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Found 110 results

  1. Hi! which do you think I should explore? May Days Barcelona, homage to catelonia, in 1937 Why did USA/UK/others turn blind eye to german & Italian foreign intervention any advice? Thanks
  2. physics

    So I chose to make my physics IA on fluid damping. The whole experiment is basically a mass on an oscillating spring and how it damps into a beaker with a different concentrations of sugar water solutions. my teacher want me to find a way to detect the amplitude of the oscillating spring. The whole experiment in the end is supposed to give me an exponentially decaying graph. Any idea on how I can somehow detect the amplitude. This is the website I found my experiment in if you dont get it. Its "Idea 8". PLease HELP MEEEEEE:
  3. I have 2 different ideas for my Chemistry IA experiment and am not sure which one is better. Both of them are on ocean acidification of coral reefs. As coral reefs are 95% calcium carbonate and so are seashells, I'm using seashells in my experiment. 1) My first experiment is on investigating effects of varying levels of concentration of carbon dioxide in water on seashells So I will be investigating different levels of carbon dioxide in the water (varying concentrations of carbonic acid) on seashells in distilled water so I'll be carrying out titration to find the neutralising point and apply that to ocean acidification. 2) My second experiment is investigating different methods of alkaline of reducing ocean acidification in a lab setting So I was thinking of using an antacid tablet and a sodium bicarbonate solution to test on the seashell and measure the mass. The seashell with the larger mass difference is the method with the more ineffective method for ocean acidification reduction. I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to ask any questions. Really appreciate the help.
  4. Hello, my teacher gave me a score on my IA with some feedback, but Im confused as to the whole grading scale. I got a 13/24 but is that a bad score? Also, If it is converted to 40% of my grade and worth 60 points did I do bad? Thank you, any help is appreciated
  5. This is a question I always wonder about. Does IB care about IAs being unique and do IAs score less if they have already been done before? Also, is this 'rule' specific to any subject? I'm taking Bio, Chem and Physics. Do I need to think of unique IAs for all of them?
  6. Hi all, I know that journals are the best sources for information in terms of psychology ia's, but would it be bad if i cite sources such as: a slideshare that has concise information about the topic A citation/reference used in a wikipedia article? I am having trouble finding free (clear and concise) sources for the studies I will be talking about in my IA (Pickel 1998, loftus 1987, Yuille & Cutshall 1986)
  7. Hi pips!! I just wanna make sure... So, I have researched about Written Task 2 and according to my research, WT2 ONLY has to have the following: 1. Outline : includes the question, the section of the course, the text (e.g. novel, play) and the aim. 2. The essay However, my teacher told me that I should add an abstract of 200 words. Can someone please tell me if there is a need for an abstract?? Your answers will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi guys, Please help me, I need help with my history IA topic: I cannot decide which question to do. However, I am leaning towards the origin topic question, but it is not "IB worded," and I cannot think of a way to make it IB. I think these questions are sufficient, but I really do not know. Any feedback at all would be awesome...I am panicking because section one of my paper is due next week and I do not know what I am writing about yet! Thank you very much!!!!! To what extent did the Spanish Flu impact Spain’s population and religion? How did the Spanish Flu travel from its origin point to Spain? Where did it come from?
  9. Dear all, At our school we have been panicking about the supposed page limit for the internal assessments. It's a new requirement apparently, but tables and graphs take up way too much space don't you agree? Please let us know if this has been the case for you as well! Pretty much all the IB students at my school are panicking! Thanks!
  10. Hey guys so long story short I decided to hold off my IA until the final week, and I need to complete my experiment basically in the next 3 days or so. My teacher gave me a pH metre, so I'm thinking about doing experiments that involve measuring the pH. My initial idea was testing how the temperature of a solution affected its pH, but my teacher said it was too simple as temperature simply changed the kA. Basically what I'm asking is does anyone have any easy topics for a chem sl IA that involve a pH metre, as well as simple household chemicals(not sulfuric acid or anything lol) Thanks so much
  11. Hey guys! I'm currently working on my math IA which is on the Enigma Machine and I'm really stressed out about it and I feel likeI'm going to fail. Do you know what happens if you fail an IA? Do you not get the diploma or does it just lower you grade as it's 20% of your mark?
  12. After finishing my IA I realized that my data points failed me. I was testing to see if ethylene had any effect on seed germination, but I rarely even got more than three germination's in a trial. Can I turn in an IA that doesn't have any calculations done because the data wasn't adequate? Or is that not an Internal Assessment?
  13. Hello! I'm stuck with my business IA, which is essentially should _____ stay in the country that they currently are in? Or should they expand into another country? Does this topic work? Should I basically end up comparing the current country they live in to two other countries? I'm really confused as to what financial data I should even get from them. I have the majority of their data from this current year, but should I attempt to get data from several years prior? I'm planning on conducting a SWOT analysis, a forcefield analysis, and a decision tree, but other than that, I really don't know. Any and all input would be really appreciated, as I don't really know 100% what I'm doing at all here. Thanks a billion, guys!
