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Found 1,708 results

  1. Hi! im wondering how to solve these projectile motion problems: A particle is launched horizontally with a speed of 8.0 m s−1 from a point 20 m above the ground. a Calculate the time when the particle lands on the ground. b Determine the speed of the particle 1.0 s after launch. c Find the angle between the velocity and the horizontal 1.0 s after launch. d Determine the velocity with which the particle hits the ground. A soccer ball is kicked so that it has a range of 30 m and reaches a maximum height of 12 m. Determine the initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the ball
  2. Version 1.0.0


  3. Alguien habla español? Alguien que haya tomado Español Literatura? Que libros están leyendo? Alguien haciendo su Extended Essay en español?
  4. The first thing i would like to know is that, in your IB programs do your teachers communicate with each other so that they don't plan tests or assignments on the same day so they don't overwhelm the students? I'm going through a difficult time since my IB coordinator has told my class of 2020 that if we joined IB that it would be tough and challenging but the teachers talk to each other and plan their schedules so they don't overwhelm us. Some of the teachers talk to each other but rarely .... I spoke out about this since at this point in the school year their is so much stuff like assignments, projects, AP tests, finals due all in so little time and its just not me who feels overwhelm its other students in my class. I talked and explained to my IB coordinator about all that is going on and he sent out an email in response, to all the teachers and some are mad at me for speaking out about this. What should i do next and did i do anything wrong please help cause i don't know what to do and i don't want to make this problem into a bigger one.
  5. Hi everyone! Does anyone know the official IB deadlines for submission of IA's and Extended Essay?
  6. Hi! I am a fairly new IB student. I finished Pre-IB last year, and am in second month of Grade 11 IB. We just got Managebac accounts and have been encouraged to start logging CAS, but I'm not sure how. I can find the section that needs to be filled out for different activities, but I don't know how to tag things. I volunteer twice a week, and instead of having to log each session individually --annoying my supervisor constantly with repeated notifications-- I was wondering if there was a way to log something as an ongoing activity instead...? There's probably a really simple solution, but I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
  7. Hello kind humans who have stumbled upon this post: I applaud your effort to find this topic, please allow me to introduce moi, moi-self et moi. I am currently am, at the moment a student attending grade 8 at the York region PUBLIC school board, and I’m attending St. Robert Catholic School in Thornhill, Ontario for the 2020-21 school year, and will graduate at St. Robert (hopefully) in the spring of 2024. I have successfully made it into the predatory IB program at the school and have already submitted that gigantic package that came after the acceptance letter and gave it to the office, accepted with no problem. But, since it is a York Region CATHOLIC school, and I’m transferring from a public school I’m not going to be able to select my courses through the MyBlueprint/MyPathwayPlanner system like everyone else staying in the public school system. I am aware that YRCDSB also has the same system; but I cannot access that system to put in my courses, and all course selection is on that sheet that I gave to the office. Is that enough information to have me get into the required pre-ib classes at St. Robert? Because the high school panic is also staring to set in because I’m seeing everybody choose courses at guidance while I sit and do nothing because I’m “that” kid who’s going to a catholic school. Also, I am also aware of the fact that I need to take a full course load, plus religion. I’m wondering if the religion takes up one elective slot or is there some courseload schedule that has 8 courses instead of the 5 requirements, two electives, plus one religion? Thanks for coming on this topic, hope you can give an answer! Will be looking forward to a reply thanks! Thanks sheeple, Weird 8th grade human being.
  8. Hello everyone ! I am an IB student graduation 2021 ( EU citizen ). I was interested to study medicine in the UK for the past 3 years, but since Brexit is happening and the fees are rising even more than before I decided to step back. I still wanted an English speaking country so I chose Ireland which has fees at around 4,000$ annually. My question is now is here anyone who tried to apply to med schools in Dublin, Cork etc.? Maybe give some tips on deciding a uni, or best accommodation, experience etc. I would be forever thankful !
  9. Hi everyone First post here. I am 17 and in my junior year of IB. I just completed the first semester exams and did absolutely rubbish. I created around 20 pages of revision by hand and said to myself I would study more for this exam than any other. Here are my awful results. Economics: 3 (yikes!) English: 4 (close to a 5) ESS: 4 (very close to a 5) French: 6 Maths: 5 I take economics, English, and visual arts for my HL. I expect visual arts to get a 6 or 7, but I need to raise my grades in English from a 4 to a 6 and in economics from a 3 to at least a 5. I have no clue how I'm gonna do that in time for my predicted grades. I have no ambition in anything. I'm currently thinking about studying music but I really really don't want to do anything. I have no ambition. I don't want to go to college. Everything I've ever tried I've failed at. I am suicidal again. I see no future for me. Help me please
  10. Hi, I am deciding my topics for the extended essay in chemistry and was thinking of doing something around -: - The effect of pH on the hydrolysis of aspirin or - The most effective endothermic reactions to be used in instant cold packs. (currently used water and ammonia) Please give me feedback as to how I could improve my topics and any changes that I could make to make it more suitable to the real world.
