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Found 11 results

  1. Well, I know IB is demanding, but we should also find time time to relax, socialize and have fun. Anime is NOT the same as cartoon, however it is animated. I have posted this to know what people think about taking breaks, anime, and of course to find people like me who love anime!!!
  2. So I don't know how much you guys follow YouTube news, but there has been a huge story regarding the FineBros who run the famous React shows on YouTube (e.g., Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, etc.) The FineBros wanted to start a new React World, which would be an extension to their current business. What is React World? It would be a franchising system. Say you watched the FineBros videos in South Korea and thought it was a great idea and wanted to do the same but with a Korean focus. You could sign a licensing agreement with FineBros Entertainment. With this license, you would be able to create your own Korean versions of the React (and other FineBros) shows. You wouldn't have to pay the FineBros anything to get this license, in fact, you would be given support from them in the form of graphics, software, designs and logos, etc. and even be featured on their YouTube channel (which has over 13 million subscribers and is one of the biggest channels on YouTube). In return, the FineBros would take a cut of the ad revenue you generated with your videos. The FineBros say that this is a legal way for you to use their show formats and content with minimum cost to you as an up-and-coming creator. This is also a way for the FineBros to stop other people from ripping off their format and making money off of their ideas. What is the controversy? All of this sounds very fair and logical when laid out, but the Reddit and the YouTube community freaked out and there was a huge backlash to the React World. Without going into too many specifics, here are the main arguments against React World and the FineBros in general: 1. It was discovered that the FineBros have applied to trademark their various shows. If this trademark would go through, nobody else on YouTube, or on the Internet, could use the titles, 'Kids React' or 'Teens React'. The FineBros even tried to trademark the word 'React' for YouTube and Internet videos so that only they had exclusive use of it. People freaked out because the word 'React' is not owned by anyone, it cannot be because that would be illogical. Also, as far as the FineBros' shows are concerned, they are not the first people in the world to come up with shows that show people reacting to things/pop culture. Television shows have been doing this for decades, after all. What right do the FineBros have to have exclusive use of React videos? Just because they are the most popular at the moment? That is not very fair or logical. 2. The FineBros tried to explain that you can still make your own React videos, just not using their formats from their shows. But people responded with: nothing in the FineBros' shows is special or unique enough to prevent other people from using a similar format. React videos/shows on the whole are quite formulaic after all. 3. The FineBros said that they would not be going around taking people's React videos off the Internet left, right and centre. They're not like that. Soon after, other YouTubers came forward with proof that the FineBros had flagged their videos as copyright abusing and forced YouTube to take them down worldwide. Now some of these videos were reuploads of FineBros' videos, but others were their own thing and were React videos that were similar, but not the same, to the FineBros'. Even if the FineBros were the nicest people on Earth, should anyone be given that kind of power? 4. Lastly, and some would say more importantly, what the FineBros are trying to do goes against everything that the Internet is supposed to be: a free space for people to come and do their own thing. If you start regulating and dividing up different kinds of videos, what are the next batch of content creators going to do? They would be screwed. Besides, the Internet can self-police, there have been many, many instances when people have come forward and said, 'this video is a copy of what X did in his/her video, you're a thief, I will not support you.' The self-policing system is definitely not perfect and it definitely doesn't catch everything, but it's better than taking people's videos down for the smallest of infractions and taking away the freedom that the Internet gives. What happened next? The reaction was bad. Within less than a week, the FineBros' subscriber count went from 14,080,000 to 13,650,000. They lost nearly half a million subscribers and their video views went down by 10 million. Losing half a million subscribers isn't as big a thing when you still have 13+million to go, but these were presumed to be a majority of what are known as 'active subscribers', i.e., people who actively go on YouTube and watch videos frequently. Losing active subscribers is poison to an online channel like that of the FineBros. The FineBros have removed all videos from their channel on YouTube talking about React World and have published a note apologising for it and saying that they have cancelled React World and have filed paperwork to remove all their trademark applications. They are still losing subscribers but not at the rate they were losing