  14. Hi everyone, I was curious if you guys could give me some advice on how to maximize my points for the IA that I have. It's due in one day and I'm retouching it but I have a few concerns. I have a pretty edgy topic that ended up not going too much in my favor for reasons out of my control (but I didn't want to switch topics because it was too late). It is a database IA, so no procedures or such. It is on the effect of electronegativity gap between atoms in diatomic covalent and ionic compounds on the melting point of those compounds. I talk a lot in my background about intermolecular forces, lattice energy, etc. What I ended up discovering was that there really was no noticeable trend due only to electronegativity gap increases which created stronger dipoles. I read into this and it appears that it had to do with the atomic radius and ultimately the distance between the atoms in the compound itself. Thus, since electronegativity and radius are both fundamental properties of elements, it's sort of impossible to isolate either of the variables due to the fact that they are both present in Coulomb's law. My question is that since my hypothesis was that there would be a trend due to the electronegativity gap, is it ok that I'm wrong if I explore the reason for my error? I decided that I could choose three or so compounds with similar distance between the atoms to keep that more or less constant and then see the effect of electronegativity increase on the melting points. Is that a suitable path? Also, since I am wrong in my hypothesis, what would I put for error since really it's kind of the entire thing? I don't expect to get full marks simply because of the topic's inadequacy, but I'd like to maximize my score and get at least a B (6). Thanks!
  15. URGENT Q: I am currently writing my Math SL IA. My teacher mentioned that the "header" of our paper should contain our IB candidate number, but he did not specify and was not sure. Please explain exactly what the header should contain and where it should be located (on all pages, just title page, etc).
  16. URGENT Q: I am currently writing my Math SL IA. My teacher mentioned that the "header" of our paper should contain our IB candidate number, but he did not specify and was not sure. Please explain exactly what the header should contain and where it should be located (on all pages, just title page, etc).
  17. Hey guys. So I've finished my EE, my IAs.. everything except my chemistry IA which is proving to be a real pain. My topic was the percentage by mass of ammonium in different fertilizers, and using back titration, I found the percentage by mass. The experimentation was easy enough, and that is all done, and my readings are more or less what I expected. However, I am having trouble with actually writing my IA. For my results analysis, all I can write is which fertilizer is the best out of the three. Is there anything else I can write in my analysis or any possible graphs I can include? Please help, this is the only thing I have left to finish, and its due in less than 3 days. Thanks in advance, you guys!
  18. The IAs are due soon and Ive been procrastinating on working on my Comp Sci IA. Now that Ive finally decided to work on it Ive been struggling with an idea. I was wondering if for my product I could create a map for a game, and if so what would be the requirements for the map in order to fulfill the requirements for the IA. Thank You!
  19. When I was listing various topics for my IA, I realized some of these topics have very simple procedures. Will my marks reduce, due to a simple procedure?
  20. Hello, I have been thinking recentely about my Internal Assessment topic. For now, I have Sierpinski triangle, but I am not sure about it right now, and I am now thinking about connecting it somehow with music. Do you think it is a good idea or maybe the initial topic was appropriate enough for IA? Any comments or advice will be much appreciated
  21. Hello everyone, I have a fairly simple (and maybe a bit dumb) question: For your Math Studies IA, are you supposed to do all your calculations by hand, or can you use Excel/calculators? My teacher said something about doing everything by hand, but that seems like too much work. I appreciate any help! /PL
  22. A couple of my friends last year had written their Business IA's based on a business venture one of their family members own. Will it be possible for me to do the same on my own business - which is legally registered and is a profitable organization with scope for betterment? Or is that some sort of an IB-evil?
  23. I'm starting my computer science SL dossier soon and not sure what I want to school's computer science quality is super low so all we're taught is some java programming, we don't cover databases etc. I love compsci, and I do a lot of programming outside class. I can make animated games and programs. What should I do for my dossier? Someone give me some fun idea
  24. I've completed an IA in physics that is part simulation and part hands-on exploration. In the simulation part, I establish an exponential relationship using a simulation (that I made) which simulates individual particles and some calculus. I was wondering if this is perhaps too mathematics focused and risks straying outside the bounds of the task. I end up concluding that there is an exponential relationship, which is then confirmed using theory (from Option C), then I fit my experimental data to the model to obtain some parameters.
  25. I will get immediately down to the problem- I'm DP2 student doing chemistry HL, my IA nightmare started. I'm the only one in my class who didn't manage to get through with my lab within the time period given, my research question was about how changing the concentration of different solutions would change the voltage in a Voltaic Cell. Now I'm rooting for a Database to use, but I can't find a research question suitable to nature of chemistry data available online, I tried computational chemistry but it was either far too complicated based on quantum interactions between elementary particles, or too limited based merely on choosing values to plug in an equation e.g. Nernst equation. I narrowed down my areas of research to IR Spectroscopy but neither I nor anyone I could ask seem to find some kind of correlation or trend I can analyze for IA. If anyone who knows about IR could please help me by providing some kind of correlation or proportionality trend between independent and dependent variable concerning IR Spectra e.g. Trend in fingerprint-region for alcohols?!!