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Found 30 results

  2. Lynn Gweeny

    Uni suggestions for int. student

    Hello! I'm an Indian IB student looking to study Engineering in the US. You see, I've researched a lot about potential universities but I'm still lacking some match and safety schools and I'm currently extremely doubtful whether the unis I have in mind are a good fit for my strengths. I'd love it if an educational counselor or anybody who knows the US admissions well could message me and help me out. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi I want to know if i will pass my ib diploma if for example i get a total of more than 24 points, and 3 of my higher level subjects add up to 12 or more points, but one of my higher level subject scores a level 3, will i still get my diploma? Please help
  4. Hello! So, I know it's probably too early to be thinking about this (considering I haven't even started High School yet) but I want to participate in an international student exchange program in Grade 10. I would be more interested in applying in Grade 9, but you must be 15 and up. I searched for a topic containing something related to a student exchange program on the forum and couldn't find anything, so I'm guessing this isn't too popular with IB students. I'm going to start Grade 9 in a couple of months and have been accepted and enrolled in a Pre-IB/MYP program for both Grade 9 and 10. If I survive, I'll be enrolled in the real IB Program in Grades 11 and 12 and the only reason I'm not even considering studying abroad during those two years is because I know I won't be able to miss a semester of school. In other words, Grades 11 and 12 are out of question for me. I really want to study abroad in Japan for the first school semester (in Japan). It will most likely be from March - August, but I'm not sure as programs for 2019 aren't available yet. The other option is August - February, but I would like to spend the holidays with my family. In case you don't know what an international student exchange program is, allow me to tell you. Basically, it's when you apply to an organization of your choice to study abroad somewhere (internationally) for a certain amount of time. Its main purpose is cultural enrichment, immersion and foreign language enhancement. The program duration can vary from 4-10 months.The organization provides you with a certified host family, school enrollment, and takes care of the airfare stuff. Different organizations provide different additional things but the ones listed previously are the main things offered. In terms of the school stuff, I'm not sure about classes and grades (I should really look into that) but I don't think they officially grade you if you only attend for one semester. I have also heard that most classes will be in English, but some will be in Japanese; the numbers depend on how well you speak the language. But you must apply for your selected program (ex. one school semester in Japan; March - August). I think the application process takes approx. 5 months at the max. The organization I am interested in (AFS) evaluates you based on an interview with a representative. If you are accepted, then you're good to go! **EDIT** I think I can also transfer to a school offering the MYP/Pre-IB program upon request. I believe that would be a wiser option. Opinions? My 2 main questions are: - Should I go? will it be unwise to miss a little less than half a year of the Pre-IB program? (Grade 10 btw) - Have any of you ever done this before? Any type of suggestions, opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks!!
  5. queenfeelnet