them before. The Debate YouTube has turned into a multi-billion industry and the top channels on YouTube are making well over 6 figures. We all know that the Internet is going to be a huge part of the future no matter your personal relationship with it or views of it. The FineBros' plans went down badly. But it does raise a very important question that is going to become more and more important in the next few decades: How can people who produce works on the Internet protect their creations? If you think the FineBros were in the wrong, well, what else can be done by someone in their position who wants to protect his/her work? Also, what do you think about the future of online entertainment? TL;DR watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3_fRUHOAfE and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0S-uKfUd-g
  3. So after a week of many IB tests, I decided to play some Minecraft in the weekend to help me relax. I went on my usualy server (mc.hypixel.net) to play some minigames when someone in chat asked if anyone wanted to play with him. So I message him and he asks to add me on Skype for call, thinking that nothing could go wrong I add him. Big mistake... He starts a call with me and we go into a game, he sounds friendly at first but after I screw up and get us both killed, he hangs up the call and says to me in Skype chat: "F**KING NOOB IM GONNA DDOS U KIDDO" before he blocks/unfriends me. I ignore him and continue to play Minecraft by myself as I didn't think he could "DDOS" me, but around 30 minutes after, my internet starts becoming very slow and it stayed slow even after I restart my modem. Due to this "DDOS" attack I am no longer able to access school PowerPoints or past tests. How can I defend my internet from this "DDOS" attack??? My parents are angry now as well because my internet is very slow but I have not told them about the "DDOS" attack yet because I think they will be angry at me. Please help, thanks, very urgent.
  4. I forgot my Math studies textbook. I am in urgent need of an online version of the book. Does anyone know where I can find the textbook online? or someone please upload their CD online I am gone for few weeks and I can't study for math at all
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience using online tools to help me study. Websites like khanacademy and thornley's YT videos. Another interesting site I recently came across was www.mechminds.ca . Its run by some engineers and its unique since it answers your specific questions rather than discuss generic topics. Just wanted to put the word out. I feel these online tools should definitely be used more often since they are cheap and convenient.
  6. Hi there! I'm doing language and the Internet as a ToK presentation and I need some words/expressions that you use on the Internet or words/expressions that come form Internet and that you use in "real life". Even one word would be great! Thanks a lot!
  7. Talk about MLP and ponies here. Or rant about how much you hate them, and we'll laugh at you. Or some peeps will just argue back. I dunno, it'll be fun either way.
  8. Hey guys my research question for now is: How will the ever-evolving computer systems with an emphasis on cable technology/fibre optics affect (specific business)? My trouble is finding a specific business and i need to specify 'affect', Fibre Optics are basically strands of engineered pure glass which carry information, thats how we're able to download watch tv etc...and im troubled with primary research, I dont know what kind of numerical data i need... and one question: does primary data have to be numerical? To get a gist of what i have to write heres a small part of my intro its first draft so its not that sophisticated Nowadays a business’s main aim is to make profit. With the freakishly rapid evolution of computers, production speed, efficiency, costs, and most importantly communication have been greatly optimized to their liking, leading to profit. The driving force behind this optimization are fibre optics. Fibre optics has connected all of us, its not the iphone or the Samsung Galaxy, that has connected us, its more specifically cable technology.
  9. I'm doing a Internet- related project for French and it would be really awesome if you guys could help me out by answering the questions below! 1) What is your gender? 2) How many times a week are you online? 3) What is the duration of time you're usually online? 4) Have you ever bought anything online? 5) Do you visit gaming sites? 6) Do you visit celebrity-dedicated websites (e.g. official websites, tumblrs related to a celebrity, etc)? 7) Do you visit social-networking sites?
  10. Hey guys! I spent a lot of this summer developing a personal website for myself. It hosts some computer games I’ve developed as well as some other programming projects I have done as well as blog articles. The website is: www.clintonmorrison.com You can play the games I created at: www.clintonmorrison.com/games.html What do you think of the design and layout of the site? Is there anything about the site I should change? Also, if you try one of the games I made let me know what you think of it! Thank you!
  11. If i use the internet, and I actually found a site that explained the whole math IA, can I use it as a source? Would I get in trouble if I used it and referenced it in the IA?
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