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Found 6 results

  1. I have my Physics exam tomorrow and I have a few questions in various chapters. Measurements and uncertainties: If in a calculation, I find the answer to be 500, but the numbers that I used all have 3 significant figures, would I be able to give the answer as 500? Does that have 3 significant figures? Or would the answer be 5 x 102 ? When finding the absolute uncertainty with the percentage or maximum/minimum method, what are some rules that apply here? In my notes I wrote down that if there is addition or subtraction in the original equation, then I must add the absolute uncertainties. But when there is multiplication, division or indices, then I must add the percentage uncertainties. Is this correct? Kinematics: I'm really confused about a question in a Paper 1. "A constant horizontal force FA is applied to a block m1. Block m1 is in contact with a separate block m2. The blocks remain in contact as they accelerate along a horizontal frictionless surface. m1 has a greater mass than m2. Air resistance is negligible. Which statement is correct?" So I picked D which was "The force that m1 exerts on m2 is equal to F", but I was wrong and the actual answer was B "The force that m1 exerts on m2 is less than F". Why is that? Thermal physics: I would appreciate any common examples/questions involving the method of mixtures, since I haven't succeeded in solving one yet. By method of mixtures, I mean mcΔθ = mLf + mcΔθ. Would this equation work in every situation or should I be careful? Circular motion and gravitation: For g = F/m, if you have a satellite orbiting a planet, is 'm' the mass of the satellite or the planet? For tanθ = v2/Rg, what does 'R' represent? Is it the normal force or the molar gas constant? Also, when you write ' -g', does that equal -9.81 ms-2 or +9.81 ms-2 ? General: Does uppercase P stand for power and lowercase p stand for pressure? Also, how should I approach ratio questions?? I sometimes get them right but sometimes not. What should I start with?
  2. What's the difference between the Normal Force and Newton's Third Law of Motion? Because they sound pretty similar.
  3. I'm in Grade 10 and I have to come up with a simple physics experiment on kinematics experiment for an investigation, we're not allowed to do free falling or how the angle of a ramp affects speed or acceleration. I'm completely stuck so I was wondering if any of you had any ideas, preferably one using SUVAT equations. thank you
  4. In this video squirtle is falling in free fall up to second 12, when he starts using hydro-pump and propels itself up. If I want to calculate the kinematics for this, do I assume he is going up from a still position? Or in which ways can I found out what velocity that would be? Also, when at 0:15 he reaches a maximum point and remains in equilibrium for certain time, the only way for this to happen is if he stops accelerating and all forces balance out, but if he suddenly reduced the intensity of his hydro-pump at the maximum point, he would keep momentum and go up a little bit still, thus not reaching a maximum point in the first place. The only answer is that he doesn't reduce the intensity suddenly, but slowly on the way up, so that by that point it balances.
  5. I'm studying for my math test and there's this one question I'm just not getting. A particle moves along a horizontal line with velocity given by v(t) = 2t^2 - 11t +12 where t is greater than or equal to zero. Find the total distance the particle travels from time 2 seconds to time 5 seconds. The question also asks to find acceleration and "a" and "b" if the particle is moving left for a<t<b. Both of which I have figured out. It's just the total distance I can't figure out. We've done other problems in class and I figured them out. My teacher said just to graph it and write out an expression based on the graph and I tried doing that but...I'm getting a really weird negative number Help would very much be appreciated, thank you!
  6. 55 downloads

    The objective of this lab was to find an experimental value for the acceleration due to gravity. DCP and CE Lab. Mark breakdowns: Data Collection and Processing (5/6) Aspect 1: 1/2 Aspect 2: 2/2 Aspect 3: 2/2 Conclusion and Evaluation (6/6) Aspect 1: 2/2 Aspect 2: 2/2 Aspect 3: 2/2
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