  11. Hello, I have been thinking about what I would like to do for my extended essay and I have come up with two ideas that I would like to share to you to ask for some advice about whether or not these are suitable for a possible EE in physics; The first idea is about the science behind projectiles where I was thinking about researching the science behind the centre of gravity and the centre of pressure while the rocket is in flight and how this can affect the stabilisation of it. However, my Physics teacher told me that it would be too difficult to measure which means that I had to do it with paper airplanes instead. my research question for this would have been something like; "In what ways does the position of the centre of pressure and centre of gravity affect the stability of a projectile rocket launched in the air?" OR "How is the stability of a projectile rocket affected by the position of the centre of pressure and centre off gravity as it is launched in the air?" Therefore, the second idea that came up was about doing it about angular momentum, and explain this while doing an experiment with a rotating bicycle wheel. This could be very interesting because I could look at how different mass and diameter of the wheel changes the amount of angular momentum it emits when rotated. Here my topic and research question will look at how the sizes of different rotating wheels affect the angular momentum of the person holding it in his hand; "How does the diameter of a wheel affect the angular momentum of a person sitting on a stool?" OR "In what ways does the radius of a wheel affect the angular momentum it’s acting on a person?" In my opinion, the second idea seems much more fun and interesting to do. What do you think, if you have some advice please tell me. Thank you!
  12. Im a grade 11 student attempting to complete the IB diploma. The only class that I cannot understand or enjoy is ToK. I am not doing very good grade wise and i just don't understand a lot of the concepts. I don't want to let my friends down by not being able to do group presentations and stuff because I DON'T UNDERSTAND. I don't like the class, the teacher is not helpful and I am considering dropping it completely. Is IB worth it? Is Tok worth it? Please help
  13. Im a hl maths student and i wanted to do my maths IA on a topic related to calculus as that was the option that my school choosed. And i came across optimisation of packagings. However ive seen that many people simply use the differentiation method to find the optimum surface area of the cans or products they are investigating. Hence to make it more complex i would want to use a unconventional theory or equation such as the brachistrone theory to find the optimum surface area of a can. Is it possible are there any other theories that i can use? and should i find the optimisation of a can or are there other things that i can find the optimisation of? or is this too simple, but what other complex and interesting calculus IA topics are there?
  14. Im a hl maths student and i wanted to do my maths IA on a topic related to calculus as that was the option that my school choosed. And i came across optimisation of packagings. However ive seen that many people simply use the differentiation method to find the optimum surface area of the cans or products they are investigating. Hence to make it more complex i would want to use a unconventional theory or equation such as the brachistrone theory to find the optimum surface area of a can. Is it possible are there any other theories that i can use? and should i find the optimisation of a can or are there other things that i can find the optimisation of? or is this too simple, but what other complex and interesting calculus IA topics are there?
  15. Heyy! I am a student who is currently in Y11 and is going to study the IB Diploma starting next year. I would like to study astrophysics or law in uni and here are my current option choices: HL Physics, Maths AA, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish, Chemistry The problem here is that I absolutely love theatre but equally love chemistry and so I cannot choose between the to. The majority of the universities I have looked at and even spoken to do not have chemistry as a requirement but a few recommend having two sciences instead on one. I am passionate about both subjects, get the same grades in both (around an A/A*) and don't have a requirement for them in the future and therefore I am stuck in a dilemma. I really want to be able to take both, but the pressure from 7 subjects would be overwhelming but if I decide to take Theatre instead of Chemistry, I would like to take it at HL instead and have 4 HL'S + 2 SL's. But, my school isn't allowing me to do so. I would really appreciate if you could help me out and suggest which subject I should take and why. Also, if possible, could you help me find a valid point to convince my school to let me take 4 HL subjects. Thanks!
