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Found 14 results

  1. Are the November Exams harder than the May ones? Is it the difficulty of the actual exam, or the grade boundaries? or a misconception? I'm saying this because the grade boundaries for IGCSE additional math (0606) the November ones considerably higher than the may ones... and I'm thinking whether I should switch to another school because I cannot stand my current school eek
  2. Hi Im considering taking Chemistry as a subject in IB because I am yet to start school but I am not too sure about it as I did not take Chemistry as a subject for my IGCSE/GCSE. I wonder what you guys think about this and it would be really helpful if i could have a general comparison of chemistry as a subject in IB and IGCSE Thanks a lot
  3. I'm currently taking IGCSE, and taking my boards in May. My school is somewhat new, so we don't have much of a choice when it comes to subjects(in IGCSE). These are the subjects I'm currently taking, with their subject code for reference: All are Extended where applicable. Mathematics (580) English Language Arts (500) ICT (417) Spanish (530) Physics (625) Chemistry (620) Biology (610) Economics (455) These are the IB subjects that my school offers: Group 1: English A Language and Literature HL/SL Group 3: Business and Management HL/SL Economics HL/SL History HL/SL Psychology HL/SL Environmental Systems & Societies SL Group 4: Physics HL/SL Chemistry HL/SL Biology HL/SL Environmental Systems & Societies SL Computer Science HL/SL Group 5: Mathematics HL/SL Math Studies SL Group 6: Visual Arts HL/SL I haven't listed Group 2 since I'm sure I'll take Spanish B(I've been taking Spanish for the past 4 years). I'll also be taking a different subject in place of Visual Arts. I'm still not too sure what I'd like to do in the future. Personally, I'd like to take Computer Science and Psychology at HL, since I love them a lot. I don't have too much knowledge on Psychology aside from books I've read, but I'm very interested in it. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking Mathematics at SL since I'm not great enough that I think I can take it at HL, and Math Studies isn't usually accepted by many colleges. I'm not too sure what to take as another HL or SL though. English will obviously be one, but although I like it a lot, at the moment, I can't score too well at it, usually a B, and occasionally an A. I do like Economics, however I'm not too sure on it either.
  4. Hey guys, I would be starting my IB course next year.I would just like to know if IB standard level French would be a normal carry on to IGCSE french foreign language- I'm likely to get an A for this subject. Also would I be able to get a 7 or 6 for my french B SL ?
  5. My IGCSE grades are not good but not too shabby : Math B Chemistry B Physics B ( three main subjects that universities might look at) I am doing pretty decent in IB and aim to get 40+ in my diploma, will top aeronautical engineering institutes consider me with these IGCSE grades. HELP ME OUT I AM WORRIED
  6. Hi. I have recently finished my IGCSE Int'l Maths exams, and was wondering if gaining a good score (A/A*) in it, is a good enough parameter for choosing Math HL. It's also worth mentioning that I really like Maths, however it's an online (Pamoja) course. Moreover, would HL Maths be an overkill especially since I would be taking: Chemistry and Biology at HL? Any help would be appreciated
  7. Hello there, I had been doing IB but it seems like I'm going to switch schools, more specifically switch to a different country. I did IGCSE (Cambridge Qualification) and I have a GPA of 3.70/4.00. I'd like to know if there are any universities that would accept me for my IGCSE. I am doing SATs, ACTs and APTs at the moment. I want to major in biology in uni. Pls help out. Thank you
  8. Hi all. I've been looking at universities around the UK and looking at the requirements. Naturally, since I'm international student, I will be taking the IB. But some universities look at the GCSEs, so how much do you think GCSE scores will affect your chances of getting into a good uni in the UK? If it is looked at harshly, I'm a bit worried about my math GCSE. I took Mathematics Extended and came out with an A, and was put into an Additional Mathematics GCSE. I'm worried my score for the Additional Mathematics- which will probably end up being C- will effect my chance of getting in. How would universities look at an A in Extended and C in Additional?
