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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm thinking of applying for an internship abroad this summer (in Australia). Unfortunately, I don't have any work experience so putting down volunteering activities I did for CAS would be my only option to put down under experience. Do you think volunteering activities you did for CAS could still be put on a resume/CV?
  2. Hi, so I was wondering if there was nay way to incorporate working a job into my CAS profile? I know that anything paid does not count toward hours, however I feel like my profile looks unfairly weak. My family does not have a lot of money, and in order to offset the cost of IB I needed to work. Not having a job has not been an option since the second I turned 16 and could legally work. Working 20 hours a week during school, however, made it very difficult to be involved in the variety of extracurriculars that CAS looks for. On college application, I was able to explain my circumstances and received all acceptances. Is there a way to integrate my work experience into my CAS profile to demonstrate that I'm not just sitting around instead of doing extracurriculars? Thank you!
  3. I have a question that you guys might be able to help me with. I know that I want to go to school and be a teacher but I can't figure out if I want to be a High school or Elementry school teacher. I have pros and cons for each but nobody in my family wants me to be a teacher because they think it's stupid. I'm just looking for other people's opinions on the matter, and what you might do. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. :3
  4. I'm entering 11th grade next year so I'll be doing the IB diploma. With the workload and other requirements that come with the IB diploma program, do you think it's a good idea to get a part time job? I was thinking about getting a job at a movie theater to earn some money on the side for future use in college. Do you think getting a job is a good idea?
  5. So a friend and I decided to start our own business doing landscaping and property maintenance for the summer. What started out as a little side job quickly became a major success that allowed us not only to acquire great experiences, but also a considerable income (well into the 5 digits). The thing is that although I do know that regular jobs don't usually count for CAS since you are getting paid, I wonder what is IB's position regarding entrepreneurial experiences such as mine. It not only allowed me to be active and creative all summer long, but it also corresponds to nearly all of the cas outcomes and allowed me to learn many essential life skills and lessons. Although I understand that it wouldn't count for service, should it not count for Action and Creativity? Creating a business demands much creativity since it not only requires the development of incredible planing and organizational skills (especially when going to school 5 days/week for the first 2 months before summer break), but also creative thinking in things such as getting new customers (advertising) as well as in doing the job itself (landscaping designs, etc...). As for the action bit, I can assure you that I was out there (average 50 hour weeks) sweating just as much and if not more than anyone else doing sporting activities. I asked my CAS coordinator if this could count and she couldn't answer me yet since she herself wasn't sure and had to consult others. What are your thoughts and opinions? Should this count as CAS or is IB really against any sort of paying job even if it is a legitimate student-created business? Could they really be against entrepreneurship?
  6. Hi guys, Hope you IB year is going well! I am pretty much done with m CAS hours but I still need 30ish hours of action, I only have like 15. I was looking at ideas on a random website and it said you could get hours working as a camp counselor. This threw me off because I thought you couldn't use paid jobs as CAS. After further reading this is only stated for service hours which should be common sense but I was wondering if this is true. I work at the YMCA as an after school camp counselor and I can tell you now that there is a lot of action being done. I have actually become a better athlete from it. So I was wondering what you guys thought. I am going to ask my TOK teacher but I am currently on a snowday (workday). Thanks for the help!
  7. So I'll be starting the IB course soon this year and I've been offered a part time job as a waitress. I'm really troubled as to whether I should take up this job offer as I'm not sure I will be able to handle the IB course while working. I'll have to work for 3 days a week from around 5pm to 11pm-12am. There isn't a proper schedule but the manage says they'll try their best to place me on weekend shifts as they understand the importance of my studies as well. I would really like to take this job but I thought to ask the IB veterans of this forum if I would possibly still be able to do well in my first year of IB with this part time job. Oh and my subject choices (if it affects anything) are HL Literature HL Business HL History SL Math SL Mandarin SL Chem Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I will be starting IB next week and was wondering how people manage to do IB and have a job.. I would be working a 6 hour shift per week, usually on the saturday. I was wondering if any of you know from experience if it's possible to combine a job like mine with the IB. I want to get good grades but I also know I cannot stop working -- I need the money for college.
  9. Hello everyone! I have been offered a part-time position at a library, with about 8-10 hours a week. I would absolutely love to work there and it is a good way to earn some money on the side. Also, I think it would be good experience for me as I have not had a paid job before. The problem is that I am very involved with other extra-curricular activities and as I am in my first year of the IB Diploma Program , I want to be able to focus on my studies and get high marks. Since I can't do it all, either the job goes or some extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I am thinking of declining the job offer unless it can count for CAS hours or if it is beneficial for me in terms of my resume and applying for university.... So would working count for CAS hours? And is it a good idea to work during the school year? Any kind of opinion on this would be greatly appreciated!!! xx
  10. I have an easy subject combination. Anyway, I have to do something in college/university after IB! I want my question to be answered irrespective of marks or university. What do you think? What are the future options available for me with the following subject combination: Psychology HL English HL Business Management HL ESAS SL Maths SL French AB SL A rough idea would be helpful. What career options do I have? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, so I was wondering...I am dead sure about getting into genetics for my undergraduate and also post graduate education... however, i still do not know the career prospects of this field of study besides research... What other jobs lie under this degree of study?
  12. Yesterday night, I was taken my dinner with my family and we were talking about what actresses, actors, singers, football/basketball/tennis/etc. players to... entertain us? They win millions each year of dollars to kick a ball, sing or act when people like teachers who help us in the process of learning win about 2,000-2,500€ per year (in Spain) As an example: Leo Messi (football player of FCBarcelona) at the end of this year, will have, in total, 33 millions of euros So, what do you think about this? Who should win more in relation to what they do and what do they provide us for our life?
  13. I'm in my final year of IB and as we all know it's starting to get tougher now. I have a weekend job where I work both Saturday and Sunday, I feel like it is a waste of time because I don't revise for the 11 hours in total that I am there for and I was just curious as to if there is anyone else that has a part time job and what you guys do to revise while at work or anything. I'm not considering leaving my job - I like it. My only issue is that I haven't got enough time to sleep or to just relax.
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