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Found 9 results

  1. I recently talked with my school for IB and they told me that I would have to do Italian language SL if I want to self study it. By Italian Language, what does that mean? Does that still include elements of literature?
  2. So I am fluent in Italian but have been brought up with English my whole life. I've decided to do IB because I really want to do languages later on. The only problem is I've never really analysed any Italian Literature texts before and if I would choose the subject I would have to self-study. As I'm technically not an italian native speaker would I find it hard even with a tutor? If I decide to do Italian Lit as my A Language would i be able to do it as a higher level subject?
  3. Hi guys, These are some very useful tools for learning a language. They provide you with all sorts of help related to translation (obv ) proof reading, grammar, examples, and usages. - www.Wordreference.com as many of you may know is a dictionary for many languages and often gives you a few example sentences and basic facts (masc. feminine, noun, etc.) - www.linguee.com is a great website if you come across a word and want to find other forms it's used in. It basically finds real-life websites/articles/etc. that use a word in 2 languages (e.g. English and French) It also has a basic dictionary and works in many languages. - www.Bonpatron.com is great for proof-reading your work, it checks your grammar, articles at the beginning of a noun, etc. However, it's only limited to French. - www.conjugation-fr.com is great for conjugating a verb in French. It provides dozens of various tenses (some of which are literary-level). It's an all tenses in 1 place. Hope it helps
  4. I will be taking the HL for French, and AP test for Spanish then want to also learn Italian within 2 years and take the AP test for that.
  5. I'm currently thinking of topics to do my italian written task about, and i can hardly think of any. Our word limit is 250-350 words only and the topic should be a comparison between two cultures, one of your own choice, and italian culture. I'm doing my comparison between lebanese culture and italian culture. other people in my class are doing things like comparing breakfast, activities, sports, food, or even weddings. I didn't want to do the typical things but something more interesting or more specific. any ideas?
  6. Hey, I'm new to this forum and I searched all day but couldn't find anything on uploading sources to ibo for the language research paper. I have asked my teacher a hundred times what to do about how to upload sources for my italian paper but it's her first year doing an IB class and our coordinator doesn't help her at all so she is as clueless as I am. I have 3 articles that I used to write my research paper for my Ab initio italian class and on the ibo website it has a section for uploading the sources, but when i tried uploading it only let me do one. I' m not sure what I'm really supposed to do but any advice would be helpful.
  7. For extended essay, I've recently found out that for language Ab it doesn't have to be written in the language studied (unlike SL or HL) . What would the topic of the essay be (e.g. festivals?)? Thanks! (I'm doing Italian Ab)
  8. http://www.duolingo.com/ I`ve used this website to learn Spanish aside from what I learn at school and it is awesome. Basically it is divided into different categories in a tree/branch thingy. You have to finish Basics 1 and 2 to advance to the next 1 or to categories, the categories include Animals, Colors, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Professions, Household etc. In each category you have to translate a sentence English->Foreign language and vice versa including the words you are supposed to learn in the category (hover over them to see the translation) and words from previous categories you also have to listen to foreign language audio and write what you hear. Check it out!
  9. HELP!!!! So I'm studying the Inferno of DANTE for my part 2 oral assessment and I'm trying to answer to the 5 questions. My problem is choosing the 40 lines as with DANTE it would be more natural to analyse and discuss the whole "canto" which is around 130 lines.....do you think it is accepted? or do I have to break the poem up and choose only one third of it? Thank you, it's a bit URGENT!!!!
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