  9. Hi guys! So, this question is for people who have done IGCSE and transitioned into IB.. Currently, I'm doing IGCSE. I'm starting IBDP next term. I dropped chem for IGCSE because I already took the other two sciences I'm better at. I didn't feel confident about scoring well in chem because the max grade I used to get was B. If I felt really, really lazy about studying it I could even score a D in our monthly tests. (OUCH!!) Anyway I've been contemplating whether it was a mistake at all. There's a slight possibility of me studying electrical engineering (I'm okay at physics!) for uni since my dad majored in it, and now has a company and all. That'll require me to take chem, at least in SL. I just want to have options. Say I put way more effort for the subject than I used to for my IGCSE, do you think I'd find it as difficult as I used to? Is the curriculum much more demanding than IGCSE's? I know this question sounds silly because IB is known to be a lot harder, but I've heard some people say that econs SL is easier than IGCSE econs. (Also, is that true?!) Thanks, by the way
  10. Hello IBSurvival! This is my first post here but I've been reading this forum ever since I started going to a international school (March this year). Anyway, I just started my IGCSE's and so far it has been a smooth jurney, BUT today my maths teacher asked me after lesson if I would like to do additional mathematics, as I've had really good grades and on my last test I had an average of 98%. I have overall pretty good academic results, last year I've had an average of 6.7 out of all my subjects... There are only 2 people taking this class right now and so far they didn't do anything hard, but it's the beginning of the school year so they didn't really have many lessons yet… In the future I would like to study medicine in Oxbridge or Ivy League universities in USA, and I've heared that Additional Maths would look really good on my report card and prepare me really good for the IB mathematics (at least SL). The thing is : I've heared that Additional Mathematics is a really hard subject and that many people fail it, even though they had A*'s in other IGCSE exams. This scared me a little bit even though I was confident about doing it, especially with my teacher telling me that I have the "talent" for maths. Shall I just stay with extended curriculum offer or accept the challenge and do it? Here are also the subjects that I want to choose in IB : HL Biology HL Chemistry HL French/Physics SL Mathematics SL English SL Physics/French I hope you can help me with my decision because I don't know what shall I do. Ps. I'm sorry about my spelling/grammar mistakes but English is not my mother tongue and I've been only in a polish/ german school before (I also just realized that my post looks kinda messy but as soon as I try to correct something it just gets worse)
  11. Keeping in mind that UCAS only lets you apply to 5 universities, I'm trying to figure out whether it will be worth applying to Oxford for Experimental Psychology; or in other words, do I stand a chance? I'm quite aware that my IGCSE's are sub-par, however, personal circumstances in Year 11 meant that I did not perform to the best of my ability. Considering that my IB predicted score proves that I am capable enough to manage at Oxford, does it make sense for me to apply? And if I do apply, will writing an Extenuating Circumstances Form explaining my low grades in Year 11 affect my application negatively (I've heard rumours that it does)? My IGCSE grades: English Lang A* Math A* History A* English Lit A Biology A French A Economics B Physics B Chemistry C IB Predicted Grades: Biology HL 7 Economics HL 7 Psychology HL 7 English SL 7 Math SL 7 French SL 7 Overall 42/42
  12. Hi all Im starting IB Diploma in August 2014 and Im currently thinking about my subjects. My main question is about the HL computer science. Has anyone taken it? Im currently having a lot of trouble choosing between Chem hl and Computer Science hl and I would like some advice on this so i can make a better choice. All help appreciated.
  13. Hello! So, I'm currently in IB1 (a month into starting the course), and have started feeling quite a lot of pressure. As of now, I want to study Economics at UCL (my dream university), but am afraid that my IGCSE grades will disadvantage me. What kind of an IB score would "neutralise" my IG grades, considering that I want to get into a top 10 UK university? IB Subjects: HL Biology HL Economics, HL Math, SL English, SL French B, SL Psychology. Extracurriculars: Ballet (on and off, 6+ years) Piano (on and off 6+ years) Volunteer for an NGO (regularly, once a week) Internship (to do with economics) IGCSE Grades: English Lit A English Lang A* Biology A Chemistry C Physics B Math A* French A History A* Economics B Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! (DISCLAIMER: I am aware that my IGCSE grades aren't bad as such, but as I was predicted all A*'s, and failed to achieve so (due to personal/health problems), hence I do feel that I did not perform to my full potential.)
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