    Fluid Damping (IA) *URGENT*

    So I chose to make my physics IA on fluid damping. The whole experiment is basically a mass on an oscillating spring and how it damps into a beaker with a different concentrations of sugar water solutions. my teacher want me to find a way to detect the amplitude of the oscillating spring. The whole experiment in the end is supposed to give me an exponentially decaying graph. Any idea on how I can somehow detect the amplitude. This is the website I found my experiment in if you dont get it. Its "Idea 8". PLease HELP MEEEEEE: https://physics.guzled.com/updated-16-ideas-for-ib-physics-ia-investigations/
  6. Hello, I have been following every single point of the syllabus for Macroeconomics and Development. However, I feel that I won't have enough time to cover Macroeconomics and International looking at the syllabus and in very efficient way. Therefore, I would like to ask if you guys know any source to study for these following the syllabus, any tips or study guide that may help me. Also, is there a way that I can learn the 1.5 Theory firm in faster way? Thank you so much, Danilo.
  7. I have to start doing my IOP and I get to choose from "Hamlet" by Shakespeare, "1984" by George Orwell and "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly. I chose "Hamlet" and I was thinking about doing my topic on Horatio. The topic would be about what I think the sequel to "Hamlet" would be and what would happen in it. I want to make my presentation really interesting so any suggestions? Also, is my topic a valid one for the IOP?
  8. Hi fellow IB students, Just need a couple of CAS hours? Not sure what do for a CAS project? My name’s Ashley and my online CAS project might be the solution. The idea is to make a website written by IB students, based on exploring cultural differences. Interview questions will be sent out to everyone who will then send back their response (around a paragraph) with pictures and these responses will then be collated on the website. You can be an individual writer, or you can be a coordinator, collecting responses from others in your class. Or if you would like to make this your CAS Project, you can join the team which plans the questions, edits the articles/ website and contacts other IB schools to get other classes involved. I think this would be a really cool way to explore all the different people who are doing our same program. Also, if English isn’t your first language it could be a great way to practice. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]
  9. hello guys, i do the may 2016 exams and my dream is to go to the university of melbourne. now my brother got accepted to it last year because his predicted was a 42 and he ended up getting 41 but he went to canada instead. anyways my predicted isnt out yet but im sure its gonna be between 33-35 depending on what my math SL teacher will give mewithout the bonus point and im sure i will get 2 points bonus for my extended. i also got a 7 in ielts. i want to study broadcast journalism as an international undergrad student at the university of melbourne and their entry requirement is a 31 and ielts 6.5 would i have a good chance of getting accepted or not? are australian universities specifically melbourne picky and competitive? oh and i will be applying mid year because of the time difference.( yes i can apply as a mid year student in certain majors without finishing first semester) i take English A SL literature Arabic BHL psychology SL math SL Economics HL Chemistry HL EE in Arabic BHL thank you
  10. Hello Dear All, I just wonder if there is a possibility to do some extra economics course during summer holidays. I am now in 2IB and besides writting my EE during holidays, I would like to do some extra course from economics somewhere in UK on the university or somewhere else in Europe. Is it possible? Has anyone done something like that before? If yes, could you please share with us your opinions, obligatory fees and the place where you took the course?
  11. I don't understand NoS, international mindedness and the Tok portion of classes. Will they be assessed in the final IB examinations, or are they just added for understanding?
  12. I would really love to go to Spain to study International Relations and/or Spanish, but I can't find any English speaking schools at all… Therefore I'm searching some clever people to help me out here Thanks in advance!
  13. Jose Schroeder

    MIT International admisions

    Hi, I wanted to know if it is as difficult as it sounds to get into the MIT as an international applicant (South-America in my case) I do really well in school, but I do not know if Ib is recognised or if I need to publish articles in magazines or something. What I really want to know is, if it's realistic, and in case it is. What do you need to do? Write an essay or a special exam?? I would be REALLY grateful if any of you can give me an useful response
  14. mariekur

    chances for us unis?

    Hi guys so as college application season is rolling around i was wondering if anybody could look if i have any chances at the unis below Brown ( top choice!!) Yale (only applying cause my uncle (yalie) wants to help me and push me somehow through ) Fashion Institute of Technology Elon University Wellesley Amherst Vassar Wesleyan Northweastern My stats: german student gpa : 3,9 ib points: 38 sat: not taken yet but expect to get a 2100 sat subject : german 780 , french 760 EC: music: plays piano and flute -> teaches kids to play piano politics: member of organizing commitee (founders) of the debating team Sports: Duke of Edinburgh Award gold Skipboxxing rope skipping field hockey volunteer work: weekly work with children in a local primary school worked with elderly people in a retirement home for grade 8 and 9 (before i switched schools) volunteer trip to Russia to work with handicapped people in a state home thanks for reading all through & thanks for every single answer )
  15. Hi all! I know everyone in the Northern hemisphere is just about to get back to school. So, I've been thinking about creating a documentary for CAS. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during my spring break of DP1. I was wondering if there are any other IB diabetics out there? Anyway, basically what I would like to accomplish is to create this documentary raising awareness on and about Diabetes (both type 1 and 2). I will hopefully be interviewing people and all doing more research. But what I would like you his to contribute to is either send me a picture or video of you and your fellow friends and family saying something about diabetes or where you stand on the topic. Anything that would help make people more conscious and aware of how serious the disease is would help a ton. Of course this will help you with CAS hours, and the fact that it is aimed to be an international project would be great. I am hoping to get this done by November the latest. So please lend a hand and help me spread the word about the seriousness of diabetes. I am also planning to upload the documentary onto YouTube if possible. Email me if you have any questions! Thanks! [email protected]
  16. luisa852

