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Found 718 results

  1. What benefits will I gain if I take 3 languages in the IB Program. (I'm primarily going into English based , or a Law based future career) Will I become more appealing to universities or something?
  2. Hey, We just got our Term 1 Report Cards today, and here are my scores.. History HL - 4 Chem SL - 4 Biology HL - 5 Math SL - 6 French SL - 6 English HL - N/A (we did not take English last semester) Total: 25 With these scores do you think my goal of a 39 is possible? Please be honest
  3. Hi, I am currently in MYP5, going into DP1 soon. I am wondering if the Economics IB course is required to be taken if I wish to study Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, etc. in Universities in Canada/America. I am currently studying in Sweden. I am also taking Math Studies.
  4. Hello, Recently I got my predicted score from my supervisor for my Extended Essay, and I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to get a good grade on one if its based on Design Technology? My topic was Ergonomics. I am satisfied with my predicted score (21), however I don't know how accurate it would be. This is the first year (well, we're the first IB seniors at my school) that my school has had IB, so all of my teachers (except Chemistry) are new to the grading process. They went to training and used a rubric, but I'm not sure how much I should rely on the predicted score.
  5. Hey! What do the CalTech Admissions people look for in a candidate? How do I maximise my chances of getting in? Any CalTech Alumni here, I would love your advice.
  7. Hi! I'm in year 11 right now and I need to submit my IB subjects options in a few weeks. I'm planning on studying economics, political science or something that joins data science with journalism and I'm wondering if these subjects are ok. HL: Economics, Langlit, Computer Science SL: Biology / ESS, Maths, Mandarin Thanks in advance!
  8. I have my English IOP coming up, and I'm not sure how to bring a creative aspect to my English final IOP. I'd really appreciate any tips!
  9. If I use force field and SWOT analysis, are they included in the 2000 word count in my business HL IA? HELPP
  10. Hey everyone, I've noticed that there is a lack of Theater Arts students on this website and I struggle to find help and advice for my Theater class. Today I decided to put that behind me considering I have been through a lot during my theater journey and decided it would be easier for me to just create a forum for the new Theater Arts students from 2016 onward. This forum will be a discussion point for everything Theater based from the Nov 2016 session and for the years to come (unless they change the syllabus again). Please feel free to ask me any questions that might concern you about the Theater Arts course as I am graduating this November so I've gone through the ups and the downs of being a Theater student.
  11. Hello, If my biology IA data has a linearly decreasing graph but my statistical test shows the data is insignificant, is my IA wasted?
  12. Hi everyone, I am in my first year of IB and my class is getting started on our EE's earlier to save time in the future. Our teacher wants us to choose our topic and formulate our research question as soon as possible but I am confused on what question, let alone the topic I want to research in. With topics in mind, our teacher suggested that we choose based on something we are passionate or interested in, but I don't really find myself passionate towards any of the IB classes I am taking. I am really interested in psychology but haven't taken the class, and I understand that it is not recommended to choose a topic in which you haven't taken the class. Given how long time has passed and the fact I have not yet found a topic, I feel doubtful whether or not I should continue this route. Is there any wisdom/advice on how to approach this? Thank you so much!
  13. I want to find past papers without stealing them. On reddit there are various links to specimen papers. Are these free for everyone to use?
  14. Hi! I have been searching many hours to come up with a chemistry topic for my extended essay but I find it extremly hard to find a topic and a research question. Now I am starting to run out of time as I ideally should have decided my topic by tomorrow. I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on were to find inspiration or ideas for sutiable investigations (I am doing an experimental based essay). If anyone who has written their extended essay in chemistry could tell me how they came up with their topic and the thought process behind it, it would be extremly helpfull!!
  15. Hello, fellow IB students and survivors. I was talking to my old IB mate the other day about, how there are things from the IB that we actually miss... I know it's strange. It inspired me to write this little piece about how I think of the IB 2 years after graduating. ( I was wondering if I'm the only one who thinks like this now, or how the perspective is for other survivors out there? Hope you want to help! Love, A Danish survivor
  16. help

    Hello, I've done a cas project which began in January till may of 2016. The teacher who supervised it left the school in that time, but only wrote down 4 hours in total for the project. Is this a problem? I've done a design of the front page of the yearbook, is that enough or should I find another project?
