I was wondering if one could do an Extended Essay on a subject they are not taking for example: if I wanted to do an EE on Gesualdo's Madrigal "Moro Lasso Al Mio Duolo", even though I am not taking IB Music. Thanks in advance
  25. Mine is 40-45. I know 45 is aiming crazy high. But its my dream score after all. I dont mind anything, as long as its in the 40s. 45 is just perfect to be honest. I WIIIIISH. Lol How about you?