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Found 54 results

  1. Hey guys, Today I got the results for my IOC (English A lang and lit SL). My teacher graded it 19/30. Is it good? What grade can I get for May 2020 Session? What can I do if I don't agree with the teacher's grade? Thank you!
  2. I know there is a 20-minute prep an 8-minute commentary for me on poetry. How many minute discussion on other works studied in Part 3?
  3. Hi Guys, I have my final IOC day after tomorrow, please let me know if you have any tips. Hoping that y'all did/oing a good job. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello guys, so I got a 5 (nearly a 6 as suggested by my teacher) in my HL English L&L for my Y1 final exam, but I am super worried cuz I need at least a solid 6 for English, since my other HLs are Economics and Chemistry which I am getting a 6 and a 5 respectively. I need a total HL points of 18, so I am aiming for a 6-7 in English, 6 in Economics and hopefully a 6 in Chemistry too. But for now, can anyone suggest how can I ace my internal assessments cuz I heard that for a 7 in English you need very strong IAs? We did one FOA already, I got a 6, any tips for getting a 7? (I am doing my next one on textual bias) My teacher hasn't really explained anything about the IOC, I have read 2 books and 3 poems for it by now, is there any time-efficient methods to jot notes and analyze these texts, so when I look back in January, I don't have to re-read everything. I am studying Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, Lamarie Project and Duffy Poems by the way. And lastly, does it matter if you submit WT1 or WT2? Thanks so much!!
  5. Hello. I have a few questions I would like to ask about my upcoming IOC and IOP in late March. I asked these questions to my teacher but she didn't seem 100% sure. 1. Can we bring as many notes as we want into the PREPARATION room, but only take in 1 A4 paper into the RECORDING room? 2. How many notes can we bring in for our IOP? 3. Is it okay if our IOC is relatively short, even 5 minutes long? (I don't aim to get a 7 in self taught, I just want to pass, but I am really worried about this because when practicing with my extracts I could only get to 5 minutes on most of them, will this be enough to pass?) 4. What happens if you simply read off your notes? (I know this is not allowed but I just wanted to know just how much it affects your grade, is it an automatic 0?) Thank you.
  6. Hey guys, I was just curious about what you guys think about these assignments above. Which one do you have the most and why?
  7. Hi! My english teacher is making us do many passages in part 4. We are a class of 9 students and he is making us pickup chits with passages. He gave us 15 chits for an English Lang & Lit SL batch. Its just a pain to study all that and the curriculum document says we should do some 6 or 7 passages minimum. Do all teachers follow the minimum requirement or they do more passages than required? Thats so bad for students. Please help me so i can tell him.
  8. I recently did my IOC and I failed terribly. I'm not even expecting higher than a 9/30 and I am traumatized for life. I am not a literature student but I am hoping to at least boost my total IB score, however this is already a downer for me and I don't think I'm gonna get even a 5 in Language A. Is there any way that I can save myself or counter this disastrous result from getting me lower than a 5 in Language A?
  9. i take: HL global politics HL film HL chinese language & literature SL english literature SL maths SL design technology i have both HL & SL papers for some of them. i am contemplating whether to keep SL papers when I do HL; & if I should keep my HL papers when I do SL... i know for some subjects the assessments are very similar or even same in HL & SL. sooo plz provide me your valuable opinions! thx
  10. Hello! I have my IOC in 6 weeks and i was wondering if anyone has tips on how to structure it. I'm HL so i have the commentary and discussion. Also any other tips on it? Thanks!
  11. Okay so I'm having a summative, Mock IOC of sorts tomorrow. My English Language & Literature HL teacher is the most pedantic, and cruel marker. Most of the class doesn't score above a 3/7 on most assessments (meaning most of us are failing), and the highest I've ever received from him was 5/7, and I think he was just in a good mood. So hoping that maybe I can achieve that most godly of achievements, and score 5 on this IOC I was wondering how I should approach in order to get the best possible score?
  12. Hi guys, I am currently an offer holder at several schools and they have a minimum requirement that I get a minimum of 6 in ASL English Language and Literature. Anyways, here's my situation. Last year, during my mock exams, I was able to score 6/7 for my IOC. However, I ended up having a new teacher this year. In which case, during my final IOC, I ended up getting a 3/7 or a raw score of 11... To be honest I was a bit dumbfounded by the grade cause I genuinely can't see how I can drop from a 6/7 during my mocks with one teacher to a 3/7 with another. I acknowledge that my performance may not have been as well, but I genuinely can't see how the difference can be three grade levels. Anyhow, I was wondering is there a way to have my IOC regraded. Thank you.
