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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I have a problem... I'm a junior and I just started IB in August and now its September and I am kind of regretting my decisions. I am currently taking: HL Math HL Chem HL Bio SL Korean SL ESS SL Lang & Lit Currently, I am getting all 6s for my SLs but My HL grades are nearly failing and I am not very much satisfied. I always sleep late (like 3 am - 2 hours of sleep most of the time) because of work (I know I just started IB) and I don't think I can keep up with this until next year. My mom said I should drop all my HLs to SLs and do IB certificate instead of Diploma. I told my friends about this and they freaked out and told me that I should just do Diploma. Honestly, I feel like it would be awesome if I drop my HLs to SLs because I absolutely hate Chem HL. I'm okay with Math and I love Bio tho...but because I have the 3 most rigorous subjects, I can't focus on my SLs and my Bio HL and so my grades are not good...and my health is deteriorating (getting sick every 3 weeks even if I take vitamins) What should I do? Btw the university I want to go to is Korea (SKY) but they don't have much information about the requirements for IB. And I think they care more about the grades...If anyone knows the requirements...of whether grades is much important than which subjects or program I take...please tell me... Thanks, I hope you help me with this before it's too late.
  2. Hey guys, this is my first time using IB Survival and I found out that it is really beneficial for the IB student. My Physics EE revolves around the effect wheels have on the recoil momentum of a potato cannon. RQ: To what extent does the rolling friction of wheels affect the recoil momentum of a potato cannon after launch? I just want your opinion on my research question and my topic, and if you believe it can be improved please let me know. As for the experiment itself, I am planning on building a potato cannon (with and without wheels) and comparing these three things after the launch of the potato: the location of the cannon, the speed of the potato, and the distance the potato traveled. Please let me know if there is a problem with my approach and how it can be improved, it would mean the world to me. Thank you
  3. hey guys! I'm going into the IB program this year, and I have 4 HLs and 2 SLs. 2 of my 4 HLs are Bio and Physics. I recognize that this is going to a particularly rigorous course selection, so does anyone have any advice? Just so you know, my other courses are HL Psych, HL English, SL Math Year 2 (took year 1 in grade 10), and SL French.
  4. I am a Pre-DipCan, and I plan to take English HL, Psych Hl, and History HL, along with Mathematics SL, Anthropology SL, and Environmental Systems and Societies. I have one spot open for senior year, and I am not sure if I should take Business Management or French??? Also I don't know whether to take ESS or Anthro, Junior year? Any help would be great!
  5. Hey guys! Its my first year in IB, and I was just wondering when I should be getting started on CAS. My school hasn't given us any information on it at all yet, but I am doing things that can be counted as hours (I play a sport, stage crew, ect). Shouldn't I be filling out a form for these things?
  6. Hey y"all! I'm starting IB Euro SL this year and I wanted to know what materials I will need for this course. I looked around on my school's page, but there is no info. I'm really trying to be organized this year, so all replies are appreciated. Also, any advice going in? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a soon to be junior studying at a high school in the US, and we need to choose courses for next year. My school offers the IB program, and I have decided upon all my subjects except for the science course. For the junior level, chemistry SL and environmental studies SL are the usual two courses offered, and just this year they are offering a 3rd new course called sports, exercise and health science SL. They have not told us much of anything about the environmental and the new health course. Would anyone who has taken them before be able to explain the differences? I had heard some people thought environmental was a joke... Does anyone know if the new sports health course is worth taking? Also, I am currently in a chemistry class, and not really sure I would want to do another year of chemistry in IB... Thank you for your input!
  8. Guest

    Help! Very General Problem

    Hey from the U.S., I'll be a junior doing the IB program in the fall and I have ABSOLUTELY No idea what I'm getting myself into with IB. I am extremely frightened and don't know what to expect. I've been informed about the basics of IB, what it is, how it works, ect. however no one has offered me insight into how hard, time consuming, stressful, the program actually is. I know much of this depends on the students' abilities but could someone provide their own personal experiences with IB? Thank you!
  9. Hey guys, I made a previous post about this but i've met some people and i've had some change of opinion. OPTIONS English HL Biology HL Hindi (Language B) - HL Econ - SL Psychology - SL Math - SL English HL Biology HL Business & Management HL Hindi (Language B) SL Psychology SL Math SL English HL Biology HL Hindi (Language B) - HL Physics SL Psychology SL Math SL My mind is fixed about certain subjects like Psych, Math, English and Biology Any suggestions are welcomed ! thank you PS - Physics isn't really my forté, in fact i'm really un-interested in it. I'm just considering it because of a promising future. Is it true that you can't score in IB Psych ?
  10. Just wondering; which books did you read in Diploma Programme 1/11th grade if you took English A1 Literature Higher?
  11. I'm wondering how worried I should be about the mock IB exams. I'm a junior, (11th grade) and most of my teachers will be taking them as a test grade. I feel rather nervous for them, but at the same time know that it's only the first IB I've done, and still have a year to go. How do you do on your first mocks? Any advice?
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