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Found 84 results

  1. HELP I'm going to have to do an IOP in April. The teacher gave us 3 things that we can do our IOP on which are poems by Bruce Dawe, "Othello" by Shakespeare and "Things Fall apart" by Chinua Achebe. At first, I was planning to do my IOP on Dawe's poems cause I really like his poems but after I've read "Things fall apart" I am not sure for my decision anymore because I also like "things fall apart" a lot...and I realised that the protagonists of "Things Fall Apart" and "Othello" actually has a lot of similarities and the two books both have similar themes like the roles of women in the society and reputation. I am thinking that I could do a comparison on the theme of the roles of women on"Things Fall Apart" and "Othello" but I am not sure if this is a good idea or not... It is probably easier and less workload if I just focus on just one book or a poem... Any suggestions?
  2. Hello Guys, I am totally new to this site but I am panicking it is 11:40 pm here right now and my IOP is due tomorrow. I know my theme and what I am doing it on but I have no idea how to structure my power point. I am doing a comparison and romantic poetry and jazz music, and how they were both expressing freedom in their own era. Thank you so much in advance if you can help!
  3. Hello, I have decided to do a poem for my IOP since it seems like the easiest option, but I really don't know which one I should do. Does anyone have any suggestions for good poems? I would also appreciate suggestions regarding presentation ideas for Wide Sargasso Sea or Zoo Story!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a junior working on my English IOP. Apparently I have non-verbal learning disorder, so English isn't really my strong point. But anyway, I'm working on my The Things They Carried IOP and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for what I should incorporate in my presentation. My topic, (approved by the teacher) is "How does O'Brien explore the ways in which characters deal with death" Any extra ideas or personal insights into this topic would be much much appreciated! Thanks, Nick
  5. Hey all, I just got my IOP grade for English A SL. I got 22/30 a grade 6. I was told that the grade does not matter at this point, only the points since they are added to the IOC points next year to get a grade. I also understand that the IOP is 15% of the grade and the IOP together with the IOC is 30% (right?). Anyway I knew it would be hard to hit a 7 but I am not really satisfied with what I got, I was expecting more. Is a 7 still within reach for my final grade? Need some motivation, I feel like this is a bad grade. I haven't had literature before the IB and it took me up until now to get a feel for what a thesis means and some of the literary devices. I am a science student but don't want my IB score to fall because of one subject. What would be a good approach to ensure a high final grade in English. I mean in Math and Physics I would generally just practise and solve exercises but I am not sure about English. p.s. I don't suppose it is possible to redo the IOP? Thanks!
  6. I am doing my IOP in a month or so, and we have read (and seen) the Great Gatsby as well as The Bell Jar and now we have to prepare an IOP. I really want to discuss the main character in the novel, Esther Greenwood, and her horrible, quite offensive and ablest portrayal in the 1979 movie and compare her characterization to the novel itself. The only problem I have is my teacher not giving me enough feedback. I was initially going to analyse Plath's anti-semitism but I was not allowed to do so and now I am unsure if my topic is good enough. I have a lot of good points already prepared but I still feel as if my topic is not "right". While my teacher is good at what they do, they tend to forget to explain and guide us, even if asked to, and I find myself very confused about what the IOP is supposed to be about. Is there anyone who could maybe give me some feedback or help me out?
  7. My IOP is next week and I don't know what to do. I wanted to do drawings showing the dynamic development of Marguerite, but I don't know how to present it. Like how do I open the presentation? and how do I close it? Please help.
  8. Hey all, I take English A SL and need to do my IOP after Christmas break. I have decided to do it on The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. My Thesis is: "The story creates an atmosphere that conveys a dark theme of insecurity and instability". I was to talk about punctuation, repetition,diction , the narrator , and the vulture eye (symbolism). My teacher says the thesis is too vague, that it needs to be falsifiable. What does this mean? And what can I come up with as an alternative. I want to be done quickly so that I can rehearse and perfect my presentation. All help is appreciated, I haven't had English literature before.
  9. Hey, I have an IOP practice coming up next week and it has to be on a work of fiction that comments on an issue or a tendency in society. For example the Crucible by Arthur Miller. I have no idea and i desperately need help. Any suggestions for works of fiction? please help!
  10. Hello, I was just wondering if it is acceptable in IB to do your IOP and EE on the same book. So for example, if I did my IOP on Into the Wild on X topic, could I do my EE on Into the Wild on Y topic? Thank you,
  11. For my IOP, I will do a deconstruction analysis of the role of femininity in The Things They Carried, specifically Mary Anne's role. I want to be creative with the format, though. Any suggestions?
  12. Mine was Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys interview with main character ( Antoinette Cosway)
  13. So in English A HL, criterion A in the IOP focuses on knowledge and understanding of the novel. How do I show this in my presentation? I am doing character analysis through the main character's relationships and interactions with other people (indirect characterization). So would I show understanding by using quotes to support all of my points, analyzing the phrases and explaining their significance, and then concluding it by how this new knowledge adds to the reader's understanding of the novel? This is what I think I should do. . . To those who have done their IOP, can you guys please help me? I want to get really good marks on this
  14. I'm doing my IOP on Things Fall Apart and my topic is the indirect characterization of Okonkwo through his relationship with Nwoye, Obierika, Ezinma and Unoka. I will have three characteristics of Okonkwo and support my arguments with evidence from Okonkwo's interactions with the other characters. I want to make my IOP more creative so I will be using a mind map to illustrate Okonkwo's relationships. However, if I do not want to use a powerpoint, how can I add quotes into my presentation? Is there any other way to approach an analytical IOP so it engages the audience?