    UK Universities and required IB Scores

    Hey y'all, I'll complete my IB Diploma in May 2016 and my guidance counsellor recommended that I start looking at universities now. The courses I'll try to get into are Economics (LSE) and PPE (Oxford). What scores would usually get me into these schools? I currently have top marks at an academically challenging private school, play two sports (one 1st team for our school); in addition I am involved in different school activities and do community service/ service trips. I'll be taking HL Mathematics and HL Economics, so what marks would usually be required in these courses? Thanks a lot, Luisa
  17. So, were you seduced to join the IBDP? If so, then how were you seduced to join the IBDP? Answer: When the curriculum coordinator of the Tri-County ESC came to talk to the audience, one individual out of 800+ students, in regards to the IBDP, Mr. Richard Bellanco seduced me to join the IBDP by promising what he could not promise to me. He attempted to make it better for me by offering AP Computer at Wooster High School. The Tri-County International Academy and Wooster High School are separate entities, therefore, it is not in his means to do so. So, my main question would be to ask you as to whether or not you were actually seduced in a particular way to be in the program. Were you bribed with promises or words? Please, I would love to read your story. Note: I dropped out of the IBDP.
  18. jennifera

    study group for IB 2014

    Hey, this is actually a continuation of a post: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/24010-study-group-skype/ but I think we should start anew. If we can form an international study group for different subjects, we can all study better, procrastinate less and gain more ideas. most importantly of all: not fall asleep while studying For those who are interested-please write your subjects (SL or HL), and skype id. Ex. My info: Physics (HL) Chemistry (HL) Math (HL) Eco (SL) French (SL) English A1 Skype- jennifer_arsjad
  19. Hi all, I'm an international student and I'm really worried to apply for med school since I am not that 'academically strong' compared to other applicants for medicine. Also, I am aware that it's extremely competitive for international students. What Unis do you guys think tend to weigh the personal statement above other factors? I'm trying to apply to Unis that want a more rounded applicant since I do many sports and have good experience! Any suggestions would be great and also how am I looking as in do you guys think I have a good chance considering my personal statement is good. Ib points predicted total - 38 (39 hopefully if I can convince my teacher that I am capable of getting a 6 in Maths) Hl Psych 7 Hl Bio 7 Hl Chem 6 Sl Maths 5 Sl French 5 Sl English L&L 6 UKCAT: 655 As of now my choices are: Manchester Leeds BSMS UEA Bristol (virology and immunology 5th choice through UCAS)
  20. Harsh Agarwal


    What numerical questions are expected from Micro economics in paper 3 ?
  21. Hi, Does anyone know what knowledge we are required to know for paper 1 and paper 2? How are the different sections of economics divided in the exam (micro and macro, paper 1 and international and development, paper 2?) I really need to understand this before the exam! Thank you, and good luck with the exams!
  22. tosom

    International relations

    Which classes do you think are the best for me if I want to read International Relations ? I picked these : HL: English B, French B, Economics SL: Mathematics, Biology, Slovak A But I want to get rid of French, because I've been studying it only for a year and a half and found out it's not enough to handle HL. Could you please give me an advice ? Thank you.
  23. Hi i'm doing my second IA on international and it's about exchange rates(a little bit), balance of payments and what effects they have on import/export consumer etc. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/fullstory/2013/02/25/62/4500000000AEN20130225007452320F.HTML this is the link for the article, but I'm not sure how i should plan out the ia for this article. I'm a bit confused on what to start first and how to develop it. My first one went good but i'm having problems with this one. Could anybody help me? thanks
  24. hello, I'm from an IB school in Istanbul, Turkey and As far as I understand we have to do one global project as one of our CAS activities. In our school last years grads did an recycling project with a school in Germany. If anyone would like to do something like this with your class you can post here. it would be a great CAS project and if we are close we could visit each others schools and help out with the project kinda like the Comenius projects (http://ec.europa.eu/...comenius_en.htm) of the UN. thanks for your consideration, .. .

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