  17. I have the option to take an IB elective for the diploma, and IB geo SL was one of them. I really like geography, but I've heard that the class is all about global sustainability and helping the environment, is that true? Because if it is, I'm not really sure if I want to take it. My other options are IB anthropology, music, or psychology (none of those classes appeal to me).
  18. Hi! I'm starting the IB this August and I am wondering what is is like. Is it true that you won't really have a social life? I'm also doing sports 4 times a week and I'm wondering whether I can still keep that up, or if I have to drop it. Also, I was wondering what CAS is and how you would go about and complete it. I'm completely new to all of this and I know practically nothing. I'm taking these subjects: English Lang Lit HL Chemistry HL Film HL Psych SL Chinese B SL Maths SL If anyone has any experience in those subjects please let me know what they are like! Thank you so much in advance.
  19. Hi y'all! I have been in this IB course from late August 2017 till now (early November) and I'm failing most of my quiz and tests Here are my marks for each subject: Physics HL: Level 3 (35%) Geography HL: Level 4 (40%) English LL HL: (50%) Chinese LL SL: Level 2-3 (11/20 for my most recent test) Maths SL: Level 2-3 Business SL: (9/20 for most recent test) What should I do at this point I'm kinda worried and skeptical for the next 2 years of my IB course Should I switch to AP or A-Levels, or should I retake first year of IB
  20. Hello:) I basically took a test for IB Physics HL today, on Topic 4: Waves - only paper 2. The problem is, that for the last question I mistook 0.882 ms for 0.882 s, which got me the answers 0.21Hz and 0.34m/s when the real answers were 210Hz and 340m/s. I had to get the frequency before the speed, but since I got the frequency wrong in the first place the speed was also wrong, although the working process was right. I thought that I would normally get at least 2 out of 4 marks, thanks to ECF. However, I just took a look at the mark scheme and it doesn't talk about any ECF on the notes section - will I still receive 2 marks or will I receive 0..? Thanks in advance:) For the files, the question is 4. b i and ii.
  21. Hi Guys, I have my final IOC day after tomorrow, please let me know if you have any tips. Hoping that y'all did/oing a good job. Thank you very much.
  22. Hello guys, so I am currently in year one of IB diploma and in the middle of it, I have to move away to another country. I know that it will somehow affect my study and it will be really stressful for me. I have to change two of my subjects cause the school im moving to doesnt offer the subjects. Im also stressed out because in my current school, we haven't start our EE and IAs yet but the school I am going to started theirs already. How can I be able to cope with this? How am I be able to catch up in a new environment?
  23. Hi everyone, I was wondering how much it costs to drop/unregister an IB subject? I have already been registered for bio and I am considering dropping it..Does anyone know how much it would cost? I went on the IB fees and payment site but nothing..I'd like to know before I talk to my Ib Coordinator. Thanks
  24. Hi, I am doing the IB program in Chennai, India, and I am halfway through year. My subject choices are: HL Mathematics HL Chemistry HL Physics SL English Literature SL French Abinitio SL ITGS I'm aiming for a 7 in all subjects. When is an ideal time to start working on the Internal Assessments and is there any guide which I can follow to ensure that it matches up to the criteria required? I am also planning to do my EE in either physics or chemistry. Would taking a HL subject for an EE be too stressful? Also, for my ITGS IA, my teacher recommends making a website. I have a basic knowledge in html, but are there books or tutorials to help teach me the advanced versions of it? Thank you the help
  25. So, recently I'm already starting my Mathematics SL internal assessment. I have chosen to do modelling. My topic is dealing with the modelling of Carbon dioxide concentration produced by yeast over a period of time. I chose this topic because I'm a Bio student as well. Unfortunately, I'm assuming it's not enough to get a high score to just find the equation to the graph right? I'm really desperate and not sure what else to do. My Maths teacher is already asking for the draft and I'm lost right now. Please help, thank you very much.