  13. Ok guys, so what do you think is a good format for an IOC? Im doing mine on a short story For short stories, we are given only a certain extract, so that kind of limits the scope I can go about them. How often can I go beyond the selected extract of the same short story? Moreover, how often can I relate this short story to other short stories? Is this considered a good format btw: Intro Purpose Mood Tone Characterization 2-3 Themes 3-5 literary devices Relating to other short stories
  14. Hello fellow pre-IB students! I recently handed in my application to do the IB Diploma Programme, but ever since I handed it in I've been second guessing the subjects I chose. These subjects are that I chose: English A: Literature HL Spanish ab initio (SL) History HL Chemistry HL Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL Math SL Canadian curriculum Physics during summer And I obviously have ToK, EE, and CAS. I like all the subjects I've chosen, but I'm unsure about History HL. Should I take History HL or Psychology HL? I'm interested in both subjects, but I'm afraid I will not be interested in History and it will be too late. Also, I plan on studying sciences in university and my goal is to study medicine after I get my bachelors degree. I know it doesn't matter what group 3 subject I choose as I will most likely never study it again. I just wanted to know if I should stick to History HL or change to Psychology HL. I know from current IB students that the teachers for both History and Psychology are equally as great so the teacher is not an issue. Which one should I take? Any advice is appreciated.
  15. What are the benefits if I do the IB diploma? Because I'm having a hard time deciding between partial IB or the diploma. My subject selection is as follows: English HL Psychology HL Chemistry HL Math SL Spanish Ab Initio SL Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences SL* *I have a little dilemma. I have two choices I could do SEHS SL or Biology HL? If I do Biology HL I would be doing 4 HL's and from what I've heard I don't want to do 4 HL's. Should I do it?? I'm planning on doing medicine in the future (professional school). I would be receiving biology credits for SEHS, but I still want to do Biology. My school doesn't offer Biology SL or Psychology SL, so I was basically forced into these classes. Does my course load seem doable? Anyone have any tips for these classes? And any benefits of doing the DP would be appreciated
  16. Hey i need help with the structure of IOC (German B). We will need to talk about a picture for 10 mins and I dont know how to organize all the things. Thanks in advance
  17. My IOCs are in a month and I was thinking about buying study guides for both Teaching a Stone to Talk and Hamlet. Do you guys have any recommendation for ones I should get? Thanks!
  18. Hi, What is the best way to arrange comments during IOC (English Literature HL)? I am comfortable with going line by line and talk about it. But, my friends say it is better to pick few important items (major symbols, sound effects, theme etc) from the poem and talk about it as it will allow to include really good and important things into 8 minutes. What is your experience? Which method allows to make better marks?
  19. Has anyone in this forum studied prose other than fiction for the Discussion in HL? I'm doing HL Japanese Literature where one of the texts is a travel writing. How do you do a literary discussion for these kinds of texts?
  20. Hi. I will be taking my Chinese IOC in a couple of weeks and i would like to find out more about the Chinese IOC and about the conversation part of it. During the Chinese IOC, we are required to have a 'story' to have a conversation with the teacher. is it okay if my story is completely made up? (This is all fake information) For example, if I were to be in China studying IB, i have never studied anywhere else, and lets say if my topic was on lets say international day, where i can talk and compare about different countries. what if i made up some fake story such as 'I lived in Britain for 6 months' and gave a comparison about the two countries China and Britain to the teacher, by faking the events, how we celebrated this and so on. By doing this, does the IB have the information about me to find out that the story is fake? Or would they not care and would they just use it as more interesting story for the IOC. Thanks a lot for your reply.
  21. Did any of you guys have Carol Ann Duffy poems during class? I am having some troubles annotating Devil's wife, Salome and Havisham... But also if you maybe had an extract of The tempest by Shakespeare, it would be very helpful if you could say what to talk about in those poems/extract thanks in advance
  22. Hi, I have my IOC coming up in 4 weeks. I was wondering if a practise a day at different scenes chapters etc throughout books we've studies would be sufficient? How long did it take you? Many Thanks i really appreciate it
  23. I'm literally panicking now. I didn't sleep well last night. I panicked over my IOC and didn't state a thesis statement or a conclusion for it and ran out of time because I was mumbling and focused on diction. I'm so scared I'll fail my English because of my IOC. I'm worried maybe I might get a 7 or at most 11 because I didn't say things properly. I studied hard and I wrote a lot of notes, I was just bad at speaking in a formal way. I'm honestly scared to the point I cried the whole night and really thought of probably quitting IB because I don't think I'm gonna pass the other subjects with commentaries. I feel horrible...
  24. Version PDF


    Here are some notes on how to do a level 7 language and literature Additional oral activity for IB Spanish A (worth 15% of your final IB grade) Aquí están unas notas en como sacar un 7 en la Actividad Oral Additional en lengua y literatura A en la BI (un valor total de 15% de tu nota final de la BI)
  25. Hey guys! I am preparing for my IOCs and I have no idea how to analyze a short story. Is there any tips how I can analyze a short story? We are reading Poe's short stories now, and I am struggling with understanding them!
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