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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I am in the midst of writing my IPP, I decided to reflect on acting in a production. However I am uncertain how to go about doing the paper as I can't find any samples on people who decided to write about acting. Does anyone have advice or samples? Anything at all would be highly appreciated Thanks
  2. okay so my IPP is due in a couple of days and I was just able to have my script preformed yesterday. I chose to write a script for Theater of cruelty and have another student direct it. How do I go on and write about that for 2000 words? I know that it's about the Process of the how the script was created. I know I can talk about how and what motivated me to create these ideas however I cannot see myself going on for 2000 words on it. Please help me!!!! Also I helped with the directing process (auditions and rehearsal) I also helped convey my ideas and how envisioned the play to him. now do I add that to my portfolio? Also I had did the make up for the performance I've seen people do two topic for their IPP would there be a way I could add this in mine????
  3. Hello, I have to present a project for my IPP in one of these days. I discussed with my professor the topic of my IPP and he recommended me to work with Anne Bogart's Viewpoints and so I decided to create a workshop about it. However, I have been having trouble finding information and exercises for my classmates in order to run with the workshop. Has anyone done a workshop for their IPP? How did it go? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. I'm taking IB Theatre SL right now, and I'm wondering whether my idea for the IPP meets the regulations. My teacher isn't too sure but I think it works, so I'm asking for a second (and third, and fourth, ect...) opinion! I would like to write an original script. I have contacted a few playwrights in my area who would be willing to provide instruction and feedback through the writing process. However, organizing a rehearsed, complete performance of this script isn't really a practical option. Are there any alternatives to a production of an original script that would be acceptable as a form of performance?
  5. Hey I have my IPP performance due in a week. I'm SL however I decided to create my own script and have actors perform it out. The only question for me is "How do I go on and write about that for 2000 words?" I know that it's about the Process of the how the script was created. I know I can talk about how and what motivated me to create these ideas however I cannot see myself going on for 2000 words on it. Please help me!!!!
  6. i want to know if the word count in IPP includes quotes. my teacher said i should not count the quotes when doing my word count but i am so sure since it was not written in the criteria. i am a HL student.
  7. Hey there I definitely noticed that there is quite a lack of Theatre Arts students, or at least ones experienced enough to hand out tips and experiences. My exams are May 2012 so can't say that I'm am an all-knowing guru of Theatre Arts wisdom but I do have a teacher who has been teaching IB Theatre for a couple years and he's produced good results. Plus I'm just really passionate about it so it helps. So anyways more specifically this post is about the Independent Project Portfolio because I just finished mine and man was it fun, but a lot more work than I had expected and I hoped that I could offer up a few words of advice for any first/second years who haven't yet started devising their project or haven't yet started writing it up. First off, let me say option A is a great option (over option B) and if anyone asks I will definitely try to persuade them to choose it but it's definitely up to you and your interests and playing to your strengths. Which option to choose? The IPP can take a lot of forms You can direct, write a script, hold a workshop, act/monologue, or handle lighting, set design, costumes etc. for a performance. Then of course you have to write about it About 2000 words for SL and 3000 for HL (not very sure about SL word limit) -Option A: Devising a Practice, can take form in a lot of ways. You can create a monologue, write a script for others to act out, or direct a performance or something along those lines (always have a good meeting with your teacher when you have a good idea of what you want to do first so have help to build on your ideas). Now when you try to figure out which option to choose, Option A gives you a lot of freedom to actually practise all of the skills you've been learning over the past year or two in Theatre Arts or even longer if you've been doing theatre for a while now. It's invigorating to be in control when you're probably used to being the student and just listening or studying rather than DOING. Personally I feel option A is better because it's more interesting so you are likely to do well. -Option B: Exploring Practice (for HL students). This, to me, really seems like a whole other RI but with more actiong I guess. You have to do a lot more in-depth research about specific genres/practices or techniques than you would in Option A and these practices are specifically supposed to have had an IMPACT on the development of theatre (yes, IB said so.) Example of the types of research question: How did Artaud’s theories influence the development of western theatre? Alternatively, how did theatre from other cultures influence Artaud’s theory and practice in theatre? My teacher actually advises against Option B as well, so all of my classmates have chosen Option A as well and the stuff we have come out with has really been amazing and the experience was one of the best of my IB career. If you choose Option A: Then you are in luck, I can offer you a lot more help because I chose option A and so did my entire class I chose to direct a performance (based on a very loosely-written script of my very own making). The process of how you arrive at your IPP is different for everyone. A classmate of mine is a brilliant writer and he had a really different and interesting idea for a script. He spent his whole summer after DP1 researching 3 stories of well-known female characters from different genres and time periods and stories and combined them into one riveting plot with a new twist so his script was his main focus. I took about 2 months total to put up my production (that is not including the initial script). The reason for this is because my script was very basic with a few dialogues. It was basically a character transformation and I knew I wanted it to be done in a realistic fashion, so I obviously focused my IPP around directing seeing as there was little to my script but I just knew what idea I wanted to work with. It took a lot of time from when I first casted my actors to the final product because a lot of adjustments have to be made, you realize half way through when somethin is or isnt working and things have to be adjusted accordingly. I did my lights, set, and sound and projections (I recorded some stuff beforehand) all by myself, well mostly by myself because I had a very specific vision -- and its this vision that is going to get me my 7. So basically my biggest tip is BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. Don't wait for your teacher to sit and prompt you about all the random aspects about your performance because when you find yourself drawing a blank and having to sit and re-think your whole idea in order to figure out all the little details, you lose your flow and waste a lot of time. Ideally you want to finish your IPP slightly early on in the 2nd year only because the other internals/externals are time taking, but it's quite difficult for first years to come up with astounding IPPs because you really need experience, so the best thing to do is when the time comes and your idea for your IPP hits you, whether its remaking a well-known/little-known play or writing your own or doing a monologue... be sure about what it is you are trying to acheive. Ask yourself: -Why do I want to do this, what does it mean to me? (passion is key! if you don't why you are doing something than no one else is going to know.) -What am I trying to make the audience feel or think? (afterall, the whole goal of theatre is to touch the audience on some level) -How am I going to achieve this? (What type of genre, acting techniques, style of writing - narrators, charaterization, sets, lighting...etc.) -What is a general outline of how I am going to go about doing this? (Going back to the point before this) This can go for option A or B really, a basic brainstorm of your idea and how you are going to tackle it... are you going to research the difference between Realism and Naturalism to choose which style is better for your play? Are you going to design a basic set for your play? Are you going to work on a draft of a script, if so what is the basic beg. middle, and end of the play? Once you are really clear about all these points, well you are definitely on your way. Last tip! Whichever option you choose, keep really detailed notes throughout your process and if you do keep a journal (we didn't, but IB says you should) refer back to it often if you can. If you sit down to write your IPP weeks after you finished your performance or workshop or whatever it may be, you may realize that you can't remember every little detail. When you note down from the beginning the ideas you have and why you have them and keep noting down as your thought process changes or you decide to add things in -- you have a really good starter for your essay. You can clearly see how you went from the beginning to the end and trust me, it's a hell of a process. It's loads of fun and definitely the best part of IB Theatre, so make the most of it and enjoy it Hope this was helpful, if you have anymore questions about any other part of theatre arts or even about the IPP because I know I ramble alot and can sometimes lose my readers, do PM me!
  8. help me please! give some tips on how to write it
  9. Our theatre class has been working on our IPP performance based on Grotowski theory. Because we are such a small class with only 4 students (we are a small school too) each one of us needs to do many different roles. Here's the question, when I am creating my portfolio do I write every roles I've done? Cause the max. word count is 3000...
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