  16. I recently received my IB marks a few days ago and I'm not really happy with it at all ( like at all ). My total score is 25 & I missed the upper boundary grade by 1 point in 3 different subjects & both the EE & TOK, meaning that I could have achieved a higher mark. I failed to get into my course by 3 points & am thinking of two options: 1. apply to a different course for now and then transferring to my original course throughout the semester 2. remark some of the subjects where I'm off by 1 point from the upper boundary grade At this point, I don't really know what to do but go with option 1, but I'm afraid my offer for my original course would still be rejected (due to my atar being lower than the selection rank, etc). Do you guys have any recommendations? I'm really worried I won't get into the course I want to because I've been wanting to do it for years now & I really don't feel like I want to do any other course. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello everyone. I have received my IB results, and unfortunately, the only thing standing between me and the 45 score is the EE/TOK. I have scored 7s in all my subjects, but B/B in TOK/EE. I am 4 marks away from the A in each one. Is it likely that remarking works with these two subjects? And which one do you recommend that I remark? I just need an A in either to get the 3 total bonus marks and thus a 45. Thank you
  18. I want to switch from Spanish SL to chinese AB intio but its almost been a year. My ib coordinator says that I cannot switch because I am heritage of china although I cannot speak, read or write chinese??? Also she says that there needs to be 150 hours of teaching meet before the end of the year. To my knowledge I heard you can take an online course on top of the course at school to fulfil the 150 teaching hours. I don't see why I cannot take AB Initio chinese. Could someone please clarify about the heritage thing thanks.
  19. So guys, i checked turnitin of my TOK essay I got 25% plagiarism - 15% from bibliography and quotes 10% from footnotes and coverpage Other than the quotes, none of my essay body got highlighted Is everything ok here?
  20. Hi, I'm sort of having a dilemma with my courses for next year. I'm currently in pre-IB (grade 10) and am entering IB next year. We already picked our courses, but there will be a day where changes to our courses can be changed. So currently, my courses for the next two years are: HL English (Lang/Lit) HL Biology HL History SL Chem SL Math SL French But, the thing is, I'm debating on switching HL History to HL Business. I'm going into sciences, so neither will really help me. I pretty much have no interest in either business or history either, but they're the only HL humanities that my school offers. Now, HL History is a hell lot of work. That I know. But the History program at my school is really good, and the class average coming out of exams is usually a 6-7 (97% avg). But I have no interest in history, as it bored me to death this year, and I really have no time or patience for the amount of work that HL history is perceived to have (essays every other week..? No thanks) But I do think that it might be worth it for the 7. HL Business is a different story. It has less work, and I'm slightly (very, very slightly) more interested in business than history. But, the business program at my school is horrible--since the course is new. It's disorganized and the marking system is messed up. The average coming out is usually really low. Really, I just need a placeholder since I have one HL left. And I have no clue which one I should chose because they both have their pros and cons. I know I won't be happy in either, but I have no choice. So which do you think is the better choice? Which option would I benefit most from? Which has less work? Which one did you enjoy more? Thanks!
  21. I am thinking of doing my IA on the optimum volleyball net height based on average player height? My teacher has given no guidance, so I'm not sure if this is even somewhat doable. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  22. Hey everyone I'm just here to release my thoughts and worries cause they're just building up and get some advice (hopefully from people who have already finished IB or people who are going through the same thing) I just gave in my extended essay on literature and I'm kind of freaking out. I wrote it over the summer to save me time from worrying about it last minute and finished it by being told that we had to cite anything we PARAPHRASED. I did not know this. Therefore, I went back, changed and cited all the things that I KNOW weren't my ideas but I guess I was kinda lucky since most of it was all mine anyway. What I'm scared of, however, is I'm writing it on a very popular book with very similar opinions on it. I'm worried that something I wrote would be similar to something someone else wrote online even though I didn't take anything from it. I'm also very worried that I missed something whilst referencing. I know damn well I didn't copy anything word for word besides quotes and tried to cite everything I took from online. Our school still haven't run anything through turn it in or wtv but I'm hoping they would notify us if anything looks unusual. I just need advice cause I'm really not in the mood to lose my diploma over something that I didn't even intend on happening.
  23. mads1171

    Chemistry IA

    Hi, I am currently in the process of selecting a chemistry IA topic. I want to do something in the realm of environmental science. So far, I have the idea of investigating the effect of benzolphane on the bleaching of corals? Is there any way to replicate that in a lab setting, and in regards to chemistry concepts? Or, are there any other ideas around this topic? Thanks!
  24. I want to study astrophysics at university and my IB option choice deadline is in a few days. I am debating between taking SL Chemistry or Theater Arts. Currently I am planning on taking: HL Physics, Maths, English Lit SL Economics, Spanish B, Chem/Theater The problem is that I love both chemistry and theater equally and consider myself to be pretty decent at both. I am not willing to drop any of the two because I thoroughly enjoy both so now I don't know what to do as I don't require either of them for studying physics or even astrophysics at university level. (I am taking HL English because I might consider studying Law btw) Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  25. Hello. So I’m currently struggling with SL maths AA and I’ve never been good at maths growing up l. I would get 7s & 8s which is equivalent to a 4s and 5s at GCSEs and now I’m finding maths IA hard. I’m already taking HL: chem, bio Eng & SL: Finnish, psychology and Maths AA. I’ve checked out the universities in the UK and they don’t mention anything about the level of maths i should take. Do you guys have any idea?
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