  15. I have a couple weeks before I need to present my Literature IOP and I'm still wading through ideas. My idea for my IOP topic is: How does Herman Hesse use astronomy in Siddhartha? Any feedback? Thanks
  16. So I just found out my date for my iop, December, and as of now I am gathering my information together on the literary work I will be presenting. Being that this is my first time with this kind of presentation I was wondering if my fellow ib-ers have any tips on how to; for example, control nervousness and to catch the audience's attention. Also I should limit the amount of information that I put on the powerpoint for my presentation. Lastly, do you think I should steer clear of reading directly off the powerpoint and try to sort of memorize what I'm going to say or should it be more conversational rather than formal? Thank for your help. Feel free to leave any tips or answers to the questions I've asked.
  17. Hey, So, this whole forum posting thing is extremely new to me but l thought it would be worth it if l'm going to get any useful advice out of this. My IOP for English A (HL) is coming up soon and l have come up with my topic/question, as well as a brief start to my thesis and my two main points. However, the area l am struggling most in is writing the actual thing and what approach to take. I've started writing about my first point as l didn't know how to start the introduction. After briefly explaining my first point, l have no idea what to do from there. I know that the IOP is mostly about detailed analysis and appreciation of the writers choices and all that, but l am honestly terrible at identifying literary techniques, let alone understanding the intention behind their use and the effect it has on the reader. If anyone has any tips or advice on anything to do with the IOP, please let me know as it'd be much appreciated. Thanks! x
  18. i take: HL global politics HL film HL chinese language & literature SL english literature SL maths SL design technology i have both HL & SL papers for some of them. i am contemplating whether to keep SL papers when I do HL; & if I should keep my HL papers when I do SL... i know for some subjects the assessments are very similar or even same in HL & SL. sooo plz provide me your valuable opinions! thx
  19. Hey, It has been a month since I started IB and it is intense! I am doing Lit HL and we are doing a short story anthology called The Bloody Chamber and other stories. For my IOP, which is in a month's time, I am choosing the main story, which is The Bloody Chamber, which has a lot of gothic description. I am thinking of doing 'The Visual Interpretation of Settings in The Bloody Chamber.' In this, I select a few major settings in the short story and convert them from text to images (I am gonna draw them) and present them visually and explain some things in it and the significance of the setting. Does this sound like a good IOP? Last week I did a short practice presentation, where I didnt really prepare and was reading from notes but got a 19/30, but got pretty good comments on my presentation from my teacher.
  20. So coming up is my first ever English A1 IOP. My topic is the significance of the title in "Far From the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy. Any presentation ideas/tips? thanks!
  21. Hello! I know that that the hardest part of this theoretically is the topic choosing. The texts we've read are Anna Karenina by Leo Toldtoy, The Man Who Lived Underground by Richard Wright, and Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I really want to use the Man Who Lived Underground as the book for my topic but I don't know what to choose as my actual topic. I had the idea of doing something on the symbolism of red or even the use of imagery within the story Are there any ways for me to get ideas? Would the two ideas I had been remotely acceptable? Thank you!
  22. Hey I just had a quick thought about the discussion section of the IOP. What is your stance on preparing questions for other people to ask during the interactive part of the IOP? Some people are doing it, some people aren't Let me know what you think
  23. Hey guys Im just confused on the structure of my IOP, is it written in a commentary style? Or can It be written in SSLS. Also any good tips for writing a good introduction for an IOP?? would appreciate the help.
  24. I have formulated an IOP topic to present: Compare the presentation of the themes of life and death in X and Y How could this be built upon? I need urgent help.
  25. Hey all, I have my IOP coming up soon (in a month's time) and I've decided to do an analysis on Kite Runner, my topic being: Amir's journey to redemption in Kite Runner After I had a look at some other few 'stock' topics like an exploration of father-son relationships or an analysis on the theme of betrayal, I just don't think they don't appeal to me as much as the theme of redemption does. The problem is, I'm not sure what to talk about, and even if I do have several points, whether the points will have substantial supporting evidence from the book without being spread across the entire text. For example, I started analysing and writing up a speech to 'test' the topic of father-son relationships, and I found that there were explicit sections of the book I could single out and milk quotes from (sorry for the disturbing analogy) Furthermore, I'm also worried that my topic is too generic, that is, I seem to have some kind of moral obligation to either: Choose a boring topic and present it creatively or Choose a creative topic and present it boring Strangely enough, this is coming from the most boring and practical student of the entire IB candidature (no kidding), but if it weren't for the criteria in the IOP notification saying: B Presentation: audibility, eye contact, gesture, effective use of supporting matieral then you wouldn't be here pondering moral dilemmas of gravest urgency. Simply put: how do I get marks in that criteria if I'm not a person of the creative sort? Help from someone who has done Kite Runner as a text or just general advice would be appreciated, but if you are sitting in front of a laptop screen cringing, I wouldn't mind that either